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Holistic Nursing Master’s Programs

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Treatments And Practices In Holistic Nursing

Holistic Second Degree Nursing Program

There are myriad practices holistic nurses may incorporate into their own lives and their patients treatment plans. According to the University of California, San Diego, complementary and alternative medicine therapies include:

  • Therapeutic touch

If you wish to specialize in holistic nursing, you can obtain a holistic nurse certification through the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation. The levels of certification are:

  • Holistic Nurse Board Certified
  • Holistic Nurse Baccalaureate Board Certified
  • Advanced Holistic Nurse Board Certified
  • Advanced Practice Holistic Nurse Board Certified

According to AHNCC, to be eligible for HN-BC, you must have:

  • Graduated from a nationally-accredited nursing program
  • A registered nursing license
  • At least one year in full-time practice or 2,000 hours of part-time practice within the previous five years
  • At least 48 contact hours of continuing nursing education in holistic nursing theory, research, practice or related topics within the previous two years

The higher certifications require different levels of education and training. The HNB-BC requires you to have graduated from a nationally accredited baccalaureate nursing program. The AHN-BC and APHN-BC require a graduate degree and at least 500 hours of practice at an advanced level.

Once you are eligible, you must pass a qualitative assessment and quantitative examination.

Why Choose Eastern’s 100 % Online Msn Nurse Educator Program

  • Convenient Online Format: Fully online, part time program offered in 7-week sessions using a cohort model allows busy students to maintain employment.
  • Personalized Practicum Experiences: Tailor your practicum to fit your career goals! Students complete 144 hours of guided practicum experiences in a variety of settings including healthcare, higher education, and community organizations.
  • Expert Faculty: Our carefully chosen professors bring years of experience to the classroom, as well as a passion for devoting individualized attention to each student.
  • Accredited, Carefully Designed Curriculum: Our program is accredited by the CCNE and our curriculum is based upon key knowledge areas and best practices. Learn more.
  • Certification-Ready: Graduates are equipped to take the NLN Certified Nurse Educator Exam and may choose to take the Advanced Holistic Nurse Board certification exam .
  • Transformative Christian Values: Prepares nurses to transform nursing education, practice, and research through a Christian worldview.
  • Meaningful Cohort Community: The cohort model engages students in a meaningful learning experience as part of an online community of learners.

Eden M. Rotella RN, BSN, HNB-BC, Current MSN Student

What Is The Complementary And Integrative Health / Integrative Health Or Wellness Coaching Pathway Program

Students from Drexel Universitys online MS in Complementary and Integrative Health degree program are eligible to apply and concurrently enroll in the University of Arizona’s Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine Integrative Health & Wellness Coaching certification program. The concurrent completion of the AWCIM IHW coaching program can count toward the 9 elective credit requirement for the Drexel MS in Complementary and Integrative Health program. The AWCIM IHW Coaching program is approved by the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching. Graduates of Drexels MS in Complementary and Integrative Health in combination with the AWCIM IHW Coaching program would then be eligible to sit for the national exam. If you are interested in this option, you may either answer the related questions on the Drexel MS in Complementary and Integrative Health application or you can let your academic advisor know of your interest. Learn more about the program.

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Examples Of Holistic Care In Nursing

Holistic nursing varies depending on the nurse’s scope of practice. Here are a few examples:

  • Investigating beyond the physical symptoms of a condition to determine whether the cause is an underlying disease or another factor such as lifestyle.
  • Taking proactive measures to prevent disease before it manifests.
  • Recommending lifestyle changes to promote overall health.
  • Inviting patients to express their preferences for treatment and intervention.
  • Inquiring about patients’ current mental and emotional status.

Holistic nursing personalizes care, enhances disease prevention and nurtures trust and respect between patients and providers. As a result, it can significantly improve patient outcomes.

Overview Of Online Holistic Medicine Degrees

What Is Holistic Nursing? Healing From the Inside Out ...

