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Licensed Vocational Nurse Online Program

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What Can You Do As An Lpn

LVN / LPN Vocational Nurse Program | Licensed Vocational Nursing School | Train to be Licensed Nurse

LPNs directly contribute to the care and comfort of their patients. Depending on the work setting, duties may include recording vital signs, giving medications, changing wound dressings, and bathing and feeding patients.

Nursing care facilities, hospitals, mental health centers, home healthcare, and physicians’ offices rank among the most common workplaces for LPNs.

LPN salaries vary by education level and type of employer. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics , LPNs earn a median annual salary of $48,820, with the highest-paid employees working in government agencies, nursing and residential care facilities, and home healthcare.

While most LPNs have a nurse certificate, earning potential increases for those who earn an associate degree in nursing or higher.

What To Expect With Our Licensed Practical Nurse Online Program

At the Chancellor Institute, we understand the needs of modern students. Our programs are designed to deliver a quality education that will help you to advance in your chosen career. We also provide accommodations that are perfectly suited for working students.

What can you expect when you sign up for LPN online classes? First and foremost, Chancellor Institute is accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools , which means that our curriculum meets quality standards and facilitates a transfer of credits should students seek further education after completing their LPN program. Beyond that, were pleased to offer flexible in-person and online courses that will fit your busy schedule, even if you continue to work while you attend classes.

We wanted to create a learning environment that improved on outdated educational models, offering better and more accommodating practices that facilitate student learning and growth. With student-focused courses and one-on-one help, our online and hybrid programs offer the progressive learning atmosphere that modern and working students expect.

We understand those strong relationships between students and staff help to create an engaging experience, so students will have the best chance to learn and succeed. When this is paired with affordable tuition, it ensures opportunities for students to pursue their dreams and enter a field that will only continue to grow in the coming years.

What Careers Can I Pursue In Nursing As An Lpn

Licensed vocational nurses provide basic nursing care. They work under the direction of registered nurses and doctors. They work in many settings including nursing homes and extended care facilities, hospitals, physicians’ offices, and private homes.


Students choosing this academic pathway may receive funding and other financial assistance and support from Workforce Solutions. See , call 287-5200 , or open the flyer for information on the services they provide in partnership with Midland College. The Workforce Solutions office is located on Midland College’s main campus, in room 138 of the Technology Center Building.

Visit the course catalog for the most complete and up-to-date information.

PLEASE NOTE: Completion of Midland College degrees and/or certificates does not guarantee eligibility to take a certification/registry/licensure examination. The eligibility of each person is determined on an individual basis by the regulatory body of the specific discipline. If you have a conviction of a crime other than a minor traffic violation, physical or mental disability/illness, hospitalization/treatment for chemical dependency within the past five years, current intemperate use of drugs or alcohol or a previous denial of a licensure or action by a licensing authority, you will need to contact the specific regulatory body for an individual ruling. Some programs require a criminal background check and urine and drug screen.

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What Is A Licensed Vocational Nurse

A licensed vocational nurse is the same as a licensed practical nurse . The name that you are given basically depends on what state you work in. LVNs, for example, are found in California. LPN is the more commonly used name. An LVN is a nurse that provides fairly basic care in a healthcare setting and who needs to have specialized training and pass a licensing exam to do so.

Best Accredited Lpn To Bsn Bridge Programs Online

Blue Ridge Job Corps Center

Leading nursing organizations, including the Institute of Medicine Committee on the Future of Nursing and the National Advisory Council on Nurse Education and Practice, propose that healthcare institutions expand the hiring of BSN-level nurses.

Research shows that patients outcomes are better when nurses have at least a bachelors degree.

BSN-educated nurses enjoy better work possibilities, professional growth opportunities, and higher compensation because of these results.

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The University Of Arkansas At Monticello

The University of Arkansas at Monticello, as the name implies, is located in the Arkansas town of Monticello. As with many other Arkansas universities, it began in 1909 as the Fourth District Agricultural School.

Today, it has two additional campuses totaling more than 1600 acres and around 80 buildings. The LPN-BSN curriculum consists of 120 courses spread over nine semesters.

Per Credit, Tuition is $155, the graduation rate is 33.6%, and the NCLEX-RN Pass Rate is 87.1%.

Is There Room For Advancement After A Vocational Nurse Certificate From Chcp

After obtaining your certificate in vocational nursing, you will be able to further your nursing career by becoming a registered nurse . If you ever decide to become an RN, we can help. We have a program specifically designed for LVNs moving to RNs. Click here to learn more about our Nursing AAS Program.

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How Do Online Lvn Programs In California Work

Most online LVN programs in California offer the same curriculum as their campus equivalents, plus one key advantage: You can pursue your LVN certificate or diploma at your own pace and location. Typically, you will participate in an entry interview to determine your ability to work online. The hybrid format combines online classroom learning with campus-based, hands-on nursing experiences. Some hybrid online LVN programs in California require a certain number of on-campus courses as well. You should carefully review the curriculum and schedules for all the schools you consider.

