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Introduction To Nursing Online Course

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Introduction To Nursing: Bioscience Psychology And Sociology

An introduction to nursing (free online course)

Discover where a career in nursing may lead.

Length In partnership with
Three weeks The latest taught course has already taken place, but you can still take a self-guided version. Simply register to start. FutureLearn

Nurses work in a multitude of different areas of healthcare across the lifespan, from intensive care and emergency nursing to GP surgeries, in peopleâs own homes or in assisted living accommodation, in education and in research.

As a result, everyone has an opinion about nurses and what they do, however the profession remains misunderstood. This course will offer an introduction to nursing, the applied theoretical aspects of the role, and provide a greater understanding of where a career in nursing may lead.

Assessments are optional and carry a fee, with the exception of people with a York username for whom they are free.

What Will You Achieve

  • Explore the role of nurses globally, and explain the unique contribution of the nurse
  • Explain the principles of holistic care and apply holistic care within the local context of health and well-being
  • Investigate the impact of the nurses role in patients lives and local communities
  • Reflect on the role of the World Health Organisation in public health
  • Identify what contributes to health and well-being
  • Discuss the role of nurses in: improving health gender equality stronger economies

Strategies For The Management Of Sepsis

The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses offers this introduction to the newest approaches in sepsis management. Participants survey studies and clinical trials to learn about methods involving fluid stewardship, vitamin C, vasopressin, and angiotensin II.

During this one-hour activity, nurses compare the risks of administering colloids and crystalloids, identify techniques to complete bedside assessments, and learn to treat refractory hypertension.

Participants receive one contact hour for completing the session. The AACN is an accredited continuing education provider and offers additional free courses for members.

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Cultural And Linguistic Competence

This course teaches healthcare providers to recognize and meet patients’ needs despite social, cultural, and/or linguistic differences. The course’s target audience includes physicians, pharmacists, physician’s assistants, and nurse practitioners, along with general healthcare workers.

Participants learn to identify and overcome barriers to treating members of the LGBTQ community, nonEnglish speakers, and underserved communities.

This self-paced, online course is available from ScientiaCME, an organization that develops continuing education opportunities for healthcare professionals. ScientiaCME holds accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education . The American Academy of Nurse Practitioners accepts the American Medical Association Physician’s Recognition Award Category 1 credit from ACCME-accredited organizations as proof of continuing medical education.

Nurs : Clinical Calculation

Introduction to Adult Nursing

2-0-2. Prerequisite: none

This course is an introduction to the three systems of measurements metric, apothecaries and household systems that are commonly used in the preparation and administration of drugs and solutions. Conversions of equivalents within and between the systems will be emphasized. Students should be familiar with basic mathematical concepts. This course is designed to help nursing students and practicing nurses apply mathematical concepts to the area of drugs and solutions.

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What Topics Will You Cover

  • The variety of roles undertaken by nurses
  • The context of nursing, caring for children, adults, older people, individuals with mental health and cognitive support needs
  • Bioscience applied to nursing looking at basic physiological measurement
  • Psychology related to nursing including the impact of psychology on physiology
  • Sociology related to nursing care and society.

Your Learning Your Rules

  • Courses are split into weeks, activities, and steps, but you can complete them as quickly or slowly as you like
  • Learn through a mix of bite-sized videos, long- and short-form articles, audio, and practical activities
  • Stay motivated by using the Progress page to keep track of your step completion and assessment scores

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What Are The Universities That Offer Free Online Nursing Courses

There are universities in the world that offer free online nursing courses to both national and international students.

These universities are experts in what they do and they are globally recognized.

Here is a list of Universities that offer free Online Nursing Courses

  • Open University
  • Colorado Christian University

Nurs 3: Concepts Of Professional Nursing

ARN’s Introduction to Rehabilitation Nursing Online Course

3-0-3. Pre or co-requisite: Admission to the RN-BSN program

This online course provides an introduction to professional nursing and an overview of the roles and concepts essential to make the transition from RN to BSN practice. This course will build on the RNs knowledge base and is designed to help the nurse identify his/her role in contemporary healthcare.

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What Can I Gain With An Online Nursing Certificate

An online certification in nursing provides you with the legal authority to practice professional nursing. This means, if you have an online nursing certificate, you will be recognized as a professional nurse and can be employed.

Moreso, online nursing certificate professionalism and clinical competence show that you are committed to achieving excellence in your nursing career. It further shows you are dedicated to a certain subject area.

In addition, completing free online nursing certification courses can contribute to better patient care. This entails that it provides you with the enhanced knowledge and expertise needed to provide excellent care, exercise, moral judgment, and ensure patient safety.

Lastly, online certification in nursing can broaden and diversify your employment opportunities. With a certification, youll look more prepared and attractive to employers.

Nurs 3: Healthcare In Diverse Cultures

1-6-3. Prerequisites: Admission to the RN-BSN Program or second year status in the ASN program.

