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How To Complete Prerequisites For Nursing

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Become A Certified Nursing Assistant

NCLEX Study Plan Schedule Guide: Strategies & Tips to Pass NCLEX First Try

Becoming a CNA can add valuable work experience to a prospective nursing students resume. CNA education requirements take only several months to complete but can provide great insight into the healthcare field. Additionally, it also can help pay for nursing school. A lot of people start their nursing practice as CNAs.

Differences Between Adn And Bsn Nursing Programs

Advantages of an Associate Degree in Nursing

  • Provides entry-level requirement to become an RN
  • Allows you to try the field without committing to a four-year program
  • Quick, convenient for working adults or those with families
  • Focuses more exclusively on science courses to help pass NCLEX-RN examination

Disadvantages of an Associate Degree in Nursing

  • There are better options if you are sure you want to be a nurse
  • Less competitive compared to more educated candidates
  • Does not provide the necessary training to pursue a specialty
  • Less opportunities in hospital settings
  • Less career advancement in the nursing field
  • Less time for clinical experiences
  • Very little coursework in the humanities or arts

What Courses Are Required Before I Apply

The first step to applying for BSN transfer admission is to understand the prerequisite requirements. By the time you apply, at least five of the six prerequisites must be in-progress or completed for an A-F grade and at least one science course must be completed for a letter grade of C- or better. Additionally, all six of the prerequisites need to be taken for an A-F grade and all prerequisites need to be completed with a grade of C- or better.

The six prerequisites are:

  • Lifespan Growth & Development
  • Human Nutrition

Note: Many students choose to take Anatomy and Physiology I prior to enrollment as this course can help them feel more prepared. It is not a required prerequisite.

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Prerequisites For Bsn Nursing Programs

The prerequisites for BSN nursing programs vary depending on the type of program a student is interested in. For example, straightforward Bachelor of Science in Nursing program requirements are similar to other types of four-year bachelors degree programs. Candidates must submit an application and provide high school or associate degree transcripts that reflect an applicants cumulative GPA. Minimum GPA requirements may vary based on the school an applicant is applying to.

However, students who have completed a bachelors degree in a non-nursing discipline can choose an accelerated BSN nursing program. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, accelerated baccalaureate programs can often be completed in 11 to 18 months. Graduates from both types of programs are eligible to take the NCLEX-RN and pursue licensure as a registered nurse.

A third type of baccalaureate degree option is an RN to BSN program. An RN to BSN program allows nurses who have an active RN license to advance their education while continuing to work. Nursing prerequisites for this type of study track including licensing and admissions requirements, as noted below.

Nursing Skills That Bsn Programs Focus On


Completing an education and passing the NCLEX are important milestones on the path toward becoming a registered nurse. However, professionals who work in this field must also develop various other hard and soft skills. Nursing is both challenging and rewarding, and it takes a lot more than medical knowledge to be successful. Consequently, aspiring nurses will be well served by developing and fine-tuning the following capabilities:

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What You Need To Get Into Undergraduate Nursing School

Undergraduate nursing school requirements are quite similar to any other college requirements:

  • Complete your application and have it submitted by the deadline.
  • Complete your application for federal student aid by the deadline.
  • If you have an option to visit the campus and participate in an admissions interview, do so. Some nursing schools dont have the resources to interview every student so when you have the chance you should take it.
  • Any applicable transcripts must be included.
  • Know what exams you must have taken, ie. SAT, Nursing School Entrance Exam, and any others.
  • Apply for any applicable scholarships or grants through the school or other sources
  • You must have a high school diploma or a GED.
  • Meet any GPA requirements.

Rn To Bsn Online Program

Nurses who have already earned an Associate Degree in Nursing , and have their RN license, may wish to enroll in DCoNs online RN-to-BSN program. This program has been designed by nurses, for nurses, many of whom must continue working. The good news is that this program has no prerequisites, provided you have an ADN from an accredited institution and an unencumbered state license as a registered nurse!

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What Are Nursing Prerequisites

Every degree type has whats known as prerequisites: foundational courses one must complete before diving into the core subject matter. Also known as general education courses or gen eds, prerequisites or prereqs are taken during the first year or two of college. Once prerequisites are finished, students move on to coursework more specific to their field of study.

Nursing prerequisites are required for those pursuing an RN or BSN. While each accredited nursing school will have a slightly different nursing prerequisites list, students should expect a variety of basic education topics such as math, history, writing, and more.

Because nursing is a vital part of the healthcare industry, students will also take foundational science-based courses. These topics prepare nursing students for the more challenging classes during their junior and senior year.

An example nursing prerequisites list could include:

  • Developmental Psychology
  • Foreign Language

How many credits are required for for nursing prerequisites? College courses average 3 credits each, adding up to around 120 total to graduate. Nursing prerequisites may take up to half of those credit hours.

Prerequisite Requirements For The Accelerated Nursing Programs

Tracheostomy Care and Suctioning – Clinical Nursing Skills |@LevelUpRN
How to complete prerequisites before starting UR Nursing’s accelerated nursing program.

