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Is Chamberlain A Good Nursing School

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Chamberlain University Application Requirements


Entry-level BSN students should graduate from accredited high schools with 2.75 GPAs or better. At least three years of science and math are recommended. Reaching a 600 GED equivalency score would be acceptable. If taken before 2014, the minimum GED score is 551. Freshmen need a 73 or higher grade on Chamberlains A2 assessment. The Online RN to BSN option requires transferring an accredited nursing diploma or associate degree. On average, entrants already hold 87 credits atop active state RN licensure. Cumulative college GPAs above 2.0 are mandated. Before the RN-BSN to MSN track, nurses must complete 24+ bachelors credits at a 3.0 GPA or greater. The Master of Public Health seeks regionally accredited, four-year baccalaureate holders with B averages. Up to 12 graduate credits with 3.0 GPAs can transfer. The Master of Science in Nursing requires the same plus an unrestricted RN license. Four tracks, except Family Nurse Practitioner, offer conditional status for 2.75-2.99 GPAs. Doctoral entrants need an accredited MSN with five prerequisites, such as Healthcare Policy and Nursing Informatics.

Chamberlain University College Of Nursing

  • Course Length: 32 hours – 4+ years
  • Price: $5,500 – $100,000

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What Do You Need To Get Into Chamberlains Program

Students interested in Chamberlain Universitys RN to BSN online program will need to meet a number of requirements.

Admission Requirements:

  • A nursing diploma or Associate Degree in Nursing from an institution accredited by an agency recognized by either the Council for Higher Education Accreditation or the U.S. Department of Education.
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  • A current, active, unrestricted RN license in the United States
  • $60 application fee

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How Flexible Is The Program

Classes are 100% online. There are no mandatory login times for the program as courses are completed based on the students schedule and availability. Classes can be accessed via computer, tablet, or smartphone.

According to the WGU website, this RN to BSN online bridge program is specifically designed for working Registered Nurses. They stress that time and experience are taken into consideration when determining the individualized program of study. Students with an increased number of years of bedside nursing experience will be able to graduate quicker than others, according to their specific algorithms. For students to qualify for the hours based on their experience, they must be employed as a nurse for a minimum of twenty hours per week.

Courses in this online program have start dates, assignments, and end examinations. Students will need to have discipline in order to complete the requirements as there is a lack of well-defined structure. Students will be expected to maintain their own accountability throughout the program.

Is Chamberlain College Of Nursing

Nursing Schools in Troy Michigan

Different people have different ideas about what makes a “good” school. Admissions criteria, acceptance rate and average GPA are good indicators of how competitive an institution is, but they don’t say much about the quality of the education or the student experience. However, there are a few good ways to get a better sense how satisfied students are and how well a school supports its student body.

Let’s take a closer look at all of these areas to get a clearer idea of what Chamberlain College of Nursing – Troy offers and if it could be the right college for you.

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Why More Nurses Choose Chamberlain

Dedicated, Personalized Support At Chamberlain University, our unique culture of service through care means we advocate passionately for our students. That includes offering individualized, guided educational plans that help students succeed in school and thrive in the world of healthcare.

Faculty with Real-World Experience Learning is not accomplished through textbooks alone. For that reason, our faculty is made up of nurse educators with real-world experience. Our faculty members all have masters or doctoral degrees and are eager to help you succeed.

Distinguished Accreditations and Recognition Chamberlain University College of Nursing was identified as a Center of Excellence in Nursing Education by the National League for Nursing for promoting the pedagogical expertise of nursing faculty.

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Retention And Graduation Rates At Chamberlain College Of Nursing

Retention is the number of students that stay enrolled at a school over time. This is a way to get a sense of how satisfied students are with their school experience, and if they have the support necessary to succeed in college.

The average six-year graduation rate for U.S. colleges and universities is 61% for public schools, and 67% for private, non-profit schools.

