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Fast Track Nurse Practitioner Programs Online

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Fastest Online Dnp Programs

Fast track nurse program uses virtual reality element to teach students

Explore our guide to the shortest online Post-Masters Doctor of Nursing Practice programs! Weve analyzed dozens of programs to discover how many months they take, how many semesters youll be studying, and the number of credits & clinical hours required. You may even want to explore hybrid options. Need more guidance? Have a look at our brief overview of how different MSN to DNP programs are structured.Advertisement

Careers & Success Stories

Becoming a nurse means joining a strong and respected workforce in the most trusted profession. We are dedicated to preparing a caring, culturally-sensitive, and attentive nursing workforce to meet the needs of all patients. On average, 97% of accelerated nursing program gradautes were employed within 12 months of graduation in health care settings across the U.S.

Courses In A Nurse Practitioner Program

Learners should verify the accreditation status of each prospective school and online nurse practitioner program. The U.S. Department of Education provides an online database of accredited schools and programs. Nurse practitioner programs can hold accreditation from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education or the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing.

A typical RN-to-MSN program requires about 40 credits. Most students graduate in about two years. Some online nurse practitioner programs offer concentrations in areas such as pediatrics, family nursing, and cardiac nursing.

The courses below are common to many online nurse practitioner programs. Course availability varies by school. Learners should contact their prospective institution for curriculum details.

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Is An Fnp Better Than An Np


Family nurse practitioners are nurse practitioners who specialize in family medicine. They provide care throughout a patients lifetime. NPs have many specialization opportunities, including adult-gerontology, womens health, pediatrics, and more. These specializations are based on the type of care the NP is interested in providing.

What To Expect From Online Nurse Practitioner Programs

Nurse Practitioner Degree #LPNPrograms

A family nurse practitioner is a type of nurse that provides specialized care for a variety of patients. Some nurse practitioners provide care for people of all ages, but in some cases they may specialize in a specific age group or demographic, such as the elderly or youth.

When enrolling in classes, youll have the opportunity to choose a variety of specialties, but overall you will be trained in the basics of nursing and healthcare while studying subjects like pharmacology, biology, and anatomy.

In online FNP programs, youll also take classes that are specific to the concentration. Course may include primary care topics, advanced health assessments, health promotion, and other subjects that make you a top-quality care giver.

Family nurse practitioners see patients for many different reasons. They might meet with patients who are experiencing mild illness, or they may deal with people who have serious conditions. They could be meeting with patients for simple routine exams or providing advice and support to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. These are all important for wellness, which is why online FNP programs include vast curriculum that covers a wide variety of needed skill-sets.

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What Are The Best Online 1

Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner – Hospitalist Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner – Intensivist Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Family Nurse Practitioner Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Pediatric Nurse Practitioner – Acute Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner – Primary Care Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner

About The School:

Program Details:

Admission Requirements:

Academics & The Accelerated Student Experience

Gain realistic insight to every aspect of nursing from patient interaction and care, to solving clinical problems, to communicating and collaborating within a health care team. Inside the classroom, experience an immersive education and make lasting relationships. Outside the classroom, experience the history, culture, and nature that makes Rochester unique.

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Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner


If you are an RN and have an ADN, nursing diploma, or non-nursing bachelors degree, we offer bridge courses that can start you on the path toward an MSN-PMHNP.

  • 60 Credit Hours*


If you already have your BSN, you may be eligible to start working toward your MSN- PMHNP right away. No bridge courses are required for this entry path.

  • 51 Credit Hours


This option is for BSN-credentialed nurses looking to earn a terminal degree with a focus in psychiatric mental health.

  • 74 Credit Hours


This option is for MSN-credentialed nurses looking to earn post-masters certificate with a focus in psychiatric mental health.

  • 36 Credit Hours

How Much Do Nurse Practitioners Make

Fast Track Nursing experiences

A nurse practitioner’s earning potential depends on many factors, including experience level. According to Payscale data from Jan. 2022, nurse practitioners with more than 20 years of experience earn an average of $111,010 per year. Professionals with less than one year of experience earn an average annual salary of $92,490.

Salary potential also varies by location. According to BLS data, nurse practitioners in California earn an average annual salary of $145,970. Those in Massachusetts earn an average of $126,050 per year.

Position and employer type also influence salary. For example, nurse practitioners who work night shifts at hospitals may earn higher salaries than nurse practitioners at family clinics.

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Example Of An Accelerated 1

Lets be realisticits only possible to finish up a DNP program in under two years if youre starting with credits under your belt and are willing to take a full credit load on a year-round basis. Here are a few things to expect from an accelerated Online Post-Masters DNP:

  • Youll be required to come in with an MSN and, quite likely, certification as an advanced practice registered nurse , nurse administrator/executive, or nurse educator.
  • Youll sign up to be a full-time student or even take a bit above a full credit load. That can mean taking time off from work or altering your schedule significantly.
  • You may have to take classes or clinicals during the summer semester.
  • Theres no room for APRN specializations. If you want to continue along with a specialization, it means more credits and more time.

