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How To Get Through Nursing School

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How To Prepare Yourself For Nursing School

How to get through nursing school ! (quick tips, advice) || Hannah Palmer

Summary: Ready to start your nursing career? Youll first want to prepare yourself for nursing school and think through logistics like paying tuition, building a support system, and adopting new study habits. Felician University supports ABSN students with nursing school tips for your success, from studying smart to staying organized to being proactive.

If you know you want to become a nurse, and you know you want to apply to our Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing programyou definitely need to read this post. Why? Because it provides valuable insight on how to prepare yourself for nursing school. Youll also get some tips on how to succeed in nursing school.

Helpful Student Nursing Communities And Resources

From Reddit and Facebook communities to informative YouTube videos and podcasts, theres a ton of free resources available to help nursing students make it through school.

Facebook Groups/Pages

Nursing Students: This active page maintains more than 88,000 followers and counting.

National Student Nurses Association: Students can find support and insights from this page, which has more than 500,000 followers.

Surviving Nursing School with Nurse Angie: This page encourages the sharing of resources and tips, and offers free tutoring for nursing students.

Reddit Communities

Reddit for Nurses: This page exists for practicing nurses looking for support and camaraderie.

Reddit for Nursing Students: Created for students, by students, this is a helpful community for asking questions and sharing experiences.

Reddit for Pre-Nursing: A great community to check out if youre thinking about becoming a nurse but want more details.

YouTube Videos/Channels

Seek Out Peer Support

Family and friends arent the only ones who can support you through nursing school. Getting official academic support can be just as much of a boost! A good nursing program will offer plenty of options for academic help if you know where to look.

For example, you can seek out help through the peer tutoring and peer mentoring programs at Rasmussen University. These academic support programs can match you with a student tutor or mentor who has is qualified to help you improve your study habits and work through any academic areas you need assistance with.

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Find The Right Programs

Before you even begin applying to nursing programs, its crucial to decide what youre looking for. Picking the right programs to apply for involves asking yourself questions such as:

  • Do they offer the right degree for the career I want?
  • Do they have specialty courses that interest me?
  • How much clinical rotation time will I get?
  • Whats their access to top-quality equipment?
  • How well do students do on licensing exams?
  • Does the school offer career placement programs?
  • Can I afford the tuition?

Something to consider is attending information sessions at the various schools you might be interested in. This can give you a better feel for the specifics of the program and help you decide if its the right fit. Some schools may even let you sit in on certain classes or meet with professors.

What about online nursing school?

Another thing to ask yourself is whether the format of a program fits into your life. While many students still attend traditional on-campus programs, an increasing number of people are looking for online options that let them pursue higher education while balancing other responsibilities in their lives. The good news is that these programs do exist in a hybrid format. In these, the hands-on, clinical portion of your coursework will need to be done in person, but most of your nonclinical classes can be taken online.

Focus On Comprehension Instead Of Grades

How to Get Through Nursing School Successfully

It goes without saying that nursing school is rigorous. The amount of information you will learn and retain throughout your time here is enormous. But success does not always equal perfect grades. Nursing students who focus on comprehension of content versus stressing out over memorizing just enough to pass the test and get the grades are more resilient and often more prepared for the NCLEX post graduation.

Rather than obsess over each grade, focus on comprehension, learning the material, and developing your critical thinking skills. The stats and lab values are important, but sometimes you cant build the technical knowledge until you understand how to think like a nurse. Developing that skill can be different from getting the highest score possible.

The most important thing to remember is to focus on learning the material. Some people can read all the information but not retain any of it. Everyone has a different learning style, if you find yourself struggling to internalize the course material, talk to your professors or reach out to the Center for Teaching and Learning for more study tips.

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What To Expect From A Career In Nursing

Nursing programs at Ontario colleges come at varying levels for those in or interested in the field. Courses meet the needs of current Registered Nurses looking to diversify their skills as well as future nurses looking to get started.

Patient care demands exceptional attention to detail and a compassion for those in need. If you have these things and you see yourself starting or continuing in nursing education, heres what you need to know.

How Hard Is Nursing School

Nursing degree programs are known for their rigorous coursework. According to the AACN, in a university or college setting, the first two years of a traditional BSN program include classes in the humanities, social sciences, basic sciences, business, psychology, technology, sociology, ethics, and nutrition.

In the junior and senior years of university, the curriculum focuses on the nursing sciences, and emphasis moves from the classroom to health facilities. This is where students are exposed to clinical skills, nursing theory and the varied roles nurses play in the health care system.

Courses include nurse leadership, health promotion, family planning, mental health, environmental and occupational health, adult and pediatric care, medical and surgical care, psychiatric care, community health, management and home health care.

