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Is Grand Canyon University Accredited For Nursing

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Online Undergraduate Nursing Programs

GCUs RN to BSN online program with a Christian mission. Enroll today!

Become a leader in the nursing profession and strengthen your knowledge of patient care. GCUs accredited online undergraduate nursing degrees help you gain knowledge in community health, healthcare management and professional nursing practice GCU also offers specialized programs to help prepare you for your desired field.

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Does The Program Make Me Eligible To Sit For Specialty Certification In Community And Public Health Roles

Students enrolled in the RN-BSN Program at GCU receive exposure to community and public health content in their Concepts in Community and Public Health course and have an opportunity to apply their learning by way of a community teaching project however, the program does not prepare graduates for specialty certification in community or public health which is regulated by individual state boards of nursing. Students are encouraged to contact their individual boards of nursing to obtain specific information regarding additional content and clinical requirements to obtain community/public health certification in their state.

Bsn To Dnp In Leadership Pathway

BSN-prepared nurses looking to become leaders in the field may be considering a BSN to DNP program. For nurses looking to further their education with a goal of roles in nursing leadership, GCU offers a time-efficient pathway. You may be able to earn both your MSN in leadership and DNP in leadership in just 3.5 years, saving you valuable time while still allowing you to advance your education. Learn more about this pathway from BSN to DNP by calling 855-GCU-LOPE.

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Student Debt Of Nursing Graduates With A Masters Degree

At Grand Canyon University, a typical nursing student working on their masters degree borrrows about $31,720 in student loans. This means that these borrowers may have an easier time paying back their loans thatn the typical nursing graduate who borrows a median amount of $41,000.

Those masters students from Grand Canyon University on a 10-year student debt repayment plan end up paying a median amount of $370 per month.

Grand Canyon University Arizona

Top 20 Best Online Masters in Nursing (MSN)

Grand Canyon University is one of the LEADING online universities in the world click this GET MORE INFO link to receive specialized online program information straight from Grand Canyon University.


Grand Canyon University came from humble beginnings. Originally known as Grand Canyon College, it was founded by the Southern Baptist Church in 1949. In those early days, the school was located in Prescott, Arizona. Just two short years after opening its doors, the university moved to west Phoenix, where it is now located. Throughout the years, it became a well-known Christian university in the state of Arizona, and has continued to grow.

In 2004, the school became a non-profit institution, which allowed the university to better serve students by providing more course offerings and degree options for non-traditional students. Proof: Grand Canyon University Arizona is among the worlds largest Christian universities with more than 20,000 on-campus and 70,000 Grand Canyon online students . Enrollment continues to grow and the school is currently in the midst of a huge renovation and expansion project.


Grand Canyon University has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission since 1968. The institution is also licensed by the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education.

Other current accreditations include:

As part of the universitys system, Grand Canyon College online also holds the same accreditations.



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Top Nursing Schools In Arizona

Each school has its own benefits and drawbacks. So, depending on what your short and long term nursing goals are, one school can easily seem better than the rest. So, its best to compare each school to determine the best fit for your needs.

With that in mind, we consider these to be the best schools in Arizona, ranked in no particular order:

Annual In-State Tuition: $10,390| NCLEX Pass Rate: 91.03%

Traditional: Yes

Accelerated: Yes

Bridge: Yes

Before applying to Northern Arizona Universitys BSN program, its important to know that this is a four and a half year program, meaning nine semesters of study. However, NAU allows nursing students to study via one of their four programs located across the northern part of Arizona. Even with such versatility, NAU still boasts an impressive NCLEX pass rate for graduates of the program. Maybe that extra semester is a good thing!

Annual Tuition: $18,880 | NCLEX Pass Rate: 80%

Traditional: Yes

Accelerated: No

Bridge: Yes

Arizona College has multiple locations across multiple states, but nursing students will likely study at their Tempe location. The highlight of Arizona Colleges BSN program is that its accelerated and should be finished in just three years. After finishing, Arizona College says students will be more than prepared for the NCLEX . Considering the abbreviated program, the price for this school can be much lower than expected, and you can start your nursing career even sooner.

Traditional: Yes

Hansel Account Executive/university Development Counselor

Joined GCE in 2018

What can you tell us about the culture at GCE?

As a veteran member, I can tell you that our team members feel that we are working toward a common goal to benefit each other and our students. We feel a sense of responsibility to each other and motivated to do our jobs for our colleagues because their success is your success. Individual success translates to team success. GCE aspires for individuals to flourish on their own but also to partake in the vision and mission of the team. This has been the most rewarding part for me.

What does it take to be successful at GCE?

The ideal candidate would have to be highly motivated, open to learning and applying new skills. Our role is made up of a unique combination of skill sets: student counseling, account management, territory development, database management, and data analysis. A team mindset is important, as no one excels immediately at all five skills. No matter our title, we are all lifelong students, learning from each other, yet all are leaders.

