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Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Programs Michigan

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Old Dominion University Norfolk Va

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Program

Old Dominion offers a BSN to DNP neonatal nursing degree that is online for students that might not have time for a traditional degree.

  • NCLEX-RN Pass Rates 100%
  • Program length or credit hours 50 credit hours with clinical hours
  • Admission requirements BSN with neonatal experience
  • Tuition is $568 per credit hour
  • CCNE Accreditation

Schools were ranked based on NCLEX-RN pass rates, ease of access for students, and the overall quality of the programs offered. If you represent one of the schools that are listed here and want to amend or edit the information included, feel free to contact us today. If nursing is for you and you are looking to further your degree, an NNP degree may be the education option you are looking for.

Choosing An Appropriate Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Program

There are several degree options to get you to the neonatal nurse practitioner designation. However, the options available will hinge on the type of nursing degree you currently hold. An example of options based on prior education is demonstrated below.

If I Currently Have
Post-Masters Certificate MSN to DNP Programs

Another major aspect of choosing a neonatal nurse practitioner degree type is to figure out what your long-term career goals are. This can include the NNP role you aspire to, the location or employer you wish to work for, and even what kind of salary you aim to make. Being clear on your future professional goals will help guide you to the appropriate degree level. If you still need some help determining which neonatal nurse practitioner degree program is right for you, consult our table below to see where your interests align.

I wish to understand population-based neonatal health in order to improve healthcare outcomes across the nation X
I want to guide healthcare law and ethics for the benefit of families with children requiring specialized neonatal care X
  • Online Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Program Admissions & Requirements by Degree Type
  • Online Neonatal NP Program Classes and Curriculum
  • Clinical Requirements and Certification
  • Rn To Msn Neonatal Np: Overview

    RN to MSN and RN to MS Neonatal Nurse Practitioner programs are targeted at working nurses who already hold a nursing diploma or an associates degree . There are also RN to MSN NNP programs for experienced RNs with a bachelors degree in a field other than nursing.

    Our directory includes:

    • Concentration/Track: RN to MSN Nurse Practitioner programs with a concentration or track in the Neonatal Nurse Practitioner specialty. These are popular, and you can have your pick of online or on-campus programs.
    • Dual Concentration: Dual focus RN to MSN programs that combine pediatrics & neonatal training. These are rare, but they do exist. Be sure to ask how the dual program will prepare you for state licensure requirements and certification.

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    Wayne State University Detroit Mi

    Wayne State University offers both an online NNP program within the DNP program as well as an MSN-NNP program. They offer all content online so that students can continue to work while obtaining their degree.

    • NCLEX-RN Pass Rates of 100%
    • Program length or credit hours: 78 credits total
    • Admission requirements: BSN with neonatal experience
    • Tuition is $11,814 per year for in-state students and $25,254 for out-of-state students
    • CCNE Accreditation

    Are Online Rn To Msn Nnp Programs Available

    Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Programs Online

    Yes. A number of accredited schools in our directory now offer Online RN to MSN Neonatal Nurse Practitioner degrees, including Stony Brook, the University of Connecticut, the University of South Alabama, and more. Heres how they work:

    • Undergraduate Phase: To proceed to the MS or MSN part of the program, youll first be required to achieve good grades in upper-level undergraduate courses. These courses are typically offered online, which is great news for working RNs.
    • Graduate Phase: You can usually take standard masters courses online , but you must participate in clinical practicums in order to graduate. Practicums can be completed in your own community . However, you may be expected to find the site and a clinical preceptor who is willing to supervise you.

    We also want to point out the phrase 100% online can be misleading. A lot of schools like to see their nursing students at least once. For example:

    • The University of Alabama Birmingham requires RN to MSN students to visit the campus in Birmingham for an orientation and three multi-day intensives.
    • The University of Connecticuts NNP program includes three on-campus visits: one for orientation and two visits for leveled simulation experiences.
    • The University of South Alabama has a mandatory three- to four-day orientation during the fall semester of the first practicum course. Various clinical skills workshops are held during this time.

