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Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Programs California

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Choose The Best Online Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Program 2021

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Program

Having a newborn child in need of medical attentionwhether mild or severeis a difficult situation for families to endure. Neonatal nurse practitioners are one of the friendly faces delivering care to these infants, from emergency rooms to outpatient developmental clinics to neonatal intensive care units . If youre interested in this career path, your next step may involve figuring out what degree program will help to prepare you for it.

On this page, well take a look at some accredited online neonatal nurse practitioner programs offered at universities across the country, what you may expect once youre enrolled in a program, and options for funding your education should you need it. Well also explore what comes nextearning potential, job outlook, and more.

What Does A Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Do

NNPs typically work in hospital inpatient units like the NICU, but some work in delivery rooms and clinics. These nursing professionals provide critical care to sick and premature infants and assist their families, which can be emotionally demanding but also rewarding. NNPs work closely with specialty physicians and often supervise registered nurses .

The following are NNP key skills and responsibilities:

Mount St Marys College Department Of Nursing

The Department of Nursing at Mount St. Marys College offers multiple pathways to a Master of Science in Nursing degree. They offer a traditional BSN to MSN pathway and an RN to MSN Bridge pathway. Those in the RN to MSN Bridge program will complete a series of undergraduate bridge courses which can be completed in one year of full-time study.

Specializations for the MSN degree are offered in the following areas:

  • Adult-Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Nurse Educator
  • Nurse Leadership and Administration

Applicants to the RN to MSN pathway must hold an Associates degree in nursing with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale in the last 60 semester units of course work. They are also required to hold a clear and current RN license in California. Candidates should have either at least one year of full-time contiguous work experience as a licensed RN with the last 5 years .

Applicants entering via the BSN to MSN pathway should hold a Bachelors degree in nursing with a 3.0 or higher GPA on a 4.0 scale in the last 60 semester units of course work. They should have completed a course in Statistics or Nursing Research as a prerequisite for NUR 290. Candidates must hold a valid and clear, current license as an RN in California. Varying types of clinical experience are required depending on the specialization .

Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education

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Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Careers

Neonatal nurse practitioners with a strong graduate degree, NNP-BC certification, and solid clinical experience are always in demand. Obviously, the opportunities are going to be higher in large cities and major academic medical centers, but ask around. You want a place where you can stretch your wings.

  • Happy Where You Are: If you like the NICU that youre currently working in, and your supervisor is behind your decision, youll find that the NNP qualification can offer a bump in a pay and a huge expansion in responsibilities. We talked about running the floor or the NICU unit. Thats your future.
  • Looking for a New Job: If youre thinking of using the degree to get out of your current NICU and into a new one, plan for your career during your degree. Look for Schools of Nursing with job counseling, career development workshops, job boards, job fairs, and networking events. Would you like to work in a Level IV facility? See if the program can help you organize a clinical rotation in one.
  • Aiming to Specialize: If you want to focus on specific area of neonatal care, certain pediatric hospitals consistently appear in Best of lists for relevant NICU fields . Keep in mind these can be high-stress settings in which to work.

Get Your Nnp Certification From The National Certification Corporation

Nurse Practitioner Programs California #LPNPrograms in ...

After successful completion of an accredited program, individuals must sit for their boards.

This is an entry-level examination that tests the knowledge of students regarding the care of critically ill neonates. In order to sit for the exam students must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Current U.S. nursing licensure
  • Successful completion of an accredited graduate nurse practitioner program that meets NCC program requirements and prepares neonatal nurse practitioners. The program can be a master’s DNP or post-master’s. NCC no longer accepts certificate prepared applicants.
  • Examination within 8 years of completion of program.

Additional information regarding the examination includes,

  • $325 testing fee
  • Exams must be scheduled within the first 30-days of the eligibility window
  • Computerized exam at a designated testing facility
  • This exam is a 3-hour test consisting of 175 multiple-choice questions. Of the 175 questions, 150 are scored and 25 are used to gather statistical data on item performance for future exams.

After completing the specialty certification exam, individuals will have to become board certified in their specific state of practice. Requirements for certification will vary state by state. It is highly advisable to contact your local states board of nursing.

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Scholarships For Nnp And Nursing Students

Nonprofits as well as accredited online BSN and MSN programs may offer a variety of nursing scholarships and opportunities for financial aid. Explore a few options for supplementing the cost of your programs tuition below:

  • Scholarship from the Foundation for Neonatal Research and Education: Aspiring neonatal nurses and nurse practitioners may apply for a scholarship from the FNRE if they are pursuing a BSN, MSN, DNP, or masters/post-masters degree in nursing administration or management.
  • Applicants to the March of Dimes scholarship must be an RN, enrolled in a graduate program with a focus on maternal-child nursing and be a member of a professional organization for neonatal nurses of midwives.
  • AACN Scholarships & Financial Aid: The American Association of Colleges of Nursing offers opportunities for future nurses and nurse practitioners to apply for scholarships, grants, provides resources on loan forgiveness and other forms of aid.

