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Indiana State Accelerated Nursing Program

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Get Your Nursing Degree From Bethel University

Combating Indianas nursing shortage with Marian Universitys accelerated nursing program

Get prepared for one of the fastest growing career fields in the country, with a Bethel nursing degree.

When you enter the nursing program at Bethel University, youll be surrounded by the latest technology in our new simulation lab, by teachers who have worked in nursing for decades in communities including Mishawaka and Elkhart, and by a commitment to excellence that keeps Indiana hospitals recruiting our graduates time and again.

Bethel University offers many opportunities to meet your personal career goals in nursing, offering ADN, BSN, BSN-Completion, and MSN degrees. For those pursuing the traditional BSN degree, direct admission is available for those exemplary students who exceed the School of Nursing admission standards.

In the classroom, youll learn alongside classmates many from the region to become adept at critical thinking, effective communication and evaluating research findings. In the high-fidelity, computer-based simulation labs, youll practice on adult and child mannequins. This training mimics the complex patient environments found in real-world settings.

  • Start clinicals during sophomore year.
  • Be an athlete and a nursing major be a well-rounded student.
  • Participate in medical mission trips to Kenya, Guatemala, Dominican Republic.
  • Excel in small classes with caring faculty.
  • Learn in updated high-fidelity nursing simulation labs.
  • Work in a cadaver lab for Anatomy and Physiology classes.

Schools Licensing Requirements And Resources

Online nursing programs in Indiana prepare graduates for many different careers in healthcare, including entry-level nursing assistant and independently practicing nurse practitioner . These online nursing schools in Indiana provide a flexible, convenient alternative to on-campus programs, while providing a high-quality classroom and clinical education.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment for registered nurses in Indiana to increase by 16.5% from 2016-26. The 2017 Indiana Nursing Licensure Survey, with almost 70,000 nurses responding, found that more than 10,000 nurses planned to pursue a bachelor of science in nursing degree within the next two years.

Best Nursing Schools In Indiana

Selecting the best nursing school in Indiana can be difficult. To make the process easier first look for a school that supports students towards licensure and beyond. A great way to measure this is through NCLEX-RN “pass rates.” We have ranked the top 20 nursing schools in Indiana by analyzing current and historical NCLEX-RN “pass rates”, meaning the percentage of graduates who pass the exam, out of the 49 RN programs in the state. Programs reviewed include schools that offer an Associate in Nursing , BSN, or Direct-Entry MSN Degree.

For more information on our top nursing school rankings, see our Methodology Page .

See Our list of the Best Nursing Programs in Indiana

Indiana is strongly trending toward a higher level of care for their patients and is calling on the nursing industry to help with their plight. There is a need for nurses that possess a degree greater or equivalent to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing . The state predicts an estimated increase of 2,200 nursing jobs annually these positions offer a higher salary to candidates that possess a BSN or greater degree. Indiana currently has approximately 49% of its nurses with a BSN, by being part of that movement the state will be well on its way to successfully reaching its goal.

For RN bridge programs visit:

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How Long Is Nursing School In Indiana

The amount of time you spend in a Indiana nursing school will vary based upon the career path you choose. You can become a Certified Nursing Assistant in as little as 6 to 12 weeks. Become a Licensed Practical Nurse in 1 to 1.5 years, a Indiana Registered Nurse in 2 to 4 years, or stay in nursing school longer to become a Nurse Practitioner in 6 to 8 years.

Above on this page we created a tabular image which summarizes how long nursing school is in Indiana. That image includes the number of nurses employed in the state of Indiana, along with the average wages earned at each education level.

Notice that in the state of Indiana, far greater numbers are employed as a Registered Nurse compared to a Licensed Practical Nurse . Notice also that a Licensed Practical Nurse in Indiana earns far more in wages compared to a Certified Nursing Assistant .

Use the nursing program acronyms CNA, LPN, ASN, BSN, MSN, DNP, and PhD to help identify which Indiana nursing schools offer the length of program you desire.

Accelerated Nursing Programs Bsn & Msn


Home / Accelerated Nursing Programs BSN & MSN

To meet the high demand for Registered Nurses , more and more schools have started to offer Accelerated Nursing Programs. These are also known as Direct Entry programs. They are available to entry-level non-nurses who hold a Bachelor’s degree in a different major. Both BSN and MSN degrees are available through accelerated programs.

Accelerated nursing programs are designed to cover a copious amount of material in a very short amount of time. No breaks are scheduled and a day of classes may be longer than traditional programs. For entry-level non-nurses the accelerated Bachelor’s and accelerated Master’s degrees are available. To qualify, the prospective student must have at least a Bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing major.

There are two main focuses of accelerated nursing programs:

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Bsn Program Length In Indiana

BSN programs average about 4 years in length, depending on the number of credit hours that a student might engage in from semester to semester. The course load is designed to provide an intensive yet balanced approach to nurse education, with time allotted for courses, coursework, clinical, reflection and personal time. Accelerated programs, summer sessions, and bridge programs for returning students can shorten BSN length.

State Requirements By Nursing Type

Indiana has established educational and professional requirements for various nursing professions. The chart below explains the steps required for each nursing license.