What makes a GCE career unique?

Online education is a huge market. One of the biggest differentiators is our commitment to social responsibility. Its an intentional goal to care for our students and families as if they are our own. We meet with our students, get to know their families. We walk students through their educational journey in a way that is very personal, helping them succeed until graduation.

What most excites you about the future at GCE?

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Grand Canyon University Accreditation Faqs

We know you have questions and we want to ensure that you have the right answer. Read through some of our frequently asked questions about GCUs university and programmatic accreditation to learn more.

Yes, Grand Canyon University is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, an independent accreditation institution founded in 1895. GCU has had its accreditation 4 reaffirmed every year by the HLC since 1968. As well, GCU holds specific accreditation, approvals and authorizations for many of its degrees and programs. To learn more about all of GCUs accreditations, visit our University Accreditation page.

Yes, GCU is a fully accredited, good-standing member of the Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation . GCUs Initial Teacher Licensure Programs and Advanced Programs in Reading and TESOL are fully accredited by AAQEP through June 30, 2026. Find the accredited teaching and school administration program that fits your degree-seeking journey.

The baccalaureate degree programs in nursing, the masters degree programs in nursing, the Doctor of Nursing Practice programs and the post-graduate APRN certificate programs at Grand Canyon University are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education .

Grand Canyon University’s online and evening programs offer the flexibility you need to get ahead, providing a quality education to help you thrive in today’s complex world.

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Online Affordability Rankings Of Grand Canyon University Rankings

An Online RN to BSN with a Christian mission. Start today at GCU!

During the most recent year for which we have data, the full-time undergraduate tuition at Grand Canyon University was $17,129 for both in-state and out-of-state students. The following table shows how Grand Canyon University is ranked for affordability for both in-state and out-of-state students among colleges and universities that are mostly online.


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Take The Next Step With A Bsn Pre Licensure Degree

This Bachelor of Science in Nursing Pre-Licensure Degree from Grand Canyon University readies graduates to practice as generalist registered nurses. They are able to work across all areas of healthcare and in a variety of health-related settings. The focus of the Pre-Licensure BSN at GCU is providing quality care through evidence-based, holistic practices to diverse communities and populations.If you already have a bachelors degree, consider enrolling in our Accelerated BSN program for a faster route to earning your degree.

Rn To Bsn Programs Accredited

Students who enroll in RN to BSN degree programs, whether online or traditional, need to take into consideration many factors. In addition to the programs cost, its accreditation is also important. Completing a degree program that is not properly accredited can turn a degree into a worthless piece of paper for students, resulting in both time and money being lost. However, the good news is that there are many of these programs available online and in-person that not only are affordable but also properly accredited.

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Alexandra University Admissions Counselor

As an alumni and employee, Alexandra wanted to provide the same quality, prompt service that she received while she was enrolling at GCU. She sees each student she works with as an opportunity to develop a positive relationship, rooted in mutual trust and understanding. She wants every student that she works with to understand that she has their best interest in mind and will do anything in her power to help them. One thing that she believes makes her successful in this role is her ability to adapt to her territory and challenging herself to be innovative so she doesnt get stuck or too comfortable doing the same thing over and over.

Alexandra encourages others to be territory-minded in order to maximize the hustle required to excel in this organization. She believes that this type of mindset starts with the ability to take ownership, trying new things, and by always looking for more ways to be the best. She also believes it is important to develop strong relationship management, so that you can challenge each other, develop strategies and new ideas that will allow you to grow.

Accelerated Bachelor Of Science In Nursing Program

Grand Canyon University

If you have a non-nursing college education, our accelerated nursing program in Arizona or Utah makes it possible to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in as few as 16 months*.

We also get you started on your degree as soon as youre ready, with convenient ABSN program locations that enroll students three times a year.

As an ABSN student, you can expect a rigorous curriculum that requires your full-time commitment over four semesters. But dont worry, our faculty and staff will guide and support you every step of the way.

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Can I Complete The Nursing Degree Fully Online

All nursing degrees require some form of direct clinical experience or practicum that allow students to demonstrate achievement of clinical competency at the baccalaureate or masters levels. Therefore, both ground and online nursing programs at GCU require clinical or practicum experience. For many online nursing programs, students complete their clinical requirements in their local community. Many students find that these experiences not only enhance their knowledge of leadership and public health but also lead to meaningful change in their local health organization or community. Contact the Office of Field Experience to learn more about the specialized support offered to GCU students completing their nursing clinical experiences.

Just Before You Apply To Grand Canyon University

Above, we talked about the things that make Grand Canyon University a good school.

Its popular for offering online degrees, despite the fact that it has traditional degrees, too, which is why the majority of its students are non-traditional ones, such as those who already have jobs or families to take care of. Grand Canyon University offers more than 150 online degrees. It has both hybrid and purely online classes.

