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Is Nursing Com Worth It

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Nurses Have Finally Learned What Theyre Worth Review – Richard shares why was the best decision for him

As the coronavirus spread, demand for nurses came from every corner. Some jobs for travelers paid more than $10,000 a week. Will the boom last?

Chris Detten earned enough as a traveling nurse to make a down payment on a home in Lubbock, Texas.Credit…George Etheredge for The New York Times

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Opportunity To Build Your Credibility

If you’re interested in moving into the area of health care that involves creating and updating public policy, having a DNP degree can build your credibility as an expert. Possessing a terminal degree in nursing can establish you as a leader in the field when addressing future health care policy.

If you want to move into administrative roles, it can be easier to get positions on the boards of medical institutions with a terminal degree. Those positions allow you to make decisions that impact health care policy at that institution.

Am I Pursuing A Nursing Career For The Right Reasons

Nursing is a vocation, and not one to be taken on lightly. Though nursing can be a lucrative career path , it requires hard work and dedication. Before you become a nursing student, you should be sure its what you really want to dorather than committing hastily and dropping out later, wasting both time and money.

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Nursing Loan Forgiveness By State

Its common for states to offer forgiveness programs for healthcare professionals, including nursing.

The student loan forgiveness programs by state typically coincide with a Health Professional Shortage Area . Each state has different regulations and rules for forgiveness. The state higher education board or state department of health will list the forgiveness programs offered for nurses.

Is Nursingcom Academy The Best Nclex Review (NRSNG) NCLEX Review

There seems to be an endless amount of options when it comes to purchasing a review that will help you get the letters RN behind your name. Many of these reviews are great, and subsequently, yield great results, but the work and the studying are tedious, monotonous, and frankly just not a lot of fun. Thats why I want to introduce you to an NCLEX review that you actually may get excited for. That may sound ridiculous at first, but take a look at the reasons why its so good and then you may understand.

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You Have Sharp Mental Abilities

Nurses often have to think on their feet. You may need to process large amounts of information at once, anticipate doctors requests, and think through potential treatment options.

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In many cases, the demands of the job can require you to balance these tasks for multiple different patients during each shift.

Make A Difference In Your Community

Doing something meaningful, as Glasgow mentions, is an aspect of the career thatâs particularly important to many nurses. For some people, itâs their primary motivation for getting into the field. And experts advise that you consider whether youâre motivated by some of the altruistic aspects of nursing before going to school.

âAre you passionate about making a change? Look at the health care challenges weâre up against,â says Susan Stone, president of Kentucky-based Frontier Nursing University, a digital nursing school offering programs to students around the country. âWeâre here to provide health care to the nation,â she says, adding that a lot of Frontierâs students study from their own communities with an intention of staying there to help improve health outcomes. âWe recruit them from their community and keep them there, and use their community as a classroom. Our goal is to improve the care in rural and underserved populations in the U.S.â

While rural areas are in need of nurses, so, too, are big cities like Pittsburgh , Glasgow adds. The nursing shortage is a national problem, and as a result, even one person who enters the field can make a huge difference, no matter where theyâre located.

Combined, the ability to potentially have an outsize, positive effect on their community, along with the potential for earning bigger salaries and opening up more career options, makes pursuing an MSN worthwhile for many students.

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Is A Masters Degree In Nursing Worth It

Sam Becker

For generations, a career in nursing has offered many people a path to the middle classâand potentially even higher. Nurses are traditionally paid well, and their jobs have remained more or less secure as thereâs always demand for health care workers. Advancements in medical science have opened up a myriad of potential specialties and advanced practice opportunities for nurses.

In turn, those dynamics have created the potential for nurses to pursue even higher earnings, promotions, and career accolades. But for nurses who have higher aimsâbe it working in administrative roles, or even running their own practicesâearning an advanced degree was practically a requirement. While there are several advanced, graduate-level degrees that nurses can pursue, a master of science in nursing may be the most versatileâand students can pursue this degree while studying remotely or even while working full-time.

Is earning an MSN degree worth the time and monetary investment? While thereâs no simple answer to that question, nurses who have an MSN degree often achieve higher earnings, the potential for additional career paths, and, perhaps most importantly, the chance to make a significant contribution to their communities.

Educational Pathways To Becoming An Rn

Nursing Student (Alexis) Review

RNs are required to have at least a two-year associates degree, but many RNs choose to pursue a four-year bachelors degree to increase their salary. The path to becoming an RN has options, such as earning a diploma and being able to work while completing your bachelors degree.

Every RN must be licensed within their state and pass the NCLEX-RN exam.

