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Graduate Entry Nurse Practitioner Programs

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Professional Organizations And Credentials

Post Graduate Dermatology Program for Nurse Practitioners

There are several agencies and organizations that award certifications for nurse practitioners. These often require eligibility requirements such as experience in the field, a completed accredited nursing degree, and a passing score on an examination.

Your licensure as a nurse practitioner is determined by your states nursing board. Requirements are likely to vary but most include a graduate-level accredited nursing degree, a nationally recognized certification, like those above, license as a registered nurse, and an application fee. Check your states nursing licensure requirements for more information.

Direct Entry Nurse Practitioner Program Courses

All direct-entry NP programs require a set number of courses, clinical hours, and other thesis work for graduation eligibility.

Class names will also vary depending on the institution. However, many programs will have courses involving studies in the following topics:

  • Health assessment & nursing skills with labs
  • Nursing with women and families with clinical hours
  • Advanced pharmacology
  • Health and Illness nursing perspective
  • Adult nursing care of adults with clinical hours
  • Mental health with clinical hours
  • Nursing care for children with clinical
  • Health care research

Vanderbilt University Nashville Tn

At Vanderbilt University, students with no nursing background can become nurse practitioners through their PreSpecialty masters entry program. Students must already have a bachelor’s degree in another field.

Students start with three semesters of bachelor’s level nursing classes before continuing with their NP specialty classes. In most cases, students can complete the remainder of their programs in an additional three semesters if attending the program full-time.

After completing the prespecialty courses, students will enter an additional sequence of courses within their declared specialty to earn an MSN.

Concentrations offered:

  • Are online options available? No
  • Types of a direct-entry nurse practitioner programs: On-campus/hybrid
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    Potential Salary And Jobs

    There are a variety of nurse practitioner specialties that open up opportunities in different fields. Careers may include nurse midwives, anesthetists, educators, neonatal, cardiac, pediatric practitioners and more. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that employment of nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives, and nurse practitioners will increase 45% from 2020 to 2030. You may also view our page on nurse salary to get an idea what a nurse practitioner earns by state.

    Can You Get A Master’s In Nursing Without Experience


    Direct-entry MSN programs target students interested in jumpstarting their nursing career or students who would like to transition out of their current profession and enter the nursing field in an expedited format. Therefore, applicants do not need experience, as direct-entry MSN programs emphasize clinical coursework to provide students with enough experience to begin their careers.

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    What Are The Advantages Of A Direct

    Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of a direct-entry MSN program is that its for students who studied a non-nursing field and want to become a registered nurse. Some schools may offer accelerated direct-entry programs. Those who want to earn their degree in less time may like this type of program. Like many nursing degrees, a direct-entry MSN provides many career opportunities following graduation. There are also many program options, including online programs.

    Information on this page was last retrieved in January 2022.

    For Students Who Have A Degree In A Field Other Than Nursing And Do Not Have An Rn License

    The Graduate Entry Program in Nursing offers post-baccalaureate entry to the Master of Science in Advanced Population Health Nursing and Doctor of Nursing Practice programs. At the time of application to GEPN, the student selects a specialty area and graduate degree . Once admitted to GEPN, a student may not change from the specialty track selected at the time of application. Transfer from one specialty area to another is not permitted. Transfer into or between the FNP or AGPCNP specialties is not permitted. Once enrolled in GEPN, a student may not apply as a new student to another graduate nursing degree program.

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    Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner

    Adult gerontology NPs care for patients from early teenage years through old age. There are two main adult gerontology pathways: adult gerontology acute care NP, and adult gerontology primary care NP. The acute care NP works in emergency, surgery, and other acute settings, while the primary care NP works mainly in an ambulatory setting. Adult gerontology NPs can prescribe medication, order and interpret diagnostic tests, and evaluate the overall effectiveness of a patient’s treatment plan. Education is another main task, as this type of NP communicates with patients and their families regarding self-management of conditions and preventative health techniques.

    Find out more about adult gerontology nurse practitioner programs.

    Clarification Of Signature Pages

    Graduate Entry Nursing – Routines, Study Tips, Work Life Balance as a Nurse Practitioner Student
    • Only supervisor signatures are required. Printed names should always accompany signatures.
    • No institution signatures are required on the pages at the time of application, as McMaster Universitys submission on your behalf acts as the institution/institution paid signature.

    Scan and upload the signed signature pages, including the routing slip, as one PDF , in the Print/Upload Signature Pages task in ResearchNet prior to submitting the application.


    The purpose of the CSA Group Graduate Scholarship is to support graduate students in the pursuit of knowledge generation related to standards. Graduate students at the Masters level studying at a publicly-funded, accredited Canadian university are eligible to apply.

    The thesis can be conducted in any field and must include standards as a component of the research. The topic does not need to be related to an area in which CSA Group already has standards. The research may investigate aspects of an existing standard or may explore an area for future standards development.


