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How To Start A Nurse Practitioner Private Practice

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Get The Appropriate Insurance Coverage

HOW TO START A Medical Practice From The ground Up As A NURSE PRACTITIONER (Sharing Secrets)

Notify your professional liability insurance carrier that you plan to open an independent clinic there may be specific requirements for your type of practice. You may want to shop around for insurance policies and/or brokers to meet your needs, including securing coverage for business-related insurance, excess liability, and license defense. Although an on-site physician isnt required in some states, the carrier may want assurance that youve contracted with a physician who can perform any necessary oversight duties. Verify the cost of insurance early on so youre prepared.

Note that professional liability insurance doesnt cover general liability , so youll want to speak with a general business liability agent to obtain business coverage. Other insurance needs you should consider include employment liability, employment practices liability, contractual liability, workers compensation, and unemployment insurance.

Starting your own nurse practitioner clinic requires a variety of liability insurance coverage. In addition to your professional liability coverage , speak with your attorney or an insurance broker about obtaining insurance that covers:

  • general liability

Your attorney or broker may have suggestions for additional types of insurance youll need.

Build The Private Practice Infrastructure

Its important to turn a business plan into a physical presence by giving significant consideration to the expenses that come with this transformation. Leasing office space, buying furniture or equipment, and hiring staff are some of the upfront expenses to expect when starting a practice.

To get their practice up and running, FNPs should determine how much money they will need and where they may find it. Options may include withdrawing savings, cashing out or borrowing against investments, taking out a loan or second mortgage, using a credit card, or borrowing from family and friends.

Expanding Nurse Practitioner Practice Status

In 2010, full practice status became the recommended model by the Institute of Medicine and the National Council for State Boards of Nursing. Not all states, however, are on board with the measure 27 continue to mandate reduced or restricted practice regulations for nurse practitioners. While the guidelines for reduced and restricted practice regulations are slightly different depending on location, both require NPs to have either a signed collaboration agreement with a physician or direct oversight from a physician. Not all states require the physician to be physically present or even in the same building with the NP during patient care, but they should be available by phone or email.

Despite aggressive opposition from the medical community, new and changing legal policies indicate that lawmakers are looking closely at the NPs role in expanding coverage to underserved areas and easing the burden on the dwindling number of primary care physicians who remain calling the NP role necessary for long-term health care.

Additionally, states arent the only entities moving to dismantle practice barriers: In 2016, the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs issued a proposal that would permit full practice authority of all VA advanced practice registered nurses when they are acting within the scope of their VA employment.

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Start A Health Care Training Business

Health care training businesses provide a wide range of training programs to healthcare workers. They offer guidance on career preparation and assist workers in learning new skills to gain employment stability. The basic goal of healthcare training is to improve the performance of the employee and give the employer a trained and compassionate professional.

The health and wellness industry is growing rapidly especially after the global pandemic. There is never a shortage of challenges for the healthcare workers. Hence, continuous education is highly essential in health care sectors where there is high demand and growth in terms of new medical & technological advancement. Hence starting a health care training business can be highly profitable.

There are several courses available online to learn how to deliver healthcare training. An ideal healthcare trainer should be excel in people management and should be able to plan, execute and manage to deliver training programs to a large group of participants. The average Healthcare Trainer’s salary is $45,000.

Kyle Golding started Vorttx Training and Testing, a health care training business, over 5 years ago:

My name is Kyle Golding, I am a co-founder and CMO of VORTTX Training and Testing SaaS virtual emergency response training system for long-term healthcare facilities. I co-founded VORTTX Training and Testing in 2016.

Start A Private Nurse Service

How to Start a Nurse Practitioner Private Practice

Private nurses provide one-on-one medical care to patients who are homebound or in an institution, such as a hospital, nursing home or other such facilities.

A private nursing attendant’s responsibilities include taking care of the daily activities of patients like bathe, feed, maintain personal hygiene. Most of the private nurses live with the patient’s family in their home, and may also work for long hours.

To become a private duty nurse, you will need to earn a registered nursing degree or a licensed practical nurse degree . Registered nurses with 2-3 years of relevant experience can then pursue their career as private duty nurses. Obtaining an advanced certification can also increase more career options.

Private nurses are usually hired by an individual or an agency. However, they work at a patients private residence and get paid by the individual. The career scope of private nursing practice is expected to increase by 7% in the coming years, with the increased aging population and the need for home care.

Pricing of a registered private nurse in the US would cost around $25+ an hour, which is approximately $4000 per month.

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Purchasing Equipment And Staffing Your Practice

Once you’ve obtained a loan and opened a line of credit, you’re ready to start putting together the meat and potatoes of your practice â hiring your team and purchasing the office and medical equipment you’ll need. This task is easier said than done, and ample research is necessary for each decision. But again, with a little planning and the right information, setting yourself up for success is just a matter of effort. Here are some of the things you’ll want to consider.