The primary options for RN programs include:

  • Diploma Programs: Licensed practical nursing or Licensed Vocational Nursing offer an accelerated program to enter the field. These programs are available through hospitals, vocational schools and community colleges.
  • Associate of Science in Nursing or Associate Degree in Nursing : These programs take about two years and are offered at vocational schools and community colleges. An associates degree is often a stepping stone for those on their way to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing who want to work and earn money sooner.
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing : This is a four-year degree program often necessary for a higher-paying salary. This program is offered at universities and includes general education requirements along with your clinical experiences.

Other nursing education options include the bridge program, RN-BSN, which offers continuing education for those with a diploma or associate degree to complete their BSN. Those who completed a bachelors degree in a different field of study can choose to complete an accelerated BSN program, but school tuition is more expensive.

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Do You Have Good Support

Nursing school is hard, and you will need to devote a lot of time and energy into studying. Having the right people by your side makes the process much easier.

Support comes in many forms. It can be emotional, physical, or financial. The support of family or friends means you have people to talk with throughout school. They can help you stay focused on the light at the end of the tunnel. Theyll encourage and reassure you about your decision, making the journey easier for you.

Its also important to have people who are supportive because throughout your nursing career, youll want to have your loved ones support if you have a challenging day at work. Ensure your spouse, partner, or close confidants are on the same page with your goals, and work toward a unified mission within your home. When you have their support, not only is nursing school worth it, but your entire nursing career will be worth it.

Why The Northeastern School Of Nursing Is Worth The Money

Given the different nursing program options available today, youre probably wondering: Does it matter where I earn my BSN degree? Yes, it does especially if you want to accelerate into the profession.

But that doesnt mean you have to attend an Ivy League school. You want to make sure the nursing program youre applying to has the proper accreditations and state approvals. Its also important that the school has consistently high NCLEX pass rates. Youll find that our ABSN program meets these criteria and more!

While a Northeastern nursing education is a significant investment, it provides a significant return. By choosing our 16-month ABSN program in Burlington or Charlotte:

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How To Decide Whether Nursing Is Right For You

The nursing profession can be fulfilling, but it can also be demanding. It sometimes involves long hours, hard work, and even heartbreak.

Like many nurses, you might find the effort entirely worthwhile, but its still beneficial to enter this profession fully informed about whether this is the right career path for you.

Access Period For Nursingcom Discounts

The access period depends on the plan selected. The monthly plan continues until it is canceled by the subscriber and the subscriber retains access through the end of the last month they have paid for.

For the 1- and 2-year plans, if a subscriber decides to cancel their subscription during the first 3 or 6 months respectively, they will retain access through the end of the last month they have paid for. There are no charges after this period. Once the plan is paid for in full, the subscriber has full access for the remainder of the subscription period. also offers a 3-day trial for just $1. If a subscriber decides the program doesnt work for them during that time, they can simply cancel.

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Nursingcom Nclex Pricing & Options uses a pretty unique pricing structure as compared to other NCLEX prep providers. To start off, before you have to pay for a full prep package, you get three days of unlimited access to try out all their materials for just $1 . This is an awesome chance to kick the tires on their course, and I loved that they offer this trial period. If youre not happy with what you see, you can cancel in about 30 seconds with no questions asked.

After that three-day period, if you dont cancel, they essentially offer three options. The first is a pay-as-you-go monthly package designed mainly for nursing school students. That package is $39/month, which you can cancel at anytime. However, that package doesnt come with many of their important NCLEX materials.

Beyond the monthly package, they offer two packages: 1 Year + NCLEX Prep and 2 Year + NCLEX Prep. Both packages are intended to cover your nursing school needs plus NCXLEX prep. Whether you need Nursing.coms materials for studying for class obviously depends on when youre reading this post, but if youre still in school, looking ahead to your last year or two as well as the NCLEX, this could be a major advantage.

And in terms of comparing these price points to other NCLEX prep providers, these costs are actually very reasonable for what you get . Considering you get full video lessons for nursing school and NCLEX prep, thousands of realistic practice questions, and more, this a very affordable option in my opinion.

Why A Northeastern Bsn Is A Wise Investment

  • Apply leadership skills in the provision of patient-centered care.
  • Demonstrate clinical judgment within the best evidence-based practice.
  • Deliver quality, compassionate care to diverse patient populations.
  • Work collaboratively with individuals, families, and other healthcare professionals.
  • Utilize modern technology and information systems to monitor patient care.

Generally speaking, a BSN degree opens the doors to diverse employment opportunities. It also paves the way for you to pursue a more advanced degree in the future. Not to mention, more and more healthcare employers are catching on to the fact that the more BSN-prepared nurses they employ, the better the patient outcomes.