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    Nurse Practitioner Careers In Michigan

    Your career options in Michigan depend on which specialty field you choose and whether you hope to work in acute care or primary care. If you focus on acute care, you may do well in urgent or emergent care settings. Those who specialize in primary care tend to have more regular hours and a consistent patient roster. Overall, Michigan is an excellent place for NPs.

    Job openings for nurse practitioners are expected to increase 24% by the year 2024 . The average salary for a nurse practitioner is $94,560 per year .

    You have used your registered nursing career to make a difference in the lives of countless patients. Find out how you can do even more by becoming a nurse practitioner.

    Baylor University Waco Tx

    Baylor University offers a program that is entirely online and is the DNP Neonatal Nurse Practitioner program. The program is online and can be completed with two different online immersions and offers courses that run over three years on average.

    • NCLEX-RN Pass Rates 96%
    • Program length or credit hours 75 total credits and 1,125 practicum hours
    • Admission requirements BSN with neonatal experience
    • Tuition is $1,650 per credit hour for full-time students
    • CCNE Accreditation

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    What Does A Neonatal Nurse Do

    A neonatal nurse works with newborn babies as well as their parents, helping them care for their child. They help new parents hold, bathe, and feed their baby, and often act as a bridge between the parent and the specialists working with the infant. Neonatal nurses typically work in hospitals or clinics, but can also work in a community setting, providing at-home follow-up care for high-risk babies and their families once the babies leave the hospital.

    The job involves a lot of observation to determine if behavior is normal or not normal, says Beth Morgan, a neonatal-certified registered nurse with 15 years of experience in the NICU. They watch carefully for circulation issues and blood oxygenation and check vital signs frequently. They also learn to give a lot of contact with the mothers right away.

    Many babies are born prematurely or have developed other illnesses. For this type of seriously ill infant, round-the-clock care is given exclusively in the NICU. Neonatal nurses who work as part of the NICU team are often called NICU nurses.

    The job can be challenging, but also incredibly rewarding. We can save babies, and they can become almost a part of the family, says Rikli, who has been a nurse for more than 40 years and has worked extensively in the NICU. I get cards and letters and visits all the time. You get invited to their childrens graduations.

    Is a Neonatal Nurse and an NICU Nurse the Same Thing?

    Where Do Neonatal Nurse Practitioners Work

    What is a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner?

    Neonatal nurse practitioners work in labor and delivery units, doctors offices, and other medical facilities. Their job responsibilities vary depending on the setting. For example, nurse practitioners in hospitals assist with labor and delivery, while those in a physicians office may provide prenatal care for pregnant women.

    Advanced practice registered nurses, such as neonatal nurse practitioners, can work independently with patients or in collaboration with physicians, depending on the state in which they practice. Nurse practitioners earn an average annual salary that approaches six figures, and the BLS projects a much higher than average demand in this field over the next decade.

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    Neonatal Np Vs Pediatric Np Specialties

    Are you an RN who loves caring for children? You may be wondering whether to becoming an NNP or a PNP. Here are some pros and cons to consider:

    • Neonatal Nurse Practitioner : NNPs only deal with neonates and infants under the age of 2. Its an intensivist roleNNPs must be able to handle high-stakes situations, complex daily tasks , medical crises , and the trauma of newborn deaths. The role often involves on-call coverage and long hours in the NICU . Because of their specialized training & expertise, NNPs earn the highest salary among NP specialties.
    • Acute Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner : AC PNPs care for children under the age of 21 who have acute, critical, and chronic health conditions. Just like neonates, these pediatric patients need 24/7 care. Thanks to their expertise, AC PNPs may be responsible for medical procedures , case management, and teaching. Youll often find them at all hours in hospitals and ICUs. They tend to be paid less than NNPs and more than PC PNPs.
    • Primary Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner : PC PNPs handle outpatient primary care tasks . This is the world of office paperwork, regular business hours, and one-on-one time with patients & families. The job doesnt usually involve life & death situations. And it doesnt pay as well as the NNP or AC PNP.

    Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Requirements In Michigan

    Michigans graduate level clinical nurses are licensed as RNs. They receive specialty certification from the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs .

    Although Michigan recognizes only three categories of nursing specialty, nurses can be state-certified based on training and examination in any of four advanced nursing roles: as nurse midwife, nurse anesthetist, nurse practitioner, or clinical nurse specialist. The state does not distinguish between nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists both are certified as nurse practitioners.

    State certification is based on national certification standards. Other assessments of qualification, such as criminal background checks and screenings of out-of-state credentials, are carried out when the nurse applies for an RN license. A nurse who is not licensed as an RN in Michigan will need to apply to the Board. Michigan is not party to the nurse license compact but does license out-of-state nurses by endorsement.

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    Neonatal Nurse Jobs In Michigan

    Posted: 566 Neonatal Nurse jobs available in Michigan on Apply to Registered Nurse – Icu, Registered Nurse – Nicu, Travel Nurse and more!566 Neonatal Nurse jobs available in Michigan on Apply to Registered Nurse – Icu, Registered Nurse – Nicu, Travel Nurse and more!

    Online Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Programs

    Best Nursing Jobs: Discover The Route For You

    Online programs have grown in popularity due in great part to their convenience, allowing busy students to take courses from the comfort of their own homes. Students should keep in mind, however, that some online programs may require minimal on-campus visits, and that clinical rotations must be completed in person.

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    Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Degree Levels Offered

    Nurses can choose from two different educational pathways in order to become a neonatal nurse practitioner: the Master’s of Science in Nursing or the Doctor of Nursing Practice . Both programs give students a solid foundation in advanced practice neonatal nursing, but the DNP program goes beyond the master’s level to prepare students for NNP leadership.

    Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Salaries

    Glassdoors page on Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Salaries and Payscales page on Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Salaries will give you ballpark estimates of NNP salaries. When it comes to specialty jobs, these sites arent always working with a huge amount of data, so the stats may fluctuate. In 2018:

    • Glassdoor put the average salary for NNPs at around $117,000.
    • Payscales salary figures for NNPs ranged from $75,000-$125,000.

    For comparison, have a look at the AANP National NP Compensation Survey report. This report is free for AANP members and available for purchase by non-members. In general, youre going to find that the NNP is highest paying NP specialty, even beating out the base salary for Psychiatric-Mental Health NPs .

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    Saint Francis Medical Center College Of Nursing Peoria Il

    The Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing curriculum allows you to further your career while you work fulltime. Our NNP faculty have years of clinical and teaching experience to prepare you for clinical excellence and success on the certification exam.

    • NCLEX-RN Pass Rate of 100%
    • Program length or credit hours: this is a three-year program with 13 classes total and clinical hours
    • Admission requirements: must be a BSN with neonatal experience
    • Tuition is $16,920 per year
    • Accredited

    Explore The Best Online Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Programs And School Info

    St. Luke’s Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

    The University of Texas Arlingtons accredited online neonatal nurse practitioner program features 42 credit hours of coursework along with 600 clinical hours. Coursework covers many topics, equipping students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed as neonatal nurse practitioners. Topics covered include the exploration of science and theories for nursing, evidence-based practice, and advanced pharmacology for nurse practitioners. Students also complete a practicum and clinical practice, relative to neonatal care.

    Full-time students can graduate in just four semesters. While coursework is delivered completely online, students still need to complete two in-person simulations. Students must identify board-certified neonatal nurse practitioners or neonatologists in their community to precept their 600-hour clinical requirement. The University of Texas works with students to help secure an affiliation agreement. Upon completing the program, students leave ready to take the neonatal nurse practitioner certification exam and practice advanced nursing.

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    The University Of Tennessee Health Science Center

    The UT Health Science Center Memphis offers one NNP program that is fully online and that is in the DNP degree track. They offer state of the art programs that have the best possible technology and content possible to help students succeed.

