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Is An Online Nursing Degree Credible

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Finding The Right Online Nursing Degree

How to Become a Registered Nurse (RN) | Ways to Become an RN

With todays busy schedules adults are finding less time for continuing their educations. Today people have many different choices for obtaining an education including traditional degree programs and online degree programs.

Nursing Forum nursing schools, online nursing degrees and education discussion. More than 6000 members in our community.

Online nursing degree programs are offered at many accredited nursing schools throughout the United States. The best part of the online degree program is that you dont have to live in the same area where the degree is being offered. You can study at night or during the day and usually take the tests on your own schedules. Just remember to check and make sure the online nursing degree program you choose is accredited by the correct organizations and will be accepted my major employers.

Some degrees can be done entirely online, others require clinical work in a hospital setting. The key here is to find out what clinical affiliations the nursing school has if there are too few it will be difficult to do your clinicals. The best option would be an online didactic nursing component with a local clinical affiliate.

What Sets Liberty Apart From Other Online Nursing Schools

As far as online colleges for nursing go, we believe Liberty stands out. We seek to offer a world-class education that blends flexibility, accessibility, and affordability. As you attend nursing class online at Liberty, you can be confident that youre learning from expert faculty who have years of experience in the field.

Additionally, our accredited online nursing programs are based on industry best practices and up-to-date research so you can get the tools you need to stay on the cutting edge of nursing care and innovation. We want to help you grow holistically as a nursing professional, which is why our nursing online degree programs explore the ethical aspects of this field. That way, you can learn how to lead with integrity in all aspects of the nursing profession and help foster policies, research, and clinical care that benefit patients and staff alike.

Heres what sets us apart:

  • Libertys RN-BSN and RN-BSN-MSN program tracks have areduced tuition rate of $330 per credit hour for part- or full-time enrollment.
  • The baccalaureate degree program in nursing, masters degree program in nursing, Doctor of Nursing Practice program, and the postgraduate APRN certificate program at Liberty University School of Nursing are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education .
  • Liberty Universitys School of Nursing is a proud member of the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing. For more information, please visit our Psi Delta Chapter webpage.

The Majority Of Schools Have Online Nursing Courses

Online classes were once rare and in an experimental phase, but this is no longer the case. In some instances, well respected colleges have offered online nursing classes for more than a decade now. As such, online classes have become all but standard in the modern U.S. education environment. Theres a significant chance your nursing program will feature online classes even if your program is considered a traditional school.

The concept of attending a nursing school where classes are offered online no longer calls into question the validity of the program. Ivy League colleges like Harvard and Dartmouth are just as likely to offer online classes as your affordable and local community college, and your experience with those classes will depend on your ability to remain focused on your studies even though you dont have to show up for a physical class.

One of the most crucial aspects of nursing school is your clinical education. This too, can be met by online programs in many cases. As the future of nursing education continues to evolve, several online nursing programs are collaborating with healthcare facilities to offer clinical sites and rotations that allow students to fulfil in-person requirements close to home.

If you are looking into an online nursing program, be sure to inquire about clinical locations, availability, preceptors and requirements.

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Getting A Masters Of Science In Nursing Online

You do have the option of pursuing an online MSN degree, should you decide you want to advance your education even further and join the ranks of the highest trained nursing professionals. Some of the programs are fully online, while others combine theory-based education online with clinical training at approved medical settings.

Nightingale College offers a 100% online instruction MSNEd program which is designed for BSN-prepared nurses who wish to play an important part in educating future generations of nurses by becoming a Nurse Educator.

Thinking about becoming a Nurse Educator? Enroll in our MSNEd online program and help educate future generations of nurses.

Elmhurst University Online Distance Absn Program

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If you are ready to become a bachelors-educated registered nurse and have previously earned a bachelors degree in another discipline, consider the Distance Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at Elmhurst University.

Elmhurst Universitys ABSN program offers students:

  • An academically strong curriculum in a program accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education *
  • A respected nursing faculty
  • Dedicated advisors to guide you from application through graduation
  • Clinical placement coordinators to help you find sites and preceptors in your community for your clinicals
  • Two on-campus residencies for in-person skills education and assessment

This full-time, online program offers a fast path to your nursing career. In as little as 16 months, youll be prepared to take the NCLEX-RN exam and start working as a registered nurse.

About Elmhurst University

Ranked by U.S. News & World Report as a leading Midwest university and recognized by publications such as Forbes Magazine, Elmhurst University was founded in 1871 and is aligned with the United Church of Christ, which has a rich history of supporting civil rights and equality.

As such, Elmhurst Universitys Department of Nursing and Health Sciences is dedicated to increasing diversity in nursing, a profession that is still largely white and female. No matter your background, age, race, gender or religious affiliation, theres a place for you at Elmhurst.

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How Much Does An Online Rn Program Cost

The exact price for an RN program varies. Fortunately, online RN programs often cost less than in-person programs. Some schools even charge rates similar to in-state tuition for virtual learners.