While nursing school can be a challenge, it is important to prepare students for their licensing exam, as well as a rewarding career in nursing.

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About The Nursing Program

Students in the nursing and practical nursing programs at Ivy Tech gain valuable skills and experiences by caring for real patients in a variety of clinical settings including lab simulations. The growing use of simulations in nursing schools allow students to assume roles that are typically unavailable in a clinical setting, allowing students to make critical choices and see the results of those decisions. We use a variety of teaching methods and learning strategies in the classroom, clinical settings, and online to appeal to every learning style. Students can even take some nursing and practical nursing required general education courses online.

Associate of Science in Nursing Program

Once admitted to the program, an Associate of Science in Nursing degree can be achieved in less than two years. The nursing faculty at Ivy Tech provide individualized tutoring and mentoring to help students succeed. Our statewide aggregate pass rates are consistently high, and our nursing graduates are in high demand throughout Indiana. Learn how to apply to Ivy Tech Community College.

The nursing program at Ivy Tech has a selective admissions process. There is a separate application process for nursing and health sciences limited enrollment programs and the programs only accept a limited number of students each year. After applying to Ivy Tech, you will be enrolled in the Pre-Nursing certification program while completing prerequisite course requirements.

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Next Steps For Single Moms Going To Nursing School

How to Get Straight A’s in Nursing School (TOP TIPS!)

Single moms in nursing school will probably have a harder time of things, but that shouldnt deter you if this is something you really want to do.

Nursing is a good career for single moms because of its flexibility and the potential to earn a good salary. So, if you have an opportunity to attend nursing school and you are up for the challenge, I say go for it.

Hopefully, these single mom nursing school tips in this post will help you get through nursing school successfully, so you can create a better financial life for you and your kids.

Are you a single mom going back to school for nursing? What do you think is the hardest part of becoming a nurse as a single mother?

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Here Are Some Ways To Nurture Balance In Your Life During Nursing School:

  • Eat healthy: Eat a variety of vegetables, fruits, lean protein sources, and healthy fat sources, such as nut butters. Food is fuel for your body, so taking care of yourself especially in a stressful time is crucial.
  • Exercise: Take time to exercise regularly. Make this part of your routine. It will provide stress relief and get you on your feet after a day of sitting. You have the time to do nursing school and to stay healthy.
  • Go outside: The life of a nursing student is between four walls of the house, the lab, or the healthcare facility. Go outside every day. Get some vitamin D by taking a walk in the sun or studying on your patio.
  • Play with your dog: Animals are fantastic for mental health, and having the love of a dog or a cat can encourage you. Dogs are also a great way to get outside, stay active, and interact positively.
  • Talk to someone: If you are stressed, it may help to talk with a licensed counselor or therapist. To keep your patients well, you need to be well first. At CTX, we care about you as a person, and we are here to help you in any way we can.
  • Take care of your health needs: Even though youre in nursing school, you still should make time to stay healthy. Go to preventative care visits such as your family doctor, eye doctor, and dentist, as this will ensure youre at your best.

Accelerated Bachelors Of Science In Nursing

This option is available for people who already hold a bachelors degree in another field and would like to accomplish a BSN in a quick time. To enter an accelerated bachelors program, one must have a degree in any other field, accomplish the mandated prerequisite courses, and have a strong GPA upon applying. These programs range from 12 months to 2 years. .

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Begin Studying For Exams Immediately

To get information into your long-term memory, you must read it and write it multiple times. Studying all night the evening before only moves the information into your short-term memory and makes you tired for the exam. Start reviewing the material the day it is presented in class, so that when exam day comes, you can approach the test worry-free!

Tips To Get You Through It

How Do You Get Through Nursing School? With Support &  Confidence.
  • Enjoy your breaks! Any time you have a break seriously use it as a time to relax. I know that you may be tempted to spend the whole break studying for NCLEX or something, but you have to take several days where you do what you want to do. This will go a long way.
  • Catch-up on sleep! This is something you can do on your breaks and the weekends. If you have kids, have someone watch them for a few hours just so you can sleep.
  • Vent! Come to the forum on this website or comment below and just vent on how much you hate nursing school. You will be amazed how much better you feel. Myself and others will definitely be able to relate with you.
  • Eat better! Try to avoid high caloric foods and pick healthier options. It is okay to have these foods sometimes, but not every day.
  • Talk with other students! I found this to be a great stress reliever for me because it was nice to know my classmates were going through the same thing as me. It made me feel normal.
  • Remember it wont last long! Nursing school will be over before you know it, promise! Try to keep telling yourself that one day this will be just a distant memory and that you will probably look back at it and laugh.

