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How To Prepare For Nurse Practitioner School

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Section Iii: Reproductive Review In The Best Family Nurse Practitioner Study Guide

How to prepare for NP school

Mens Health and Womens Health are broken down into the most presenting topics in an easy to digest manner.

This review section is also great if you are going on and furthering your Nurse Practitioner options with a Post Graduate Degree.

Even in my Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Boards I had lab and sexually transmitted infection questions.

This review books helped refresh me on those topics and prepare me for success on those boards as well!

How Do You Handle A Situation In Which A Patient Requests Unnecessary Medications

Nurse practitioners sometimes encounter patients who request medication that is too strong or isnt suitable for their care. The aim of this question is to evaluate how the candidate conducts a diagnostic examination and determine appropriate pharmaceutical intervention. What to look for in an answer:

  • Ability to abide by the nurse practitioner regulations
  • Communication skills to ask questions and confidently analyze a patients condition
  • Ability to educate a patient


I find its common for patients to request antibiotics for a viral infection. I listen to their concerns and empathize with their symptoms. However, when I know an antibiotic is unnecessary, I explain why and provide other resources to support them during recovery.

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Tips For Applying To Nurse Practitioner School Summary

Applying to Nurse Practitioner school is an exciting and busy time. If youve made it this far in your education and career, youve got what it takes! Since going back to school is a huge investment of your time and resources, you need to feel confident in your future as an NP and be able to put your best foot forward on your application.

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How Long Will Earning A Nurse Practitioner Degree Take

The length of time it takes to become a nurse practitioner depends mostly on the degree you hold when you start and the degree you are hoping to eventually earn, but between two and four years is the average.

Youll need to hold an RN license before you can start an NP program. This means youll need to earn at least an associate degree or, more commonly, a bachelors degree. An ADN generally takes around two years, while a BSN will take around four.

It generally takes two to four years to become a nurse practitioner.

You can go straight to an MSN program as an RN with an associate degree, but this bridge program will take longer than it would to earn your MSN if you already had a BSN. Generally, you can complete an MSN in around two years, but a bridge program could take as many as three. Plus, BSN-educated nurses can take their own bridge, going straight from a BSN to a DNP with BSN-DNP programs.

If youre looking to earn your doctorate, it can take anywhere from three to six years. The length of time will depend on your program, program structure, specialty, and more. Some DNP programs will also require extensive clinical hours, which can add to the length.

Guide To Nurse Practitioner Interview Questions

Writing Your Nurse Practitioner School Personal Statement

Preparing for a Nurse Practitioner interview can be nerve wracking, even though it doesnt have to be. Weve compiled a helpful guide for you to answer your nurse practitioner interview questions with ease so you can land that ideal nurse practitioner job.

With plenty of nurse practitioners in high demand over the next decade, many job seekers are going back to school to get some additional education and secure their future as a nurse practitioner. You can learn more about what it takes to become a Nurse Practitioner in our recent blog post, How Long Does It Take To Become A Nurse Practitioner, where we break down all the potential paths you can take to become a Nurse Practitioner, and the estimated time to completion for each path.According to the BLS, Nurse Practitioners are expected to have an estimated 31% job growth outlook over the next decade, much faster than the average healthcare occupation. As a result, becoming a Nurse Practitioner means that your future career in the healthcare industry, is also one of the most secure positions available something everyone is happy to hear.

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Advanced Simulation And Laboratory Facilities

Youll probably bring experience as a registered nurse to your nurse practitioner degree, which means you wont be totally new to patient care techniques. However, you will learn advanced science such as pathophysiology and pharmacology during an NP program. Its important to find out whether the nurse practitioner colleges you are interested in offer modern laboratory facilities with simulation environments where you can practice these new skills before you go out on a clinical practicum.The best nurse practitioner programs will be able to offer a blend of simulation equipment and simulation facilities. Simulation equipment can include interactive patient mannequins that respond to your actions. Simulation facilities can include a general practitioners exam room, a surgical/ICU suite, a labor and delivery suite, and other settings for you to practice interacting with patients.

What Kinds Of Questions Do You Typically Ask Np Applicants In Such Interviews

Interview questions are consistent in order to ensure a fair evaluation process for each applicant, and our goal is to better understand how the applicant acted in specific situations. These questions allow the applicant to reflect on their approach in the pastwhat they might have learned from that situation and how this might inform their actions in the future. We look for applicants who can provide specific examples and thoughtful reflection.

