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How Do I Apply To Nursing School

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Before Applying To Nursing School

Apply to Nursing School w/ me + my tips & tricks to get motivated

Before applying to nursing schools, carefully examine each institution’s academic prerequisites. Prospective undergraduates should obtain their high school transcripts, while MSN applicants should contact their previous schools for their official undergraduate transcripts.

You should also take the appropriate entrance exam. These may include the ACT, SAT, and GRE, depending on the program. Many programs will require a specific nursing entrance exam, such as the HESI, ATI, TEAS, NLN Pre-Admission Exam , Nursing Entrance Test , or Kaplan Admissions Test. In addition, you will likely need to submit one or more letters of recommendation with your nursing application.

Feeling overwhelmed? Check out our helpful breakdown of a nursing school application timeline.

Research Which Nursing Program Is Best For You

Before you find a nursing school and apply, you should first determine which type of nursing program is going to be best suited to meet your educational and career goals. For many, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree can allow them to access their nursing career ambitions and this type of degree can be taken on a traditional or accelerated timescale. For others who are looking for more advanced nursing roles and are willing to take on the additional academic challenge, a Master of Science in Nursing program might be the right choice for them. Once you choose the program you want to pursue, the next step is to get in contact with an admissions adviser.

Bachelor Of Science In Nursing Pn To Rn To Bs

Who Should Apply? High school graduates who earned a C+ or 75 average in Algebra, Biology, and Chemistry courses, with an overall 2.75 or higher GPA, and who achieved a score in the proficient or higher range on the TEAS exam. The program seeks to admit adults who are seeking a career in nursing. This is a full-time day program. Candidates must be prepared to attend college for three full semesters each academic year, for three years.

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Craft A Compelling Resume And Statement Of Professional Goals

Your resume and statement of goals say a lot about you. It goes without saying that these documents should be free of any typos or grammatical and punctuation errors however, a strong nursing application requires more than just attention to detail. Nursing schools want to know that you are serious about the profession.

Kathleen Muglia, DNP, APRN, Clinical Associate Professor and Program Director for Marquettes Direct Entry MSN program, shares several tips that can help students craft an effective and compelling resume and statement of professional goals.

Showcase Clear Goals for Your Nursing Career

Dr. Muglia shares the importance of clearly communicating your goals and the impact they can have on admissions decisions, stating We are looking to see if the applicant understands what nursing is about. Why does the applicant want to go into nursing? Many students describe wanting to care for patients as the reason for their choice. Being compassionate is very important, but nursing is an art and a science that requires high levels of critical thinking. Applicants should have clear goals which demonstrate they understand the role of nurses and advanced practice nurses.

These goals might include becoming a nurse leader or manager, or continuing to earn a PhD, DNP or nurse practitioner certification. In other words, she asks, why a masters program and not a bachelors nursing program?

Communicate How Your Values Align

Explain Weak Spots in Your Transcript

Nursing School Application Requirements

3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Patient Interviews
  • Volunteer experience
  • Application fee
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language if applicable

We recommend applying to multiple nursing programs as these programs are highly competitive. If accepted to several programs, you can then decide which school of nursing is the best fit academically and financially.

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Associate Degree In Nursing

An Associate Degree in Nursing is the minimum degree requirement for becoming a registered nurse . As an RN, youll have the credentials necessary to qualify for most nursing jobs that involve providing critical patient care and assisting physicians.

Youll find ADN programs at community colleges and some four-year institutions. Some schools also offer online nursing degrees in hybrid programs that combine virtual instruction with on-site clinical training.

ADN programs will give you the knowledge and experience RNs need to perform the following duties:

  • Assist physicians during exams, surgeries, and other medical procedures
  • Dress wounds and incisions
  • Run and analyze diagnostics tests
  • Review patient treatment plans and chart progress
  • Supervise LPNs, LVNs, and CNAs
  • Provide patient education on self-care

The curriculum for an ADN also includes studying science-related courses such as anatomy, biology, chemistry, and physiology.

Requirements Needed To Apply:

To be eligible to submit an application to either program, 2-year ADN or LVN to RN Transition, applicants must submit proof of the following criteria to the Nursing Office with the application:

1. High School diploma or transcript, high school equivalency or a higher degree

If you have completed High School from outside of the United States, your foreign transcripts must be evaluated by a credential evaluating service. Please see below for additional information

2. Completion of the following science prerequisite courses

Official transcripts reflecting a combined G.P.A. of 2.5 or better, no grade less than a “C” and a total of 13 units

  • Anatomy and Physiology* both must include a classroom lab

  • Microbiology* with classroom lab

Physiology and Microbiology must be completed within 7 years Anatomy within 10 years of applying to the program. All courses required for the Associates Degree in Science in Nursing must be taken at a regionally accredited institution.

