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Masters In Nursing Women’s Health

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What Are The Admissions And Certification Requirements

The Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner Major at Duke

Students can generally expect the following admissions requirements from a WHNP program:

  • Minimum of a BSN from an accredited college or university
  • Official transcripts of all previous college work
  • One or more professional recommendations outlining clinical experience and ability
  • Valid RN license
  • Personal statement or essay
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher may be required

Certification as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner can be obtained via examination by the National Certification Corporation. Eligibility requirements include:

  • Current U.S. RN license
  • Graduate of an accredited women’s health nurse practitioner program
  • Must take the exam within 8 years of program graduation
  • Official transcripts and diploma must be submitted

Womens Health Care Nurse Practitioner Program

A Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioner is an advanced practice nurse that specializes in continuing and comprehensive health care for women throughout their lives. WHCNPs provide well-woman care, reproductive and gynecological care, and prenatal and postpartum care. Additionally, WHCNPs focus on health promotion, disease prevention, health education, and helping patients make smart lifestyle choices.

Frontier Nursing University offers a graduate Womens Health Care Nurse Practitioner specialty track that can be pursued full- or part-time while completing a Master of Science in Nursing or a Post-Graduate Certificate. After earning an MSN or certificate, you have the option to transition into the Companion Doctor of Nursing Practice program via a direct admission process.

With our distance education model, your home community serves as your classroom. FNU faculty are committed to being present and providing consistent support throughout the educational journey. Our flexible womens health care nurse practitioner program allows you to complete courses online and work closely with a certified womens health care nurse practitioner during your clinical experience. View one popular path for RNs who hold a bachelors degree here.

Msn And Mha: Ms In Nursing With A Master Of Health Administration

For RNs interested in healthcare administration, there are some options for earning a dual degree that combines nursing and health administration expertise. The Master of Science in Nursing and Master of Health Administration dual degree enables an RN to become an advanced practice nurse, nurse educator, or nurse administrator, while also receiving graduate-level education in healthcare administration. It would be typical for an advanced practice nurse with both the MSN and MHA degree to excel in a senior administrative position within a healthcare organization. Positions such as Director of Nursing, VP of Nursing, Chief Nursing Officer, or Chief Nurse Executive would likely be obtainable. For those interested in combining general business administration with nursing, there also exist an MSN and MBA dual degrees.

An MSN and MHA dual degree program focuses on health management and policy that offers students the chance to hone both their nursing and administrative skills. As such, students must complete advanced study in administration, education, and healthcare information technology as well as graduate-level nursing courses.

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Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner Salary & Employment

According to PayScale, women’s health nurse practitioners make an average salary of approximately $91,270 annually, with a range between $72,000 and $113,000 per year. Salary amounts can fluctuate due to things like location , the nurse’s level of experience, any additional certifications held, and the employing organization.

According to the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics , the top-paying states for nurse practitioners, in general, are:

  • California

Psychiatric & Mental Health

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Psychiatric-mental health nurses treat patients of all ages with mood and personality disorders, which can include bipolar disorder, dementia, depression, and schizophrenia, to name a few examples. More so than most other types of nursing, psychiatric-mental health nursing requires the development of a therapeutic relationship between the caregiver and patient. Psychiatric and mental health nurses have expertise in being able to empathize, provide support, and demonstrate respect for the patient. While this type of nursing can be administered by an LPN/LVN or RN, obtaining a masters degree in nursing and becoming an advanced practice registered nurse allows one to practice independently, offer direct care in a variety of settings, and prescribe medicine.

Job prospects are very good to excellent and Job settings include: Private practices, psychiatric and mental health treatment centers, hospitals, public health organizations, educational institutions, home health care agencies.

PMHN students are typically required to meet the following qualifications:

  • Hold a current and active RN license
  • Have a minimum of 2,000 hours of clinical practice in psychiatric mental health nursing
  • Obtain at least 30 hours of continuing education in psychiatric mental health nursing

A PMHN is typically responsible for the following job duties:

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What Is A Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner

A Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner is an advanced-practice registered nurse who specializes in the comprehensive care of women throughout the lifespan. They focus on reproductive, obstetric, and gynecological health. Not only do WHNPs provide diagnostic care and treatment, but they also focus on preventive health maintenance. WHNPs differ from Certified Nurse Midwives in that they follow women’s health through the lifespan in a mostly primary-care environment. Depending on the state in which they practice, oversight by physicians may or may not be required.

What To Expect From A Career In Nursing

Nursing programs at Ontario colleges come at varying levels for those in or interested in the field. Courses meet the needs of current Registered Nurses looking to diversify their skills as well as future nurses looking to get started.

Patient care demands exceptional attention to detail and a compassion for those in need. If you have these things and you see yourself starting or continuing in nursing education, heres what you need to know.

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Accelerated Nursing Program Vs Direct Entry

While researching MSN programs, you may come across accelerated and direct-entry MSN programs. Both are designed for professionals looking to change or advance their nursing career. Accelerated programs may award a BSN and MSN to graduates, or they may just award an MSN. Its important to research programs carefully and find one tailored to your educational background.