Certified Nurse Anesthesia Programs

The Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs is the professional organization that approves nurse anesthesia programs nationwide. Their website includes the nationwide listing of accredited nurse anesthesia programs and the Councilâs standard for accreditation and accreditation policies and procedures. The list includes accredited nurse anesthesia programs in California.

* Denotes Private Schools

100 South Los Robles, Suite 550 Pasadena
20 E. River Park Place West Fresno
School of Nursing, CRNA, 3100 Summit Street, 3rd Floor Oakland
Center for Health Professions, 1540 Alcazar Street, CHP 223 Los Angeles 442-2037

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Duties Responsibilities Schooling Requirements Certifications Job Outlook And Salary

Just about any parent will tell you that the day their child was born was one of the best and most memorable days of their lives. However, even though childbirth is safer than ever, it can still come with complications, and newborns can sometimes require special treatment before theyre healthy enough to go home with their parents. If youre enamored with the idea of treating newborn babies and sometimes even saving their lives, becoming a neonatal nurse practitioner should be one of the nursing careers at the top of your list.

NNPs not only get the satisfaction of providing vital, timely treatment that keeps newborns healthy and relieves stressed-out parentsthey also earn a fantastic living doing it. In fact, neonatal nurse practitioners recently claimed one of the top three spots on our list of the highest-paid nursing jobs in 2021.

This career guide will teach you everything you need to know about becoming a neonatal nurse practitioner, including the educational requirements, certifications, day-to-day duties, and how long it generally takes to launch your new career.

Not sure if becoming a neonatal nurse practitioner is the right nursing specialty for you? Click here to see our full list of the highest paying nursing jobs.

Certifications And Licenses This Program Prepares For

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Program
  • Board Certified Neonatal Nurse Practitioner: Neonatal nurse practitioners in most states must complete the certification offered by the National Certification Corporation in order to practice. Candidates must hold a current RN license, earn a masters degree or higher from an accredited nurse practitioner program, and have graduated after 2005 to earn board certification.
  • Board Certified Womens Healthcare Nurse Practitioner: Also offered by NCC, the womens healthcare certification recognizes RNs who hold an accredited graduate degree from a nurse practitioner program. Candidates must also pass an examination. This credential must be renewed every three years.
  • Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner: Offered by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, board certification recognizes nurse practitioners who can practice prenatal, pediatric, and family care. Candidates must hold an accredited graduate degree from a nurse practitioner program. After passing a 150-question examination, nurse practitioners earn their credential, which they must maintain by completing continuing education credits.

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University Of Pittsburg Pittsburgh Pa

The University of Pittsburg offers three different NNP programs. The first is the BSN to DNP Neonatal track which is on campus. The second is the MSP to DNP Neonatal program that is hybrid and offers both online and on-campus program content. The last is the MSN Neonatal Nurse Practitioner program which is offered on campus.

  • NCLEX-RN Pass Rates of 100%
  • Program length or credit hours
  • Admission requirements BSN with neonatal experience
  • Tuition is $22,826 for in-state students and $39,532 for out-of-state students
  • American Nurses Credentialing Center Commission on Accreditation Accredited

Eight What Is The Job Outlook For Neonatal Nurse Practitioners

While the BLS does not separate the potential growth of different types of NPs, one can safely assume that the need for NNPs will always be in need as long as there are babies being born.

The idea of working independently of physicians is a great incentive for some people to move into the nurse practitioner career. In fact, the profession rates #5 as the best job in health care and No. 7 job overall in the top 100 jobs, according to the U.S. News & World Report 2019.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that employment opportunities for all nurse practitioners would grow by 28% between 2018 and 2028. This is much faster than the national average of other healthcare-related professions including Registered Nurses. As of 2018, there were 240,700 advanced practice nurses with an expected need of an additional 62,000 by 2028. Additionally, as the healthcare industry continues to change there will continue to be a need for CRNPs.

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Duties And Responsibilities Of A Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

There are two primary sets of responsibilities for neonatal nurse practitioners: one set deals with newborns and premature babies, and the other set deals with new parents. An NNP will provide acute care to newborns who have respiratory problems, or are born with a low birth rate. It is very important that an NNP has a complete understanding of potential issues dealing with newborns and how to diagnose and treat them. As a neonatal nurse practitioner, you will also be largely responsible for educating and supporting parents, giving them the information they need to care for their new baby, whether health risks exist or not.

Like a doctor, you will be able to order laboratory tests necessary for diagnosis and treatment planning, making treatment recommendations, and helping parents make decisions based on facts and options available. Ordering labs & interpreting results are a standard part of the Nurse Practitioner job description. You will see treatment through from beginning to end, and make referrals to outside specialists as necessary.

West Virginia University Morgantown Wv

Nurse Practitioner Schools Online Degrees # ...

West Virginia University offers an MSN NNP program that is fully online. This program offers a range of delivery methods for your online content to give you the best chance at passing your board certification tests.

