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Local Colleges With Nursing Programs

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Preparing Students For Many Roles

Maine invests in community college nursing programs

Accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, ACC offers two nursing programs designed to promote career mobility. Both programs are approved by the State of Michigan Board of Nursing:

At ACC we provide qualified students alternative educational tracks according to their career goals. With two entry and exit points in the curriculum, students can achieve the level of nursing education that is best for them.

Students are able to complete their nursing programs at both our Alpena and Oscoda campuses.

Prior to starting the LPN certificate, students are required to successfully complete specific general education prerequisite courses:

  • CEM-111 + Lab
  • BIO-203 + Lab
  • BIO-140 + Lab

The Registered Nursing Program includes the PN curriculum, plus two additional semesters of nursing courses. Students also participate in clinical work at several local health care facilities.

Nursing students are expected to maintain at least a 2.0-grade point average to stay in the program and must have a minimum 3.0-grade point average to be accepted into the Registered Nursing AAS degree program.

How Much Will I Earn

Salaries in nursing will vary depending upon education, but the Department of Labor reports that the median salaries for different types of nurses are as follows:

  • RNs: $67,400. The top 10% of nurses are reported to have earned $101,000, and the bottom 10% earned $46,000. The nurses with BSNs and MSNs will earn at the top of the scale, while nurses with a diploma, associates, and/or limited experience will earn towards the bottom.
  • LPN or LVN: $43,170. More experienced LPNs and LVNs will earn more than $59,000 and less experienced workers earn $32,000. LPNs and LVNs salary will top out at near $60,000, so you will want to eventually earn at least your bachelors degree to increase your salary potential.
  • Nurse practitioner: $98,190
  • Nurse midwife: $92,500

Technical Standards For Admission Progression And Graduation

The goal of the Health and Public Services Division is to prepare every student to think critically and practice competently and compassionately in rapidly changing environments. All efforts are designed to build knowledge, enhance practical skills, and promote patient and the populations safety. Furthermore, the program is designed to foster professional integrity and ultimately improve the health outcomes and protection of patients, families, and communities across the continuum of care and practice. Students must possess certain functional abilities, essential for the delivery of safe, effective clinical care and protection of the public during clinical and internship training activities in the field. Therefore, the faculty has determined that certain technical standards are required for admission to, progression in, and graduation from the Health and Public Services programs.

In addition to classroom learning, clinical and internship learning occurs throughout the HPS programs and involves considerations that are not present in classroom accommodations. Applicants or students interested in HPS programs who seek accommodations prior to or immediately after enrolling in the college are highly encouraged to also request an assessment of the types of reasonable accommodations needed for the clinical and or internship components of the program.

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Bsn Program Length In Georgia

Typically, a BSN program is 4 years long, which allows students time to work through clinical and classroom blocks of study with some time to pursue work or volunteer interests in the summer. Each institution varies, however, and some offer accelerated programs or RN-to-BSN options to help bridge the gaps in RN education as the labor market requires.

Accelerated Bachelor’s To Bsn

Danville Community College nursing program ranked top in Virginia ...

For students who hold a non-nursing Bachelor’s degree, an accelerated nursing program offers a faster way of earning a Bachelor’s degree in nursing. These programs may have a higher standard for admission than traditional programs, such as a minimum 3.0 GPA and a requirement of “hands-on” healthcare volunteer hours, but the waiting list may be shorter than other programs.

Accelerated BSN programs can be completed faster because they omit breaks and often have more intense courses so that they can be completed in a shorter amount of time. Since the same amount of clinical hours are required for any entry-level RN program, they may be scheduled at a grueling pace. For these reasons, many students find this type of program more challenging than traditional programs. Balancing family life and keeping up with friends may also be difficult. However, for the ambitious student who is good at setting priorities, the reward is working as an RN quickly!

Learn more about accelerated BSN programs.

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Pitt Community College Winterville Nc

Pitt Community College offers a competitive nursing degree that is a two-year degree. They do not have a bridge program and do not allow re-entry to the program after the student has left. If you are going to take this program, it is advised that you have no other commitments.

  • NCLEX-RN pass rate 90%
  • Admission Requirements vary and students should check the site for the most up to date requirements
  • Tuition is $2,704 per year for in-state students and $7,312 for out-of-state students

Rn License By Endorsement

Nurses who have obtained licensure in one of the other 50 states will be able to obtain licensure in Washington by endorsement. They will be required to submit a criminal background check through fingerprinting. If the registered nurse as an active license, he/she must submit verification of licensure and transcripts from an accredited nursing program. Candidates may work under a temporary permit that will allow them to work while the background check is being processed. Nurses who do not have an active license will be required to take part in a refresher course.

