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Do Nursing School Credits Transfer

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Will My Credits Transfer

GETTING INTO NURSING SCHOOL| Community College to University Transfer Student

This is obviously one of the most pressing questions for anyone with substantial college credits. Unfortunately, theres no way to give a universal answer for each individual student and university. But we can give some general rules of thumb for what to expect and the factors that tend to influence whether a credit is likely to transfer.

How To Transfer In Nursing Schools


Nursing students sometimes transfer because of personal reasons such as an illness in the family that may require them to relocate, funding problems or any other reason that may reasonably construed as plausible rationale for transferring credits from one school to another. Nursing programs that have similar course-work requirements make it easiest for current nursing students to transfer between schools.

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Transfer Nursing Dates And Deadlines

The application opens in August each year. We review all applications at the deadline. You do not get priority for submitting early, so we recommend carefully working through your application rather than rushing. Late or incomplete applications will not be reviewed but will be offered consideration for the following term.

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Transfer Credit Policy For Practical Nursing And Associate Degree In Nursing Programs

  • Transfer credit will be evaluated for course content and credit hour. Transfer credit considered for BIO 117, Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology, may be a higher content course.
  • General Education courses must have been completed within the past 10 years. Science courses, as defined in the program curriculum, must have been completed within the past 5 years. Science courses offered in a series at Hondros College of Nursing must have the complete series transfer in. Transfer credit may be considered outside these time frames if: a.) The student has earned an associate degree or higher. b.) The course was part of a series where at least one of the series components falls within the aforementioned timeframe.
  • The Associate Degree in Nursing anatomy and physiology series at Hondros College of Nursing is evaluated for anatomy, physiology and microbiology content. A stand-alone microbiology course is often required to receive transfer credit for the series.
  • CLEP and other methods to test out of a course are not accepted as transfer credit.
  • Complete Your Application For Admission

    Nursing Requirement A Back Strong Enough To Transfer Full Grown Adults ...

    Complete your application for admission to the school you are transferring to. You will be expected to submit an application fee and official copies of your college transcripts from all schools that you have attended. When you submit a request for your transcript to be sent to the school, request a personal copy of the transcript for yourself.


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    Switching Nursing Schools Halfway Through A Program

    The longer you study in one nursing school, the tougher it will be to transfer all the credits youve earned to another nursing program. Thats partly because courses, even courses with the same name, can vary a lot from one school to another. Because of this, if youre not happy with a nursing program youre in, it maybe a better idea to get out of it sooner rather than later so you can make a fresh start.

    How many credits a nursing school will accept can be difficult to determine without talking to the school youre looking to move to. Many school dont make it clear on their websites exactly what the maximum number of credit transfers they will accept is. The type of courses you want to transfer makes a big different. BSN programs often dont accept any clinical coursework, and some dont accept transfer credit for any advanced level courses. BSN schools may insist that you have at least a B grade in any course at another school in order to transfer credit from it, but will allow credits for non nursing courses in the introductory phase of a BSN if you only earned a C. Additionally, many BSN programs will only accept you as a transfer student if you completed at least one year of study, or about 60 credits, at another school. On both nursing bachelors and masters degrees, transfer credits are generally more complex than with humanities type degrees.

    Work With Your Academic Advisor

    Work closely with an academic advisor at your current college or university to determine what courses you need and build a plan that prepares you for transferring to ISU. When you speak with your advisor, tell them you will need: IAI general education requirements to transfer to 4-year university and equivalent courses for ISU’s 9 nursing prerequisites.

    Please note that you do not need all coursework complete at the time you apply it just needs to be done by the time you start the program.

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    Type Of Nursing Degrees

    You can find programs that train nurses in many settings: hospitals, healthcare systems, community colleges, and universities. A diploma nursing program provides real-world experience. A diploma, like associate degrees in nursing, takes approximately 2-3 years to complete. With a diploma, you can work as an RN. The difference between an associate of science in nursing and an associate degree in nursing comes down to courses. The ASN focuses on the sciences, while the ADN encourages a liberal arts or humanities education.

    RNs with a diploma compile patient histories, assist with diagnostic tests, and teach patients to manage care after treatment. With an associate degree, you can also enter more specialties such as rehabilitation or pediatrics.

    Increasingly, healthcare agencies and institutions encourage RNs to continue their education and earn a bachelor’s in nursing. If you have a diploma or an associate, you can enroll in accelerated bachelor’s programs and complete this degree in as little as one or two years. Earning a bachelor’s degree puts management and advanced nursing job opportunities within your reach.

    Average Salary by Degree and Years of Experience

    Criminal Background Check Policy Review | Considering WGU? WATCH THIS FIRST! Transfer Credits From!

