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List Of Approved Nursing Schools In Florida

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Florida Southwestern State College

Azure College is Nationally Accredited by ABHES. Approved by the Florida Board of Nursing

8099 College Pkwy, Fort Myers, Florida 33919

Florida Southwestern State College has a full range of credit classes that typically form the first two years of college coursework. Students in the program may earn an Associate Degree in Nursing and transfer to a four-year college or university for a Baccalaureate degree. Florida Southwestern State College School of Health Professions offers two Baccalaureate Degree programs, one Post-Associate Certificate, eleven Associate Degrees, as well as five certificates that equip students to enter the workforce, advance their careers and add to their credentials. Emergency Medical Technician, Paramedic and Nursing programs are offered by Florida Southwestern State College on all three campuses in Collier, Charlotte and Lee counties. Graduates can make use of their knowledge, skills and clinical experience to apply to various healthcare settings, and advance their professions to the next level.

Lpn To Adn/bsn Programs

LPNs can choose a program that culminates in either an ADN or a BSN degree. The quickest option is the LPN to ADN route, which can usually be completed in under a year. The College of Central Florida offers an LPN to ADN which takes just three semesters to complete and costs around $10,000 for in-state students. Those wanting a more in-depth RN education can opt for the RN to BSN pathway, which awards the employer-preferred bachelor’s degree upon completion. West Coast University offers an LPN to BSN at their Miami campus which students can complete in just 34 months.

Florida LPN to RN programs will typically require the following for admission:

  • Completion of a board-approved LPN program
  • Current, unobstructed Florida LPN license
  • Minimum GPA

Masters In Nursing Programs

Florida Atlantic University Graduate students at Florida Atlantic University can pursue a Master of Science in Nursing in one of seven tracks, including family nurse practitioner, nursing administration and financial leadership, clinical nurse leader, nurse educator, advanced holistic nursing, and adult/gerontological nurse practitioner. An individualized track, which requires 30 credits, allows students to tailor their studies to their career goals. All graduate students, regardless of their concentration, must successfully pass four core nursing courses in advanced nursing practice grounded in caring, philosophical and theoretical foundations of nursing, nursing research and evidence based practice, and advanced nursing practice: roles, policy, and finance.

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Tuition And Costs Of Bsn Programs In Florida

The total cost of attendance for a BSN degree in Florida can vary significantly depending on whether you attend a public state college or have another option in mind. Additionally, tuition credits are given regularly to in-state residents. Consider that beyond tuition, you’ll be responsible for housing, food, equipment, and books. To provide an estimate, the Jacksonville University annual tuition is just under $40,000 not including housing, food, and additional fees.

Adn Program Admission Requirements In Florida

Nursing Schools Florida Announces Launch of New Website ...

It’s important to remember that each of your school choices likely has slightly different admissions criteria, however, the following is a general list that will help give you an idea of what they may be looking for:

  • Be of good standing in the college of your choice
  • Have a GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Complete the online application
  • Have up to date vaccinations and health forms completed
  • Satisfactorily pass all background inquiries

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Florida Gulf Coast University

Florida Gulf Coast University offers various nursing programs that allow graduates to work in healthcare facilities. The faculty of the School of Nursing has the strong belief that professional nursing rests on an arts and science foundation which prepares graduates to excel in a rapidly-changing, diverse and technologically-oriented society. Faculty and staff members serve as mentors, guides, role models and facilitatorsfor students to synthesize their roles and responsibilities in the scope of nursing practice. The conceptually-based and integrated curricula are built on the principles of critical thinking, communication, health promotion, cultural-connectedness, and adherence to ethical and professional standards of practice, which provide a foundation of knowledge and skills important for nursing professionals. Learning and teaching activities serve as keystones of a curricula that takes place within caring, environmentally sensitive and interdisciplinary settings.

Why You Should Care About The Nursing Programs Accreditation

Accreditation is how schools can prove that their programs are high-quality. If a school in unaccredited, you may not be eligible for forms of financial aid. Nurses also might be turned away from potential employers if their degree is from an unaccredited school.

The two nursing accreditation organizations to look for are

If a school is accredited by one of these institutions, then their nursing program adheres to strict national standards.

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Fsw Nursing Mission Statement

The Florida SouthWestern State College Nursing Program’s mission is to inspire life-long learning and prepare a diverse population to serve as caring nurse leaders in the healthcare community.

  • The fall 2022 application will open in March 2022 and the deadline to apply will be May 15, 2022.
  • Due to COVID-19, certain practicum or clinical experiences at partner sites may require face coverings or other mitigation measures.
  • Prospective applicants interested in learning more about our ASN program, application requirements, and admission process, may register for a virtual information session.