Online California LVN programs typically take a year to complete on a full-time basis, but some take longer. For example, Stanbridge Universitys California program takes from 13-14 months for completion. Success in online LVN learning comes with a few key considerations. Do you have the discipline to commit to keeping up with the work even if its in a self-paced course? Are you able and willing to commute to campus for intensive hands-on clinicals? If the answer is no, you may want to consider a traditional campus-based LVN program.

Visit EduMeds for more information on how distance LVN programs work and find schools in a city near you below.

Find California LVN Programs in a City Near You

Student Life At Carrington College

LPN or LVN Programs

We know college is a big step. But education can be the first step in building a better future. Your instructors, administrators and fellow students are there to help if you ever hit a bump in the road along the way. Carrington College offers a lot of great student support services designed to help you succeed.

Student Finance

From scholarships and grants to loans, we will help you understand how to search and apply for financial aid.2

Tutoring and Study Groups

For help with schoolwork, your instructors and Student Success Center staff are often available for tutoring or you can join in an open student study group.

Externships, Clinical Rotations and Fieldwork

Most programs include an opportunity to learn in the real world before you even graduate! Youll earn impressive experience that looks great on your resume.

Career Services

After graduation, well help you with your career search with everything from resume writing help to job search support to interview tips.

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Bachelor’s Degree To Bsn Bridge Program

Students who hold a Bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing area are able to earn a BSN through this bridge program. This track is often offered as an accelerated and/or partially online program or traditional in-classroom program. Clinical hours will be required to become licensed as an RN. This degree track often has a shorter waiting list than traditional BSN programs and is available through many universities.

What Is An Online Lvn Degree

An online LVN degree is the degree a licensed vocational nurse earns remotely rather than attending classes in person. An LVN is very similar to a licensed practical nurse . Some states use LVN, while others use the term LPN.

Licensed vocational nurses normally work with doctors or registered nurses in a variety of healthcare settings. An LVN fulfills basic nursing duties and provides general care for patients. This might include changing bandages and cleaning sutures, taking blood pressure, and maintaining health records. What exactly an LVN can legally do is likely different from state to state. The best online LVN programs can prepare you for this type of nursing career.

If youre studying to become an LVN through an online program, you will probably start with several online classes that teach human anatomy and basic nursing procedures. Other classes may involve specific areas of nursing, such as maternity, pediatrics, geriatrics, or mental health.

Youll correspond with professors and other students through email and online message boards. Late in the program, you will probably need to visit a hospital, nursing facility, or other type of healthcare setting to get on-site clinical experience. Even some clinical experience is online because of the evolving nature of the healthcare industry. Learning how to assess patients and work with other healthcare professionals through telemedicine is rapidly becoming commonplace.

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Faq On Lvn Programs In Texas

Yes. LVNs are entry-level nurses specializing in technical procedures. They work under RNs, mid-level practitioners, and physicians.

Functionally, there is no difference between an LPN and an LVN. LVN is the term used for a practical, or vocational, nurse in California and Texas.

In 2019, LVNs earned a median annual salary of $47,480, according to the BLS.

RNs oversee the work of LVNs, and therefore they make more per year. However, an LVN leads to an RN.

What Are The Requirements For An Lvn Degree

Registered Nurse and LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse): Differences

All LVN programs require a high school or GED diploma. LVN programs in Texas additionally require that all applicants take the Texas Success Initiative Assessment.

Two nursing school entrance exams exist: the Test of Essential Academic Skills and the Health Education Systems, Inc. While some programs accept either test, many require a specific one and offer the test onsite.

LVN programs also require a full health screening at the time of acceptance, proof of immunizations and health insurance, and CPR certification. Programs sometimes offer CPR courses as part of the curriculum. Every program focuses on clinical rotations that serve as the student’s capstone.

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Berkeley College Of School Of Health Studies

An LPN to BSN program is available only at Berkeley College School of Health Studies, New Jersey.

Even though getting into this program is more complicated than other options, the benefits of graduating from an established and reputable institution outweigh the challenges.

Faster job offers at higher salaries are the result of these advantages.

A valid LPN license is one of the prerequisites for admission. The HESI Admissions Exam must be passed by all applicants . A minimum of 2,080 hours of work as an LPN in the last two years is also required, and a letter of recommendation.


About Licensed Vocational Nurses

Licensed Vocational Nurses provide direct patient care under the supervision of physicians, dentists, and registered nurses in a variety of health care settings such as clinics, long-term care, home health, and in some cases acute care settings. Students who successfully complete the Vocational Nursing Program are eligible to take the NCLEX-PN examination to become a Licensed Vocational Nurse.

