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Medical Liability Insurance For Nurses

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A Rise In Demand For Qualified Nurses Across The Medical Industry

What is Medical Malpractice Insurance?

The nursing shortage that’s plagued the industry for more than a decade can be chalked up to lower supply and higher demand. The combined factors of Baby Boomers retiring from their nursing jobs and many people of that age group becoming patients themselves has led to fewer nurses for a greater number of patients.

With doctors’ offices and hospitals eager to secure new nurses, the education process has been under a crunch. Many nurses don’t learn how critical it is to have their own insurance to cover malpractice claims.

Other Key Policies For Healthcare Professionals

Professional liability insurance can help cover the cost of lawsuits related to your business decisions, but it does not provide complete protection. Slip-and-fall injuries and property damage are daily risks for any healthcare business. Other policies to consider include:

General liability insurance: This policy can pay for legal expenses related to patient property damage and accidental injuries, along with advertising injuries such as slander.

Business owners policy: A BOP bundles general liability coverage with commercial property insurance, often at a lower rate than if the policies were purchased separately.

Workers compensation insurance: Most states require this coverage for healthcare businesses with employees. Workers comp can cover medical costs for work-related injuries and illnesses.

Commercial auto insurance: State laws require this coverage for vehicles owned by a business. It helps cover the cost of an accident involving a business vehicle.

Cyber liability insurance: This policy helps healthcare professionals survive data breaches and cyberattacks by paying for recovery expenses and other associated costs.

Are There Exceptions Under Which An Employer Might Deny Coverage In A Malpractice Lawsuit

Most malpractice insurance policies will include exemptions for Punitive and Exemplary Damages, and for damages relating to illness or injury caused in the commission of a criminal act.

Some employers have denied their obligation to provide coverage to members alleged to have breached confidentiality of personal health information. However, in at least one case that we are aware of, the court upheld a members challenge and confirmed the employers obligation to provide coverage.

For any further questions, please contact LEAP Intake at .

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What Is Personal Liability Insurance

Personal liability insurance can help you financially if you are sued by a patient or their family. It is a type of insurance that protects you from claims brought against you and the service you provide as a nurse.

According to the Nurses Service Organization , the average cost of a nurse’s malpractice claim is $201,916. Some states require nurses to carry personal liability insurance, but for the most part, it is a personal decision.

Personal liability insurance can also be referred to as:

  • Medical malpractice insurance
  • Errors and omissions insurance

Some Examples Of A Cyber Liability Claim Include:

Types of Medical Malpractice Insurance for Nurses
  • Computer software is stolen that contains sensitive patient information. The cost to rectify the situation is covered by cyber liability insurance.
  • A spyware virus compromises patient information. In turn, patients with information compromised by the virus file a lawsuit. The cost of legal fees will be covered with cyber liability insurance.

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Why Nurses Need Personal Coverage

You may have employer-provided coverage, but in many cases, it doesnt provide an adequate amount of protection for you personally if you are faced with defending yourself against a claim. A single claim can cost thousands of dollars, interrupt your course of work and tarnish your reputationeven if youve done nothing wrong.

The easiest way to ensure that sense of security is with nurses liability insurance. A personal Professional Liability insurance policy provides coverage that protects you if you are named in a malpractice claim.

This Professional Liability coverage from Lockton Affinity Health is the smart choice for nurses.

Invest In Medical Malpractice Insurance For Nurses To Safeguard Your Future

You have a bright career path ahead. Don’t get caught off guard with a costly medical malpractice suit you mistakenly assume your employer can handle on your behalf. Protect yourself and your needs by consulting with Gallagher to discuss what policy would work in your best interests. Get in touch with us now to receive a quote.

Premium savings is just one click away! Complete this form to receive your FREE, NO OBLIGATION medical malpractice insurance quote. You can also call us at 800.634.9513 and ask to speak to a salesperson.

