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Masters In Entry Level Nursing

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Why Earn An Elmsn At Brenau University


Our purpose is to prepare you to become a professional nurse who is highly skilled and trained to be a leader and educator in the nursing field while making a positive impact in the lives of your patients. Brenau University offers small class sizes, innovative nursing simulation facilities, and faculty committed to mentoring you toward your goals and supporting your academic needs as you become a leader in nursing.

Eligibility Requirements And Prerequisite Information

  • ResidencyMust be a California resident or be eligible for in-state tuition
  • Minimum Grade Point Average of 3.0 or above in the last 60 semester units earned
  • General GRE Test, not Subject GRE Test. We only require GRE Analytical Writing score of 4 or above by the time of application
  • Provide evidence of health related work or volunteer experience
  • Personal statement
Statistics. Business Stats or Psych Stats are also acceptable. Math 124

*Science prerequisite courses must be taken within the last seven years.

Please consult Assist for articulated or comparable coursework taken at any of the California community colleges or CSUs.

Become A Leader In The Nursing Industry

With a rapidly ageing population, changes in technology, changes in management demands, and the evolution of nursing knowledge and practice, there are growing opportunities for qualified senior nurses and nurse leaders in Australia.

JCU Onlines Master of Nursing gives you the qualifications and skills you need to evolve your career as fast as healthcare itself is changing. It will allow you to take on more complex roles and deliver better patient care.

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Menp Vs Traditional Master’s Degree Route

Students pursuing an MSN through a master’s entry nursing program are able to complete their studies at an accelerated rate by building on the foundation of their previous education and work experience. Schools know that a student who has already completed a bachelor’s degree in another field is able to handle the rigorous coursework and accelerated pacing of a direct entry program. In addition, students have the benefit of completing their studies and beginning a new career faster than if they were to take a BSN and MSN program separately. In addition to a shorter completion time, these programs can also be more cost-effective than two separate degree programs. Upon graduation, these nurses are ready for higher paying and more advanced nursing positions than those who have not completed their master’s degree.

There are a couple of caveats to a direct entry nursing program that prospective students should be aware of. First, accelerated nursing programs are very challenging and academically rigorous. Students need to be committed to becoming a nurse and disciplined enough to complete challenging coursework and long practice hours. In addition, any master’s level education is a significant cost investment in your future. While many schools offer financial assistance to those who qualify, it can be a financial hurdle to pay for a master’s degree in nursing.

Earn Your Msn Degree In As Little As 22 Months


Developed for students with a non-nursing bachelors degree, our blended-online Masters Entry Program in Nursing is an excellent choice for career changers looking to enter the field of nursing.

As a pre-licensure Registered Nursing program, our Direct Entry Master of Science in Nursing program accepts applicants who have already completed their undergraduate General Education courses for any non-nursing bachelors program. This means you can enroll in our Masters program even if you do not have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. In as little as 22 months, you can switch professions and pursue a rewarding career in nursing.

Click here to read our MEPN licensure disclosure.

No Wait List

Up to 50% off Tuition Your First Semester*

Online Courses

Can you get an MSN without an RN?

A Master of Science in Nursing is a degree, whereas an RN is a license. If you enroll in our accelerated Masters Entry Program in Nursing , you can pursue your MSN degree without already being an RN. However, our MEPN graduates can take the National Council Licensure exam for Registered Nurses after they receive their MSN degree.

What does MEPN stand for?

MEPN stands for Masters Entry Program in Nursing . Its a pre-licensure Registered Nursing program for non-nurses who wish to pursue a Master of Science in Nursing degree.

Why do I need an MSN degree?

What is an accelerated MSN?

How do I start a MEPN program?

How long does it take to complete an accelerated MSN program?

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Your Pathway To A Promising Career In Nursing Starts Here

Our Master’s Entry Program in Nursing program is a three-year accelerated program culminating in a Master of Science degree in nursing for people without previous nursing preparation but who hold a bachelor’s degree in another field.

Graduates of this program are prepared in advanced nursing roles, which are registered nurses with graduate academic preparation that qualifies them as experts in clinical practice, community health and policy. The advanced nursing role incorporates the functions of clinician, educator, health policy expert, consultant and/or researcher.

During the first year of the program, you will engage in concentrated study that culminates in licensure as an RN. Students are eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination as approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing . In the remaining two years of the program, you will matriculate into our Masters of Science program for graduate level nursing specialty training, choosing from a comprehensive selection of specialties. This period of study includes clinical rotations, fieldwork and residency hours at sites primarily in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. At the end of the three-year program, you will earn an RN license and an advanced master’s degree in the specialty you choose.

Please note that the prerequisites for this program were revised in March 2021. Visit our Requirements webpage to review the prerequisites.