Western Governors University Overview

Chamberlain College of Nursing Faculty Testimonials

Western Governors University has a unique competency-based program for Registered Nurses interested in earning their RN-BSN through an online bridge program. This competency-based learning focuses on actual learning and actual class time. Once a student has demonstrated that they have mastered the material and passes an end examination, the student can move on to the next class in the sequence.

As of January 2020, WGU boasts that 66% of their students graduate with a BSN in 18 months. And since the conception of the program, over 20,000 students have graduated with a BSN from Western Governors University.

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Chamberlain College Of Nursing Reviews

  • 81 Reviews
  • Degree:RN to BSN
  • Graduation Year:2011


  • Degree:Nursing
  • Graduation Year:2023

Stacy Hamlyn

  • Degree:RN to BSN
  • Graduation Year:2022

Elissa Warren

  • Degree:Nurse Practitioner
  • Graduation Year:2023


  • Degree:Nursing
  • Graduation Year:2024

Diana Saidy

  • Degree:Nursing
  • Graduation Year:2024

  • Degree:Nursing
  • Graduation Year:2022


  • Degree:Education
  • Graduation Year:2023

Ruth M

  • Degree:Nursing
  • Graduation Year:2023


  • Degree:Nursing
  • Graduation Year:2020


  • Degree:RN to BSN
  • Graduation Year:2022


  • Degree:Accelerated BSN
  • Graduation Year:2022

sokhon pok

  • Degree:Nurse Practitioner
  • Graduation Year:2022

Wendy Lepek

  • Degree:Nursing
  • Graduation Year:2022


  • Degree:Nurse Practitioner
  • Graduation Year:2023


  • Degree:RN to BSN
  • Graduation Year:2021

Krystal C Clough

  • Degree:Nursing
  • Graduation Year:2019


  • Degree:Accelerated BSN
  • Graduation Year:2021

Vanessa Craigen

  • Degree:Nursing
  • Graduation Year:2024


  • Degree:Nursing
  • Graduation Year:2023

Tuition And Financial Aid At Chamberlain College Of Nursing

Cost is another important factor when choose a college. Some colleges may have high tuition, but do a better job at meeting students’ financial need.

For information on Chamberlain College of Nursing – Troy’s financial aid options for first-year students, check with the school directly.

The 2022-2023 FAFSA Opened on October 1st, 2021

Some financial aid is available on a first-come, first-served basis, so fill out the FAFSA early. Visit the FAFSA website to apply for student aid. Remember, the first F in FAFSA stands for FREE! You should never have to pay to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid , so be very wary of anyone asking you for money.

Learn more about Tuition and Financial Aid at Chamberlain College of Nursing – Troy. Based on this information, how does Chamberlain College of Nursing – Troy sound? Remember, the best school for one person may not be the right school for someone else! So ask yourself: Is Chamberlain College of Nursing – Troy a good school foryou?

If Chamberlain College of Nursing – Troy seems like a school you want to apply to, click the heart button to save it to your college list.

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How Much Does Chamberlains Rn To Bsn Program Cost

Chamberlain University has an in-depth online tuition calculator that allows prospective students to determine specific costs for their program of study. Courses are $590 per credit, plus a $160 semester fee. Additional costs for books and supplies should be factored in as well to determine the total cost. Chamberlain University offers numerous financial aid options including military discounts, loans, scholarships, and work-study programs.

We Asked Students What’s Your Overall Opinion Of This School

Chamberlain College of Nursing


I am a first generation College attendee and attending Chamberlain has been a great experience thus far. It is a very accelerated school with a 3 year BSN . They offer a variety of services to help the students succeed such as: tutoring, student support, scholarships, or just needing to talk to someone. It is a bit expensive but well worth it!


Chamberlain is an excellent school that fully prepares MSN students through the entire program for their final project and thesis. Despite my particular program being entirely online, my teachers are always available when I need them and are very supportive and encouraging.


