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How To Find Travel Nurses

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Disadvantages Of Choosing The Housing Stipend

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Being in control of your housing may seem like a greatoption, it is not for everyone. It also has some disadvantages you mustconsider. These can include:

  • Up-Front Costs You are responsible forcovering deposits for both housing and any utilities. Also, you may need toarrive early to have utilities connected.
  • Renting Furniture Many places will not comefurnished, meaning you will need to bring your own, rent, or purchase secondhand.
  • Paying Penalties Should your contract be canceledfor any reason you are responsible for any fees associated with the cancelationof your lease or rental agreement.

Housing is often the most stressful part of being a travel nurse. Understanding your housing options, as well as voicing your needs and concerns with your travel nurse agency, is essential before you accept a contract.

We hope that you found these tips on how to find housing helpful. Do you have any tips to help travel nurses find housing that wasnt mentioned in this article? Comment them below.

What Is Pediatric Travel Nurse

Pediatric travel nursing jobs involve working as a nurse in the pediatric unit of a hospital or healthcare facility on a temporary basis, typically for 13-week assignments. As a pediatric travel nurse, you will be responsible for providing care to children of all ages, from newborns to adolescents, including monitoring vital signs, administering medication, and performing procedures as needed.

What Is Travel Nursing Assistant

Travel nursing assistants, also known as nursing assistants or nursing aides, are healthcare professionals who work on a temporary basis in various healthcare facilities, including hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities.

Travel nursing assistants typically work under the supervision of registered nurses or licensed practical nurses, and are responsible for providing basic patient care, such as bathing, dressing, and feeding patients, and assisting with daily living activities.

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Best Customer Service: Axis Medical Staffing

Axis Medical Staffing

  • Not transparent about pay rates

  • Doesn’t include paid sick leave in benefits

Axis‘ user reviews remain the highest on this list. Formed in Seattle, Washington, in 2003,Axis touts several coveted benefits, including payment of paid personalized housing options , as well as immediate vesting in its company-matched 401 plan.

This agency regularly features a new Traveler of the Month nurse on its blog. Additionally, Axisâ website has a page dedicated to Ask an Axis Travel Nurse, which features an easy submission form where a nurse can answer all your questions.

This encouraging way of connecting can provide novice or even seasoned travelers with a trusted source in the form of a nursing peer who has traveled with this specific agency several times, instead of hosting an impersonal message board. Axis also offers a live chat feature that’s easily accessible on the homepage. These features earned Axis the top spot on Bluepipes Best Travel Nursing /Companies list in 2022.

Axis promises similar reimbursements and benefits to other companies, but it is not immediately clear from the company’s website whether it offers paid sick leave.

What If You’re New To Travel Nursing

How to Find Travel Nurse Housing [ The Ultimate Guide ]

No problem! American Traveler specializes in helping staff nurses get started with traveling, whether they are ‘new’ or highly experienced practitioners. Hospitals of every classification hire talented RNs to fill their temporary staffing gaps. Travel nursing is a highly respected and increasingly popular career option. Travelers are among the most skilled RNs in the field. They must hit the ground running, be flexible, learn and adapt quickly. So many travelers tell us, “travel nursing has made me a better nurse, a more hireable nurse, and even a better person.”

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Brush Off Your Interview Skills

You wont automatically be paired with a hospital youll have to interview for the job by phone or video chat. This is your opportunity to show the hospital administrators what youre made of, what youre excited about, and what you can bring to their facility. Your recruiter might even be able to offer you some interview tips to calm your nerves.

Get Started With Stability Healthcare

Stability Healthcare has a simple recruiting process that can be completed in a couple of steps. To begin, all you need to do is create a profile on Stability, which can be filled out in minutes. After your nursing license verification, you will be matched with a recruiter that will consider your nursing specialty, skills, references, and requests to make your profile. From there, you are able to choose your ideal location, view rates and travel packages, and be interviewed and sent out on assignment.

Along with an easy onboarding process, Stability also provides the travel nurse salary when looking for the travel nursing assignment. This provides transparency and also shows competitive pay packages often with a great program for travel benefits, and travel nurse housing. It can be worrisome as a travel RN to find housing, but with Stability, you are given an unlimited number of options for housing, and many times, the team will assist you to find the best deal or a housing stipend for you.

Stability offers high-quality travel nursing recruiting, giving the travel nurse exclusive travel opportunities, experience at skilled nursing facilities, flexibility, and added benefits.