Nurse Practitioners: Opening Your Own Practice

May 20, 2020 | Magazine, Nursing Careers

In many states, Nurse Practitioners can open their own practices. But just because you can doesnt mean you should. Heres how to decide and, if you choose to, the types of actions youll need to take.

When Scharmaine Lawson, FNP-BC, FAANP, FAAN, had been a nurse for 15 years, she had worked in many different specialties. One of her favorites was home care. In fact, it was her passion.

I wanted to help my community, and a physician approached me about starting my own clinic/housecall service. It was a right time/right place moment, she recalls.

Lawson ended up founding a VIP housecall practice, Advanced Clinical Consultants in Louisiana, which has been successful for the last 15 years. She also penned Amazons number one house call book, Housecalls 101: The Only Book Youll Need to Start Your Housecall Practice. Finally, shes designed a course called Housecalls 101, in which she teaches other clinicians how to start and maintain a successful home visit program. Since 2008, Lawson says she has trained more than 600 nurses on how to do this themselves.

When the opportunity presented itself, it was a natural fit in an environment I felt comfortable operating in, says Lawson. Plus, I saw the community need and felt I could best be a servant leader. At the end of the day, the ability to serve is my superpower. Its an honor that I dont take lightly.

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Enter Donni Alvarenga: A Nurse Health Coach

Id like to introduce you to one of the best health coaches I know, Donni Alvarenga. In fact, this isnt the first time you have met Donni as she was a guest on episode 75 of the Your Next Shift podcast.

Donni is a a Nurse Practitioner who stared her professional career as an oncology nurse, working on a Gyn-Oncology unit. Rather than me telling you more about how to start a nurse coaching business, why not hear it from Donni herself?

I had the pleasure of chatting with Donni on running a successful practice and what support you will receive within this health coaching business model. Check out the video interview below:

About Duquesne Universitys Online Msn Family Nurse Practitioner Program

Best States for Entrepreneurial APRNs Aspiring to Start a Private Practice

Duquesne Universitys online MSN FNP program prepares APRNs for the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Certification Board and American Nurses Credentialing Center Family Nurse Practitioner certification examinations.

The universitys Family Nurse Practitioner program prepares APRNs for a career working alongside physicians and in private practice. Duquesne also offers two other MSN specializations Forensic Nursing and Nurse Education and Faculty Role for comprehensive career options.

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Choose A Business Structure

Start by selecting the right business structure for your clinic and register it in your state. Speak with an attorney to determine which entity is right for your clinic, and check with the secretary of state or other appropriate state division for more information and to learn if you can file the paperwork online.

The business structure you choose for your nurse practitioner clinic will determine how much you pay in taxes, your personal liability responsibility, and what type of stakeholders or investors can participate in your business.

Equipment Tools & Technology

No matter what type of practice youre going to set up, you’ll need equipment, tools, and technology in your office.

Well talk about the different types of practices and what their space and equipment needs might be. We’ll cover the functional areas of a practice, including:

  • Reception Area
  • Staff Workspace
  • Clinical Workspace

Since technology is an integral part of practicing well spend some time on choosing the right Electronic Medical Record for your office.

This module also introduces the benefits of purchasing used vs. new.

Discover how you can find quality used equipment for your brand new office.

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Start A Healthy Meal Delivery Service

A meal prep delivery business offers nutritional and healthy meals to customers daily or on a weekly basis. These services offer either DIY meal kits or Ready-to-eat meals via e-commerce sites. All of them are meant to save time and eliminate food waste.

People who have busy work schedules find meal delivery services very beneficial. The trend is also noticed in Millenials who are health conscious and prefer nutritional food at the comfort of their home rather than visiting a restaurant.

The primary reason why consumers order food online is that it is time-saving and convenient and literally at their fingertips.

There are different types of meal services:

  • Online meal kits: These services may cost between $8.55 and $9.99 per serving where they will send everything you need to make amazing, restaurant-quality meals at home and save all your prep work time. Some of the popular services are Sun Basket, Blue Apron, HomeChef etc.

  • Fast food delivery services: This service connects you with a broad range of local restaurants and food so that you can order from the full menus of your local favorites from the comfort of your home. Some of the popular services are UberEats, Foodsby, DoorDash etc.

  • 5 Benefits of Food Delivery Service

    • Exposure to new customers
    • More business opportunities
    • Cost-effective promotions

    TJ Clark started Healthy Chew, a healthy meal delivery service, about 6 years ago:

    Hi, my name is TJ and I am the co-founder and CEO of Healthy Chew.

    Private Practice Vs Practice With A Physician

    How to Start a Nurse Practitioner Private Practice

    Before starting a nurse practitioner private practice, FNPs should know their states laws and carefully review its Nurse Practice Act, available through the National Council of State Boards of Nursing .

    About half of the states grant full-practice authority . This allows NPs to operate without supervision, management, or delegation from a physician. In those states, nurse practitioners are free to run a private practice where they can independently evaluate patients, order and interpret tests, make diagnoses, and write prescriptions.