3. Completion of any of the general education “fixed set” courses for the Nursing Major.

  • English Composition

  • Intermediate Algebra

  • General Psychology

  • Introductory Sociology

  • Public Speaking – The component of public speaking must be listed in the course description for any communications course being considered for equivalency.

4. Completion of the required TEAS exam with a minimum score of 62%.

5. Documented proof of the following completed immunization and tb testing

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Make Your Letter Of Intent Stand Apart

Your letter of intent is another great way to show us what makes you an ideal candidate for our ABSN program and the nursing profession. Its important to take a show, dont tell approach to writing your letter. Telling us you want to help people isnt enough, you need a strong story to back up your claim.

More specifically, dont just tell us youre a compassionate individual, show us how thats true. Lets say you helped a family member recover from surgery. Instead of rehashing what happened, describe the actions you took and the feelings you experienced during this time. The goal is to connect with us so that we have a better understanding of who you are as a person.

There are other key factors to keep in mind when crafting your letter. Follow the guidelines below, and you should have written something that genuinely expresses who you are while boosting your chances of getting into a nursing program:

  • Determine your main message and outline your key points.
  • Write from the heart when explaining what motivates you.
  • Write with passion when describing your dedication.
  • Write a compelling argument to show you understand the profession.
  • Write using clear, strong language that gets to the point.
  • Remove any details that detract from your main message.
  • Review every sentence for clarity and accuracy.
  • Ask someone you trust to proofread your work.

Can You Get A Nursing Degree Online


Yes. Many schools offer web-based nursing programs, which allow students to complete coursework online. However, distance learners must usually complete a supervised clinical component on location. Most schools let online students perform their clinical work at a healthcare facility in their own town or locality.

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How To Get Into Nursing School: Your Step

By on 06/29/2020

From your compassionate nature to your hardworking tendencies, youre starting to feel pretty confident about your prospects of launching a successful nursing career. The idea of supporting your family by doing what youre naturally good at can sound far-fetched, but the truth is that kind of success could be within your grasp as a nurse.

Now that youre ready to commit to your new career goal, you have some questions about how to get into nursing school: What nursing school requirements are there? Are there any classes to take before nursing school? What else should I know about applying to nursing school?

To help you map out your next moves, we compiled this step-by-step guide to help prepare you for the process of choosing your nursing school and getting admitted.

How To Best Prepare Yourself For A Nursing Interview

  • Do your research when you are considering applying for a position.
  • Practice speaking about your skills and experiences in as many ways as possible.
  • Find out the companys culture before interviewing.
  • What is their mission? What do they value most?
  • Find that information on LinkedIn or Google.
  • Offer to bring something special when meeting with someone who will be assessing the interview day experience.
  • Suppose any of this sounds like good advice. In that case, it may also apply to when to start looking for a job before graduation.

The date when applicants should submit applications: often varies by location

Some schools may request that applicants submit their applications when they are applying to the school.

Applicants should also apply when or before graduation, as this is when a student will have enough time to prepare for interviews and make sure their resume doesnt need any updating.

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French Language Proficiency And The Bachelor Of Science In Nursing

The Ingram School of Nursing calls for and develops skills and qualities essential to the Nursing profession, amongst them: technical knowledge, critical thinking, empathy and strong communication skills. The minimum grades, prerequisite courses and additional test requirements for admission to undergraduate Nursing programs at McGill are outlined at In addition to these existing specifications, a new expectation is French language proficiency.

In the clinical settings where much of our program delivery takes place, the ability to communicate proficiently in French is necessary to effectively learn and safely work with and support patients, families and healthcare teams. French is essential to the successful completion of this Nursing degree program.

Please visit to review the criteria to meet the French proficiency requirement.

What Should I Look For In A Program

NursingCAS â The Centralized Application for Nursing Programs

First, and most important, make sure your states board of nursing has approved programs that interest you. These boards license nurses in their state, and without a boards approval, your nursing program may not qualify you to take the national nurse licensing exam. And without a license, you cant practice.

Second, consider program accreditation. Accreditation shows that a program meets standards for the education thats necessary to be successful in a field. While accreditation may not be necessary for licensing as a nurse in some states, an employer may require job candidates to have a degree from an accredited school. Plus, youll need to attend an accredited school if you want to qualify for federal financial aid or transfer credits if you decide to pursue additional education later.

Third, decide what you need from an online program. Look at your work schedule, family responsibilities, and other aspects of your life to determine whether a partially or fully online program would be the right fit.

Then ask some additional questions, such as:

Does the school offer career placement programs?

Whats the schools average student pass rate for nurse licensing?

Do I need to take online courses at specific times?