Indiana Licensure Requirements

  • Education: 105-hour approved nurse aide training program
  • Additional Clinical Hours: Fulfilled in degree program

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Overview Of Nursing Schools In Indiana

  • There are 34 nursing schools in Indiana. The CCNE accredits 21 nursing schools and the ACEN accredits 18 schools in Indiana.
  • On average, attending an RN program in Indiana will cost you between $8,532.00 and $26,913.00 per year.
  • In Indiana, the average undergraduate student borrows between $4,725.00 and $14,000.00 per year.
  • Typically, an Associate Degree in Nursing will take between 18 to 24 months to complete, and a Bachelor Degree in Nursing will take about 4 years to complete.
  • The average, the NCLEX passing rate range for Indiana ADN students is between 44.60% and 96.43%.
  • On average, the NCLEX passing rate range for Indiana BSN students is between 76.75% and 97.73%.
  • The average annual salary for a registered nurse in Indiana is between $52,080 to $111,220 a year.
  • Registered Nurses throughout the country and in Indiana can expect a favorable job growth of 15 percent from 2016 to 2026 which much faster than the average for all occupations.

How Do Online Nursing Degree Programs Work

Why Shelley Chose Marian University’s ABSN Program in Indianapolis

Approximately 25 schools offer traditional and online nursing programs in Indiana. Many online programs feature asynchronous course scheduling, which allows learners to complete classes without having to appear online at specific times. Some schools offer an accelerated format to help students focus on 1-2 classes for a shorter time.

Nursing requires students to obtain practical experience working with patients and in clinical settings. Hybrid programs help balance the convenience of online learning with the clinical experience nursing students need. Some students receive help in arranging clinical placements near their homes. Schools often require students to complete some on-campus components, such as week-long intensive courses or weekend seminars. Fully online programs typically cater to RNs seeking to advance their education. These programs build on an RN’s practical skills with courses in leadership and management.

Schools often require students to complete some on-campus components, such as week-long intensive courses or weekend seminars.

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Is Indiana A Nursing Compact State

Yes, Indiana is part of the nursing license compact. Indiana recently enacted the Enhanced Nursing Licensure Compact agreement which allows nurses to practice in all but a handful of states. This means that a Indiana Licensed Practical Nurse or a Indiana Registered Nurse can now apply for a multi-state nursing license.

What Are The Clinical Requirements For An Absn In Indiana

The number of supervised clinical hours you will be required to complete will depend on the state you live in. In general however, most states require about 500 clinical hours for you to earn your BSN and sit for the NCLEX RN exam. Clinical hours are experiences where you are paired with an experienced nurse and get to practice your clinical skills on real patients. Having someone to supervise you as you master these skills helps you be prepared to be a safe new nurse when you become licensed.

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Adn Programs In Indiana

Becoming a nurse is an academic path that can be tough, and in recent years, there are more paths to that career goal than ever before. The ADN or Associate’s Degree in Nursing is one such way for students to begin their post-secondary pathway without too much time or dollar investment. With a program length that is generally 2 years, and offerings at many vocational, technical or community colleges throughout the state, an ADN is an accessible and affordable option for students interested in RN licensure.

At present, more than 25 technical and community colleges offer the Associate’s Degree in Nursing to dedicated students. With high NCLEX pass-rates, many students choose a two-year degree as their first stop in lifelong learning.

Your Journey Starts Here

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Program: Academics ...

If your heart is calling you to go out into the world and help people, youve come to the right place. Indiana University Kokomo offers a wide variety of nursing degrees and programs designed to get you from the classroom to your dream job. Maybe its your goal to take your career to the next level. The MSN programs at IU Kokomo will help build on your foundation to land the career you want.

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Online Nursing Degree Programs In Indiana

Online nursing schools in Indiana help individuals with nursing experience advance their careers. A degree often serves as a step toward a promotion or obtaining more responsibility within an organization. Online programs offer working nurses the flexibility to take classes while continuing to work. Schools often build on the clinical skills of licensed practical nurses or RNs to help them advance their skills with a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Msn Admission Requirements In Indiana

Master of Science in Nursing programs are not as common as other degree types, require dedicated faculty and are very competitive to enter. The following requirements are generally expected from their applicants:

  • Evidence of a BSN from a regionally accredited institution
  • Apply to the appropriate track of coursework with your credentials
  • Have a state RN license in good standing
  • Have an undergraduate GPA minimum 3.2 check competitive marks to verify
  • Submit GRE scores of at least 400/150, and 4.0 on analytic writing
  • Have taken the pre-requisite courses within the last 5 years
  • Submit a resume and personal statement

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Bsn Program Admission Requirements In Indiana

Each school balances its admissions process from year to year to keep in line with program demand, labor forecasts, and faculty decision-making. That means that each institution varies slightly in how they select the ideal candidate for the program. The most common criteria are listed below to help you prepare:

  • The competitiveness of your transcript and personal profile is important
  • Be in good standing with the university
  • Early application is not required but can be helpful
  • Pass abilities testing and ensure immunizations are up to date
  • Pass drug testing, background check

Are There Msn Programs Without A Bsn Prerequisite

Marian University offers accelerated nursing program

There are many schools and institutional programs that offer a Diploma RN or Associate Degree Nurse to Master’s Degree in Nursing degree directly, without adding additional courses for the Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing . One could also look specifically for the program term of RN to MSN.