    COVID-19 note: Due to the travel restrictions currently in place, many meetings and conferences will be held virtually. Registration fees, for virtual events at which you will be presenting, will be the only costs for which you can be reimbursed.

    Application dates:



    Please note: Deadline extended to March 15, 2022

    The scholarship is tenable for one year, although previous award winners may re-apply.


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    Additional Nurse Practitioner Programs

    When researching the best nurse practitioner program for your goals and aspirations, you may find that a specialized NP program is your best route, a bridge nursing program, or an online nursing program.

    There are several MSN-level programs you may also consider:

    Combined Master Of Nursing/primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate

    Accelerate your nursing career with a Combined MN/PHCNP Certificate

    If you want to pursue the many career-enhancing opportunities open to Nurse Practitioners, but dont already hold a Master of Nursing, our Combined Master of Nursing/Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate is for you.

    In this program, youll earn a Masters degree and prepare to write the College of Nurses of Ontario, external links NP Primary Health Care exam at the same time.

    Its a demanding, career-enhancing program that:

    • Prepares students to provide care to individuals, families and communities.
    • Provides opportunities to analyze and integrate theories, models, concepts, and frameworks from advanced practice nursing and related disciplines.
    • Incorporates principles of evidence-based practice and contributes to knowledge development for the role of the Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner.
    • Prepares nurses to practice in an ethical and legal manner that reflects an understanding of human values, diversity, and health and social policy related issues.

    Students who complete this program are well positioned to accelerate their careers in nursing as Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioners in a variety of practice and leadership roles and settings.

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    Other Nurse Practitioner Specializations

    According to the American Nurses Association , NPs have the option of specializing in areas beyond the population foci categories described above. This means that they must gain licensure as an NP in an APRN role or population focus, and can then gain specialized certification. These specialty areas may include oncology, nephrology, and more. The following is a popular and growing NP specialty:

    Mscn : Family Nurse Practitioner Program

    How to Become a Family Nurse Practitioner

    Admission to Family Nurse Practitioner Program

    • Three Assessment Reports on Applicant for Admission to Graduate Studies. Letters of reference may accompany the Assessment Reports. At least one of the assessments/letters must be from a health professional from the prospective students most recent practice setting
    • An academic transcript showing undergraduate courses in nursing theory, health assessment, community health nursing, and research
    • Nursing practice résumé or curriculum vitae
    • Criminal records searches
    • Successful completion of the Sanyas Indigenous Cultural Safety Training within the previous two years prior to the semester of admission to the MScN Program
    • Evidence of at least two years full-time practice experience, or equivalent, following completion of the Baccalaureate degree
    • Evidence of active registration as a nurse in British Columbia. Note that annual documentation of current, practicing BCCNM licensure is required while enrolled in the program.


    The following recommendations, if undertaken, may strengthen applications to the UNBC MScN Program, and may be beneficial in preparing applicants for the demands of an MScN graduate program. Applicants are strongly encouraged to successfully complete the following within three years prior to the semester of admission to the MScN Program:

    • an upper-division or graduate-level anatomy and physiology course
    • an academic writing course
    • a graduate-level research methods course

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    Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner

    The women’s health NP program prepares nurses to provide advanced care to women throughout the lifespan. They educate women on reproductive health and prevention techniques, and also provide primary care through chronic or acute illnesses. Women’s health NPs provide a variety of gynecological health services, and may assist with prenatal and postpartum care. They can be found in hospitals, outpatient care facilities, community-based settings, and other types of healthcare centers.

    Find out more about women’s health nurse practitioner programs.

    Funding Your Master Of Nursing

    There are a number of funding packages internal and external available to Master of Nursing students. Internal funding can include graduate scholarships, graduate awards, and teaching assistant positions. External funding can include funding from nursing organizations, as well as from the provincial and federal governments.

    Returning full-time students who did not receive an entry Scholarship or Award, but who perform at the level required will be eligible for consideration for an RGF and/or a Graduate Departmental Award after their first year in the Master of Nursing program. Such awards will be dependent on availability of funding.

    Returning full-time students who did receive an entry Scholarship or Award must refer to their Terms and Conditions document for information related to the terms of renewal. Note that typically an internal scholarship, fellowship or award is tenable for the term set out in the award letter, usually two terms or three terms they are not renewable. Eligible students will automatically be considered for scholarships, fellowships and awards in subsequent years.

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    Whats The Difference Between An Accelerated Bsn Vs Direct Entry Msn

    Both accelerated BSN and direct entry MSN programs are centered around the field of nursing. They have a number of differences, though, in terms of education type, degree earned, and level of expertise and qualification.

    Accelerated BSN
    • Work toward a masters degree
    • Qualifies you for advanced practice nursing certifications
    • Takes less time than it would to earn a BSN and MSN separately

    An accelerated BSN may be followed by a standard MSN program. If youre interested in accelerated MSN programs, a number of schools also offer accelerated BSN to MSN programs.