    All nursing students will be required to complete a series of clinical learning experiences in order to successfully meet the learning outcomes for a given program of study. Prior to participating in clinical learning experiences at any off-campus healthcare facility, students are required to complete a criminal background check and a drug test. Each clinical facility has policies regarding possible convictions and potential drug use that may bar students from being accepted at the facility for clinical placement. If a student is not accepted to an assigned placement because of the findings of a background check or drug screen, NYU Meyers does not guarantee an alternate clinical placement. College policy dictates that students who are unable to complete clinical requirements for any reason will be subject to dismissal from the program.

    The process of obtaining a nursing license in New York and many other states may involve consideration of an applicants criminal history or other conduct . Criminal convictions and/or a record of certain other conduct may prevent a nursing student/graduate from being licensed and may preclude the nursing graduate from obtaining gainful employment as a nurse. Applicants to NYU Meyers are encouraged to determine, prior to matriculation, the licensure requirements in the state in which they intend to practice.

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    Transferring From Another Nursing Program

    Students who have begun their nursing studies at another college/university must apply to the nursing major like all other students. Transfer students must complete all required nursing courses at TU. If you are offered admission to the nursing major and have completed nursing courses in another baccalaureate nursing program, you may request an individual evaluation of those courses by the department. Nursing course equivalency review is only available to students formally admitted to the nursing program. Pre-transfer evaluations are not conducted for any nursing courses.

    If you are interested in transferring and have previously been unsuccessful in any nursing courses or a nursing program , additional materials will be required with your application. Please review the Individual Admissions Policy for more information.

    For all questions related to transferring to TU, please start by contacting the Transfer Student Center.

    Transferring Credits From One Masters Program In Nursing To Another

    Click to | Transfer MSN Programs After Failing Out | RN to MSN Bridge Programs Online | What Qualifications Do You Need For An MSN Program? | Top MSN Specializations | Can An MSN Count Toward CNL Certification?

    Online colleges and universities today usually have very welcoming policies toward undergrad transfer students. But what if youre in the middle of a nursing masters degree program and want to transfer the credits you earned to another nursing school?

    The good news is that many masters and even doctoral programs in nursing accept at least some transfer credits for previous coursework at another school.However, you need to be ready to dig pretty hard to find out what the rules are for nursing programs that accept transfer students. Their websites often dont make policies on graduate student transfer nearly as clear as those for bachelor degree students.

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    Quick Facts For Transfer Nursing Applicants

    • Transfer courses may be used to satisfy nursing prerequisite courses.
    • Transfer coursework is subject to the same grade requirements and repeat limitations as TU coursework for nursing admission eligiblity.
    • Original transcripts are used for application review. An official transcript from every school attended must be submitted to University Admissions.
    • The Nursing Admissions office follows the university’s transfer credit policies when determining whether a course can satisfy a prerequisite course.

    Contact An Admissions Counselor

    Ultimate Guide to Online Nursing Degrees

    Contact an admissions counselor from the school to which you are transferring. Gather as much information as possible about specific requirements that you may have overlooked. Do not assume that any of your credits will transfer. Most nursing school websites note that transfer credits are up to the discretion of the school. The schools also generally set limits as to how many credits you can transfer. Be prepared to lose some of your credits that you’ve already earned in the transfer process.

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    What Do I Need To Complete The Credit Transfer Process

    Youre probably wondering whats needed to get the ball rolling. To get started, you can submit either an official or unofficial transcript from the institution you previously attended. This document must have the institutions name, your name, grades achieved for each course and the date each course was completed. Be sure to carefully reviewthese documents do not have a standard format that all institutions use.

    Obtaining a transcript might sound like itll be an exercise in navigating academic bureaucracy, but in most cases it should be relatively simple. Start with a call to the registrars office of your prior school to learn more about their transcript request policies. If the school allows it, you may be able to have a third-party handle this request process for you.

    As youre working through the process of obtaining transcript documentation and submitting them for review, its important to remember that copies of transcripts or documents submitted during the initial admissions process are for estimation purposes only. Any transfer credit conditionally awarded in fulfillment of a prerequisite or co-requisite through the use of an unofficial transcript will be rescinded if an official transcript is not received by Rasmussen University at the time the required course is scheduled due to curriculum sequence. All necessary credits will be required to be completed in order to graduate.

    Restrictions On Transfer Credit

    Standard College reserves the right to accept or reject credits earned at other institutions of higher education that are not compatible with those offered in its Nursing Programs. Some general categories of courses never receive transfer credit-or, in some instances, receive credit on a restricted basis only. Examples of courses that receive no credit include:

      • Courses considered below college level.
      • Coursework earned at an institution that did not hold at least candidacy status with its regional accrediting association when the coursework was taken.
      • Courses offered for non-credit continuing education units.
      • Courses providing instruction in English as a Second Language .*
      • Remedial courses in any academic discipline.
      • Non-academic/vocational-technical courses.

    Standard College does not accept experiential learning credits.