Multiple levels of education are available in the field of holistic medicine. For entry-level positions within the field, aspiring professionals can seek an online associate degree. An associate program is made up of 60 credit hours and can be completed in two years. Graduates from this level of education can go on to work as herbalists, aroma therapists, and medical assistants. Professionals who are looking to expand their career options to health and wellness coaches, herbal practitioner, or spa directors will want to seek an online bachelor’s degree. These programs take four years to complete and are comprised of approximately 120 credit hours of study. The next level of education that can be pursued is an online master’s degree program. After completing this two-year degree, graduates may be prepared to work as life coaches, scholars, and educators. Finally, students interested in becoming naturopathic doctors must pursue doctoral degrees. A doctoral degree can take anywhere between five to seven years to complete and includes a dissertation and externship.

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What Are The Continuing Education Requirements For Holistic Nurses

Generally, in order for an individual to renew their RN license, they will need to fill out an application, complete a specific number of CEU hours, and pay a nominal fee. Each state has specific requirements and it is important to check with the board of nursing prior to applying for license renewal. If the RN license is part of a compact nursing license, the CEU requirement will be for the state of permanent residence. Furthermore, some states require CEUs related to child abuse, narcotics, and/or pain management.

A detailed look at Continuing Nurse Education hours can be found here.

Nurse Administrator Or Executive

This trackalso known as Nurse Leadershipprepares a nurse to manage a team of other nurses and/or healthcare members. A Nurse Administrator, sometimes referred to as a nurse manager or executive, may serve as a unit manager, for instance, or in even more expanded leadership roles. Additional advanced certification for Nurse Administrators and Executives are available as well.

Salary: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics , the median annual salary for medical and health services managers is $118,800 as of May 2020.

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Careers In Holistic Health

Our graduates apply their research-based knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit, caring, and creativity in a wide variety of capacities:

  • healthcare providers who are seeking to integrate holistic and complementary skills into their current practice
  • mental health practitioners
  • educators and other human development professionals
  • independent professionals already working as, or seeking to work as, alternative and complementary health practitioners

Why Is Holistic Nursing Care Important

Graduate Entry Nursing – Routines, Study Tips, Work Life Balance as a Nurse Practitioner Student

The American Nurses Association established holistic nursing as a specialty in 2007. Holistic nursing is a comprehensive approach to patient care. According to the American Holistic Nurses Association , holistic nursing is the practice of healing the whole person. This means that nurses should consider a patients body, mind, spirit, culture, socioeconomic background and environment when delivering care. The AHNA endorses the holistic approach for all nursing practices.

In holistic nursing, nurses foster relationships with their patients to promote healing and wellness. Holistic nursing is based on the principle that a patients biological, social, psychological and spiritual aspects are interconnected. These aspects fit together to form a unique person. Thus, holistic nursing focuses on individualized care by understanding each patients diverse needs.

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Plan Of Study Appointment

An appointment with the students designated faculty advisor is required prior to enrollment in the first class and each semester thereafter in order to create and review a plan of study for each student.

Requirements for Unconditional Admission to the MSN Program

Admission to the program will be based on space availability through competitive selection from the pool of applicants who are.

  • Admitted to Tennessee State University as a MSN degree seeking student.
  • Graduates from an NLNAC, ACEN, or CCNE accredited baccalaureate nursing program, with an overall GPA minimum of 3.0 or higher is required.
  • A current unencumbered R.N. license .
  • Applicants that have submitted all materials required within the MSN Program application to the Nursing Centralized Application Service .
  • Requirements for Unconditional Admission to the Post MSN Certificate Program
  • Admission to Tennessee State University.
  • Graduation from an NLNAC, ACEN, or CCNE accredited masters or doctoral program in nursing.
  • An overall graduate level GPA minimum of 3.0 or higher on a 4point scale is required for admission for a post masters certificate.
  • A current unencumbered Tennessee R.N. license .
  • Submission of all materials required within the MSN Program application packet to the Nursing Centralized Application Service .
  • Requirements for Conditional Admission to the MSN Program
  • Admission to Tennessee State University as a MSN degree seeking student.
  • A current unencumbered Tennessee R.N. license .
  • The Importance Of An Accredited Online Holistic Medicine Degree