In 2019, an American Association of Colleges of Nursing survey on the Employment of New Nurse Graduates showed that 46% of employers require new hires to have a BSN while 88% strongly prefer BSN-prepared nurses.

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Getting Ready For The Workday Is Simple

Lastly, focusing on the simple joys, getting ready for your shift as a nurse is as easy as pie. A pair of comfortable scrubs with clogs or some work shoes will ensure you look and feel good instantly. Instead of worrying about whether you have worn that shirt you like way too many times or about how your pants look with those shoes, you follow the nurse dress code and are ready to go.

Does The Nursing Profession Play To Your Strengths

Is LPN School Even Worth It? | #AskBass

The best nurses have certain traits and skills that make them good at what they do. By choosing a career that suits your strengths well, youll be happier and more fulfilled at work., making the career all the more worthwhile.

A few strengths common to nurses include:

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to handle stress and high-intensity situations
  • Adept at functioning within an interdisciplinary healthcare team
  • Effective communication skills with patients and families
  • High level of empathy for others
  • Patience even on their worst days
  • Flexibility and adaptability with an ever-changing environment

Looking honestly at your strengths will help you see whether nursing will be a career in which youll personally thrive. If you can relate to these nursing strengths, theres a good chance nursing is a good fit for you. Going into nursing with compatible strengths means youll be happier and able to excel in your career, making the hard work pay off for you.

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What Are You Struggling With In Nursing School is the BEST place to learn nursing. With over 2,000+ clear, concise, and visual lessons, there is something for you!

More Reviews

Do you have questions about ? Wondering if it is right for you? Want to read some honest reviews from NRSNG Academy members? Great! In this episode I invited two members to share their unique experiences and review for Click above to listen to the episode and hear their individual recorded reviews.

Does Nursing Suit Your Career Ambitions

Another important consideration for whether nursing is right for you is your long-term career goals. Think about where you want to be in 10 or 20 years, and ask yourself whether a career in nursing will get you there.

If you strive to work an office job sitting behind a desk, nursing is likely not the best path to achieving that goal. However, if you aspire to be a nurse anesthetist or work in healthcare administration, then a BSN is a great steppingstone to achieving those goals.

Nursing allows for career growth both clinically and non-clinically. With a BSN, you are on the path to explore many advancement options, including:

  • Nurse manager
  • Nurse educator
  • Case manager

Because of the many available options for senior roles, nursing is a great path for ambitious individuals with a passion for patient care.

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Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Public Service Loan Forgiveness offers complete loan forgiveness for all federal student loans. Youll be on an IDR plan while enrolled in PSLF.

You must have 120 on-time, qualifying payments to receive forgiveness. As a nurse, you must work for a nonprofit or government agency to qualify.

Student Loan Planner® has expanded details and further requirements for the PSLF program for nurses if you would like to read further.

Adn Vs Bsn: Which One Should You Get (NRSNG) NCLEX Review

For years, the ADN was a standard degree for nurses to earn and begin working. From a students perspective, ADN programs are more affordable, and you can begin work immediately.

Whether you can work to pay for a higher degree like the BSN while attending school, however, depends on your own living situation, income and cost of your BSN program.

RN-BSN pathways range from $17,000 and $90,000, depending on where you go. If you take this route, you can end up paying more. You paid for the ADN and a BSN in the end, rather than just a BSN.

The AACN doesnt diminish the ADN degree. However, it does believe a BSN is preferred as BSN candidates are considered more prepared for the profession.

Kathleen, a nurse for over thirty years, says, You should go for the BSN. It will allow you upward mobility later on. Its also the best degree if you go back to school to become a nurse practitioner.

Ideally, to make a higher income and be considered for promotions, you should pursue a BSN at a college you can actually afford. When looking at this, consider the loan repayment options for nurses below.

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Advice For Aspiring Nurses

When it comes to deciding if nursing is your ideal career path, take an honest look at your career goals and your financial resources, Brook advises.

“Take some time and talk with those working in the field you are most interested in take in the information and really reflect on if it aligns with your goals and dreams for the future,” Brook said. “Carefully assess your family situation and financial abilities to ensure that you have the time and money to embark on nursing school.”

Make sure you’re going into the field for the right reasons. If you want to become a nurse for the money alone, you might not make it, Tranter warns.

“Do not just do it for the flexibility and income. People who choose this end up becoming burned out sooner,” Tranter said. “You always need to have a questioning mind and a love of learning, as research and knowledge are always changing, and nurses need to stay informed. You should know that as a nurse, we have the honor of sharing some of the most intimate and important parts of someone’s life.”

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