A Rewarding Career That Could Take You Anywhere

Nursing offers me a flexible career and a chance to contribute to the community. Global recognition of the nursing qualification allows me to work in most countries in the world. QUTs weekly clinical practical sessions gave me the confidence to learn and practise clinical procedures. They equipped me with the skills to perform well on clinical placements.

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Course Of Study For Students Admitted Prior To Fall 2019

1. Course of Study: Qualifying Year The Qualifying Year is an intensive 10-month bridging period that introduces students to nursing and prepares them for entry to graduate-level nursing studies. After successful completion of the Qualifying Year, students must formally apply to the Master of Science Nursing or the Master of Science Nursing – Global Health Direct Entry concentration through uApply.

Fall Term

French Language Courses

The French language proficiency exam is a requirement for full licensure in Quebec. French is also the major spoken language in Quebec and your working knowledge of this language affects clinical placements. If French is not your mother tongue, then we encourage you to enroll in French language courses. McGill offers a tailored course for professionals.

2. Course of Study: Direct-Entry Concentration

The Master of Science Nursing is a two-year, 58-credit program that directly follows the Qualifying Year. By the end of MSc-DE Year 1, students are eligible to practice as nursing externs during the summer break, in accordance with the regulations of the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec – the Quebec Order of Nurses. Upon successful completion of MSc DE Year 2, graduates are eligible to write the OIIQ licensing exam.

MSc DE Year 1

3. Course of Study: Global Health Concentration

MSc – Nursing, Global Health applicants must first successfully complete the Qualifying Year in order to formally apply through uApply.

Total Credits 6.5

Online Master’s Entry To Nursing Practice Programs


Online master’s entry nursing programs provide students with several advantages, most notably the flexibility to complete coursework whenever and wherever it is convenient. With distance learning programs, students can often continue to work or fulfill family obligations and attend classes or complete assignments on their own schedules. Online program benefits also include:

  • Affordable Education: Distance learning programs may also be more cost-effective options for students, when compared with classroom programs. While tuition rates vary from school to school, online programs eliminate the cost of commuting to campus and campus housing from the full price of the program. Additionally, many schools provide financial aid options for students who need help paying for their education.
  • Flexible Schedule & Program Length: Online direct entry nursing programs provide students with the convenience of completing their courses when it works with their schedules, and self-paced learning means that programs can often be completed a quicker pace. For example, Direct Entry MSN program can be completed in as little as 18-21 months.

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Health Screening For Clinicals

All students entering the nursing school must show documentation of immunizations, blood titers, a negative two-step TB skin test, and a physical examination, as well as current certification of CPR training for healthcare providers. Documentation is due at the beginning of November of the first quarter. View the current fee schedule for services offered through the Arthur Ashe Student Health Center.

Meet Our Students & Graduates

Nursings really special because there are a lot of cool things you can study. Where else can you go to school and see a baby born or view an open-heart surgery? As a nursing student at the UA, you get these wonderful once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

Melanie Begaye

I was drawn to the UA College of Nursing through the University of Arizona Cancer Center Native American Cancer Prevention undergraduate research program. I realized that being a nurse would help me achieve my goal of returning to the Navajo Nation and promoting wellness and traditional healing.

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What You Will Study

The JCU Onlines Master of Nursing gives you the preparation youll need to shine at the next level in your career advanced communication skills, data management skills, governance knowledge, informatics, and the ability to design and implement evidence into practice. We equip you with the knowledge, proficiency, competency and expertise to succeed in your chosen specialisation.

These core skills were specifically incorporated to ensure all graduates leave the course ready to take on the challenges presented by a changing healthcare landscape. Youll also be able to choose one of three majors:

  • Leadership and Management major

    If you choose to major in Leadership & Management you will study the following four subjects, in addition to your core subjects:

  • Leading and Managing in HealthThis subject explores foundational concepts of leadership and management in diverse healthcare settings and geographic locations. Read more
  • Ethics and Health ManagementThis subject examines ethical principles and theories, exploring how managers may apply these in a healthcare context. Read more
  • Business and Finance for the Health ManagerThis subject explores how healthcare leaders can assume effective business and financial management functions. Read more
  • Conflict and Dispute Resolution in HealthcareThis subject examines how to take action when confronting the challenges involved in leading in a healthcare environment characterised by increasing change and complexity. Read more

Entry Level Master Of Science In Nursing


The Entry Level Master of Science in Nursing at SF State is a six-semester program. This program prepares students who possess a non-nursing bachelors degree for the national licensing exam to become a Registered Nurse. Students are eligible for the NCLEX-RN upon completion of four semesters and the program culminates with an applied research course or a masters thesis. Graduates will earn a BSN and MSN degree. Additional information about the program, including student learning outcomes, can be obtained in the nursing section of the SF State bulletin.