    Regional accreditation is an important factor in post-secondary education. Regional accreditation is the process in which institutions and programs are reviewed by organizations who assess the overall quality of education being put forth. Federal financial aid is only available to accredited programs, so students who are in need of this kind of assistance will need to enroll in a program that is accredited. Many employers will not recognize degrees unless they have been received through an accredited school. Professional resumes that include an accredited education will give employers confidence in the candidate’s knowledge and skills. Accreditation will also make the transfer process a lot easier for students who are looking to transfer their credits to other schools.

    The Council on Naturopathic Medical Education is an important accrediting body for naturopathic medical programs. Their mission is to provide quality assurance for students as well as patients who will be diagnosed and treated by future practicing professionals. This accrediting body is also important because only graduates who have received education through a program accredited by CNME will be eligible to sit for a professional board exam.

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    Hn 510 Holistic Nursing: Theory & Practice Ii

    This course continues in the students study of the theory and practice applications of holistic and integrative nursing practice. New holistic/integrative nursing care theories and modalities are presented. All content is studied in a model of nursing diagnosis and practice from a holistic stand point. Students will study and learn theory and practice components related to exercise, humor and laughter. Also presented are relaxation modalities, imagery, music therapy, and touch. In depth examination proceeds related to relationships, dying, weight management counseling, smoking cessation, addiction/recovery counseling and aroma therapy. Students will study current theory and application of these concepts, as well as review related case studies depicting the nursing process within this holistic/integrative care framework. Course Code: HN 510. Contact hours of education: 50 hours. Course Cost: $ 175.00.

    Becoming A Holistic Primary Care Provider In Twu’s Family Nurse Practitioner Program

    Becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner: What You Need to ...

    As a family nurse practitioner , you will care for mind, body and spirit. Patients look to FNPs to treat and prevent disease as well as optimize all the facets of their well-being.

    In this article, you’ll learn about holistic nursing care and how Texas Woman’s University prepares holistic primary care providers through its online family nurse practitioner program.

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    Online Bachelor’s Degrees In Holistic Medicine

    Online bachelor’s programs in holistic medicine can be earned at universities and colleges that primarily focus on medicine. These programs generally take students four years to complete, with total credit hour requirements ranging from 120 to 123. Coursework is comprised of classes like naturopathy, principles of acupuncture, body awareness and physical movement, detoxification and healing, antioxidants, and alternative approaches to disease. Students who plan to go on to a graduate program to become a naturopathic doctor will also want to make sure they take the appropriate prerequisite science classes during their undergraduate study. Participating in a bachelor’s level program may help already working professionals expand their career options or even educate them on new treatments that can be added to their current practice. Many graduates go on to work as health and wellness coaches, holistic nutritionists, massage therapists, and spa directors. First time freshmen will need to have their completed high school diploma or their GED. Students who are continuing from an associate degree program will need to provide all college transcripts from any post secondary schools attended previously.

    Holistic Nursing In Practice

    One of the holistic nursing applications is in working with cancer patients. Medical professionals have to do more than just treat cancer processes. Patients may be experiencing a lot of pain from the treatments as well as the cancer. Theyre experiencing fear and grief, and what theyre experiencing can influence outcomes. The combination of side effects and emotions can also make it hard to do the things necessary to keep up strength. Holistic nurses can help cancer patients battle cancer and also feel better in the here and now. Sometimes of course cancer become hospice patients. Here, too, holistic nurses have a place.

    There is a need for a holistic approach to those with ongoing pain issues. Another application: mental health and addictions.