While there are many pros associated with attending this private Catholic school in Phoenix, Arizona, there are also a few cons that come with going to it. Make sure that you carefully weigh all of them before sending an application to Grand Canyon University and earning your college degree from it.

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Tuition And Financial Aid

Tuition at Grand Canyon University is the same for in-state and out-of-state students because the institution is a private school. The rate for undergraduate students on campus is $687.50 per credit, and students who take 12 to 18 credits will pay a flat rate of $8,250 per semester. Credits above 18 will cost an additional $687.50. Students enrolled in online programs will pay a rate based on their program and level of study. For example, undergraduate education programs are $440 per credit, theology programs are $395 per credit, and professional studies programs are $470 per credit. For graduate students, online tuition varies from $340 per credit for the Master of Divinity Program to $670 for the Advanced Practice Nursing program.

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Galen Account Executive/university Development Counselor

Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) at GCU

Joined GCE in 2008

We have a great reputation in higher education. Phenomenal benefits, competitive pay structure, and an extensive history of success with our partner, GCU.

What can you tell us about the culture at GCE?

GCE has a tight knit culture. A family feel, which can be difficult to imagine given how many of my colleagues there are working remotely across the nation!

What does it take to be successful at GCE?

Someone in this role would need to have worked independently before, someone who is genuine about helping students. Have a passion and drive to be of service. Time management in the outside role is very important, to match that independent work experience. A background in enrollment, financial aid, health care etc. would be a plus.

What makes a GCE career unique?

We are not recruiters. We are counselors/advisors in the field. We dont collect a name and send it off to someone. We meet with our students and walk them through the enrollment process personally. The person you meet at an event is the same person helping you to start class! Its so rewarding to help a student start such a momentous journey.

What most excites you about the future at GCE?

What else would you like to share about working at GCE?

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Online Classes Are Available At Grand Canyon University

Online courses are a good option for students who need a more flexible schedule that allows them to pursue an education when and where they want. Whether you’re going to school part-time or full-time, you may find distance education the right choice for you.

Grand Canyon University does offer online education options in nursing for the following degree levels for those interested in distance learning:

  • Masters Degree

Is Grand Canyon University A Mormon School

Grand Canyon University is not a Mormon School. Instead, it is a Christian school with a biblically rooted mission it has been that way since 1949, its founding year. However, Grand Canyon University is interdenominational, which means that it accepts students from various religious affiliations.

Since Grand Canyon University is a Christian school, it doesnt come as a surprise why it upholds Christian values.

Its also because of its commitment to educate students from a Christian perspective rooted in an evangelical heritage why the College of Theology exists. According to the school, the College of Theology was established in order to:

  • Educate students to communicate the gospel effectively.
  • Serve the church faithfully.
  • Minister with integrity at home and abroad.

The following are the various theology degrees Grand Canyon Universitys College of Theology offers:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry
  • Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Worship Arts
  • Graduate Certificate of Completion in Biblical Foundations
  • Graduate Certificate of Completion in Christian Theology
  • Graduate Certificate of Completion in Ministry Education
  • Master of Arts in Christian Leadership
  • Master of Arts in Christian Ministry
  • Master of Arts in Urban Ministry
  • Master of Arts in Youth and Family Ministry
  • Master of Divinity
  • Postmaster of Arts in Theology: Introductory Biblical Languages Certificate

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Why Is Accreditation Important

As more nurses decide to return to school for additional education and training, accreditation is becoming a more important factor than in past years. With todays job market so flooded with candidates, its vital to get any edge possible when seeking a new job or career advancement. Proper accreditation can be just the advantage needed to further ones career.


Jackie Curriculum Instructional Designer

Grand Canyon University

Joined GCE in 2014

GCEs greatest strengths are the support given to all employees to help us maintain a proper work-life balance, the support of management at all levels, and the competitive benefits and perks provided to the employees.

How would you describe the culture at GCE?

The culture at GCE is collaborative in nature with all departments working toward a common goal to provide exceptional service to the learners and partners we serve. For Curriculum Design and Development, this culture extends into providing exceptional curriculum for the partners we serve.

Who succeeds at GCE?

Those who succeed at GCE are people who can work with others in a collaborative environment and are able to accept and adapt well to changes. In the Curriculum Design and Development department, the staff consistently collaborate with others to ensure the curriculum is relevant and engaging. As the famous saying from Heraclitus goes, The only constant in life is change.

What do you want candidates/future employees to bring to GCE?

Candidates and future employees should bring to GCE a desire and passion to help shape the future of education at the primary, secondary, and higher education levels. Also, they should bring with them a sense of readiness to learn new things in education and ask lots of questions. Until we ask, we wont be able to gain new knowledge.

What are you most proud of in the organization?

What most excites you about the future at GCE?

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