The National Center for Education Statistics collects data on tuition costs. For the 2019-20 school year, undergraduate tuition at two-year schools averaged $11,391. Learners at four-year institutions spent an average of $28,775.

This data does not include living expenses, like room and board. College students pursuing a BSN degree online often live at home and save on these costs.

Online Msn Specialization Programs

The nursing field encompasses a variety of career opportunities focused on different patient populations. While nursing roles at the associate and bachelor’s levels tend to focus on more entry-level, broad opportunities, master’s level careers allow graduates to explore advanced practice options.

Master’s nursing students who are interested in caring for older patients may choose a specialty in adult-gerontology primary care, while nurses interested in administering anesthesia during surgeries can take a nursing anesthesia track.

With MSN degree specializations, graduates launch their careers as acute care nurse practitioners, nurse administrators, nurse educators, family nurse practitioners, and nurse midwives. To become a certified registered nurse anesthetist, a DNP is required.

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What Nursing & Health Alumni Are Saying

People love their WGU experience. See why it means so much to them, and what makes us different.

“My community health classes from WGU have opened my eyes to what is going on around me in my community, so I can help better serve the underserved populations in my community.”

Sarah Williams, B.S. Nursing grad

“Earning my MSN degree from WGU means everything to me. It was not easy, but having the support of some dedicated program mentors and professors made me feel like I was never alone, and for that, I am thankful and proud to be a Night Owl!”

Jennifer Powell, B.S. Nursing grad, MSN – Leadership & Management grad

“Contributing to healthcare as a direct caregiver and the ability to excel in doing so. My WGU BSN and working as a charge nurse in an outstanding hospital and making a difference in helping others to reach that status.”

Malick Krubally, B.S. Nursing grad

Salary Hospitals And Job Outlook In Illinois

NCLEX Study Plan for nursing students without time

The bulk of staff RNs that work in Chicago earn a salary between $60,000 and $71,000. But staff RNs in a nursing home environment consistently take home about $10,000 less. This is an illustration of factors that can figure prominently into your job track. Salary is often affected by zip code, level of education, practice specialty , type of care facility and level of experience.*

What you need to remember is this: nursing is a solid career with excellent opportunities for career movement. Optimize your salary by signing on for extra shifts, overtime and holidays, even a stint of per diem work. Travel nurses earn big bucks when they are willing to go where the demand is absolutely the highest, which could mean Phoenix in July, though smaller hospitals nearer to home in rural Illinois may need temporary help which allows you to see the natural beauty the state has to offer without traveling as far.

For information on state nursing licensure requirements visit the State of Illinois Professional Nurse website.

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How Do Instructors Teach Online Students To Practice Nursing

There are many misconceptions when it comes to online learning. One of those misconceptions is that online learning is an isolating experience. Teall counters that by developing an online community in her courses where her students can actively learn together.

Students are separated into small groups at the start of the semester. Throughout the course, the groups collaborate together online, using CarmenZoom, to complete case studies and prepare for exams. Students can analyze and discuss nursing case studies together using discussion boards on CarmenCanvas, as well.

Another popular teaching tool is called a branching activity. In these modules, nursing faculty create realistic scenarios and ask students to choose an option that represents the best action for the nurse to take. Their choice either leads them to a correct answer, sends them back to make another choice if the answer is incorrect or, in some cases, takes them further along in the simulation to an outcome they really dont want.

Teall also demonstrates skills via webcam and encourages students to practice on a friend or family member, while she supervises. With the rise of telehealth, the ability to utilize technology as part of patient care is critical for nurses.

Nursing & Health Bachelor’s Degrees Online

Nursing B.S.

An online BSN degree program for registered nurses seeking the added…

An online BSN degree program for registered nurses seeking the added theoretical depth, employability, and respect that a bachelor’s degree brings:

  • Time: 77% of graduates finish within 24 months.
  • Tuition: $3,998 per 6-month term, plus a Health Professions Student Fee of $350.
  • Courses: 23 total courses in this program.
  • Transfers: Students can transfer up to 90 credits.

With over 35,000 BSN alumni, this is one of WGU’s most popular online degree programs. View our RN to BSN degree guide. If you are an RN ready to earn your BSN, this program will help you accelerate to earn your degree.

If you don’t currently have an RN and don’t qualify for your nursing prelicensure program, consider getting our Bachelor’s in Health and Human Services instead. This degree allows you to work inside the healthcare industry in a unique way.

Health and Human Services B.S.

An online health degree program for students who are committed to making a…

An online health degree program for students who are committed to making a difference for patients in a variety of ways.

  • Time: 95% of students finish similar programs faster than the traditional 4 years.
  • Tuition: $3,650 per 6-month term, plus a Health Professions Student Fee of $350.
  • Courses: 29 total courses in this program.