This elective course explores beliefs, practices, and traditions pertaining to cultural diversity, healing traditions, and effects on the health care of individuals with different ethnic backgrounds. The course promotes increased awareness of the dimensions and complexities involved in caring for people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Students have the opportunity to observe, study, and participate in healthcare and other cultural/social experiences with a selected population at a local, state or international site.

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List Of The Free Online Nursing Courses With Certificate

Earning a free online nursing course with a certificate of completion is the best step to building a nursing career. Even while you stay at home, there are online courses that the classes cover the same topics as a traditional college course with little or no cost attached.

These courses are offered by Universities in a way of helping nursing students gain additional degrees and also help them stay aware of developments in the field.

Here is a list of free online nursing courses with certificates.

  • Caring relationships

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Nursing Courses

Online Intro to Nursing Course

Alisons free online nursing classes offer training in a variety of in-demand skills, including clinical skills and techniques for patients with cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and neurological issues, among others.

Our courses also cover topics such as environmental health and safety, advanced patient hygiene, effective communication in multicultural settings and preventative care.

And because nursing professionals play an increasingly dynamic role in todays healthcare, Alison also offers courses that focus on related skills, including team leadership and instruction.

Enroll today and start boosting your nursing knowledge and skills immediately.

Alisons free online nursing courses provide learning opportunities for every career stage. If youre seeking an introduction and overview of modern nursing, consider our top short certificate nursing courses, including:

  • Nursing Studies – Patient Care and Hygiene
  • Nursing Studies – The Physical Examination
  • Nursing Studies – The Nurse as Team Leader and Teacher

If you are looking for a more comprehensive study on the dynamic role that nurses play in patient care, we offer diploma nursing courses such as:

  • Diploma in Clinical Nursing Skills
  • Diploma in Nursing and Patient Care
  • Diploma in Nursing Leadership and Care Management

Alisons offerings for nurses also extend to preventative care issues, including our very popular Diploma in Human Nutrition.

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Why Study Nursing Or Midwifery

Whether youre starting or advancing your career, CDUs flexible nursing and midwifery courses can help you reach your goals without putting your life on hold.

Study an undergraduate degree to be eligible to qualify as a registered nurse or midwife, or study a postgraduate course to specialise or move into leadership positions.

Weve been offering nursing and midwifery degrees for decades and specialise in supporting busy students. You can study nursing or midwifery online or on campus and switch between part-time and full-time study as you need. However you choose to study your nursing or midwifery degree, youll gain practical experience in actual health settings through placements and clinical simulation suites.

Nursing Foundations I: Introduction To Nursing


This first nursing foundations course of the Practical Nurse diploma program introduces several concepts and processes that will be further developed and applied throughout the program. The course introduces the learner to nursing by exploring health care in Canada, the history of nursing, and the evolving role of the practical nurse. Values, ethics, legalities, and legislation that affect nursing practice in Alberta are also introduced. The learner will relate the roles and responsibilities of the practical nurse to the direction of the professional association and standards of nursing practice. The nursing metaparadigm and nursing theory are explained as major concepts in nursing. Learners explore the holistic approach to client-centred care. Critical thinking skills are developed as the learner applies nursing knowledge to the delivery of safe, quality nursing care.

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Who Is The Course For

This course has been created for refugees, displaced people and the communities supporting them in the MENA region who wish to study nursing or a healthcare-related course at a university in English. It has been created as part of the PADILEIA project.

However, it will also be of interest to anyone looking to develop their knowledge of nursing and healthcare.

Supported by UK aid – Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education, Innovation and Reform

Your Career In Nursing And Midwifery

Free Introduction to Nursing in Healthcare Course – Overview – Open2Study

Study nursing or midwifery at CDU to enter a world of opportunities in healthcare.

A Diploma of Nursing is the minimum requirement to become an Enrolled Nurse in Australia, while a Bachelor of Nursing qualifies you to register as a Registered Nurse . Our undergraduate nursing courses can lead to roles in hospitals and medical clinics across the country, where you can make an impact on the lives of patients in a wide range of areas from acute and chronic care to mental health, aged care, and more.

A Bachelor of Midwifery qualifies to you register as a midwife. With this degree, you may find career opportunities in midwifery group practice, public and private hospitals, and more.

You can continue your studies to specialise further or gain additional qualifications with our postgraduate nursing courses.

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Text Books /course Materials

Reliable Internet access required. Wi-Fi technology not recommended for quiz/exams. Online course modality may not be fully functional when utilizing iPads & /or android devices.

Ross-Kerr, J. Potter and Perry Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing. Latest edition and/or a copy current in the last 5 years. Available through the publisher at or through Kwantlen’s bookstore.

Are There Requirements For Free Online Nursing Courses With Certificates

Yes, before you can enroll you need to having the following You must the basic criteria which are academic transcripts and meet a very high GPA. You can also include if any, extracurricular activities, such as volunteering that you are engaged in.Your work experience can help showcase other skills you may possess. You will be more advantaged if you have had long-term working experience.A high test score, in the ACT or SAT tests.Present a personal statement that is well written.Letter of Recommendation

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Nursing Theory And Advanced Practice

Location: Liberty University

Next in our list of free Online Nursing Courses with Certificates is Nursing Theory and Advanced practice. If you want to build effective nursing skills, this course is the best for you.

