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Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Programs In Florida

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Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Program

Neonatal nursing education is usually sought by nurses with Bachelor of Science degrees. According to PayScale.com, as of July 2010, registered nurses and neonatal nurse practitioners earn average salaries of $50,000 and $80,000, respectively. Most neonatal nursing courses are graduate programs, but some are available without the masters option. Typical course work includes a foundation in nursing theory, research practices, pharmacology and clinical practices in a neonatal care unit.

Neonatal nursing education is usually sought by nurses with Bachelor of Science degrees. According to PayScale.com, as of July 2010, registered nurses and neonatal nurse practitioners earn average salaries of $50,000 and $80,000, respectively. Most neonatal nursing courses are graduate programs, but some are available without the masters option. Typical course work includes a foundation in nursing theory, research practices, pharmacology and clinical practices in a neonatal care unit.

Rn To Msn Neonatal Np: Overview

RN to MSN and RN to MS Neonatal Nurse Practitioner programs are targeted at working nurses who already hold a nursing diploma or an associates degree . There are also RN to MSN NNP programs for experienced RNs with a bachelors degree in a field other than nursing.

Our directory includes:

  • Concentration/Track: RN to MSN Nurse Practitioner programs with a concentration or track in the Neonatal Nurse Practitioner specialty. These are popular, and you can have your pick of online or on-campus programs.
  • Dual Concentration: Dual focus RN to MSN programs that combine pediatrics & neonatal training. These are rare, but they do exist. Be sure to ask how the dual program will prepare you for state licensure requirements and certification.

Levels Of Care For Newborns

In general, the setting in which NNPs work determines the tasks they perform. In the United States, there are four different levels of care for newborns. Most hospitals have three specific levels of care that group infants according to their needs, with only the most advanced hospitals having Level 4 NICUs.

Level One, Newborn Nursery Care: This is for healthy, full-term infants. As such, the need for NNPs in level one care is limited.

Level Two, Intermediate Nursery Care: This is generally where premature and sick babies who are in need of constant attention are assigned.

Level Three, Neonatal Intensive Nursery Care: This is intended for the most seriously ill neonates with critical health issues who must be constantly monitored .

Level Four, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: To be in this level, this must meet all level III capabilities, plus have the ability to care for infants born earlier than 32 weeks gestation and weighing less than 1,500 grams, provide life support, perform advanced imaging including MRI and echocardiography, and provide a full range of respiratory support.

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Careers As A Neonatal Np

Once you have completed your degree program and received certification, you can seek out careers in healthcare centers and hospitals within your state. Neonatal nurse practitioners can be found in hospitals that provide birthing services to the public and can help provide specialized care to mothers and newborns that have been admitted.

Neonatal nurse practitioners can also working in birth centers that provide holistic care to mothers during the birth process. More and more people are seeking out nurse practitioners to assist during childbirth, making this a great place to settle into a career.

If you decide to work as a Neonatal NP, you could also work in providing primary care to newborn children through medical offices or even private practice. Some nurse practitioners within this field do not play a role in the birth process, but only provide care to children in the weeks following their birth.

Some professionals work with a team of other practitioners in one office or have their own private office in which they see clients.

Lastly, some emergency care centers employ Neonatal NPs to assist with incoming cases of premature birth or newborn care. These professionals are often certified in intensive or emergency care, since most of their clients are coming in for emergency reasons.

Regardless of where you choose to exhibit your expertise, your service to the field can make a difference in the lives of newborn children and their families.

Emory University Atlanta Ga

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The Neonatal Nurse Practitioner program at Emory University is the only program in the state of Georgia and it offers a hybrid format for the students ease. Program graduates have the experience they need to easily get a job at any neonatal hospital. The program requires that students take in-person classes as well as online content and 700 hours of direct patient care.

  • NCLEX-RN Pass Rate of 99%
  • Program length or credit hours: 750 total hours for the full-time program
  • Admission requirements: must be a BSN with neonatal experience
  • Tuition is $46,314 per year
  • CNNE Accreditation

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The University Of Tennessee Health Science Center

The UT Health Science Center Memphis offers one NNP program that is fully online and that is in the DNP degree track. They offer state of the art programs that have the best possible technology and content possible to help students succeed.

  • NCLEX-RN Pass Rates 100%
  • Program length or credit hours, 61 credit hours plus clinical hours
  • Admission requirements BSN with neonatal experience
  • Tuition $33,692 per year for in-state students, and $66,784 for out-of-state students
  • SACSCOC Accreditation

Thomas Jefferson University Online Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Program

The Jefferson College of Nursing through Thomas Jefferson University offers an online Master of Science in Nursing Neonatal Nurse Practitioner program with 100% online coursework, a minimum of six campus visits, and preceptorships at approved facilities local to the student.

The MSN can be completed in two to four years depending on the desired plan. Most nurses continue to work full-time while completing the NNP program, however, some choose to reduce work hours during clinicals. NNP students complete 672 hours of clinical preceptorships and are eligible to take the Neonatal Nurse Practitioner certification exam through the National Certification Corporation .