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Get Professional Liability Coverage For Nurses

Through our fully integrated system, you can apply, get a quote, and buy a Professional Liability insurance policy online in just a few minutes. Your coverage begins the day after you apply, or you can choose an effective date in the future to fit your exact needs.

Get your free quote and purchase your nurses liability insurance online today.

Why You Should Always Carry Nurse Liability Coverage

Do you need malpractice insurance as a nurse? Liability insurance explained.

Aug 9, 2019 | Blog, Career Advice

Listen to this article.

Nursing is consistently voted the most trusted of all professions. One that involves providing medical and personal care for individuals at their most vulnerable. So, why should nurses consider carrying nursing liability insurance to protect themselves from litigation? Because we live in an increasingly litigious society. Nurses are human, and, unfortunately, they can make mistakes.

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Comparing Registered Nurse Insurance Options

Buying nursing malpractice insurance doesnt have to be a hard process and rates dont have to be sky-high. If youre ready to purchase nursing liability insurance, you need to locate an agent and an insurance company.

Your coworkers or management might have some tips for you on the best places to seek. An independent insurance agent can compare quotes and policies from reliable liability insurance companies and tailor your coverage to meet your personal needs.

Proving A Malpractice Lawsuit

A medical malpractice lawsuit requires that the plaintiff proves that the defendant violated the general standard of care. The standard of care is a framework of quality defined and practiced by the overall healthcare community.

To win a medical malpractice case in court, the plaintiff and their attorney must prove a breach of medical protocol took place.

To achieve this, a claimant needs to prove that:

  • A doctor-patient relationship existed
  • The healthcare professional was negligent
  • The doctors negligence caused the physical or emotional injury
  • The injury led to specific damages for which the claimant should be compensated

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What Is The Cost Of Malpractice Insurance For Nurses

What is the cost of Malpractice Insurance for Nurses

The specific cost of every professional liability insurance policy varies according to different factors. This is because no two businesses have the same types of needs.

So, you can expect to buy malpractice insurance for nurses at around US$ 300 to US$ 1,500 per year.

The actual cost of professional liability insurance for nurses depends on claims history, location, and experience/duration of operational services.

You can simply contact your choice of the insurance provider and request a quote online after filling out the offered forms accurately.

Reasons Nurses Need An Individual Professional Liability Policy

Medical Malpractice Insurance for Nurses

If youre a nurse, you may find yourself asking, Do I really need nurses professional liability insurance? The answer is simple: Yes. Just like doctors, mental health counselors, and other allied health providers, nurses run the risk of potential litigation every time they go to work. Because of this, CPH & Associates offers nurse malpractice insurance for registered nurses LPN/LVNs, and nurse aides through and for a variety of other nurse occupations through Still not fully convinced?

3 Reasons Nurses Need an Individual Professional Liability Policy

  • Your employers policy will act in the interest of the employer. There may be times when that interest is the same as yours, but in other scenarios you need someone who has your best interest in mind. In purchasing your own policy, you are guaranteed that if you ever face allegations, there is someone representing you.
  • Complaints to the board of nursing are generally not covered by a hospital or employer plan. As a result, you may be covered in a lawsuit, but if a complaint is filed to the board of nursing, you run the risk of losing the license you worked so hard to earn. By purchasing your own policy, you can know that you are protected not simply in the case of a lawsuit, but against complaints to the board as well.
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    Cna Best For Malpractice Insurance Policy Customization For Nurse Practitioners

    CNA is a leader in malpractice insurance for health care professionals. Theyve been named the best Medical Malpractice provider by the National Underwriters Property Casualty 360. They tailor their policies for you. They dont have online quoting, because they sell policies through agents. But they have an excellent reputation and are worth a look.

    Coverwallet: Best For Comparing Quotes

    CoverWallet is a national digital insurance brokerage focused on business insurance. They offer a simple and fast online quoting flow for all types of business insurance, including nursing malpractice insurance for nurse practitioners and registered nurses. Within 10 minutes, you will be able to compare your nursing malpractice insurance quotes from several leading insurance companies such as The Hartford, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Chubb, and Hiscox.