Do you have any tips that you would like to share? Comment or vent below!

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Create Helpful Study Habits Thatll Keep You Focused

I could absorb my study material just about anywhere as long as I had a set of earplugs with me.

Here are a few other helpful study habits you may want to consider adding:

  • Manage stress with meditation and movement. The stress hormone cortisol makes it more challenging to recall information.
  • Lavender and peppermint can be helpful study buddies. Not only do they smell great and help you relax, but they may also help you retain information and focus more clearly.
  • How To Get Into Nursing School

    Nurses are in high demand, particularly those with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing . A report from the Institute of Medicine has recommended that at least 80% of the nursing workforce should hold a baccalaureate degree or higher.

    Holding registered nurses to this standard by requiring a majority of the nursing workforce to have at least a bachelors degree has the potential to improve patient outcomes. Some nursing students choose to earn their BSN right away while others may return to school for an RN-to-BSN program. Individuals with a bachelors degree in another field can also enter an accelerated BSN program to join the nursing workforce.

    Because the profession requires great skill, nursing schools are often rigorous in their admissions process. Its important for future nurses to find the right program, understand the application process and be aware of what financial aid and scholarship opportunities are available.

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    Engage In Time Management

    “Plan. Plan. Plan.”

    Nursing courses are busy and many of you have responsibilities outside of getting yourself through your degree. Plan. Plan. Plan. Your programme will be a smoother ride if you manage your time effectively. Use the days you are not on placement or in class to study, stay on top of those assignments. Book your tutorial support well in advance of any assignment deadline. University lecturers will tend not to offer appointments within one week of assignment submission dates. Remember, your module leaders, personal tutors, and academic support staff, have varied roles and can get booked up very quickly. To save disappointment, book early.

    Nursing School Is Hard

    How To Get Through Nursing School (Guaranteed!) | Trev CN

    Dont think youre the only one who is saying that. And if you arent now, the odds are that eventually you will be saying that or something you know will be saying that. We know how hard nursing school can be and how sacrificing studying is. Here is our8 Tips to Get Through Nursing School.

    This is Full Time Nurses Guide to Succeed in Nursing School.

    Need to find out what accessories you need for nursing school?

    1. Make Friends

    Make friends, then make study groups, then make more friends. One of the best ways to study, especially in nursing school, are study groups. Doing flashcards with friends, or writing out terms on a whiteboard with friends is a great way to talk things out and make sure you know what is going on.

    2. Get Organized

    Get Organized Get a Planner

    Get a planner! Staying organized is so important to keep track of everything that is due. This is my favorite planner and I purchase one every year. If you dont want a physical planner use Google Calendar or the Calendar app on your phone.

    Get Organized Color Code

    My absolute favorite to use are felt tip pens, which I find amazing to write with and generally dont bleed through. Color coding by subject helps tremendously when organizing information. There are the specific 5-Star binders I use. These are the 5-Star folders I use. And finally some highlighters that I love!

    3. Study

    4. Get a Solid Laptop

    5. Go to the Library

    6. Make Flashcards

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    What Causes Nursing School Stress

    Nursing school has a reputation for being challenging. Most aspiring nurses dont embark on their degree program assuming theyre going to skate by doing the bare minimum. The demanding workload is certainly part of the stress equation, but its not the only thing to consider.

    Nursing school presents a mixture of complicated subject matter to learn, including memorizing unfamiliar medical vocabulary, performing hands-on clinical work, and demonstrating a high-level understanding of nursing ethics and patient care best practicesjust to name a few. Traditional study tips can help, but the fact remains that nursing students have to master a wide array of topics.

    On top of this, many nursing students dive so far into their studies, they feel as though theyre in a bubble. Classes are intense, and workloads are heavy. This leaves very little time to socialize and have fun, says Alaina Ross, registered nurse and expert contributor to Test Prep Insight. This social isolation can compound any school-related stress you’re feeling.

    Successful Nursing School Habits Take Time

    Learning how to study better and implementing these nursing school study tips takes practice. But nursing in itself is a practice that you will continue to build on throughout your career. Upon graduation, you will find that many of the habits you develop in school will make you a better nurse once you get into the real-world setting.

    Your goal in nursing school is to learn as much as you can. But dont stop there. The best nurses never stop learning and growing within the profession.

    Guest author Sarah Jividen, RN, BSN, SCRN is a second-career nurse, freelance writer, mother of two, and founder of Mother Nurse Love, a resource for busy mom RNs. Her nursing specialties include emergency room, neuro/trauma, and critical care. In a rare moment of spare time, you might find Sarah practicing yoga, writing, or attending a local concert venue with her husband.

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