I think this is a great school to join. It has small classes and makes it easy to learn along with a fun environment. There are multiple tutoring opportunities set up for free for us to use with is a great advantage. My professor is always available for help when needed.


I love my school chamberlain College of nursing. This nursing school is different from most nursing schools as they focus on teaching the students and encouraging them through their journey to becoming a nurse. They help you through every step of the way while providing quality educators who know their stuff.

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Adtalem Global Education , a leading workforce solutions provider, partners with organizations in the healthcare and financial services industries to solve critical workforce talent needs by expanding access to education, certifications and upskilling programs at scale. With a dedicated focus on driving strong outcomes that increase workforce preparedness, Adtalem empowers a diverse learner population to achieve their goals and make inspiring contributions to the global community. Adtalem is the parent organization of ACAMS, American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine, Becker Professional Education, Chamberlain University, EduPristine, OnCourse Learning, Ross University School of Medicine, Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine and Walden University. Adtalem has more than 10,000 employees, a network of more than 275,000 alumni and serves over 82,000 members across 200 countries and territories. Adtalem was named one of Americas Most Responsible Companies 2021 by Newsweek and one of Americas Best Employers for Diversity 2021 by Forbes. Follow Adtalem on Twitter , LinkedIn or visit for more information.

Can You Get Your Bsn In 2 Years

While program length can vary by school, your BSN degree can be completed in less than two years through an RN-to-BSN program. At Goodwin University, RN-to-BSN students can graduate with their BSN in as few as 16-months part-time.

How long is a semester at Chamberlain?

16 weeksChamberlain University operates on a student-centric calendar. Each year consists of two summer, two fall and two spring sessions. Each semester consists of 16 weeks of instruction and exams classes will be scheduled in two eight-week sessions each semester.

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How Much Does Wgus Rn To Bsn Program Cost

The overall program cost will depend on how fast an individual finishes the program. The faster the program is completed, the cheaper the overall cost of the program. WGU charges per semester and individuals that take one class will have very similar costs to an individual that is taking three to four courses per term.

Cost by time it takes to complete the program:

  • 1 year: $7,090
  • 3 years: $21,270

Why More Nurses Choose Chamberlain University

Chamberlain University – What If a Nursing College…

With a College of Nursing and a College of Health Professions, a growing network of campuses and robust online nursing degree program offerings, Chamberlain University continues to raise the standard of nursing and healthcare education and advance healthcare outcomes in communities across the country and around the world.

Our unique culture of service through care means we advocate relentlessly for our students. That includes offering a personalized, guided educational journey that helps you succeed in nursing school and thrive in the world of healthcare.

With our vast network of campuses and additional campus openings planned, we continue to broaden our reach and increase access to a quality healthcare education.

Chamberlain University College of Nursing was named a Center of Excellence in Nursing Education by the National League for Nursing for promoting the pedagogical expertise of faculty.

Our nursing programs have been developed to address needs of healthcare professionals, meet the skill and staffing needs of the industry and transform healthcare delivery as a whole for the public at large.

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Which Np Path Is Right For You

Find the best program for your nurse practitioner schooling

You may be wondering which educational option will get you where you want to go. Our admissions representatives are always available to talk through your professional goals and partner with you to find the right fit. Request information to learn more about the MSN Nurse Practitioner Specialty Tracks.

FNP vs. NP: Whats the Difference?

When becoming a nurse practitioner, one may choose to specialize in a particular field of nursing. Nurse practitioners may specialize and achieve certification in areas including adult-gerontology and family.

DNP vs. NP: Whats the Difference?

A Doctor of Nursing Practice is a terminal educational degree, while a nurse practitioner is a professional role and job title. Nurse practitioners can be prepared at the masters level or earn a DNP degree. Read more on our blog.