This free online nursing theory and practice course focus on the use and criticism of nursing theories to improve your skills.

Moreso, it place emphasis is placed on the critique, evaluation, and utilization of nursing and other relevant theories that apply to advanced nursing practice and a comprehensive approach to care.

Alzheimer’s Disease And Dementia Care

Introduction to Adult Nursing

Salisbury University’s course on Alzheimer’s disease and dementia was developed for current or future caregivers, nurses, and other healthcare professionals interested in learning more about the disease. Participants learn to identify risk factors and key symptoms and select the best medications and treatment plans.

The self-paced course takes five weeks to complete, with approximately 2-3 hours of material presented each week. Five modules address pathology, risk factors, stages, symptoms, and diagnosis.

Participants may purchase a verified certification after completing the course.

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Jobs In The Field Of Nursing

To say that the demand for nurses is strong would be an understatement. Skilled nurses are in extremely high demand around the world. A recent search on Indeed listed over 38,000 open positions in nursing in the United States alone and estimates an average salary of just over $30 per hour. Expect to find open job positions in almost any city you wish to work. Nurses with advanced specializations are also in very high demand and can command much higher salaries. General Nurse Practitioners can open their own practice or work in hospitals or clinics. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists , one of the highest paid nursing specializations, are responsible for administering anesthesia to patients undergoing surgery or other procedures and requires advanced education. estimates the average salary of CRNAs at over $150,000 per year.

Enroll in free biology and life sciences courses on edX to get an introduction to many areas of study relevant to a nursing education.

Free Online Nursing Courses

Alison’s free online nursing courses are designed to support your professional development so you can progress in your career in this vital healthcare field. Our series of courses have been specially designed to help you specialise your skills.

To meet the changes and challenges of health care delivery within the health service sector, we provide a vast range of subjects that will enhance your knowledge or skills in… Read more…

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Nurs 3: Foundations Nursing Research

3-0-3. Pre- or co-requisites: NURS 3301, MATH 2200

This online course provides an introduction to the research process and its application to scholarship and clinical practice. Students learn to be consumers of research through reviewing the literature, appraising research, and identifying methods appropriate to study specific practicerelated problems. Emphasis is placed on evidence-based practice, and quality improvement.

Introduction To Nursing In Nursing School

Safe Care Nursing Framework – Introduction to the Online Course

Introduction to Nursing is a nursing course that helps nursing students explore the various aspects of becoming a nurse. An ideal society would be one free of disease, accidents, genetic defects, and natural disasters. Although it is not possible to prevent any of the suffering that people experience in the world, it is possible to help people to remain healthy and restore good health.

Medical science has come a long way in helping patients to live longer. As much as physicians are needed in the medical process, nurses are also important to patients. Nurses provide their patients with the doctors recommendations to improve their health. Nurses do not gain their exceptional level of skill over night they work hard in nursing school learning the latest medical information to help their patients overcome their health issues.

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Nurs 3: Issues & Nursing Perspectives

3-0-3. Prerequisites: Admission to the RN-BSN Program

This online course explores the historical, current and future trends in nursing and healthcare and applies current models for ethical decision-making in the analysis of selected problems in nursing practice. The relationships between nursing, health care, and global issues are explored.

Greater Potential For Participation

Another reason you should consider taking online nursing classes is that you will have full participation. In the course of online classes, there are assignments and tasks that are engaging.

Moreso, you will be given a unique opportunity to organize your thoughts and engage with your instructors and classmates at your leisure.

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Clinical Supervision: Assessing And Providing Feedback

This online course will focus on the principles of workplace-based assessment and commonly used workplace-based assessment tools. It will show you how to apply them as part of your clinical supervision.

Furthermore, it is a 3-weeks program that will look at models to monitor performance, provide effective feedback, and explore strategies to identify and support struggling students.

Note, this free online nursing program is starting 27 Apr 2021 so its expedient you register now.

You Can Study At The Comfort Of Your Home

An Introduction to the Nursing Library of Online Education ...

Free online nursing courses make it possible to study and acquire a certificate from your comfort zone without worrying about transportation or accommodation.

Free nursing courses online provide the platform for you to access different nursing related courses without encountering any difficulty. In each and every course, youll have access to textbooks and other relevant learning materials.

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How To Taper Patients Off Of Chronic Opioid Therapy

Presented through Stanford Online, this one-hour course is intended for healthcare professionals, from primary care practitioners to those specializing in fields, such as oncology, psychology, and addiction medicine. Using case studies, participants weigh the risks of taking opioids against the benefits as they learn to safely and effectively taper patients off of pain medication.

Class topics include preparing patients for tapering, determining the signs of addiction disorder, and providing patients with pain management alternatives.

Those who complete the course receive AMA PRA Category 1 credits.

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