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    How Can I Make Myself A Competitive Applicant

    The School of Nursing appreciates that our applicants come from a variety of communities, schools and experiences. As such, our approach to reviewing applications is an individualized and holistic one. The U-M School of Nursing looks for students who show solid academic strength, involvement in extracurricular activities and demonstrate a genuine interest in the field of nursing.

    Educational background

    Competitive applicants will have reviewed the required prerequisite coursework and will have a plan to complete any outstanding courses by the deadline. Competitive applicants will show strength in their prerequisite coursework, particularly in the science courses they have taken. Applicants should have a minimum GPA of 3.0, however a higher GPA will make you a more competitive applicant.

    Extracurricular activities

    We encourage students to have exposure to the healthcare field. This can be done through working or volunteering in a health care setting. Examples of this include job shadowing a nurse, volunteering at a blood drive, volunteering in a nursing home, doctors office, etc. Another way that students can demonstrate their interest in the nursing field is by scheduling an informational interview with a nurse. Informational interviews can be done virtually by holding a one-on-one conversation with a nurse through a webinar, phone conversation or another medium to help you better understand the specifics of the profession.


    Will My Gpa Carry Over

    CUNY Transfer Application Overview 2020

    While its certainly nice to know that courses youve completed with a C grade or higher at another school are likely to transfer, that C might not match your current honor roll ambition. So, does your grade point average carry over from your last stop? At Rasmussen University youll be starting with a clean slateso get your sights set on earning a perfect GPA going forward.

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    Four Things You Need To Know About Transferring Credits

    Before making the decision to leave one college for another, you need to take every precaution possible to ensure your credits transfer and you receive credit for your efforts. Here are four things you need to know about transferring credits:

    • Choose wisely Some colleges are far more selective than others about what courses they will allow you to transfer. Usually the more esteemed the college, the less likely they are to allow you to transfer large amounts of credit. This is not always the case, but consider it a decent barometer. Research your options well and find a college that is open to credit transfers.
    • Speak to someone who knows Talk with someone who can speak specifically to your situation. Pick up your phone and dial the admissions office and ask to visit with someone who can tell you if your credits will transfer. Dont rely on a sentence or two you read on a colleges website. Make sure you ask a human being directly about the school you are leaving and whether they count your credits toward their nursing degrees.
    • Setting limits Some colleges set a limit on how many credits you can transfer, no matter what institution from which you are transferring. In effect, they want students to take as many courses affiliated with their nursing programs as possible to ensure the education you receive represents their schools instruction, not anothers. If you have a large load of classes to transfer, you might avoid these types of schools altogether.

    Prerequisite Coursework And Admissions Requirements:

    To be considered for the program, at the time of application transfer applicants must have:

    • Completed or have in progress at least six of the seven college level/college credit prerequisites listed in the application, with the ability to complete all seven prerequisites before entering the program in September.
    • At least one biological or physical science course must be completed at time of application with a grade of C- or better. Biological or physical science courses are defined as Chemistry, Biology, and Anatomy and Physiology I.
    • Minimum cumulative college GPA of 3.0 .
    • Minimum cumulative prerequisite GPA of 3.0 .
    • All courses , except for one, taken A-F.
    • All prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of C- or better.
    • Proof of English proficiency, if applicable: Paper based TOEFL score of 586, Computer based TOEFL score of 240, Internet based TOEFL score or 95, or a MELAB score of 58.

    Applicants with fewer than 26 college semester credits are also evaluated on the following:

    • High school GPA. The School of Nursing has a preferred minimum high school GPA of 3.4.
    • ACT or SAT composite score. School of Nursing admits with fewer than 26 credits have an average ACT score of 27.6 or SAT score of 1897.

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    Will My Credits Transfer Answering Common Questions Transfer Students Ask

    By Will Erstad on 03/02/2020

    Getting started at a new school naturally comes with a lot of questions and concerns about whats to come and what to expect during the process of enrolling. No matter your reason for leaving your prior institution behind, you still want to make the most of that experience.

    When you think about the work youve put in so far, you cant help but wonder, Will my credits transfer? And thats not the only question that comes to mind.

    Were here to provide some of the answers youre seeking. We enlisted Rasmussen University admissions advisors to address many of the common concerns transfer students have as they make the transition to a new school.

    Military Credits And Education

    LPN Certificates vs. Nursing Associate Degrees: How Do They Differ ...

    Active service members and veterans may request credit as documented on their Joint Services Transcript for all allowable courses according to equivalencies determined by the American Council on Education. Individuals who present with relevant military education and experience equal to but not limited to Basic Medical Technician Corpsman , Army Health Care Specialist , or Air Force Independent Duty Medical Technician are eligible for advanced placement in a prelicensure nursing program. All courses can be challenged however, individuals must have prior relevant education and experience that meet the specific requirements of each course.

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