Florida SouthWestern State College offers an Associate Degree in Nursing and a Completion Certificate in a Nurse Refresher Continuing Education course leading to professional licensure. Nursing requires both a degree and the successful completion of additional criteria such as licensure exams, field placements, or clinical hours. If your future plans include achieving licensure or certification, you should know the requirements vary by state.

Graduates of the Associate in Science in Nursing Program are prepared to become licensed as an entry level Registered Nurse .

Current occupational employment and wage data for Registered Nurses are published by the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Nclex Pass Rate And Accreditation Information For Nursing Schools In Florida

How To Check If Your Nursing School Is Really Accredited | Nursing School Advice

The following table allows you to easily compare not-for-profit Florida nursing schools on a variety of factors. Click on the arrows in the top row to sort the table. In addition to seeking a program that leads to licensure in your desired area of nursing, its advisable to consider accreditation as a factor in your decision. If you are considering education beyond the associates level, know that a degree from a school that holds accreditation from the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing or the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education is a common requirement for admission to masters degree, ADN/LVN and RN to BSN, and specialized certificate programs. You should also check to ensure that the school you are considering is approved or accepted by the Florida Board of Nursing.

N/A $5,499

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How Much Does Nursing School In Florida Cost

Tuition for a nursing school in Florida will cost between $2,500 to $5,000 per year for state residents seeking a two year Associate degree, an ADN or ASN, for example. The larger public four year colleges and universities in Florida cost more between $6,000 to $10,000 per year for state residents seeking their Bachelor Degree in Nursing, a BDN or BSN.

To help reduce the cost of nursing school in Florida, a student can generally take their pre-nursing courses at a smaller two year college. Then, transfer those credits into the larger four year college or university of your choice. Each college has their own method of awarding transfer credits for pre-nursing coursework. You will need to plan ahead and question the receiving school before you start your first pre-nursing class.

List Of Accredited Nursing Schools In Fort Lauderdale Florida

Nurses play an essential part in our healthcare system, providing a high level of patient care and taking on many of the responsibilities traditionally entrusted to doctors. With an expanding healthcare system, the nursing profession is projected to have steady job growth in the years ahead. In Fort Lauderdale, there is a demand for nurses at all levels. Below, you can read brief descriptions of the main types of nursing jobs in the area.Certified nursing assistant Certified nursing assistants provide basic patient care and help licensed practical nurses and registered nurses with medical tasks, like taking vital signs and monitoring symptoms. Because CNAs spend so much time with their patients, they are often perceived as being the primary caregivers. CNA programs can be completed in a matter of weeks, making this the fastest and least expensive way to start your career in the nursing field. The Fort Lauderdale area is home to 6,000 CNAs with average earnings of $23,000 per year.

Licensed practical nurse Registered nurse

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Is It Hard To Get Into A Florida Nursing School

We list the quoted acceptance rate provided by each Florida nursing school. A college acceptance rate is calculated by dividing the number of accepted students by the number of total applicants. Reviewing the list of nursing schools in Florida provided below, we can see the acceptance rates range from about 50% to 100% or Open. SAT and ACT scores are displayed on each individual nursing school page.

If you are having trouble getting accepted into a Florida nursing school due to a below average GPA, SAT, or ACT score, here are two strategies which might help: 1) take your pre-nursing courses at your local community college then reapply later as a transfer student with an above average GPA, and, 2) get your Nursing Assistant or Practical Nurse license to help you gain experience and stand out from other college applicants.

Millers College Of Nursing

Nursing School in Jacksonville, Florida

2151 Consulate Dr 10 & 11, Orlando, Florida 32837

Millers College of Nursing aims to develop knowledgeable professional nurses with an understanding of the human condition, a desire to have a positive impact on the world, and a passion for the profession. The college strives to empower its students to live lives of thoughtful service, leadership, inquiry, and caring for persons, the community and the world. The College of Nursing has the mission to provide quality nursing education witha great emphasis on critical thinking. They assist and offer nurse graduates through the use of didactic material required for success on the NCLEX examination. The college believes that their nursing programs will provide students with a solid foundation to successfully pass the licensing exam and be prepared for pursuing a career in the medical field with confidence.

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About Nursing Schools In Florida

Florida ranks among the top states for the highest employment of nursing professions. Currently, there are more than 183,000 nurses working in various healthcare settings including hospitals, home care centres, community healthcare settings, research facilities, and so on. On average, nurses in Florida earn $70,230 annually with the most experienced professionals earning $93,500 annually. While this figure falls below the national average for the profession, the cost of living in Florida is also below the national average. With average annual job openings of 14,000, the number of nurses working in this state is expected to rise from 189,820 to 220,350 from the year 2018 to 2019.