What Courses Will I Have To Take

Individuals will be expected to complete the following 24 courses in order to obtain their BSN degree. Some may be waived through transfer from any previous college experience. Most individuals take one course at a time and it is completed as fast as an individual can learn the material.

  • Advanced Standing for RN License
  • Professional Leadership and Communication for Healthcare
  • Anatomy and Physiology I
  • English Composition I

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Transferring To Higher Degrees From Chamberlain

Chamberlain Universitys RN to BSN program is nationally recognized and allows students to continue into an MSN program at their University or in another location. Currently, Chamberlain offers the following advanced practice nursing degrees:

  • Master of Science in Nursing
  • MSN – Family Nurse Practitioner

How Much Is The Tuition Fee At Chamberlain College Of Nursing

Chamberlain College of Nursing

19,766 USD Chamberlain University National Management Offices / Undergraduate tuition and fees

What GPA do you need to get into Chamberlain College of nursing?

Im looking into Chamberlain very seriously, the high cost is not an issue as I really require getting into nursing. They require a 2.75 minimum at any previous universities.

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Chamberlain College Of Nursing Introduces Chamberlain University

Today, Chamberlain College of Nursing broadens its reach in healthcare education through the establishment of Chamberlain University and the launch of a Master of Public Health degree program within a new College of HealthProfessions. The MPH degree program expands the academic offerings of Chamberlain University, which currently includes pre-and post-licensure nursing degree programs available through the existing College of Nursing.

hamberlain University builds upon the legacy of Chamberlain College of Nursing and fulfills a vision of extending its mission to educate, empower and embolden diverse healthcare professionals who advance the health of people, families, communities and nations.

For more than 125 years, Chamberlain College of Nursing has worked to transform healthcare through the preparation of extraordinary nurses, said Susan Groenwald, Ph.D., RN, ANEF, FAAN, president of Chamberlain University. The establishment of Chamberlain University and the College of Health Professions is a natural evolution of our vision and will benefit our students and society. We are excited about Chamberlains future and are looking forward to playing a bigger role in helping transform healthcare in local and global communities.


Chamberlain University

Is Wgu A Good Rn To Bsn Program

That depends. The quality of online programs is based on how receptive students are to the coursework and information. Students will get out what they want from the program. However, picking an accredited program is VERY important and WGU is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education . Additionally, hospitals and healthcare organizations throughout the country recognize Western Governor University and the BSN they offer online.

WGU offers one-on-one academic and personal support on an as-needed basis. Mentorship is considered essential throughout the program. There are two distinct mentor roles, Student Mentors and Course Mentors, which exist at WGU to focus solely on supporting students academic success. Other faculty functions, such as curriculum development, grading and assessment, and degree program management, are assigned to other members of WGUs faculty, each specializing in a specific function. This allows mentors to devote their full attention to students.

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Nurse Practitioners Are In High Demand

Help fill the need for primary care

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted a 50% increase in job growth for nurse practitioners between 2019 and 2029.*

Be prepared to join this growing field in Chamberlains Master of Science in Nursing program, which features three nurse practitioner specialty tracks.

Chamberlain has the largest FNP population in the U.S., connecting you to a nationwide network of nurse practitioners. Benefit from diverse voices at the leading grantor of MSN FNP degrees to under-represented minority students in the U.S.

Join the largest FNP program in the U.S., connecting you to a nationwide network of nurse practitioners. Benefit from diverse voices at the leading grantor of FNP degrees to under-represented minority students in the U.S.

Complete clinicals in your region for our online nurse practitioner programs, with support from a dedicated practicum coordination team and preceptor matching service.

Partner tuition rates, alumni tuition rates, scholarships and grants are all available to qualifying applicants for our nurse practitioner programs. Chamberlain Admission representatives can help you identify all of your financing options, and refer you to an expert financial aid advisor to pursue your funding options.

*US Bureau of Labor and Statistics data reflects a projected percentage change in employment from 2019-2029 and may not reflect local economic conditions.

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