The VN program is three semesters in length and includes supervised clinical experience in local health care facilities. Students should be prepared to be in class or clinical as early as 6:30 am. Some classes may be scheduled in the evening hours and/or on weekends. In addition to the nursing courses, each student must satisfactorily complete required general education courses which may be taken prior to or concurrently with nursing courses . We strongly recommend that the general education courses be taken prior to the nursing courses. Basic computer skills are strongly recommended.

Vocational nursing courses must be taken in sequence. A minimum grade of C or better is required for classroom classes and CR in laboratory/clinical courses in each nursing course to continue in the program.

The Nursing Program policy supports the provision of reasonable accommodations to assist students with disabilities in the program

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Courses In A Nursing Program

Courses vary in LVN programs in California. However, all courses emphasize the knowledge and skills learners need to work in clinics, long-term care facilities, or other health centers. Coursework can emphasize surgical, maternity, and pediatric nursing, and many programs require labs so that students can apply new skills in a real-world setting.

See below for five common courses in some of the best LVN programs in California. Keep in mind that even if two schools offer courses with similar or identical titles, graduation requirements likely vary. Please contact a school to learn more about its LVN program’s academic experience.

How Much Do Lvns Make In California

Summit College: Licensed Vocational Nurse Tour Video

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, California LVNs earn a median annual wage of over $60,000 nearly $15,000 per year greater than earnings on the national level. The annual wages for California LVNs may vary by location, reflecting the cost of living in each community. For example, an LVN in Bakersfield about $54,000 per year, while an LVN earns roughly $63,000 in San Luis Obispo-Paso Robles. The following chart compares salaries in select California cities along with state and national averages:

Annual Earnings for Licensed Vocational Nurses in California


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Pursue A Growing Career

The projected job growth for licensed practical nurses between 2020 and 2030 is 13% in Minnesota and 12% in Florida, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics . Thats much faster than the national average!4

“It is an amazing college. For single moms or people who have barriers, it is not just catered to one group. I believe anyone could come in and fit at Rasmussen.”

Nikita M.

What You Need To Know About An Lvn

An LVN or Licensed Vocational Nurse is defined as a person who provide care to patients with the direction of nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals. This job title is only specific to Texas and California. In other states, these care providers are known as Licensed Practical Nurses. The basic duties of an LVN is to attend to patients needs. When the LVN cannot meet these needs, a physician or other professional will then be contacted. For instance, an LVN takes a patients vital signs: temperature, pulse rate, and blood pressure. If the results show that the patient is out of the normal, then the LVN will report to the doctor. Since LVNs act as a middle man between the patient and doctor, they should accurately deliver information.

How to Become an LVN?Educational requirements differ from state to state. Generally, you will need to graduate from a vocational nursing program offered by community colleges or vocational schools. These programs both have classroom and clinical training and subjects that include physiology, anatomy, pharmacology, first aid, pediatrics, and patient care.

In some states, those who have completed nursing training programs need to take the National Council Licensure Exam in practical nursing to get a license.

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What To Look For In An Online Lpn Program

With so many online LPN programs to choose from, you should carefully research different schools to find the right fit for your personal needs and career goals.

Before enrolling in an LPN program, explore these key signs of academic quality.

Vocational Nursing At Nc

Name of Department: Licensed Vocational Nursing
Name of Department Chair/Program Director: Debbie Carter, BSN RN
The 12-month curriculum in Vocational Nursing leads to a Certificate of Completion and prepares graduates to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses. Successful completion of the examination will allow graduates to practice as a licensed vocational nurse in the State of Texas. The curriculum is approved by the Texas Board of Nursing and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

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What Does An Lpn/lvn Do

As a licensed practical nurse your core job is to provide care to patients while offering needed support to doctors and nurses. You will also need to be a source of support for concerned family members. The following is a short list of basic job duties you may be asked to perform:

  • Interview patients to find the reason for the visit to the healthcare facility.
  • Accurately record patient history, including symptoms, vital signs and more.
  • Placing IV lines.
  • Giving patients the required medication.
  • Help patients to groom and dress.
  • Gather needed instruments for testing.

Things To Ask Nurse Courses

Now that you have decided on which nursing degree to pursue, along with if to attend your classes on campus or on the internet, you can utilize the following checklist to start narrowing down your options. As you probably are aware, there are many nursing schools and colleges within Georgia and the United States. So it is important to decrease the number of schools to choose from so that you will have a workable list. As we previously pointed out, the location of the school relative to Richmond Hill GA as well as the cost of tuition are undoubtedly going to be the primary two points that you will look at. But as we also stressed, they should not be your sole qualifiers. So prior to making your ultimate selection, use the following questions to evaluate how your pick measures up to the other schools.

Accreditation. Its a good idea to make sure that the degree or certificate program in addition to the Richmond Hill GA school is accredited by a U.S. Department of Education acknowledged accrediting agency. In addition to helping confirm that you obtain a quality education, it may assist in securing financial aid or student loans, which are frequently not provided for non-accredited Georgia schools.

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