    I get to determine my own schedule, my own income, how much to charge each patient, and how much time to spend with each patient, says Carol Dalton, a womens NP who has started three practices, in her article titled: Open your own nurse practitioner practice. Starting your business is determining your own destiny. But you have to be willing to do the work to make that happen.

    While offering complete autonomy, full-practice authority for NPs comes with full responsibility. To be successful, they must make the right decisions for their patients, their company, and their employees. Despite the challenges of owning a business, NPs in private practice offer their communities better access to care, especially in underserved rural or urban areas. They can also provide the treatments they believe are in the best interest of their patients.

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    Expand Your Practice With Telehealth

    • Link to your free or premium account automatically
    • See your video appointments at a glance on your calendar
    • Patients/clients can go to your virtual waiting room from their dashboard with a click
    • Luminello users receive a discount on premium accounts, which feature HD video, screenshare, and more. They are set up by and paid directly to

    Learn The Business Side Of Private Practice

    Before transitioning into private practice, FNPs need to do their research and consider the logistics and potential pitfalls of owning a business. Operating a practice requires an understanding of business, including such aspects as insurance verification, billing, accounts receivable, payroll, and other financial and operational matters. An accountant can help FNPs choose the type of company that would best benefit their financial situation and tax structure. However, in some cases, that decision may be up to the state.

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    A Sample Nurse Practitioners Business Plan Template

    1. Industry Overview

    Generally, nurses work to promote health, prevent disease, and help patients cope with illness. They are advocates and health educators for patients, families, and communities. When offering direct patient care, they watch, assess, and record symptoms, reactions, and progress in patients assist physicians during surgeries, treatments, and examinations administer medications and assist in convalescence and rehabilitation.

    Nurses also develop and manage nursing care plans, advice patients and their families in proper care, and help individuals and groups take steps to improve or maintain their health.

    Nurse practitioners , together with physician assistants , became necessary in the United States in the 1960s in response to shortages and uneven distribution of physicians. They play important roles in many health care fields and especially in primary care.

    According to reports, there were approximately 106,000 practicing nurse practitioners and 70,000 practicing physician assistants in 2010. This estimate represents approximately 10,000 fewer practicing physician assistants than projected by the American Academy of Physician Assistants and approximately 10,000 more nurse practitioners than report having NP in their title in a 2008 national survey.

    Starting A Nurse Practitioner Clinic: Legal Considerations

    Nurse Practitioner: Start Your Own Practice #1

    Partner with business experts to ensure success.


    • As states continue to roll back barriers for nurse practitioners to practice independently, NPs can play a vital role in meeting the healthcare needs of every community.
    • A successful clinic requires partnering with experts in law, accounting, billing, and insurance.

    To meet patient care needs, nurse practitioners are essential to healthcare delivery, and clinics run by NPs are popping up in states that allow NPs to practice with or without a physician on site. In April 2019, the Association of American Medical Colleges projected a shortage of over 122,000 physicians in both primary and specialty care by 2032. As states continue to roll back barriers for NPs to practice independently, NPs can play a vital role in meeting the healthcare needs of every community.

    If you want to start an NP clinic, youll need to consider several factors, including financing, community need, location, staffing, and marketing, but this article will focus on the basic legal nuts and bolts of an NP clinic.

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    Job Roles And Responsibilities

    Clinical Director

    • Oversees all other employees within the clinic.
    • Align with the board of directors and other health workers to determine if the clinic is in accordance with goals and policies.
    • Charged with encouraging business investment.
    • He also promotes economic development within communities.
    • In charge of directing the clinics financial goals, objectives, and budgets.
    • Implements the clinics guidelines on a day-to-day basis.
    • In charge of Hiring, training, and terminating employees.
    • In charge of developing and implementing strategies and set the overall direction of a certain area of the clinic
    • Collaborate with the board of directors to develop the policies and direction of the clinic.
    • He makes sure that the members of the Board of Directors have the information necessary to perform their fiduciary duties and other governance responsibilities.
    • Direct staff, including clinical structure, professional development, motivation, performance evaluation, discipline, compensation, personnel policies, and procedures.

    Nurse practitioners

    • Diagnose, treat, and manage acute and chronic illnesses.
    • In charge of health promotion, disease prevention, and health education and counselling.
    • In charge of conducting, supervising, and interpreting diagnostic and laboratory tests.
    • Helps patients make better lifestyle and health choices.
    • Serve as researchers and patient advocates for the clinic

    Medical Assistants

    • Administering medications

    Admin and Personnel Manager



    Get The Logistics Down

    The logistics of forming your own business will include everything from staffing your practice, to budgeting for your launch, to choosing your location. If you have a business plan in place, youâll be in a much better position to manage all these moving parts and keep yourself organized. Plus, as Patel notes, your business plan can also help guide your expenses.

    You should also protect yourself from the get-go with business insurance and malpractice insurance. Patel also suggests considering cyber insurance in the event your computer system gets hacked. For staffing your practice, she recommends knowing when youâre ready and financially able to bring staff members on and consulting an attorney and tax professional to help you set up employees legally with the right classifications.

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