Typically, those pursuing a direct-entry nursing program do not have a bachelors degree in nursing or a related field. Those pursuing an accelerated MSN may already have their BSN.

Admission Requirements And Application Process

Turning a Passion for Women’s Health into a Career | Master of Nursing Program

You can apply for free online, and must submit the following materials:

  • Official transcripts from all degree-granting institutions you have attended
  • Personal essay that describes your academic objectives
  • Current resume or curriculum vitae
  • Two letters of recommendation that address your leadership potential and ability to succeed in graduate-level work

Also, you must have:

  • A current, valid and unrestricted license as a registered nurse
  • Completed an approved undergraduate statistics course
  • One year of bedside nursing experience

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Why Are Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners So Important

WHNPs differ from physicians in that their patient care approach is more integrated. Being nurses, they assess patient needs not only to include physical symptoms, but psychosocial and environmental needs as well. Additionally, their assessment is not only women’s health-based. There is a strong primary care component due to the fact that they can address chronic health issues as well. Collaborating with physicians, WHNPs ensure that every aspect of a patient’s health is addressed.

WHNPs are highly skilled in education and therefore can spend time teaching patients and family about disease processes, treatments, and healthcare prevention in addition to diagnosing acute health issues. They utilize the nurse’s process to assess specific needs, analyze options, create a plan of care, and evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment plan while involving the patient’s family to optimize care outcomes.

WHNPs are also critical in improving access to care. According to the American Association of Medical Colleges , there will be a projected shortage of physicians by the year 2030 – between 40,800 and 104,900 physicians overall. Women’s health nurse practitioners are already beginning to fill the gaps, as primary care physicians are expected to experience a deficit of between 7,300 and 43,100 physicians.

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Womens Health Nurse Practitioner Job Description

Womens health nurse practitioners play integral roles in the U.S. health care system, as female patients may prefer professionals who have undergone training in health care needs specific to women. Additionally, the aging U.S. population will require more registered nurses with specialized knowledge of older womens needs.

There is also an increasing need for WHNPs who can address womens health issues due to a growing nurse and physician shortage, and without an uptick in the number of qualified WHNPs, the industry and womens health may suffer.

For those who are interested in helping to fill this gap, a good first step is gaining a clearer understanding of the womens health nurse practitioner job description.

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University Of Cincinnatis Msn Womens Health Nurse Practitioner Program

The University of Cincinnatis Womens Health Nurse Practitioner program is ideal for registered nurses seeking an advanced degree in womens health. The program prepares nurses to become primary care providers for female patients, promoting wellness and disease prevention throughout a womans life.

UCs program is one of the top Womens Health Nurse Practitioner Programs online, and is nationally recognized for our academic standards, diversity and inclusion efforts, technology application, and research activity.

The Master of Science in Nursing Womens Health Nurse Practitioner online program is designed for working nurses with busy schedules, and our online MSN program enables you to pursue your professional goals on your own time.

The University of Cincinnatis online WHNP program helps students gain insight into the unique needs and challenges of working with women of all ages. Our courses focus on promoting the importance of the client-provider relationship and empowering women to make informed decisions regarding their health and well-being.

Program Overview

  • Eligible to sit for the National Certification Corp. certification exam.
  • Taught by doctorally prepared faculty who are practicing nurses and are up-to-date clinically.
  • Three start dates a year.
  • You must already have a BSN to enroll in the program.
  • Requires 49 credit hours and 672 hours of clinics.

Accreditations and Rankings

Online Womens Health Nurse Practitioner Programs

Graduate Nursing Programs

For nursing students who would prefer not to concede their lives to go to a distant on-campus program, online programs, like an online MSN program, can be both a flexible and phenomenal other choice.

While searching for an online program, you should take note of each of your must-have features that will ensure your success in the program and post-graduation. A few instances of this are, live classes, clinical hour support teams for online students, career services, and opportunities to network with your classmates.

Several schools offer online programs that are similar from what their on-campus programs, enabling students to get a degree from a school they know and whose notoriety they trust without moving. Nurse practitioner online programs are gaining notoriety and are the preferred course to progress into a career and become a womens health nurse practitioner. Nursing professionals may also have the option of pursuing a DNP degreewith a specialization in womens health.

Sponsored Online Nursing Program

Georgetown Universitys Online MS in Nursing

With Georgetown Universitys online WHNP program, you can become a primary care provider for womens health in as few as 27 months. RN/BSN required.

Note: Some of these programs may require on-campus visit requirements as a part of their curriculum and program. Check with your interested university for more information.

Online Womens Health Nurse Practitioner Programs


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Becoming A Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner

Nurses who enjoy practicing independently and who wish to diagnose and prescribe while still utilizing nursing skills make excellent nurse practitioners. Those seeking to pursue their NP should also value autonomy, integrity, and leadership. In the field of women’s health, nurses should enjoy working with women from various backgrounds, enjoy educating patients, and promote preventive and holistic health. They should be skilled in building trusting relationships and should be able to remain unbiased as individual values and choices may differ from their own.