    In some cases when they are not able to provides quotes online, you can call their customer service to discuss your quote options. Their customer service staff are very knowledgeable. Even when you are able to get quotes online, you should call their customer service to understand the differences among the policies, especially if you are a new graduate.

    Comparing quotes from multiple leading companies is the only way that ensures you have the best and cheapest quote for your situation.

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    Myth #: I Dont Need My Own Professional Liability Policy Because My Employer Covers Me

    REALITY: All insurance policies only cover the person or organization named. Your employers policy is meant to protect your employer, not individual nurses. And any coverage will have financial limits. If you are named in a case, the employers policy is limited to malpractice, not to your licensure. An attorney is appointed, without your input that attorneys loyalty will be to the employer, not you. Finally, any coverage is limited to the duration of your employment. If you leave the job, and the lawsuit is filed the next day, you will have no coverage.

    What Should I Do If I Am Asked To Meet With My Employers Lawyers Regarding A Lawsuit Or Potential Lawsuit

    Life Happens | Medical Malpractice Insurance

    A hospital or agency has an obligation to, with certain exceptions, defend its employees who may be sued for negligent care. As an employee, you have a corresponding obligation to cooperate in your employers defense. Because employers are liable for the practice of their employees, they will defend allegations about your practice to the best of their ability.

    If you are asked to assist your employer in the defense of a malpractice lawsuit, you should co-operate fully. You may be asked to attend a meeting with risk management, insurance investigators or your employers lawyers. Union representation at these meetings is not usually required and may be objected to because having a third person present may waive the privilege that otherwise permits the information disclosed in these meetings to be kept confidential.

    If you have any questions about whether to attend a meeting with your employers lawyers, please contact LEAP Intake.

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    Best Malpractice Insurance For Nurses Overview

    Negligence and malpractice claims are frequently experienced by medical professionals. Not just doctors, but nurses are also at times burdened with such lawsuits.

    Even when you feel youve done everything according to the procedure prescribed, you may find yourself defending against claims of thousands of dollars.

    Dont let such incidences dishearten you though because you can ease this burden by buying professional liability insurance.

    Also called malpractice insurance, this insurance policy protects you against liability for potential mistakes or accidents committed while performing your professional duties.

    Who Is Providing The Insurance Coverage

    The PLP offered by RNAO as of Nov. 1, 2015 is a professional liability insurance product, wherein the insurer has the duty to defend your covered claim. In todays litigious environment, selecting a professional liability insurance provider is a critical decision for health-care professionals. That’s why RNAO has chosen a PLP provider with experience, expertise and financial stability Continental Casualty Company.

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    Proliability Best Liability Coverage For Malpractice Insurance For Nurse Practitioners

    Proliability is sponsored by the AANP and this membership may earn you a discount. You can choose either claims-based or occurrence-based coverage. The standard policy is $1million per occurrence, but up to $5 million is available.

    Proliability provides liability insurance for a number of industries. They have 4.5 stars on Trustpilot, based on over 10,000 reviews. Its easy to get a quote and you can apply online.

    Why Do Nurses Get Sued


    Nurses get sued for many reasons. Some states allow patients to sue nurses and/or doctors for up to 10 years. One reason nurses are sued is because of negligence that caused harm to a patient or death. Another reason is because of allegations related to the treatment and care provided by the nurse or healthcare team.

    Nurses also get sued for:

    • Medication errors
    • Injury

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    How Much Does Medical Malpractice Insurance Cost

    Of course, the medical malpractice insurance rate for an occurrence policy is higher than a claims-made policy. This is simply because the occurrence policy doesnt have a limit on the time a claim must be reported.