Heres what that might look like in terms of a course plan:

Should You Earn An Accelerated Bsn Online

Earning a degree in less time seems like a no-brainer, but there is a trade-off. Accelerated programs save time because they have much more demanding and rigorous curricula and learning schedules. While this can allow graduates to start working as a registered nurse sooner, it means there will be less time available during the program for students to take care of other personal or professional obligations. Before applying to an accelerated program, make sure its right for you.

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Family Nurse Practitioner Degrees

A WCU FNP education helps prepare you to advance your care expertise for both children and adults. WCU offers multiple programs with an FNP track.

We believe in end-to-end support. Throughout our Family Nurse Practitioner program, you will:

  • Get hands-on experience through on-site intensives
  • Receive support through clinical relations coordinators
  • Faculty mentoring through FNP faculty to foster professional development
  • Prepare for and be eligible for national board exams through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and the American Nurses Credential Center
  • Receive coursework that meets National Board of Nurse Practitioner standards
  • Receive 24-hour access to library and courses

FNP Curriculum

Preview your course of study. The number of months your online FNP degree will take will vary depending on whether you choose the accelerated or working professional pace. We recommend reviewing your prospective curriculum in detail, so you know what to expect.

Academic Calendar

New academic sessions begin, on average, and depending on programs, every eight weeks. You can review and consider an up-to-date start-to-completion schedule by degree.

How Much Does The Family Nurse Practitioner Track Cost?

We know school is a substantial commitment. At WCU, we want to equip you with all the information you need to make the right decision for your future.

For more information about your financial support options, visit our financial aid page.

Why Is Accelerated Online Np Program Accreditation Important

Pin on Nurse

Accelerated NP programs should have accreditation from either the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education or the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing . The CCNE accredits bachelor’s and master’s degrees, while the ACEN accredits all levels of nursing programs, including doctoral degrees.

Every program included on this page holds accreditation. Nursing accreditation not only serves as a quality marker, but it also provides other benefits for nursing students.

Nursing students can easily transfer credits when they attend an accredited nursing program. Graduates of accredited nursing programs also often have more employment opportunities.

In addition, certifying agencies require nursing students to have graduated from an accrediting nursing school.

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Womens Health Nurse Practitioner

For nurses seeking to become a womens health nurse practitioner, an online womens health nurse practitioner program may help prepare students to provide gynecologic and primary care to women. As an online WHNP student, you will learn and acquire the skills and experience to treat and prevent illnesses and health concerns unique to women. Areas of focus will include primary care, prenatal and postpartum care, menopause, reproductive healthcare, and general wellness.

How We Rank Schools

Each year, the BestColleges Ranking Team evaluates hundreds of online programs to produce our annual Best Online Nurse Practitioner Master’s Program ranking. In 2022, the team sourced the most recent data available from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System and College Navigator, both of which are hosted by the National Center for Education Statistics. We identified 162 schools that qualify for our ranking list based on the following criteria.

  • Each school must be an accredited public or private, nonprofit institution.
  • Must offer an online master’s degree program in the given subject.
  • Must submit an annual report to the National Center for Education Statistics.

To ensure the accuracy and quality of our final ranked list, the ranking team reviewed each qualifying school to ensure it met the criteria for our ranking, and then applied our proprietary ranking methodology to identify the best online schools offering this program in the nation. Each school is ranked based on a formula measuring academic factors , affordability , and the availability and popularity of online programs .

The BestColleges Ranking Team is made up of contributors from our data science and product management teams. These contributors operate independently from the editorial team. All BestColleges school rankings are produced by the ranking team and are free of editorial influence. Read our Editorial Policy and Standards to learn more.

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Should I Pursue A Doctor Of Nursing Practice After My Master’s Degree

Currently, a master’s degree and relevant nurse practitioner certification opens up a large number of job opportunities in a rapidly-growing field. However, since 2004, the AACN has pushed to make a DNP the entry-level requirement for nurse practitioners. This reflects a call for more stringent credentialing in the complex healthcare industry. A doctoral degree is an investment in money, effort, and time, and includes over 1,000 required clinical hours. Whether pursuing a DNP will be worth it for a student will depend on their professional goals and how much time and money they are able to commit. Nursing schools have academic and career services professionals who can help students weigh the costs and potential benefits of a DNP.

Marquette University Milwaukee Wi

Fast Track Your Online MSN at SNHU

One of the benefits of Marquette’s program is that it tailors to diverse learning styles in hybrid, online, and traditional coursework settings. Other benefits include:

  • A high fidelity simulation center to practice in a safe environment
  • Clinical rotations are located at top healthcare facilities in Metro Milwaukee, Southeast Wisconsin, and Northeast Illinois

This program offers three start dates per year: January, May, and August.

Students earn a masters degree in nursing upon graduation. Students who attend this program do not earn a BSN.

Concentrations offered:

  • Are online options available? Yes, for non-clinical coursework
  • Types of a direct-entry nurse practitioner programs: On-campus/hybrid
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    What Is The Best Online Msn Program

    The best online MSN program is the one that can help you reach your personal and professional goals, at an affordable price, on your timeline and is accredited.