Many schools offer programs where the nurse receives a congruent BSN along with the MSN by the end of the program. These programs are ideal for the nurse who completed an ADN program, obtained a bachelor’s degree in a field other than nursing, but would like to complete an MSN degree.

to view a breakdown of RN to MSN programs by state.

Students should always assure that the intended school offering a direct ADN to MSN program is accredited by at least one of the national nursing school accreditation bodies. Attending institutions that have been accredited allows students to apply for federal student loans and state entitlement programs. The accreditation process for schools is also a guarantee of professional and academic standards. Graduates from accredited programs are most likely to qualify to attend other accredited schools for advancing degrees. Most employers prefer, if not require, nurses to have received their degree from accredited programs.

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The 30 Most Affordable Accelerated Nursing Programs

  • Tallahassee, Florida
  • Graduation Rate: 80%

Florida State University takes the top spot on our list of the most affordable accelerated nursing programs due to its low tuition and the excellent education its programs offer students. It offers an accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program that students can complete in less than two years. Students will have the opportunity to work in FSUs labs and simulated clinics.

School Overview

  • Miami, Florida
  • Graduation Rate: 72%

Florida International University is known for its low tuition and excellent health sciences programs. It offers several BSN options, including an accelerated degree program. This program allows students to complete their degrees in roughly a year and a half.

School Overview

  • San Diego, California
  • Graduation Rate: 83%

San Diego State University is one of the top public universities in Southern California, so it is no surprise that it takes third place on our list. It offers a four-year BSN program that students can enter straight out of high school. Students can complete this program at an accelerated rate by taking a heavy course load in the first two years of the program.

School Overview

  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Graduation Rate: 61%

The University of North Florida makes it three Florida-based schools in the top four of our list. UNF offers a BSN with an accelerated track. Standard and RN-to-BSN tracks are also available.

School Overview

  • Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  • Graduation Rate: 91%

School Overview

Why Attend Online Nursing Programs In Indiana

With a low cost of living and average tuition below surrounding states, Indiana offers prospective nursing students the opportunity to advance their careers and education through flexible degree paths. Online RN programs in Indiana help nurses with an associate degree advance their education by earning a BSN. These bridge programs consider the knowledge that learners bring to the classroom and grants them academic credit for prior coursework and on-the-job experience to accelerate their degree completion and may require as little as 18 months.

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Students Learn Teamwork In Rad Races

Students in Indiana University Kokomos allied health programs got a clue literally during National Radiologic Technology Week this month.

About 20 students in the radiography and medical imaging technology programs competed in the Rad Races, a game that combined Clue with The Amazing Race. They searched campus for hidden QR codes, which directed them to answer questions in a phone app or take pictures to send in to solve a missing person mystery.

Tuition And Costs Of Msn Programs In Indiana

IWU to hold Transition to Nursing informational meeting

In an effort to promote the value of advanced practice nursing care, Indiana has some of the most comprehensive MSN fees. For example, the University of Southern Indiana has MSN fees that are approximately $450 per credit hour for the in-state students however, there are additional fees for university services, parking, and administration.

For NP programs visit:

  • Official transcripts or NURSYS verification – must be sent directly to the board from the institution
  • Criminal background check

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Tuition And Costs Of Adn Programs In Indiana

College tuition for public institutions throughout the state are basically on par with one another – it’s in the best interest of the state to offer an affordable, accessible pathway to students who will become part of an educated and technically savvy workforce. While there is some variance across the state, the cost of tuition at a sample school has been outlined for you.

Ancilla College offers tuition to nursing students for approximately $10,800 per semester for 12 – 17 credit hours per semester . This does not include housing or food costs. Nursing students have additional fees to pay for lab classes, testing, insurance for malpractice, uniforms, and other expenses.

Indiana State University Nursing School Review

Indiana State University is a public university in Terre Haute, Indiana committed to offering quality education to undergraduate and graduate students along with research and community service opportunities. The campus known as Indiana State University Evansville now operates independently. The university was founded in 1865 as Indiana State Normal School.

The Higher Learning Commission accredits Indiana State University. Indiana State University claims several awards and honors, including being named a best in the Midwest institution by the Princeton Review and one of Americas Best Colleges by Forbes. Over 11,000 students are enrolled in Indiana State Universitys 100 + academic majors and programs.

Nursing Programs

Nursing programs at Indiana State University are under the College of Nursing, Health and Human Services. Most programs include separate academic departments, including the Department of Baccalaureate Nursing and Department of Baccalaureate Nursing Completion. The Department of Advanced Nursing Practice awards masters and doctoral degrees and certificates. Bachelors and masters degree nursing programs at Indiana State University are accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission . Online nursing programs at Indiana State University have been recently recognized as among the best by SuperScholar.

Indiana State University Undergraduate Nursing Programs

Traditional 4 Year Nursing BSN Program

Campus Based Accelerated Second Degree Program

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