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Let Us Help You With Housing

Advantis Medical is pleased to offer our travelers discounted hotel rates through our partners: Extended Stay America, Wyndham, Travelerâs Haven, Hotel Engine and more! We offer a concierge type service for our clinicians where we help them at the beginning, middle and end of the housing process. We send our clinicians a housing form they fill out with all their preferences/stipend/budget. From there, we work with our partners and resources to find the safest most affordable housing for our clinicians. We will even book housing for them if that is a service they would like. We also have a special discount code with Enterprise Rent-a-Car if that is a mode of transportation our travelers are interested in!

The recruiters at Advantis Medical Staffing will be more than happy to help you find housing to ensure that your travel assignment is as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Sign up on Advantis Connect to join the Advantis Medical clinicians team and find unforgettable travel nurse assignments.

Beware Of Craigslistcom And Too Good To Be True Offers They Usually Are

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Do you just jump on Craigslist and start making calls? You can certainly find real housing options on Craigslist, but it comes at a cost. Frankly, you really cant trust everything you read on Craigslist. In fact, if youre a member of the Gypsy Nurse Travel Nurse Housing Group, you see it somewhat frequently someone will post the too good to be true housing offer they found on Craigslist asking if its real. Thankfully, other members will step in and tell them to steer clear because its a scam. .

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Nurse Housing Option #: Temporary Furnished Housing: Travel Nurse

Some travel nurses may find it is easiest to secure furnished nurse housing.

While this may look a bit different from agency to agency, typically, furnished meansthat you will be provided with the following:

  • Bedroom queen size bed, dresser, nightstand, and lamp
  • Dining room kitchen table and four chairs
  • Living room sofa, end table, coffee table, chair or love seat, lamp, TV stand.

You may also select extras, such as:

  • A washer and dryer, and
  • A microwave may be provided for an additional cost.

If you decide to opt for the furnished housing route, here are some of the options you can choose from.


Airbnb is an online marketplace whose purpose is to connect people who want to rent their homes with people who need to find accommodations in that area.

Airbnbs can be found in more than 81,000 cities and over 191 countries around the world and can be the ideal option for travel nurse housing.

And with such a wide variety of Airbnb housing options, you are sure to find accommodations that are perfect for you.

Since Airbnbs are typically rented on a per-night basis, many homeowners are thrilled to rent to a professional who is willing to commit to a three-month contract, so be sure to ask for a discounted rate for your stay.

What Are Travel Nurse Agency Stipends

Stipends are tax-free reimbursements for food and housing costs that you accrue while being on a temporary assignment away from your tax home.

Youll only qualify for these if you live within the acceptable distance from your travel assignment compared to your permanent home or tax home.

Your base salary rate will be in the range of typically hourly pay. However, when you add in stipends after taxes are deducted, your weekly pay increases dramatically.

Each geographic area has limits on stipends that are regulated by the government .

In general, the stipends increase in areas where cost of living is higher, and decrease where they are lower, but this is not always tried and true. In my experience, you can still receive generous stipends even in areas of lower cost of living.

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Consider A Crisis Response Job

Want to get to work fast? Consider a crisis response job. These are typically short-term contract nursing positions in locations that need skilled nurses STAT.

Teri Knight, RN, wanted to find a way to use her ICU skills during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. She trusted her NurseChoice recruiter to find a place for her. With a laugh she said, I told him, Send me where you need me, and send me where the money is.

From the time she got an offer for a 4-week crisis response job in California to her first day on the job was about two weeks. It went really fast, she said. She spent four weeks on a crisis COVID assignment in a hospital in the San Francisco Bay Area, then returned home for two weeks. After catching her breath, Knight then headed back to California for another 4-week crisis nursing job in Los Angeles.

These kinds of jobs are intense but can be incredibly rewarding. So, if this kind of work sounds appealing, let your recruiter know.

Overview Of Travel Nursing Housing

Find your perfect travel nursing job with Accountable Healthcare ...

When it comes to travel nursing housing, there are a few main considerations to keep in mind. First, youll need to decide if you want to rent a place or stay with family or friends. There are pros and cons to both options. Renting a place gives you more privacy and flexibility, but it can also be expensive. Staying with family or friends can save you money, but it might not be as convenient or comfortable. Its important to weigh your options carefully before making a decision.

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Attend A Job Fair For Medical Professionals

Job fairs are events where recruiters, hiring managers and employers can meet qualified candidates and learn more about them. They can be a great way to locate health care facilities that are actively hiring nurses for temporary positions. Prior to attending the job fair, be sure to see which organizations are planning to attend to know what you can expect. Since many hospitals and health care facilities use job fairs to hire a large number of medical staff in a short period of time, you may have a good opportunity to learn more about available travel nursing positions.