    If you need a program that may better fit with your work schedule, it may be worth looking into the online accelerated nursing degree programs that some universities offer.

    Master Of Science For Non

    Family Nurse Practitioner/Graduate Nursing Programs

    This graduate-entry program is for non-nurses who have a bachelors degree in another eld and now wish to enter the nursing profession at an advanced level.

    Admission: Fall only

    The Advanced Generalist Master of Science /graduate-entry program prepares non-nurses to sit for the RN licensure exam, then go on to work as advanced generalist nurses who act as care coordinators for a group of patients while providing direct care in complex cases. They are able to synthesize knowledge from nursing and related disciplines, to improve healthcare by assuming leadership roles, and to contribute to the advancement of the profession.

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    Is A Direct Entry Masters In Nursing Right For Me

    Here are some factors to consider:

    • No prior nursing experience. A direct entry MSN program allows you to enroll without having any previous nursing education or experience.
    • Promising job outlook. Advanced practice nursing careers generally have promising outlooks and higher than average annual salaries.
    • Career advancement. A direct entry masters in nursing can qualify you for advanced positions in the nursing field, allowing you to benefit from faster than average career advancement.

    Another key consideration is whether the profession of nursing is in line with your career-related interests and goals.

    Nursing Careers & Salaries

    While it is common to think of nurses as working within a hospital setting, there are a number of other workplaces and industries that may require nursing expertise. These can include outpatient health centers, physician offices, nonprofit agencies, and residential care facilities.

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, direct admit nursing programs can help you qualify for licensure as well as a variety of opportunities in the field of nursing, depending on your specialization.

    Nurse Practitioners, Outpatient Care Centers $118,020
    Nurse Practitioners, General Medical and Surgical Hospitals $117,080
    Nurse Practitioners, Offices of Other Health Practitioners $109,200
    Nurse Practitioners, Offices of Physicians $108,430
    Medical and Health Services Managers $104,280
    Nursing Instructors, Junior Colleges $67,980

    A number of positions in the field of nursing are predicted to experience significant job growth over the next several years . These positions include registered nurses , nurse midwives , nurse anesthetists , medical and health services managers , and nurse practitioners .

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    When You Complete A Master’s In Nursing You Begin A Journey That Changes Everything

    As one of the leading nursing programs in the country, we encourage students to dream about a world in which every person has an opportunity to achieve their optimal health. And then we prepare them to make that dream a reality. There are several areas of study in which you’ll find the potential to not only change your own life, but change the lives of countless others. A Master of Science in Nursing from Ohio State is one of those rare opportunities.

    The Graduate Entry option enables students with a bachelor’s degree in a major other than nursing to earn a Master of Science in Nursing. Once prerequisites are fulfilled, necessary coursework for a master’s degree can be completed in approximately three years of full-time, year-round study. Students select a specialty at the time of application to the Graduate Entry option. At the mid-point of the program, students take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses . Eligibility for certification in the specialty area will occur upon graduation.

    Licensure/Certification Information

    A professional license is required to practice in the field of this academic program, or to advance or specialize in that field. This program meets advanced practice registered nurse licensure requirements in the State of Ohio and is approved by the Ohio Department of Higher Education.

    What Makes The Program Unique

    Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

    The UBC School of Nursing, Master of Nursing – Nurse Practitioner Program offers studies with a community of professors and clinicians at the forefront of primary care. This two year full-time on-campus program leads to the degree of Master of Nursing and is recognized by the British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives. Program completion creates eligibility for licensure as a Nurse Practitioner in BC.

    Graduates of our UBC MN-NP Program are in demand by health authorities for practice in both community and hospital settings. They are well prepared to practice collaboratively and autonomously in primary care settings, and lead in interpretation and application of new knowledge generated to improve practice.

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    Online Nurse Practitioner Programs

    With today’s overpacked schedules and busy lifestyles, online NP programs have consistently grown in popularity. Many schools offer online options for both MSN and DNP nurse practitioner programs. Since some RNs continue to work during school, online programs are a flexible and convenient way to complete the coursework. They are also excellent options for those who don’t live within reasonable commuting distance of a university. Be sure to check if your school of choice requires any on-campus visits before committing to the program. While supervised clinical hours are usually required for NP programs, most online options allow you to arrange them locally.

    Best Direct Entry Msn Programs Without Gre

    Home » 2022 Best Direct Entry MSN Programs Without GRE

    Direct entry MSN programs without GRE requirements give you the opportunity to enter the nursing profession if you have an undergraduate degree in a different field.

    Direct entry nursing programs can help you break into the rewarding field of nursing, even if your previous education and experience have been focused on different professional avenues.

    Editorial Listing ShortCode:

    Whether your background is in business, arts, education, or another field, graduate entry nursing programs can help you redirect your career path. Holding an MSN can also be a qualification for obtaining an advanced practice nursing license, depending on your specialization.

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