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Choosing A Master’s Entry To Nursing Practice Program

With a large number of direct entry MSN programs to choose from, selecting the right school can be a challenge. In order to make that decision easier, we have outlined a few factors to consider when researching schools. Keep these program elements in mind to make choosing the right school a simpler decision.

Mepn Program Admissions Requirements

  • Bachelors degree from a school with accreditation recognized by the U.S. Department of Education
  • Completion of the required prerequisite courses described below
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale in all prerequisite courses
  • Submission of completed physical examination form
  • Evidence of personal health insurance
  • Evidence of current Basic Life Support CPR certification
  • Evidence of completed immunization requirements
  • Criminal background check
  • Human Anatomy
  • Human Physiology

Note: Human anatomy and human physiology must include a lab component. Human Anatomy and Human Physiology may be combined courses in a two-part sequence or two separate courses.

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What Are The Admissions & Certifications Requirements

Admissions requirements for direct entry nursing programs will vary slightly from school to school and in different states, but in general will include:

  • Completion of a bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Completion of college-level pre-requisite courses, which may include statistics, human anatomy, biology and chemistry
  • Personal statement or essay
  • In some cases, schools may also require scores from standardized entrance exams such as the Graduate Record Examination

Placements And Work Experience

Entry Level Masters in Nursing FAQ

Students will undertake approximately 800 hours of supervised clinical practice in a range of clinical settings that includes hospitals and a variety of health care organisations. During their placements, students will have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge acquired through coursework to practice and develop their clinical skills in real life setting.

Students will commence their clinical placements in week four of the program. During the first year students will normally complete approximately 38 x 8-hour shifts and in the final year students will complete approximately 86 x 8-hour shifts.

Students may be required to undertake clinical placements outside of the Brisbane metropolitan area and students are required to fund their travel, accommodation and daily living expenses.

Prior to applying, applicants should ensure they will be able to meet placement requirements outlined on this website.

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What Schools Offer Direct

Students can access direct-entry MSN programs through many schools. Prospective learners should consider what learning format works best for their schedule. For instance, entirely online programs may offer direct-entry MSN coursework, while students interested in traditional classrooms may want to narrow their search by selecting institutions with a brick-and-mortar location.

Take Your Career Journey Further With A Postgrad Degree

The Master of Nursing Practice is a two-year graduate entry master degree that can lead you to be eligible for registration as a nurse with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia. The course consists of four semesters plus a summer term coursework program.

In this comprehensive program of study, you will cover a diverse range of simulated practice and fieldwork, interprofessional learning, contemporary blended learning and advanced clinical development.

Throughout the course, you will be encouraged to integrate evidence-based theory and clinical practice. Theory content is comprehensive and includes physical, biological, psychological and social sciences.


Professional practice experience is integrated into the course. Overall, you will be required to complete 216 hours of simulated experience and 840 hours of professional practice experience in an appropriate workplace.

Please refer to the handbook for additional course overview information.

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Talk To An Admission Officer Now

Start your path to career success with strategic, career-focused Bachelor, Master, and MBA degrees program reccomendations. Apply in 5 minutes.

Step Two: Submit School of Nursing Supplemental Application via NursingCAS

  • A personal statement, 250-500 words and must address the following:
  • Describe the Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Program of study you are interested in as it relates to your career goals
  • Explain why you are seeking a degree from SF State
  • How do you anticipate this program will assist your goals
  • What contributions do you foresee adding to the field of nursing?
  • What special attributes will you bring to the nursing profession?
  • A set of official transcripts from all institutions of higher education attended.
  • Three references at least one of these must address health-related work or volunteer experience. References must submit the reference letters themselves electronically.
  • Request ETS to submit GRE score to NursingCAS by the deadline.
  • School Of Nursing Accreditation

    Nurse Fellowship Program â Springfield, MO

    The baccalaureate degree in nursing, masters degree in nursing, and Doctor of Nursing Practice at Azusa Pacific University are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. The traditional baccalaureate nursing program, upper-division transfer programs, entry-level masters program, and the nurse practitioner program are approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing. Azusa Pacific University is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission .

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    Nested Qualifications: Early Entry Exit Options

    You can also build towards your masters degree through flexible entry and exit points and qualify as you go through our nested qualifications. As you study your Master of Nursing, you will gain your Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma of Nursing. If you need to finish your study early, you may still qualify for a Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma. Get in touch with an Enrolment Advisor to find out more.

    Master’s Entry Program In Nursing

    The University of California, San Franciscos School of Nursing takes great pride in being a national leader in nursing, and as such, continuously reviews our educational programs for quality and consistency to national requirements. Currently, we are reviewing all of our professional nursing degree programs to ensure that they meet required and anticipated regulatory changes.

    Please check the UCSF School of Nursing website in late August 2022 for updates to our educational programs now under review for possible revision in the near future. At that time, we will provide new information about pre-licensure study and our application process, which is expected to open in late 2022.

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