Does this program offer courses in a nursing specialty that interests me?

Will I get to work with an academic advisor?

How much communication will I have with faculty and other students?

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Apply To Your Chosen Programs

Once youve determined the type of nurse youd like to become and have identified some programs that meet your criteria, its time to start applying to nursing schools. Filling out an application can seem daunting, but just remember that every nurse who came before you had to clear the same hurdle.

Also note that many nursing hopefuls find it useful to block off a few hours when it comes time to fill out an application. You will need to pay close attention to the application guidelines and any supplemental materials required of you, such as essays and letters of recommendation.

Be sure to also pay close attention to any deadlines listed on the programs website and, if at all possible, submit your application early it can help reinforce your eagerness and commitment, while also showing the school that youre both prepared and reliable. This will also provide you with some extra time for the program personnel to contact you if any supplemental application materials are needed before the deadline.

Find The Right Programs

Before you even begin applying to nursing programs, its crucial to decide what youre looking for. Picking the right programs to apply for involves asking yourself questions such as:

  • Do they offer the right degree for the career I want?
  • Do they have specialty courses that interest me?
  • How much clinical rotation time will I get?
  • Whats their access to top-quality equipment?
  • How well do students do on licensing exams?
  • Does the school offer career placement programs?
  • Can I afford the tuition?

Something to consider is attending information sessions at the various schools you might be interested in. This can give you a better feel for the specifics of the program and help you decide if its the right fit. Some schools may even let you sit in on certain classes or meet with professors.

What about online nursing school?

Another thing to ask yourself is whether the format of a program fits into your life. While many students still attend traditional on-campus programs, an increasing number of people are looking for online options that let them pursue higher education while balancing other responsibilities in their lives. The good news is that these programs do exist in a hybrid format. In these, the hands-on, clinical portion of your coursework will need to be done in person, but most of your nonclinical classes can be taken online.

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How To Apply Online

Application is made through filling the application form online at the University of South Africa Nursing School admissions portal. Once you submit your form, you must pay the application fee for your form to be processed. Otherwise, it will not be processed.

For more information and inquiries, you can contact the University of South Africa Nursing School by visiting the official website or campus.

Dont hesitate to to share, discuss, and get the University of South Africa Nursing School latest updates 2022.

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Know Why You Want To Be A Nurse


This may sound basic, but its extremely important. Most nurses can describe the moment they realized they wanted to be a nurse and specifically why. Its important to know, fundamentally, why nursing is your passion or at least why you think it is.

During the interview process, application committees will want to know why you are interested in the nursing profession. Have a clear and concise answer.

Knowing why you want to become a nurse will also help motivate you when youre bogged down in microbiology, human anatomy, and general education coursework that seems to go on forever.

The nursing school application process can be competitive and stressful, but stay positive! If you know nursing is what you want to do with your life, youll make it happen.

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Become A Certified Nursing Assistant

Becoming a CNA can add valuable work experience to a prospective nursing students resume. CNA education requirements take only several months to complete but can provide a great insight into the healthcare field. Additionally, it also can help pay for nursing school. A lot of people start their nursing practice as CNAs.

Revise Your Letter Of Intent

Revise your rough draft until you have a well-formatted and persuasive letter of intent. Look for information you may have left out the first time, remove any unnecessary words and sentences and proofread carefully for errors like grammatical and spelling mistakes. Your reader will be paying attention to the way you communicate yourself in writing, and they might make connections between how professionally you communicate yourself and the way you approach your learning in nursing school.


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Choose A Nursing Degree Type

Defining your career goals can help you determine which degree you should pursue. While prospective CNAs and LPN/LVNs can enroll in educational programs specifically for those positions, aspiring RNs can either pursue an associate or bachelor’s degree. A graduate degree prepares candidates to become nurse practitioners or other nursing specialties such as nurse executive, informatics specialist, nurse educator, or public health.

There are many reasons individuals pursue CNA positions. CNAs aid patients with basic tasks, like bathing and mobility, under the supervision of an LPN/LVN or RN. While they may help nurses with responsibilities, such as monitoring vital signs or dressing wounds, they generally cannot offer medical care without supervision.

Due to these limitations, CNA training programs are shorter than other nursing diploma or degree programs. Most last about 4-12 weeks. Students can enroll in CNA programs at community or technical colleges, hospitals, Red Cross centers, or even high schools.

LPN/LVN training programs equip graduates with a certificate or diploma. These programs generally require about a year of study, but may last anywhere from 7-24 months. Graduates must pass the NCLEX-PN to legally work in their state.

LPN/LVNs provide patients with routine care, like inserting catheters or checking vital signs. You can read about the five best-paying LPN/LVN jobs here, or check out this page to explore five different career paths for these professionals.

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