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Top 10 Best Nursing Schools In 2022

With nearly 1,000 baccalaureate programs and plenty of ADN programs, picking the best of the best is no simple task. When selecting the top 10 nursing programs in the U.S., we considered factors including:

  • Program outcomes
  • Accreditation

Based on this methodology, these are the top 10 nursing programs in the nation:

Annual Tuition: 23,241/semester | NCLEX Pass Rate: 98.39%

Traditional: Yes

Accelerated: Yes

Bridge: No

Recognized as one of the best research schools in the world, Duke University offers some of the top nursing programs. The School of Nursing at Duke only offers only one degree choice for undergraduate nurses: an accelerated BSN.

To enroll in this program, applicants first need to complete a non-nursing bachelor’s degree. However, the program takes 16 months to complete, requires only 58 credits, and students gain 800 hours of clinical experience before graduating. Outcomes for the program are highly positive too.

Duke is perhaps best known for its graduate programs, including multiple MSN and doctoral programs. Nurses interested in becoming nurse anesthetists would be interested in knowing that Duke boasts one of the top programs for nurse anesthesia in the nation

Annual Tuition: $58,503 | NCLEX Pass Rate: 100%

Traditional: Yes

Online: Yes for graduate no for BSN

Accelerated: No

Bridge: No

As one of the oldest private institutions in the nation, Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. has an established, well-respected nursing program.

Traditional: No

Programs Boost Enrollment Emphasize Mental Health

Dallas College Announces Four-Year Bachelor’s Degree Program In Nursing

The faculty shortage has made it difficult in the past to bring in full classes at Northern Kentucky University, director of nursing Kim Dinsey-Read said. This year, NKU’s nursing program applications are down by about 20%.

On top of dwindling interest and faculty issues, Dinsey-Read said the profession is also battling lower high school graduation rates, fear of debt accrued in college, a greater focus on trade schools versus university degrees and the perception of nursing in general.

“We’ve always struggled with nursing image and what nurses do. Most of the public really don’t understand what we do,” she said. “We really are there 24/7, hands-on, taking care of patients every single day.”

Dinsey-Read said there’s been an emphasis over the last several years on recruiting high school students to start thinking about nursing through community partnerships and “nurse camp,” where rural Kentucky students get hands-on simulation experience at the university and the opportunity to shadow nurses through St. Elizabeth Healthcare.

Not all local nursing programs have seen a drop in interest, though. Some are expanding their programs to accommodate more students on their journey to become a nurse or nursing teacher.

Gateway’s nursing program typically admits 60 nursing students per semester, dean of health professions Amber Carter said. Since December, the program has worked to expand and will start offering 30 additional seats per semester starting in the fall.

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About The Nursing Program

Students in the nursing and practical nursing programs at Ivy Tech gain valuable skills and experiences by caring for real patients in a variety of clinical settings including lab simulations. The growing use of simulations in nursing schools allow students to assume roles that are typically unavailable in a clinical setting, allowing students to make critical choices and see the results of those decisions. We use a variety of teaching methods and learning strategies in the classroom, clinical settings, and online to appeal to every learning style. Students can even take some nursing and practical nursing required general education courses online.

Associate of Science in Nursing Program

Once admitted to the program, an Associate of Science in Nursing degree can be achieved in less than two years. The nursing faculty at Ivy Tech provide individualized tutoring and mentoring to help students succeed. Our statewide aggregate pass rates are consistently high, and our nursing graduates are in high demand throughout Indiana. Learn how to apply to Ivy Tech Community College.

The nursing program at Ivy Tech has a selective admissions process. There is a separate application process for nursing and health sciences limited enrollment programs and the programs only accept a limited number of students each year. After applying to Ivy Tech, you will be enrolled in the Pre-Nursing certification program while completing prerequisite course requirements.

Transfer Partners
Our Graduates

Jefferson Community College Watertown Ny

Jefferson Community College has a program that prepares students to take the NCLEX-RN program and offers a very high pass rate for those that want to take this two-year program.

  • NCLEX-RN pass rate of 99%
  • 64 Total credit hours
  • Requirements can be found on the site
  • Tuition is $4,835 per year for in-state students and $7,115 for out-of-state students

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Top Ranked Accredited Nursing Programs In Birmingham

Listed below are the top nursing schools in Birmingham based on our RN program rankings for Alabama out of 38 other accredited programs offered in the state:

  • Herzing University – #9
  • Lawson State Community College – #10
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham – #3
  • Top Ranked Alabama Program: #9 of 38
280 W Valley Ave
  • Top Ranked Alabama Program: #10 of 38
3060 Wilson Rd SW
  • Top Ranked Alabama Program: #3 of 38
1701 University Blvd 934-5428

Is A Nursing Degree For You


There is no question that earning a nursing degree of some kind is becoming a very popular choice in the 21st century. Given that the demand for health care practitioners is soaring in many areas, it is not a surprise that the job demand for nurses overall will be 16% higher by 2024. Further, some of the nursing professions that require a masters degree will see job demand above 30% by 2024.