Neonatal Nurse Practitioners typically work with critically ill neonates and their mothers. Often this includes premature neonates. These high-risk infants may have heart abnormalities, infections, low birth weight, respiratory difficulties, and other complications from birth. Part of the NNP role is to educate parents and families about high-risk infants and to provide the necessary support in this critical time. Work settings may include neonatal intensive care units, hospitals, labor and delivery departments, and outpatient clinics for follow-up care. NNPs are also needed during the transport of critically ill infants.

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Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Online Programs: An Overview

Before applying to neonatal nurse practitioner programs, prospective students should look into admission requirements, internship requirements, course options, and program structure. The following section explains what prospective students need to know before entering a nurse practitioner program, including the qualifications for in-demand certifications. Because each program differs, students should carefully assess their options before applying.

Stony Brook University Stony Brook Ny

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Program

Stony Brook University offers an online neonatal nurse practitioner certificate program and an MSN NNP program as well. They offer live lectures that you can watch from your computer so that you can complete the entire program online.

  • NCLEX-RN Pass Rates 94%
  • Program length or credit hours vary depending on what program is chosen
  • Admission requirements BSN with neonatal experience
  • Tuition is $10,870 per year for in-state students and $22,210 for out-of-state students
  • CCNE Accreditation

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Explore The Best Online Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Programs And School Info

The University of Texas Arlingtons accredited online neonatal nurse practitioner program features 42 credit hours of coursework along with 600 clinical hours. Coursework covers many topics, equipping students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed as neonatal nurse practitioners. Topics covered include the exploration of science and theories for nursing, evidence-based practice, and advanced pharmacology for nurse practitioners. Students also complete a practicum and clinical practice, relative to neonatal care.

Full-time students can graduate in just four semesters. While coursework is delivered completely online, students still need to complete two in-person simulations. Students must identify board-certified neonatal nurse practitioners or neonatologists in their community to precept their 600-hour clinical requirement. The University of Texas works with students to help secure an affiliation agreement. Upon completing the program, students leave ready to take the neonatal nurse practitioner certification exam and practice advanced nursing.

Overview Of Nnp Certification

The best job in the NICU starts with the first four steps in How to Become a Nurse Practitioner. Once you have made the choice to become an NNP and looked into APRN state licensure , you can start planning for national certification. Good accredited RN to MSN FNP programs will always prepare you for NNP certification. Great ones will have outstanding exam pass rates!

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Duke University School Of Nursing Durham Nc

The program at Duke University School of Nursing is a hybrid program that offers both online and in-person content and also requires that students come to campus for a certain number of days to fulfill their residency requirements.

  • NCLEX-RN Pass Rates 100%
  • Program length or credit hours, 43 credit hours and 616 clinical hours
  • Admission requirements BSN with neonatal experience
  • Tuition is $1,769 per credit hour
  • CCNE Accreditation

Loma Linda University Loma Linda Ca

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Career Overview

Loma Linda offers an online program that allows students to further their education and get a better degree. This is a fantastic degree that is accredited and allows students the chance to get a degree in neonatal nursing while partaking in hands-on training and education.

  • NCLEX-RN Pass Rate of 100%
  • Program length or credit hours depend on how long it takes you to complete the degree
  • Admission requirements: BSN in nursing, two years of NICU experience, application, and more
  • Tuition is $25,680 per year
  • CCNE Accreditation

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How Do I Get A Florida Np License

NPs can apply for licensure as advanced practice registered nurses from the Florida Board of Nursing once they obtain RN licensing, earned an MSN degree or higher, passed their national certification examination, and can provide proof of professional liability insurance or an exemption, along with fingerprints for a criminal background check.

Louisiana State University New Orleans New Orleans La

Louisiana State University New Orleans has a BSN to DNP program with a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner concentration. This offers students the chance to have a first-hand look at the neonatal nurse career and what you will be doing as an NNP.

  • NCLEX-RN Pass Rate of 96.89%
  • Program length or credit hours: 81 credit hours plus clinical hours
  • Admission requirements: BSN with neonatal experience
  • Tuition is $2,805 per semester for full-time students
  • NCC Accreditation

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Two What Is The Salary Range For Neonatal Nurse Practitioners

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean pay for nurse practitioners in 2019 was $115,800 per year, with salary ranges from $81,410 to $152,160. Unfortunately, the BLS does not differentiate between different types of Nurse Practitioners. However, Salary.com reports that the median salary for an NNP as of June 2020 was $124,756.

As with any employment situation, NNPs should think about many factors when looking at a job offer, such as local cost of living and total benefits package, including health and dental insurance, retirement benefits, and tuition reimbursement options. Search for positions in the location where you want to work to find out more about the specific NNP salary ranges in your area.

University Of Pennsylvania School Of Nursing Philadelphia Pa

What is a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner?

The University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing offers two programs with a neonatal graduate certificate and an MSN neonatal program as well. These are both on-campus programs.