  • NCLEX-RN Pass Rates 94%
  • Program length or credit hours 28 credit hours plus clinical hours
  • Admission requirements BSN with neonatal experience
  • Tuition is $4,388 per semester
  • CCNE Accreditation

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The University Of Tennessee Health Science Center

The UT Health Science Center Memphis offers one NNP program that is fully online and that is in the DNP degree track. They offer state of the art programs that have the best possible technology and content possible to help students succeed.

  • NCLEX-RN Pass Rates 100%
  • Program length or credit hours, 61 credit hours plus clinical hours
  • Admission requirements BSN with neonatal experience
  • Tuition $33,692 per year for in-state students, and $66,784 for out-of-state students
  • SACSCOC Accreditation

Dominican University Of California Department Of Nursing

Dominican University of Californias Department of Nursing offers multiple pathways to a Master of Science in Nursing degree: a BSN to MSN pathway and an ADN/RN to MSN pathway. All pathways lead to a MSN with a specialization as a Clinical Nurse Leader.

Applicants entering via the ADN/RN to MSN pathway must hold an Associates degree in nursing and hold a current license as an RN in California. After completing a one year program of bridge courses , the student advances into the graduate program where 32 more credit hours are required. Note that no BSN degree is conferred to those in the ADN/RN to MSN program. This is an accelerated program where the BSN degree is bypassed.

Applicants entering the via the BSN to MSN pathway must hold a Bachelors degree nursing with a with a 3.0 or higher GPA on the last 60 units of graded undergraduate or graduate work . They must have completed undergraduate courses in Statistics and Nursing Research within the last 5 years with a grade of B or better . Candidates must hold a current California license as an RN.

Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education

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University Of Mississippi Medical Center Jackson Ms

TheUniversity of Mississippi Medical Center has a hybrid program with both in-person and online content. They offer state-of-the-art equipment and curriculum so that students get the best education possible and so that they get the experience that they need to succeed. They are the only neonatal nursing program in the state of Mississippi.

  • NCLEX-RN Pass Rate of 85%
  • Program length or credit hours: 630 clinical hours required
  • Admission requirements: BSN with neonatal experience
  • Tuition is $5,792 for in-state students per year and $14,797 for out-of-state students
  • CCNE Accreditation

Overview Of Nnp Certification

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Job | California 1605

The best job in the NICU starts with the first four steps in How to Become a Nurse Practitioner. Once you have made the choice to become an NNP and looked into APRN state licensure , you can start planning for national certification. Good accredited RN to MSN FNP programs will always prepare you for NNP certification. Great ones will have outstanding exam pass rates!

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Northeastern University Boston Ma

This online program is through Bouve College of Health Sciences and offers a program that helps nurses prepare for the challenges that come with being an NNP. This program is fully online so it is perfect for students that already have a nursing job and want to get a further certification but that may not have the time to go to an on-campus program. Clinical rotations are worked out based on where you live and already work.

  • NCLEX-RN pass rate of 100%
  • 43 credit hours
  • Admission requirements: at least 2 years of NICU experience
  • Tuition averages $1,388 per credit hour for a total of $59,684 for the program
  • New England Association of Schools and Colleges accredited

Rn To Msn Neonatal Np: Msn Curriculum

Once youve leapt that hurdle, standard MSN or MS degrees take around 1-3 years to complete. As you explore the options in our directory, youll find that almost every NP program contains coursework in advanced pathophysiology, advanced pharmacology, evidence-based practice, leadership, and healthcare assessment. Sometimes called the Nursing Core, this set of subjects meets many of the education requirements for national certification.

But MSN programs with a Neonatal NP concentration are a little different than other NP degrees . Because the NICU puts unique demands on nurses, concentration subjects often focus on specific neonatal applications. For example, an NNP curriculum could include courses in:

  • Neonatal Nursing Birth Through 2 Years of Age
  • Advanced Neonatal Embryology/Physiology
  • Comprehensive Assessment for Clinical Decision Making of Mother and Neonate
  • Advanced Neonatal Pharmacotherapeutics
  • Advanced Neonatal Nursing Theory
  • Neonatal Pathophysiology and Management

Overall, it makes for a few years of intense study!

However it is structured, the curriculum should always prepare you for NNP certification. If you have any doubts, ask.

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What Does A Neonatal Nurse Do

Neonatal Nurses work with newborn infants and their parents. A Neonatal Nurse will remain with the new mother and help the mother feed, bathe, and hold their baby until they are comfortable enough to do it themselves. And while these are all important steps, helping and educating parents is only one part of the job.

A NICU nurse’s role becomes much more critical when an infant has suffered a premature birth, developed an infection, has a physical malformation after delivery, or is critically ill at birth. NICU nurses also work with infants with birth defects, cardiac malformations, and surgical complications.

Neonatal nurses work under neonatologists, neonatal nurse practitioners , and physicians, and help them with the diagnosis and treatment of ill infants.

The role also involves monitoring newborn infants’ vital signs and ensuring the ventilators, incubators, and other equipment is working correctly. Further, a NICU must also ensure that both the baby and the mother receive the care they need, and the diet of the mother is appropriate.

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