Still, not matter how good the job may be in terms of salary and overall demand, becoming a nurse of any kind does take a certain kind of person. Think about the following points before you start down the path of earning an associates, bachelors, masters or doctoral degree in nursing:

If you have most of these qualities, becoming a nurse could be a good fit for you.

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Working As An Rn Outside Of Montana After Graduation

Nursing is an incredibly diverse and rewarding career. Nurses are an essential element of the healthcare system, and demand continues to grow across Montana and the U.S. The Registered Nursing program at Missoula College–UM prepares students to take the National Council Licensure Exam and enter the workforce as skilled and competent entry-level nurses. Once graduates have successfully passed the NCLEX, they may be eligible to apply for licensure by endorsement in any of the 50 states. Montana is one of 34 states who belong to the Nurse Licensure Compact . “The NLC increases access to care while maintaining public protection at the state level. Under the NLC, nurses can practice in other NLC states, without having to obtain additional licenses.” Information about the NLC and the participating states can ge found on their website.

  • The ASN Program at Missoula College — UM has not yet made a determination regarding whether its curriculum meets requirements for licensure by examination in states outside of Montana. For further information, please refer to the website for the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Inc. .
  • If you are considering working outside of Montana after graduating from a Montana nursing program, please do your research. The links above will provide you the information you need to choose the nursing program that is right for you.

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University Of California San Francisco

The University of California San Franciscos School of Nursing is ranked #3 by US News for top nursing schools. In addition to its prestigious MSN program, UCSF School of Nursing also offers an online MS in Healthcare Administration & Interprofessional Leadership and a PhD in Nursing. The School of Nursing students works closely with the UCSF Medical Center Nursing staff. Over a century old, the school is accredited by the CCNE, the California Board of Registered Nursing , and has remained in the top two spots in NIH research funding awarded to schools of nursing over the past ten years.

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Are Nursing Programs In High Demand

Bachelor of Science in Nursing education programs are definitely in high demand and the employment of registered nurses is expected to grow by 7% between 2019 and 2029. As the U.S. population ages and older people generally experience more medical issues, this career field is expected to continue to grow. As long as people also develop chronic health issues such as diabetes, arthritis, dementia and heart disease nurses will continue to be needed and this will be a major factor for the increase in the employment of nurses at all education and licensure levels.

Currently, insurance companies are pushing hospitals to discharge patients as quickly as they can. If patients are suffering from a long-term condition that makes medical and nursing care necessary, they may be transferred to long-term care facilities until they are able to care for themselves. This push also means that home health nurses will be needed in greater numbers to care for these patients needs.

Long-term care facilities admit patients with Alzheimers disease as well as those suffering from head injuries or the aftermath of strokes. Outpatient care centers are also being built in communities around the country. Patients go here to receive needed rehabilitation services, chemotherapy, and same-day surgery. Nurses are needed to help care for all of these patients.

Why Get A Nursing Degree

Gov. DeSantis awards colleges $2.3M in support of CDL training, nursing programs

A nursing degree trains students for many in-demand careers. Nurses can apply for an RN license and enter the field with a two-year degree. Community colleges educate nurses at affordable tuition rates. Nursing students can choose from in-person, hybrid, and online programs.

Current RNs can increase their earning potential and move into leadership roles with a bachelor of science in nursing . RN-to-BSN programs allow current RNs to complete a bachelor’s degree in 12 months. With a BSN, nurses can apply to graduate programs to become nurse practitioners or other advanced practice RNs.

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Cincy State Applies For A Bachelor’s In Nursing

In 2018, the Ohio Department of Higher Education announced two-year institutions such as Cincinnati State could propose applied bachelor’s degree programs in fields with strong workforce needs to the state chancellor. The first students to receive bachelor’s degrees from Cincinnati State graduated last spring through the college’s land surveying program.

The college recently submitted an application to begin offering a bachelor of science in nursing degree, citing workplace shortages and increased need due to the pandemic, Cincinnati State spokesperson Richard Curtis told The Enquirer. The college hopes to welcome its first 30 bachelor’s degree in nursing students in the fall of 2023.

The application is being reviewed, Curtis said, and there is no set timeline for notice of approval.

“This degree program will greatly benefit students, employers, and our community,” Curtis wrote in an email to The Enquirer.

If the program is approved, Wilson said she will definitely return to Cincinnati State to complete the program.

Wilson’s mother is a nurse who also graduated from Cincinnati State and Wilson said she has several other friends and family members in the profession. As a student now, Wilson said her 8-year-old daughter helps her study and has even tagged along to a class or two at Cincinnati State.

“When I get an A, we get an A,” Wilson said.

Wilson said she hopes her daughter wants to become a nurse when she grows up, too.

Entry Level Adn & Bsn Programs In Birmingham Al

For those with no prior nursing experience, an entry-level nursing program is a great jumping-off point and can poise RNs for future educational growth, if so desired. Entry-level options at Birmingham schools include Associate’s Degree in Nursing programs as well as Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs.

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