Sample careers and jobs this degree will prepare you for:

  • Care coordinator
  • Patient educator
  • Community health educator
  • Director of informatics

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What Can I Do With An Msn

Many people pursue an MSN to become an . These advanced practice nursing professionals can work as nurse midwives, nurse anesthetists, and nurse practitioners . NPs can further specialize in areas like mental health, geriatric care, or neonatal care. These nurses earn more than RNs, and hold additional responsibilities like diagnosing patients and prescribing medication.

Are Online Nursing Schools Legit Are They Scams

The #MyCredibleFuture $2,500 Scholarship

One of the growing trends in education is the offering of online degree programs.

And I think it is about time! The fact is, people are constantly busy in this age. We have families, some of us have children, we have friends, church, and sometimes even jobs. Traditional colleges and universities can be difficult to attend due to all these time constraints.

Online degree programs can help those students struggling with time to overcome some of those difficulties. But are online nursing school programs legit? Can you expect to really get hired by a company if you only have an online BSN or ADN degree? Are they considered real degrees?

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What Is An Msn

An MSN is an academic degree that prepares nurses to take on more advanced roles and responsibilities in their field. The Master of Science in Nursing typically takes about two years to complete, though time to completion can be shortened through RN-to-BSN or RN-to-MSN pathways.

Often nurses pursuing an MSN have goals related to leadership or specialty positions such as health policy consultants and nurse educator roles. No matter your end goal, earning your MSN is a great way to diversify your career options.

Compare Accredited Nursing Programs

The next step is to compare accredited online nursing programs. Look at cost, course structure, flexibility, courses offered, networking opportunities, and student resources.

For example, some programs use a hybrid structure, while others are entirely online. Regardless, you’ll want to make sure the programs you consider have proper accreditation.

Two major nursing school accreditors are the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

Students who already have a nursing diploma or ADN might want to consider bridge programs that help expedite the completion of a BSN.

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Do Nursing Programs Accept Credits From The Clep

Many programs do not accept credits from the College Level Examination Program .

The CLEP is an exam designed to curb the cost of college tuition by allowing students to “test out” college classes. However, looking into each program individually is recommended as these rules are subject to change and programs vary.

How Much Are Online Nursing Programs

Virtual Commencement, Saturday, May 14 at 2 pm ET: Counseling, Healthcare, Nursing, & STEM Programs

Online nursing degrees can be a very affordable option. When you add in the possibility of scholarships or grants, you could reduce the cost even more.

At Southern New Hampshire University, earning your bachelor’s degree in nursing costs $320 per credit, but you may be able to transfer up to 90 credits and lower the cost 45 credits for your RN license and 45 from previous educational experience. Should you transfer in all 90 credits, it could cost you only $9,600 in tuition to earn your BSN.

For a 39-credit master’s degree, you could transfer up to 12 graduate credits, with the remaining courses being $627 per credit.

You can also have a conversation with a Student Financial Services counselor to develop a plan to find the best way to make your education affordable whether that’s through financial aid or the creation of a customized payment plan. SNHU also offers a discount up to 30% for active-duty service members and their spouses.

Alumni from community college partners and employees of partnered organizations also receive tuition discounts.

Kristina Libby ’17 is able to give back thanks to the affordability of her bachelor’s degree at SNHU. “I literally was shocked,” she said. “I ran to my husband with my computer and I said, ‘Look, look, we can do this,’ because all of the programs around here at the state schools, we would have had to take out a second mortgage. It was not possible and Southern New Hampshire University was affordable.”

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Online Vs Traditional Campus Nursing Degrees

You may be wondering why I have highlighted online nursing degrees as opposed to traditional degrees that are earned on a physical campus. There are three excellent reasons why I feel online degrees are the best way to go to begin your nursing career path:

Online learning platforms offer busy adult students the flexibility to successfully obtain their degree. Often, busy adults are not able to attend classes on traditional brick and mortar campuses because of work and family responsibilities. With online degrees, you can study where and when is convenient for YOU. Moreover, with online learning, working adults also do not face the danger of finding themselves in economic difficulties.

Generally speaking, online degrees are far more affordable than traditional college class tuitions. Not only will you save on the tuition itself, you also wont have the added expenses of room and board. With online degrees, you wont even have to pay for gas to get to your classes!

  • You Can Continue to Work While You Learn
  • Not many adults have the ability to quit their day job so they can pursue higher education. But online degrees allow adults to continue to work and provide for their families while pursuing a degree that can ultimately lead to career advancement. This is part of the financial savings as well as personal comfort that online programs provide.

    Other Online Aprn Programs

    In most cases, students pursuing an online APRN including CRNA, CNM, or CNS, need to hold at least a BSN and have an active, unrestricted RN license. While online APRN coursework is convenient and flexible, students should be aware that many programs have an in-person component as well as required in-person clinical hours. These can usually be arranged at a hospital or medical facility in the students local area.

    Perhaps you are looking for a Post-Graduate Certificate Program in Nursing?

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