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Certifications For Popular Specializations

The type of NP certification you earn will vary depending on your specialty or subspecialty. Here are examples of some popular NP specialties and the certifications you can pursue:

  • Family Nurse Practitioner Certification , offered by the ANCC
  • Family Nurse Practitioner certification, offered by the AANPCB

Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner

  • Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner-Primary Care , offered by the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board

Built For Texass Next Great Nursing Leaders

FNP BOARDS EXAM | How To Study & Prepare

The goal of our BSN-DNP program is to qualify you to take national certification exams and receive licensure as an Advanced Practice Nurse in the state of Texas. To that end, this program is designed for:

  • Registered nurses who hold a BSN and seek greater responsibilities.
  • Nurses with at least one year of experience in ICUs, psychiatric, and other clinical settings who desire advanced skills.

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Round Up The Essentials

Nursing school is notoriously challenging, but a little practical preparation can help you avoid burnout. Katz recommends investing in a comfortable pair of shoes, finding some healthy snacks you can enjoy on the go and identifying a few exercises you can do almost anywhere.

Her last piece of advice? Have a friend on speed dial you can call when youre delirious from lack of sleep, or if you just need a virtual hug!

Relax Take A Vacation

Youre going to be working hard and challenged over the next 2-3 years in ways you have not yet experienced. Youve also worked really hard to get to this point. I highly recommend you take a vacation before starting NP school. Take some time to celebrate how hard you worked to get here and enjoy some relaxation before taking on this next personal, academic, and professional challenge!

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How Hard Is Np School

NP school isnt a walk in the park. NP school builds on the information and skills youve learned as an RN, preparing you to become a professional healthcare provider. With that being said, youre going to be challenged academically. Everything you learn will be at a higher, specialized level, but if its what youre truly passionate about, its rewarding. NP school aims to help you develop the skills and knowledge to properly care for patients on your own.

How Do You Stay Current With The Latest Medical Technology And Research

How to prepare for Grad School

A nurse practitioner must maintain their technical knowledge and expertise with current advances in medicine and patient care. The goal of the question is to determine how the candidate takes part in professional development. What to look for in an answer:

  • Willingness to participate in ongoing training and development
  • Ability to implement recent information into their daily work skills
  • Interpersonal skills to network and learn from other healthcare professionals


Because Im a registered member of the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba, I receive constant training and development updates and news. I attend as many professional conferences as I can to stay current with the latest information and medical advancements.

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Advice From An Expert: Dr Heather Shlosser Associate Dean Of Nursing At Simmons University

Dr. Heather Shlosser is the associate dean of the graduate school of nursing at Simmons University. Prior to her role at Simmons, Dr. Shlosser was an associate professor and program director at Frontier Nursing University . She played a key role in the development of the psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner program at FNU.

In addition to her leadership and academic appointments at Simmons, Dean Shlosser continues to work as a certified FNP and PMHNP in full-spectrum clinical practice. Among her professional areas of focus are the integration of behavioral health programs within primary care and mindfulness therapy.

Dr. Shlosser holds a BSN from Our Lady of the Elms, an MSN from Frontier Nursing University, and a DNP from the University of Virginia.

Advance Your Skills Advance Your Career

Becoming a Nurse Practitioner requires mastery of several clinical, interpersonal, and administrative abilities. Cizik School of Nursings BSN-DNP program builds upon your existing skills in nursing and healthcare delivery to improve your ability to diagnose patients, analyze healthcare data, explain key policies to providers, and meet other crucial needs.

In addition to your core DNP courses, youll also choose one of these specialty tracks based upon your current experience and future goals:

  • Adult/Gerontology Acute Care
  • Psychiatric/Mental Health

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Outstanding Leadership Innovative Care

Expand your influence on quality, evidence-based care by earning your doctorate degree through the BSN-DNP Nurse Practitioner Program at Cizik School of Nursing at UTHealth Houston. In as few as 9 to 12 semesters, you can hone your skills in practice, leadership, quality improvement, safety, and collaboration to ensure even greater outcomes for patients, families, providers, and organizations within your chosen track.

Set Clear Expectations With Family Friends And Work


Even though you are the one going to NP school, it affects many of the people around you. Make sure you talk with family, friends, and those you work with before you start NP school. You want to set clear expectations of what is expected of you and of them.

Caring for a family can be difficult, especially while in NP school. To prepare yourself to care for a family while in school, begin splitting up chores and tasks to those in your family. Let them understand you might not be able to do the chores you currently do now. This can also include child care, cooking meals, cleaning up, etc. It is helpful to make a list of all the chores that need to be done and how often. With your family or partner, go through the list and talk about what tasks are appropriate, and assign them to each family member. In the case you find that you dont have enough help to get chores done while in school, you may need to hire someone to do those tasks such as watching your children, walking your dog, or mowing your lawn. Keep this in mind when planning your finances through school.

It is also important to talk about your schedule with your friends. Let them know you may not be able to spend as much time with them while you are in school. Tell them how important it is for you to have the time to study and prepare for your classes.