Women’s health nurse practitioners are registered nurses who have completed a master’s program in nursing or doctoral degree program .

To advance to a master’s degree or doctoral in nursing, a student must complete an accredited nursing program and obtain a bachelor’s degree in nursing . Since the minimum requirement for graduate programs are a BSN, ADN-educated nurses are encouraged to find an RN to BSN program to earn a BSN. Bridge programs can take about two years to complete. After earning a BSN, it can take two to four years to earn an MSN or DNP.

There are both online and traditional classroom graduate programs available. Online programs offer more flexibility and self-directed learning, which can benefit nurses who must balance a home and work life. Each method of learning has its pros and cons, so nurses are encouraged to find a program that best fits their needs.

Nursing Bridge Program Vs Direct Entry

A nursing bridge program refers to a type of program for people who want to switch to a nursing career or pursue further education. Many students who enroll in a nursing bridge program may already work as a nurse, such as licensed nurse practitioners. In nursing bridge programs, students will earn their BSN or MSN. A direct-entry MSN is a type of nursing bridge program.

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Womens Health Np Program Overview

Kent States Womens Health Nurse Practitioner program will prepare you to provide the highest level of primary nursing care for women involving health promotion and disease prevention.

Womens Health Nurse Practitioner students gain competency in advanced nursing management of common acute and chronic conditions.

You will learn how to practice directly or in collaboration with other health professional to provide continuity of health care and to maximize the effectiveness of community and health care system services. You will also learn clinical judgment and primary care skills through faculty mentorship and clinical preceptors in a variety of ambulatory care settings and specialty clinics.

In this role, you may be employed in medical centers, physician’s offices, free clinics, Planned Parenthood clinics, administration, and education.

Nursing Jobs And Salaries

Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner

Depending on your certification, nursing careers may include fields like:

  • Acute care
  • Long-term care institutions
  • Hospitals

Licensed nurses may also serve as practitioners, educators and managers in the health field. Nurses also have options in the travel & tourism industry, as travel nurses are often in high demand.

Salaries in the field increase with experience. Registered nurses can expect starting salaries from $45,000 to $50,000 per year, and those that have a specialty like critical care, could start at $60,000 or more. Practical nurses have lower starting salaries, at around $43,000 per year.

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Types Of Master’s Degree In Nursing Specializations

There are many types of specialized master’s in nursing options, including advanced practice registered nurse programs and specializations in areas like research and education. Please note that by 2025, nurse anesthetists must hold a doctor of nursing practice degree.

A good graduate program for nursing aligns with the student’s career goals and helps them secure their desired salary in their preferred work setting. Degree specializations offer the advanced skills and knowledge needed to excel in the following roles.

Nursing informatics is a growing field that uses information science, data analytics, and technology to improve nursing quality or efficiency. Nurse informatics programs examine topics in data science, business analytics, data quality management, and statistics. Other courses train nurse informaticists in predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and data visualization, along with concepts in nursing and healthcare administration. Nurse informaticists often work with different teams in the workplace including hospital and health system administration, IT departments, and nursing units.

Advantages Of An Online Program

There are numerous advantages to online women’s health nurse practitioner programs. First and foremost, the convenience and flexibility of this type of program is second to none. Students are able to take courses from home, and generally on their own time schedule. For those who don’t have a university nearby, or who don’t want to have to relocate to complete their schooling, online programs are an invaluable option. All online students receive the benefit of reduced transportation costs, as parking, gas, and other commuting expenses are virtually eliminated with this type of program.

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An Overview Of Msn Specializations

At the masters degree level, the nursing field becomes greatly compartmentalized. Students can choose to specialize in a specific area of health care like mental health or infection prevention. You can also earn an MSN degree to prepare for administrative and education roles, like working as a nurse educator, administrator, or in the field of informatics.

Msn And Mba: Ms In Nursing With A Master Of Business Administration

Post Graduate FNP Certificate Online

For RNs interested in business administration, a few schools offer some unique dual degrees that combine nursing expertise with business acumen. The dual degree Master of Science in nursing and Master of Business Administration allows a registered nurse to become an advanced practice nurse, nurse educator, or nurse administrator with advanced business education. Obtainable positions may include Director of Nursing, VP of Nursing, Chief Nursing Officer, or Chief Nurse Executive. Any of these positions would require extensive expertise in both nursing as well as business. For those specifically interested in combining nursing with health administration, there also exist MSN and MHA dual degrees.

Students enrolled in an MSN and MBA dual degree program benefit from the combined curriculum of both management and advanced nursing courses and clinical work. An MSN and MBA dual degree prepares students to work in a variety of settings including hospitals, physician practice management, community health centers, health departments, consulting firms, insurance companies, associations, home health agencies, and health maintenance organizations . Nurses with advanced management skills and specialized training can expect an excellent job outlook and salary potential.

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