    • NCLEX-RN Pass Rates 100%
    • Program length or credit hours, 61 credit hours plus clinical hours
    • Admission requirements BSN with neonatal experience
    • Tuition $33,692 per year for in-state students, and $66,784 for out-of-state students
    • SACSCOC Accreditation

    Best Master Of Science In Nursing Programs In Michigan

    A bachelors degree is not necessarily the end of the line in nursing education. Nurses interested in increased autonomy and more granular knowledge can find these in specialized fields such as nurse practitioner, nurse midwife, and nurse anesthetist. The journey to nursing specialization begins with enrolling in a master of science in nursing program.The benefits of an MSN degree The master of science in nursing is a graduate-level qualification which opens the door for nurses to further their careers in a range of advanced fields. Michigan boasts over 45 MSN programs in a variety of specializations including geriatric nursing and nursing administration. Some of the top schools that offer MSN programs include the University of Michigan and Wayne State University.

    After completing an MSN program

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    Stony Brook University Stony Brook Ny

    Stony Brook University offers an online neonatal nurse practitioner certificate program and an MSN NNP program as well. They offer live lectures that you can watch from your computer so that you can complete the entire program online.

    • NCLEX-RN Pass Rates 94%
    • Program length or credit hours vary depending on what program is chosen
    • Admission requirements BSN with neonatal experience
    • Tuition is $10,870 per year for in-state students and $22,210 for out-of-state students
    • CCNE Accreditation

    Neonatal Nurse Practitioner/nicu/detroit/rotating/full Time

    2115118Requisition #
    • Requires Master’s Degree in Nursing licensure as a Certified Nurse Practitioner licensure as a Registered Nurse
    • BCLS certification
    • Certification in one of the following: ANA certification exam in a nursing specialty field, National Certification Corporation , National Certification Board of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners and Associates, and/or Certification from Michigan State Board of Nursing as a Nurse Practitioner
    • Completion of an accredited Neonatal Nurse Practitioner program


    Under the leadership of President and CEO Wright L. Lassiter, III, Henry Ford Health System is a

    $6 billion integrated health system comprised of six hospitals, a health plan, and 250+ sites

    including medical centers, walk-in and urgent care clinics, pharmacy, eye care facilities and

    other healthcare retail. Established in 1915 by auto industry pioneer Henry Ford, the health system

    now has 32,000 employees and remains home to the 1,900-member Henry Ford Medical Group, one

    of the nations oldest physician groups. An additional 2,200 physicians are also affiliated with the

    health system through the Henry Ford Physician Network. Henry Ford is also one of the regions

    major academic medical centers, receiving between $90-$100 million in annual research funding and

    remaining Michigans fourth largest NIH-funded institution. Also an active participant in medical

    education and training, the health system has trained nearly 40% of physicians currently practicing

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    Online Nnp Program Rankings

    Aspiring neonatal nurse practitionersmust earn a master of science in nursing , post-masterscertificate , or doctor of nursing practice , and thenprocure professional certification in neonatal care prior topracticing. Many NNP programs require incoming students to have ayear or more of NICU experience, and all require that incomingstudents be licensed RNs prepared with an associate degree in nursing, non-nursing bachelors, bachelor of science in nursing, or master of science in nursing .

    Programs vary in terms of which ofthose degrees they will accept. Most MSN programs are designed forBSN-prepared RNs, for instance, but not all. Some will acceptADN-prepared RNs, and a few will offer an accelerated option toADN-prepared RNs with a non-nursing bachelors degree.

    Given this, we have tried to specify aprograms degree path in its program name. In cases where itremains unclear, please click on the corresponding nursing schoolname to view program names, requirements, and other specifics indetail.

    In their graduate-level NNP programs,students study pathophysiology and advanced physiology, embryology,the development of neonates, infants, and toddlers, and advancedpractice in neonatal patients. Other areas of focus may includeevidence-based practice, population health, and statistics.

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