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Which Specialty Are You Interested In And Why

This interview question is another common one. Faculty are looking for the heart of why the student is there. A personal story that ties to the specialty choice helps them see the “why” in your academic pursuit. For example, a story about caring for a pediatric oncology patient as a staff nurse in the hospital might lead one to want to manage the overall care of pediatric oncology patients. Additionally, if a nurse is planning to incorporate higher or additional degrees , the student should be prepared to explain his/her reasons for that as well.

What Are Your Expectations From This Organisation

As a registered nurse, you might have a few expectations from the organization youre working with. The interviewer gets the opportunity to hear your side of the deal, here are a few topics you might want to consider for questions to ask during the interview.

Talk about the learning and experience youll get from working in the institution. Also, discuss your shift timings, salary expectations and the working conditions you expect in your job. Mention a reasonable figure . Refrain from being too demanding keep these expectations as practical and simple as possible.

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Get Familiar With The Np Scope Of Practice In Your State

We all know that Nurse Practitioners provide a higher level of patient care than LPNs and RNs. You will train in specialized aspects of care, so you can also focus on diagnosing illness and treating conditions yourself, creating a direct care relationship with your patients. NPs also work with different people, depending on the specialty track, which leads to specialization in advanced procedures as well.

About The Fnp Profession

Family Nurse Practitioner Overview

FNPs are registered nurses who are prepared, through advanced education and clinical training, to provide a wide range of preventive and acute health care services to individuals of all ages. They complete health histories and provide physical examinations, diagnose and treat many common acute and chronic problems, interpret laboratory results and X-rays, prescribe and manage medications and other therapies, provide health teaching and supportive counseling with an emphasis on prevention of illness and health maintenance, and refer patients to other health professionals as needed.

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Where To Start: Are You Wondering How To Become An Np

Becoming an NP is a rigorous educational process underpinned with evidence-based coursework and clinical rotations. To become an NP, one must be a registered nurse , hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing , complete an NP-focused graduate masters or doctoral nursing program and successfully pass a national NP board certification exam.

In addition to core science and math coursework, such as a pre-health sciences core, the baseline prerequisites for acceptance into an NP program include the requirements that potential students hold a BSN degree and be actively licensed as an RN.

NPs are classified as advanced practice registered nurses along with certified registered nurse anesthetists , certified nurse-midwives and clinical nurse specialists . Graduate NP education builds upon the foundational knowledge obtained in undergraduate BSN-registered nursing education. During graduate school, NPs gain the advanced clinical knowledge and skills to diagnose, manage and prescribe medications and other treatments for patients.

Complete All The Prerequisites

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but its important to be sure youre meeting all of the requirements, according to Michelle Katz, LPN, MSN, author and healthcare advocate. These will obviously differ based on the program. The Rasmussen College Nursing program, for example, doesn’t have the rigid requirements many programs have, providing opportunity for more nursing hopefuls.

Be sure to double check with a program advisor or admissions counselor to ensure youre on track to meet the requirements to attend your future program. Additionally, dont forget that grades matter and starting out on the right foot means working hard to achieve the best grades possible.

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What Is A Nurse Practitioner

NPs hold advanced training in a nursing specialty area such as adult-gerontology , family nurse practice , neonatal, pediatrics, psychiatric, and women’s health. NPs diagnose and treat patients in hospitals, physicians’ offices, outpatient clinics, and community health centers.

Becoming a nurse practitioner can increase an RN’s career advancement opportunities and NP earning potential. While nurse practitioner schooling can take between 2-6 years to complete, graduates find it well worth the time and effort. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 52% growth rate for NP positions from 2020-2030 and reports an average annual salary of $118,040.

Visit our nurse practitioner career overview for additional information about what nurse practitioners do and where they work.

Section I: Certification Exam Information

How to Prepare for NP School

Do you do better at something when you understand the process? Or at least feel more confident when you know in advance the steps required to accomplish a task? This section is for you!

  • Overview of the two different types of certifications available for the FNP AANC and the AANP
  • Similarities and differences of the two exams
  • Total questions and time limits of each
  • How to apply to test
  • Discounts available
  • Fees, transcript requirements, documentation, scheduling
  • What happens if I miss my test date or my authorization to test expires
  • Basically a great overview of the minute details of how to apply, what to do, what to submit, and what to expect after applying
  • I cannot tell you the amount of anxiety this one section alleviated for me
  • Where to test Hint: Prometric Computer Testing Centers
  • What the process looks like
  • Phone number for contact
  • How to get a letter / authorization to test
  • How to test if you are an international military member
  • Certification Renewal
  • TIMELINE FOR STUDYING for Boards and what to take with you to the exam
  • What you should do the days leading up to the exams
  • Test Anxiety and BREATHING TECHNIQUES to help you do the very best on your Family Nurse Practitioner Boards
  • Example questions, what to look for, directions for guiding your study time
  • As you can tell each section is packed with super amazing and helpful information!

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