    At SNHU, that translates to:

    • Career focused: Our MSN program was built by nurses, for nurses. It was designed around recommendations within “The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health” report from the National Academy of Medicine, formerly the Institute of Medicine which outlined how roles should change in our healthcare system. In 2021, the report was updated to reflect new recommendations to meet further meet the needs of today’s nursing workforce.
    • Affordability: Take advantage of some of the lowest online tuition rates in the nation.
    • Convenient: Enroll in 1 or 2 classes per term whichever works best for your busy schedule. Plus, you’ll have 24/7 access to your courses, meaning you can complete your work any time during the week to meet your deadlines.
    • Accredited: The baccalaureate degree program in nursing and the masters degree program in nursing at Southern New Hampshire University are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, 655 K Street NW, Suite 750, Washington, DC 20001, 202.887.6791. CCNE is an accrediting agency that ensures baccalaureate, graduate and residency programs meet quality standards.

    Additional Nurse Practitioner Programs

    When researching the best nurse practitioner program for your goals and aspirations, you may find that a specialized NP program is your best route, a bridge nursing program, or an online nursing program.

    There are several MSN-level programs you may also consider:

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    Is A Nurse Practitioner Master’s Degree Worth It

    Earning your degree from an MSN-NP program can lead to a rewarding career with flexible hours, high pay, and plenty of job opportunities. In 2020, NPs, CRNAs, and CNMs earned a median income of $117,670. In addition, the BLS projects that jobs for NPs will increase 52% between 2020 and 2030, making it one of the fastest-growing professions in the U.S.

    Semester 3 Summer Semester

    • NUR 601: Nursing Theory and Knowledge Development, 2 hours
    • NUR 675: Statistics for the Behavioral and Clinical Sciences, 3 hours
    • NUR 623: Primary Care Practicum II, 3 hours/180 clinical hours
    • NUR 634: Care of Adults in the Primary Care Setting II, 3 hours
    • NUR 620: Capstone Project, 2 hours

    Total semester credit hours: 13

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    Direct Entry Nurse Practitioner Program Courses

    All direct-entry NP programs require a set number of courses, clinical hours, and other thesis work for graduation eligibility.

    Class names will also vary depending on the institution. However, many programs will have courses involving studies in the following topics:

    • Health assessment & nursing skills with labs
    • Nursing with women and families with clinical hours
    • Advanced pharmacology
    • Health and Illness nursing perspective
    • Adult nursing care of adults with clinical hours
    • Mental health with clinical hours
    • Nursing care for children with clinical
    • Health care research

    Most Affordable Online Nurse Practitioner Programs

    The 24 schools on this list offer the most affordable online Master of Science in Nursing programs with nurse practitioner specializations. At #1, University of Southern Indiana offers an online Master of Science in Nursing – Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner for $5,105 per year. Second-ranked Middle Georgia State University has an annual tuition of only $5,610, as compared to the $17,000 average for MSN programs. Online MSN students study patient care theories and techniques and apply their coursework during clinical experience in a field setting. These degree programs prepare students for further national certification exams after graduation so they can become advanced practice registered nurses . Below, we provide information about choosing a program, the cost of an online NP master’s degree, and careers in the field.

    You can read more about our ranked schools below or browse our rankings of the most affordable online master’s programs. View our methodology or learn more about OnlineU.

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    What To Look For In An Online Msn Program

    Despite the advantages of an online MSN program, it can be difficult to wade through the many different options that are available. Its important to look carefully at any program before applying because many advertised online programs either require some kind of on-campus participation or have restrictions on eligibility based on where you live. Furthermore, it is important to know that most MSN programs do require in-person clinical experiences.

    Additionally, if youre looking for an MSN-NP degree, every state has its own rules on education requirements, so you will have to check with the individual school to see if youre eligible to apply.

    Other factors to consider when choosing an online MSN program include,

    • Length of program
    • Time commitment

    The most important thing to consider before choosing an online MSN program is accreditation. There are currently two accrediting bodies: Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education . The purpose of accreditation is to focus on the same standards and criteria across all nursing programs. This ensures that there is some level of sameness within the programs.

    The 64 Most Affordable Online Fnp Programs

    Arkansas university offering fast-track nursing program

    Online FNP programs are designed to provide working RNs with the flexibility to move forward in their academic and professional careers. Aspiring family nurse practitioners have the option to pursue an RN to MSN bridge program, or for those with their BSN, go right into online nurse practitioner programs. Pursuing nurse practitioner programs can look like full- or part-time study, flexible clinical hours and location, and a significantly positive job outlook.

    The career of an FNP can be highly satisfying, as family nurse practitioners will usually sustain a long term relationship with their patients through the general practice or hospital they work for. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a 45% job outlook for nurse practitioners through the year 2029, a much higher than average rate of increase among all careers. Plus, the median annual salary of NPs reported by the BLS in 2019 hit $115,800, making this a very lucrative profession for those in it for the long haul.

    Least Expensive: Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center ~$14,898Most Expensive: University of Southern California ~$98,310

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