    Medical malpractice insurance costs depend on several things like:

    • Professional Field or SpecialtyNaturally, a neurosurgeon will pay substantially higher malpractice insurance costs than a certified nursing assistant or a medical student.
    • LocationMedical malpractice insurance rates vary by state.
    • Hours WorkedHow often you work also affects insurance costs. The more you work, the more you pay for insurance because you have a higher chance of errors, malpractice, or injury.
    • History of Claims and LossesSimilar to any insurance, if you have a history of malpractice claims and losses, your insurance costs will rise because you present a higher claims risk.

    Other factors, like policy limits, the competition among insurers in your area, etc., affect the cost of medical malpractice insurance.

    The difference in insurance costs can be substantial depending on these factors.

    For example, a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist may pay more than $1,000 per year, whereas a nursing student may pay less than $20 per year.

    What Types Of Nursing Are Covered

    Theres not much this nurses insurance policy doesnt cover. Whatever your field, youll likely find protection here. Heres an idea of whats covered:

    General nurses, mental health nurses, health visitors and district nurses, occupational therapists, dental nurses, veterinary nurses, operating dept practitioners, forensic nurses and much more.

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    How Much Nursing Liability Insurance Do I Need

    The kind of insurance you need depends on a few factors, including:

    • Where you work
    • What kind of services you provide
    • How long youve been in your current workplace
    • How much coverage your employer has

    Its important that you dont purchase so much coverage that its unaffordable, but it’s a good idea to purchase at least $1 million in coverage per occurrence.

    This amount ensures the elimination of a gap between employer coverage and personal coverage. You may also want to research your employers policy to make sure there are no major coverage gaps you don’t know about.

    Liability insurance amounts will be applied based on per incident and aggregate amount. While $1 million is a safe place to start, a drawn out lawsuit or lengthy battle with the BON may go above and beyond your coverage limit.

    At that point, youre responsible for the remaining balance. If you need to know just how much insurance you should purchase, speak with an independent agent who can help you assess your personal insurance needs.

    Does Rnaos Plp Cover Covid

    allnurses Medical Malpractice Insurance Program (aMMP)

    Yes. RNAO PLP coverage includes coverage for COVID-19 and other communicable diseases. Please be aware that other PLP plans may not.

    If your workplaces PLP insurance has a communicable disease exclusion and if you do not have RNAOs PLP, you are exposed to serious risks and you may not meet CNOs PLP requirements as the CNOs PLP requirement does not have exemptions for COVID-19 or communicable disease.

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    Proliability: Best Option From A Well

    Proliability is a subsidiary of Mercer and gives you the flexibility to choose nursing malpractice insurance based on your needs. You can be a nurse employed at a hospital, a nursing student, or a business owner looking to cover nurses you employ. So this is one of the best options for malpractice insurance for nursing students. The following quote is for a nurse working full time in a hospital with a specialty in womens health care:

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    Medical Malpractice Insurance To Consider For Your Business

    As a practicing medical professional, youre at a grave risk for legal action. With this in mind, it is pertinent to make sure that you protect yourself. In Ontario, it is very easy for physicians to be sued for negligence. In fact, only two things need to be proven. If the courts declare that your care fell below the reasonable levels and that this resulted in the patients injury, you could very well be sued and you could lose substantial amounts of money.

    Dr.Eddingtons recent lawsuit should be enough to open your eyes. Eddingtons decision to lower his patients blood pressure and his choice not to utilize heparin was well thought out, but ultimately resulted in the lawsuit.

    Unfortunately, this could happen to any practicing physician. Obtaining insurance is vital and there are numerous different types you should consider acquiring. These will be provided below for your consideration.

    • Malpractice Insurance
    • Professional liability insurance
    • Group practice insurance should be considered

    When it comes down to it, you are also responsible for obtaining comprehensive business insurance in ontario, canada and you will not be able to practice until you do so. It is highly recommended that you acquire at least five million CAD of personal liability insurance and your malpractice insurance should be sufficient for covering all professional activities.

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