New scholarship covers costs of prerequisitesStudents admitted to the 12-Month Accelerated Bachelor’s program for Summer or Fall 2023 will receive a scholarship for all prerequisite coursework completed at the University of Rochester School of Nursing.

A career in nursing requires a strong proficiency in science, biology, and math. Therefore, we require completion of 21-24 credits of general and natural science-based prerequisite courses before beginning an accelerated nursing program. These can be completed 100% online through the Online Nursing Prerequisite Courses, which are offered at a discounted tuition rate by the University of Rochester.

Some students may have already completed one or several of the required courses as a part of their non-nursing bachelor’s degree. If you have questions about whether a course meets our requirements please schedule a call with an Admissions Counselor to review transcript.

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Faqs Regarding Specific Course Requirements

Q: What counts as an elective?

A: An elective is any academic course that is not being used to satisfy another course prerequisite. Physical education or kinesiology, vocational or technical courses, and remedial courses are not considered academic courses and cannot be counted toward the elective requirement. Examples of courses that do not meet the elective requirement include computer courses, nursing courses, and yoga or other fitness courses. The UTHealth Registrars Office will use the highest graded electives available on the transcript to calculate your prerequisite GPA.

Q: Can a graduate level course count towards the elective requirement?

A: No, only undergraduate courses can satisfy the requirement.

Q: What courses satisfy the visual and performing arts requirement?

A: Generally, any course with a prefix such as ARTS, DANC, MUAP, MUEN, MUSI, DRAM will satisfy the requirement. We accept dance, music, art, and drama courses. We also accept art, theater, and music history courses.

Q: Will a critical thinking course count toward the philosophy requirement?

A: Yes, critical thinking does count for the philosophy requirement. Intro to the Humanities does not count however, that course can be used as an elective.

Q: I took my prerequisites or received an undergraduate degree from a university outside Texas. Am I still required to take Texas Government?

A: Yes, all students pursuing the BSN degree in Texas must have taken Texas Government.

How To Register For 1

Labs are self-paced, and comprise 10-13 session modules and experiments. While registration remains open past the lab start date, we recommend registering and beginning by the start date as some labs require several weeks for observation and analysis. Beginning on the start date also ensures you can complete by the optional early deadline, if desired. You may register and begin at any time within the registration window and still meet the final completion deadline, but please keep in mind this may require more coordination of experiments and greater time commitment. Refer to the chart below for the course registration and completion windows for 1-credit courses each semester.


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Prerequisite Classes For A Nursing Program

An education to become a Registered Nurse starts before entering a program. Prerequisites are courses that must be completed before being allowed into a nursing program. Some classes may take longer than others, as some require one course in order to progress to another. Specific required classes will vary from school to school, but there are some that are common to most programs. The typical time to complete the needed courses is about two years.

How To Get Into A Nursing School

Complete Nursing Mnemonic Free Course
The first step to becoming a licensed nurse is to attend nursing school. In this guide, youll learn everything you need to know about applying and getting into nursing school, including how to pay for it and what to expect. This post will tell you how to apply to nursing schools so you can apply for an online RN to BSN program today.

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Take The First Step To Prepare For Nursing School

Applying to and preparing for nursing school requires some legwork, but you wont be going through the process alone. The common denominator with questions about how to prepare for nursing school is your admissions advisor, who always welcomes the opportunity to answer questions and help you succeed.

If youre interested in accelerating your path to nursing school, start with the first step contacting an admissions advisor to see if the Marian University ABSN program is a good fit for you.

Applying To Nursing School

What are the BSN programs in Oregon?

Oregon Health and Science University offers programs at its Portland campus as well as its partner universities in the Oregon Consortium for Nursing Education around the state:

  • Eastern Oregon University
  • Western Oregon University
  • Southern Oregon University
  • Oregon Institute of Technology

Several community colleges in Oregon are also partners in the Oregon Consortium for Nursing Education and in addition to the ADN offer the OHSU bachelors degree on their campus with similar prerequisite and entry requirements.

  • Clackamas Community College
  • Mt. Hood Community College
  • Lane Community College
  • Southwestern Oregon Community College
  • Rogue Community College
  • Umpqua Community College
  • Blue Mountain Community College

There are five private nursing schools in Oregon, all in the Portland area:

  • Concordia University

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Why Are Prerequisites Important

Joining the ranks of Americas most trusted profession takes hard work and dedication, as well as a basic understanding of the underlying science behind nursing. This is why most accelerated nursing tracks require you to have taken prerequisite courses to be eligible for admission. Prerequisite courses include topics that will benefit you as a nurse such as anatomy, physiology, microbiology, statistics, and psychology, though they may also include school-specific courses.

At this point, you may be wondering why prerequisite courses are not part of Mercers ABSN curriculum. Depending on your previous degree, you may already have taken some or all the prerequisites for nursing school, which is why schools seldom include them as a part of their ABSN track curriculum.

How Long Do Nursing School Prerequisites Take To Complete

Lab Values for Nursing Students | NCLEX Review

It generally takes 1 2 years to complete the prerequisite courses before admission.

Nevertheless, the time it takes to complete prerequisites depends on your previous education.