    There is a place for holistic nurses in care coordination and navigation, as noted in article in Beginnings, a publication of the American Holistic Nurses Association .

    Ultimately there are many interconnected applications and this interconnection is central to holistic nursing.

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    Criminal Background Checks And Drug Screening

    A criminal background check and drug screening are required. Based on the results of these checks a clinical site may determine not to allow a student at their facility. This could result in the inability to successfully complete program requirements. Additionally, a criminal background may preclude licensure, certification, or employment. Students are expected to cooperate fully with the process and pay all associated costs. Tennessee State University and the School of Nursing are not liable if the results of a criminal background check or a drug screening indicates that a student is unable to complete the requirements of the program or if such results preclude one from obtaining licensure or employment.

    Holistic Nursing Career Salary And Licensing Info

    Clinical Partnership Grounded in Holistic Nursing Practices

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the mean annual income for registered nurses at $65,470 annually. They do not have a specific listing for Holistic Nurses. The range of pay for holistic nursing depends on career choice, education, experience and your employer. If you plan to become a Nurse Practitioner with a focus in Holistic Healing, you can likely expect to earn more than an RN in this field.

    The American Holistic Nurses Association is a nonprofit membership association for nurses and other holistic healthcare professionals. The benefits of membership include being part of a supportive community that provides informative publications and continuing nursing education. The membership fee for those that graduated from an endorsed program is $50.

    The American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation offers four certification examinations that include:

    • Holistic Nurse, Board Certified
    • Holistic Baccalaureate Nurse, Board Certified
    • Advanced Holistic Nurse, Board Certified
    • Advanced Practice Holistic Nurse, Board Certified

    The nurse may take the exam at the level for which they are prepared. The certification exam is $375 for AHNA members and $395.00 for non-members. The certification is good for five years.

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    What Are The Educational Requirements For Holistic Nurses

    Like RNs, holistic nurses must attend college or university to obtain their BSN or ADN. After obtaining a BSN or ADN, nurses are subsequently eligible to sit for their state’s NCLEX-RN examination. Holistic nurses, like RNs, are required to pass the National Council Licensure Examination before they are permitted to work. Both a BSN and ADN can lead to entry-level nursing positions however, the majority of employers will favor candidates that have earned their bachelor’s degree. Although it isn’t explicitly required to become a holistic nurse, some RNs who wish to advance in the holistic nursing field will choose to enroll in master’s programs with concentrations that focus on holistic nursing. These degrees often will lead to higher paying positions.

    A Brief History Of Holistic Nursing

    Charlie McGuire formed the AHNA in January 1981 after witnessing problems within the nursing and medical communities throughout the 1970s, according to the association. The founding meeting was held in Houston, Texas, and included 33 nurses from eight states. The AHNA now serves over 5,500 members and is accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. It provides continuing education opportunities and materials through the Journal of Holistic Nursing.

    Holistic nursing and the AHNA, however, have roots much further back. Current practices are based on the work and theories of Florence Nightingale.

    Florence Nightingale was a British nurse, statistician and social reformer who lived from May 1820 to August 1910, according to Encyclopedia Britannica. Nightingale was religious and felt she was called by God to reduce human suffering. After receiving her nursing education and acting as an administrator, she was placed in charge of care for British and allied soldiers during the Crimean War.

    Through Nightingales observations, experiences and detailed recordkeeping and statistics from nursing wounded soldiers, she helped to create formal and science-based nursing education. Much of her work is the basis for modern nursing today, including the holistic nursing specialty.

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    What Is Texas Woman’s Online Family Nurse Practitioner Program

    Nurse practitioners stand out from other health care providers because of their unique emphasis on the well-being of the whole person. At Texas Woman’s University, our online MSN-FNP program strengthens this holistic understanding of care.

    The online MSN-FNP will help you go beyond treating illness to understanding the range of factors that can impact health and well-being. As a graduate, you’ll be prepared to become a holistic primary care provider.

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