On the day of the fair, print several hard copies of your resume to give to recruiters. After providing your resume to potential employers, ask for their contact information in return. Even if you aren’t able to find a position as a travel nurse right away, the employers at the fair may still offer to notify you when a particular position opens and allow you to apply early. Send the employers you interacted with a thank-you note within 24 hours after the fair thanking them for their time.

How To Find Icu Travel Nurse Jobs Near Me

To find ICU travel nursing jobs, you can search online job boards and websites that specialize in travel nursing positions, such as, American Mobile Healthcare, RNnetwork, Medical Solutions, and Cross Country Nurses.

You can also check the websites of hospitals and healthcare facilities in your area and use job search websites such as and to search for ICU travel nursing jobs. In addition, you can contact local nursing agencies or staffing firms that specialize in placing nurses in ICUs, or network with other nurses to learn about job openings.

To qualify for an ICU travel nursing job, you typically need to have at least one year of experience working as an ICU nurse, and hold a valid nursing license in the state where you will be working. Some travel nursing agencies may also require additional certifications, such as Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support .

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Nurse Housing Option #: Travel Nursing Agency Housing Department

Some travel nursing agencies have an internal housing department specifically dedicated to helping its clients secure travel nurse housing.

The travel nursing agency housing department will be able to assist you in finding travel nurse apartments or homes that offer a short-term lease.

These agencies may also be able to assist by:

  • Renting a furniture package,
  • Paying your utilities, or even
  • Helping you acquire necessary housewares, such as dishes and linens.

If you are a first-time travel nurse, you may want to consider going with agency-placed nurse housing for your first travel nursing assignment.

Allowing the agency to secure your housing on your first go-around will give you one less thing to think about as you adjust to your new lifestyle.

Once you are in the swing of travel nursing, you will have a better idea of exactly what you are looking for when it comes to travel nurse lodging.

Travel Nursing Abroad: What You Need To Know

Australian Registration Process vis New Zealand for RN in UK/Ireland/US/Canada | No IELTS

Where you can go, how to prepare, and what you can earn as an international travel nurse.

If youre looking to mix your love of healthcare with your sense of adventure, consider a career as a travel nurse abroad. Along with roles across the United States, you may find opportunities for international travel nursing jobs in destinations such as Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.

In this Article

About the Job |Benefits of Travel Nursing|Salary|Educational Requirements|Finding Work Overseas|Living Abroad

A career in overseas nursing can come with a lot of questions, from where you can go to how much money you can make. Use this guide as a starting point to get the answers you need to these questions and more.

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Working With The Right Recruiter

Its also important to work with the right recruiter inside of an agency you like. Recruiters can work in completely different ways. Finding the right recruiter for you who works fast and is responsive will make all the difference in being one of the first travelers to know about a great, new opportunity. This industry moves very fast! If you dont have a recruiter that moves fast on your behalf, you can lose out on jobs that you couldve easily gotten in front of the hiring manager for.

This is something that I can help you with. If you dont have a great recruiter, or youre not working with enough recruiters, or you dont know which agencies have a travel position in the location you want to go to that is exactly the problem that Nomadicares recruiter matching solves. Its completely free for travelers! All you do is fill out a form to tell me about your goals and Ill make sure you are with the best companies and recruiters for you. You can come back as often as you would like as your location goals change!

Travel Nursing Facebook Groups

As much as Facebook seems to be trending out of style, its still a very relevant place for our industry. This can be the go-to social media site for recruiters to post travel nurse jobs. There are also some amazing Facebook groups just to connect to other travelers, have community, and learn about the industry as well. Ive made some of my very best friends by using travel Facebook groups!

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How To Find Nicu Travel Nurse Jobs Near Me

To find NICU travel nursing jobs, you may also search for NICU travel nursing jobs on the websites of hospitals and healthcare institutions in your region, as well as on job search websites such as and In addition, you may network with other nurses to hear about employment opportunities or contact local nursing agencies or staffing organizations that specialize in placing nurses in NICUs.

To be considered for a NICU travel nursing position, you need have at least one year of experience as a NICU nurse and a valid nursing license in the state where you will be working. Additional qualifications, such as Basic Life Support and Neonatal Resuscitation Program, may be required by some travel nurse firms .

The Fine Art Of Finding A Travel Nurse Job

How to Find Travel Nurse Housing [ The Ultimate Guide ]

If youre dreaming of taking your nursing skills on the road, it may be time to start looking for a travel nursing job.

But if youve never tried contract nursing, you might be wondering: How hard is it to find a travel nurse job? Where do I even start? What can I do to ensure I get a good assignment?

Rest easy: its not as hard as you might think. In fact, youll find that working with a travel nurse recruiter can make the whole process go quite smoothly. Here are a few important things to do as you begin the search for your first travel nursing assignment.

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