In addition to RNs this Sunshine State is also a great work destination for Nurse Practitioners. More than 13,000 NPs are working in Florida with those with more than 20 years of experience earning $134,230. According to the US department of labor, the number of NPs working in this warm and sunny state is projected to rise from 11,100 to 15,200 from 2018 to 2028. With the annual job opening of 1,110 NPs, it can be safe to predict that Florida needs NPs to match its needs which makes it an ideal state to work as an NP.

Despite this, Florida is an ideal destination for RNs and NPs alike because of the plethora of opportunities that the state gives them. If you love the outdoors and sunny weather while also enjoying the benefits of low cost of living then Florida is the best place to work as a nurse.

What Is The Difference Between An Approved And An Accredited Pre

An approved nursing education program is a program for the prelicensure education of professional or practical nurses that is conducted in Florida at an educational institution that is approved and regulated under s.464.019, Florida Statutes. Approved nursing education programs are not required to be accredited however, many programs are regionally or nationally accredited through educational or vocational accrediting agencies.

An accredited nursing education program, as defined by s. 464.003, Florida Statutes, is a program for the prelicensure education of professional or practical nurses that is conducted in the United States at an educational institution, whether in Florida, another state, or the District of Columbia, and that is accredited by a specialized nursing accrediting agency that is nationally recognized by the United States Secretary of Education to accredit nursing education programs Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing , Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education ) or National League for Nursing Commission for Nursing Education Accreditation .

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Virtual Site Review For Continuing Accreditation

The College of Nursing at St. Petersburg College will host a virtual site review for continuing accreditation of its Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing program.

You are invited to send written comments to the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education prior to our virtual visit on November 15 to 17, 2021.

Written comments are welcomed and should be submitted directly to CCNE to using the following link:

All written comments should arrive at CCNE by .

Nursing Programs In Florida

LPN Salary | LVN Salary | Licensed Practical Nurse Salary, Income
Private Costs:$30k-100k

The costs above are estimates provided by various college and nursing websites. If youd like to know the cost of obtaining a degree or certificate at a specific institution, its best you reach out to them directly. After youve narrowed down the search, its time to file your FAFSA®. Once your FAFSA® has been processed, youll have a better idea of how much each program will cost after your financial aid is factored in.

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Msn Programs In Florida

How do you differentiate your resume in a sea of RN licensures? Try pursuing your MSN or Master of Science in Nursing. MSN programs are blooming across the country as our healthcare system undergoes radical personnel and policy changes while the medical field makes new gains in knowledge every month. These pressures have shown that there is a great opportunity for highly educated nurses to act as facilitators and administrators, as well as nursing in advanced care roles such as Nurse-Midwifery or Advanced Practice. Similarly, to the BSN achievement structure, RN to MSN programs are flexible in their offerings and scheduling and are increasingly available. Florida offers more than 10 MSN programs – some of which are on-campus, online, or part-time to accommodate busy individuals.

What Is The Significance Of Nursing Education Program Nclex Passage Rates And The Nclex National Average Passage Rate

The NCLEX or National Council Licensure Examination is the national licensing examination for practical and registered nurses. Quarterly and cumulative passage rates for first time test takers are calculated and published by a contracted testing service and are made available to the Florida Board of Nursing and are posted on the website.

The NCLEX National Average passage rate is the average number of all member first time test takers for a reporting period, calculated by the National Testing Service using the test takers scores during the reporting period, to determine the average of the conglomerate scores.

Pursuant to s.464.019, F.S., the Florida Board of Nursing monitors these passage rates to ensure the achievement of Florida approved nursing education program graduates. Approved nursing education programs must achieve a graduate passage rate that is not lower than 10 percentage points less than the average passage rate for graduates of comparable degree programs who are United States educated, first-time test takers on the NCLEX during a calendar year. An approved nursing education program shall be placed on Approved/probationary status by the Florida Board of Nursing pursuant to s. 464.019 for failure to meet the required passage rates on the NCLEX for two consecutive calendar years.

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Top 5 Nursing Schools In Florida & Their Costs

In addition to choosing the best program and degree type that coincides with your goals, cost is a top consideration. When calculating the cost of each school, dont forget to factor in textbooks, school supplies, transportation, room & board, and even childcare, if youre a parent. With that in mind, knowing the estimated cost of your education is helpful.

The best way to get a sense of how much youll have to pay is to complete your FAFSA® and wait until it is reviewed. The schools you applied to will be able to provide you with a more in-depth look at the full cost of your education after your financial aid package is determined. Here are the top five nursing schools in Florida and an estimated cost of tuition to give you an idea of costs before financial aid.

University of Miami
Florida Salary Estimate: $62k 78k

Its important to know that youre only certified to work in the state in which you took your NCLEX. If you move to another state or country, you will have to get certified there as well. A career in nursing is a positive step towards a more fulfilling future.

If your heart is set on going into this life-saving field, dont let money be the thing that stands in your way. File your FAFSA® and speak to the financial aid department at the schools youre considering to see what your options are.

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