  • NCLEX-RN Pass Rates 83%
  • Program length or credit hours depends on the program you choose
  • Admission requirements BSN with neonatal experience
  • Tuition is $41,134 per year
  • CCNE Accreditation

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University Of California San Francisco San Francisco Ca

The program at UC San Francisco allows students to learn in a range of different environments for a varied experience and for a more succinct education. Course work is varied and offers students the chance to learn fully and to address any possible issues that may occur during their neonatal nursing career.

  • NCLEX-RN Pass Rate of 95%
  • Program length or credit hours: two-year program with 600 clinical hours
  • Admission requirements: must be a two-year nurse with neonatal experience
  • Tuition is $5,034 per quarter
  • CNNE Accreditation

The University Of Texas Medical Branch At Galveston Galveston Tx

The University of Texas offers the Neonatal Nurse Practitioner DNP program fully online for students that want to continue their degree while working.

  • NCLEX-RN Pass Rates 89%
  • Program length or credit hours 46 credit hours and 780 clinical hours
  • Admission requirements BSN with neonatal experience
  • Tuition is $17,184 for full time in-state students and $31,711 for out-of-state students
  • CCSACS Accreditation

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Learn More About The Top Online Nurse Practitioner Programs And Schools In Florida


This top-ranked NP school in Florida offers an online family nurse practitioner program leading to a master of science in nursing . UWF’s curriculum is designed for working nurses who hold a BSN and want to advance their career.

In addition to 45 course credits, candidates complete 600 practicum hours in which they learn to assess, diagnose, and manage the health needs of families, adults, women, and children.

Multiple start dates and a flexible online platform allow distance learners to work and study at the same time. Remote learners enjoy access to library, tutoring, and technical services.


Neonatal Np Course You Can Expect

Best Texas Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Programs

Each degree program for Neonatal NPs is likely to be different. The course work that you can take is reviewed and accredited by accreditation agencies, so each program is required to have a certain set of courses and cover specific topics.

Our team of education experts has been researching educational programs for over a decade. In order to make your journey to higher education a little easier, they have provided some example courses for this program for you to read below.

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Potential Salary And Jobs

There are a variety of nurse practitioner specialties that open up opportunities in different fields. Careers may include nurse midwives, anesthetists, educators, neonatal, cardiac, pediatric practitioners and more. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that employment of nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives, and nurse practitioners will increase 45% from 2019 to 2029. You may also view our page on nurse salary to get an idea what a nurse practitioner earns by state.

Paying For The Thomas Jefferson University Online Nnp Program

Thomas Jefferson University charges $1,200 per credit plus fees for the online NNP program. Prospective students should contact the Jefferson College of Nursing for current and full tuition information as tuition costs may increase from year to year.

TJU offers federal Stafford loans and Graduate PLUS Loans according to the FAFSA. Other ways to fund a graduate nursing degree might be tuition reimbursement programs through an employer, tuition discounts, and organizational or community grants and scholarships.

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3. Creighton University

Like our fist two picks, Creightons neonatal nurse practitioner program boasts excellent stats. 100% of graduates pass the national NP certification and 100% of Creightons neonatal NP program grads find jobs upon graduation. Students must find their own clinical placements but assistance is available from faculty if necessary. Creighton University continues to offer its neonatal nurse practitioner education as an MSN program which can be completed in just five semesters full-time. Most courses are offered in a distance format making the program flexible for working students.

4. Northeastern University

Northeastern Universitys efficient neonatal NP program can be completed in just one year full-time or two years part-time. The speed of education at Northeastern doesnt compromise the outcomes of students educations. Northeastern neonatal NP program graduates have a 100% pass rate on the national nurse practitioner certification exam. While job placement post-graduation is not officially tracked, faculty say that Northeastern neonatal NP program graduates dont have trouble finding jobs, especially if they are willing to move outside the Boston area. Prospective students should note that two years of NICU nursing experience are required to apply to this top program.

5. Arizona State University

  • One of the best things about entering the nurse practitioner career is that there are

Now Hiring 336 Nurse Practitioner Neonatal Jobs

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Program

Posted: 336 Nurse Practitioner Neonatal jobs available in Florida on Indeed.com. Apply to Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse III, Registered Nurse and more!

Medical devices and machinery, on the other hand, are expensive and vital, thus their cost must be addressed when considering healthcare expenditures. Hospiread more

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Womens Health Nurse Practitioner

For nurses seeking to become a womens health nurse practitioner, an online womens health nurse practitioner program may help prepare students to provide gynecologic and primary care to women. As an online WHNP student, you will learn and acquire the skills and experience to treat and prevent illnesses and health concerns unique to women. Areas of focus will include primary care, prenatal and postpartum care, menopause, reproductive healthcare, and general wellness.

How Much Do Neonatal Nurse Practitioners Make

According to PayScale, neonatal nurse practitioners earn above-average salaries, with their median income exceeding $107,000. Salaries vary according to region: Neonatal nurse practitioners in some states earn significantly higher salaries. The following table shows the median salaries for five nursing professions by career level.

Job Title
  • The largest nursing association in the country, ANA dates back to 1896. The association publishes research, offers continuing education opportunities, and issues certifications in several specializations.

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