It also depends on the nursing program you apply for and the number of courses you take per semester.

Students that earn a non-nursing bachelors degree can fast-track into the nursing program.

Consequently, they require fewer prerequisites either because theyve taken them while earning their previous degree or earned credits applicable to the program.

In this case, students that have earned an associates or bachelors degree should apply for an accelerated degree program.

These second-degree programs speed up earning a nursing degree and save you money.

Some accelerated bachelorette programs take as little as 11 18 months to complete, including prerequisites.

Besides that, students that take college-level prerequisite courses in high school wont need to take those courses in college.

However, make sure the university accepts those course credits before applying.

The university may not apply the course to your current prerequisite requirements if it isnt college-level.

Lastly, some nursing schools require students to take two courses on a particular subject.

For example, many colleges require students to take anatomy and physiology 1 and 2, which they must complete sequentially.

It means that students must take these classes during separate semesters.

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What Nursing Prerequisites Do I Need To Complete

If youre wondering about which nursing prerequisites you will have to take before becoming an student, the answer depends on two things:

  • The status of your previous academic history, like holding a non-nursing bachelors degree.
  • How many transferable credits you have, with a minimum of 60 necessary to enroll without taking additional prerequisite courses.
  • Regardless of any other factors, however, you will need to complete all prerequisites with a grade of C or higher while maintaining both cumulative and science GPAs of 3.0 and above.

    Before attempting to enroll, be sure to speak with an admissions counselor. They will be able to help guide you through the process by forming a personalized academic plan and highlight the exact courses you need to complete as well as a recommended order in which to take them. All prerequisite courses are offered online, allowing you the greatest possible level of flexibility while preparing to enroll.

    Prepare Your Application Documents

    There are several components to an application that you should consider completing promptly:
    • Letters of Recommendation: Many universities ask for two to three recommendation letters, so ensure to ask your instructor three to six weeks before the deadline.
    • School Transcripts: Ensure to contact your school at least three weeks before the deadline to send your high school or GED transcript to your chosen program.
    • Test Scores: You should send a copy of your SAT or TEAS score at least two weeks before the deadline to guarantee that the tests arrive on time for your program.
    • Essays and Other Written Material: Make sure you have enough time to complete these essential application components before the deadline, as they can take a surprising amount of time.
    • Prepare For Your Interview: Prepare in advance by preparing answers to common interview questions and practicing with a friend or family member instead of just taking the test.

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    How Do You Get Prerequisites For Nursing

    Whether you choose a traditional four-year college or an accelerated degree program, youll still need to complete these entry-level courses to advance your education.

    There are two ways to get prerequisites for nursing:

    • Take courses directly from your college: For associates or bachelors degrees, each college will map out the exact prerequisites you need. Your accredited school of choice will have all these courses available to you on campus.
    • Test out of prerequisites: An alternative and more efficient way to get through your prereqs is by testing out of them. By passing one proficiency test, you can earn the same college credits but in a fraction of the time.

    is open to all college students, but many working CNAs and LPNs have found this system to be particularly helpful for earning an RN. Testing out of nursing prerequisites enables busy adults to balance work and education by completing general courses at a much quicker pace. Not only does this save time and money, but it allows students to move ahead to core nursing subjects much sooner.

    Nursing School Entrance Exams

    Complete Nursing Mnemonic Free Course

    All nursing schools do not require you take a nursing school entrance exam. But should you be required youll find an assortment of potentially required tests:

    • PAX-RN, or the Pre-Admission Exam for RN students, developed and delivered through the National League for Nursing . The exam is broken down into 3 major parts: verbal, science, and math skills.
    • TEAS, Test of Essential Academic Skills, includes 4 major parts: reading, math, English, science.
    • NET, Nurse Entrance Test, tests candidates in 6 areas: reading, math, stress, social interaction, testing abilities, learning skills.
    • Health Education Systems, Inc. exam

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    Important Things To Remember During The Interview Process

    • Be up to date on current health stories
    • Prepare by practicing mock interviews
    • Know key facts about the nursing program and the university
    • Dont lie, evade, or embellish during the interview

    While the type of questions asked at nursing school interviews is expansive and differs for every program, most nursing school interview questions fall into one of the following categories:

  • Traditional, open-ended
  • Current High School Students

    High school graduates can take a traditional path to a BSN even if they have little to no clinical experience. This path resembles the typical curriculum for a bachelor of science degree. In your first two years of college, courses may include basic medical school requirements: biology, chemistry, psychology, and anatomy. Getting through these basic courses early on will allow you to explore niche and complex topics later in your college career. Put yourself a step ahead of your peers by brainstorming what type of nurse you want to be and the requirements that this position would hold.

    The prerequisites coming out of high school are little to none. There will be many students who major in biology or chemistry who intend to become nurses, but also many who do not! Although you may think youre going to major in pre-med, this isnt a real major. It is an umbrella term for a curriculum for those interested in biology, science, and math. Many students who take a pre-med path will have different roles within the medical field. By taking biology, chemistry, and math courses in high school, you can improve your chances of getting into a nursing program or a pre-med track.

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