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Do I Wanna Be A Nurse

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How Hard Is It To Become A Nurse

I Wanna Be a Registered Nurse

You can become a nurse in as little as two years and make more money than the average annual salary of all other occupations. Once you have a two-year ADN you can advance your career options and salary by earning a BSN degree. You can do this online or in the classroom while continuing to work. This helps reduce potential school debt since many hospitals offer tuition reimbursement. You can also earn an accelerated BSN degree if you hold a bachelor’s in another field.

Learn More About How To Become A Nurse

If you think youd be a good fit for a nursing career, its time to take the next step. Learn more about the online nursing programs offered by Purdue University Global, a nonprofit, online public university for working adults. Purdue Globals nursing degree programs include associates degrees , bachelors degrees and multiple advanced nursing degrees. Request more information today.

Important Note

Purdue Global’s programs do not align to all the nursing specialties included in this article. You should research the education requirements of any specialty of interest.

Reaching A Breaking Point

Unsafe staffing levels, nursing shortages, and burnout were problems even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the pandemic and with increasing nursing shortages, the problem has only gotten worse.

A 2021 study revealed that 9.5 percent of nurses in the study had left their current position, and around 17 percent of nurses considered leaving. Of those who left their jobs, 31.5 percent reported burnout as a reason. Within this group, 68.6 percent cited burnout from workplace stress and 63 percent blamed inadequate staffing. About 60 percent of nurses who considered leaving their jobs because of burnout offered the same reasons.

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Final Thoughts Next Steps

Why do you want to become a nurse? is one of the questions you will face in almost every nursing school and nursing job interview. Think about your strengths, goals, expectations, and priorities.

Try to come up with a specific answer--clearly explaining what motivated you to pursue the career, and where you see yourself working in the future. Last but not least, do not forget that non-verbal communication makes for 85% of the message you send over

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Find States With Nursing Needs

The Travel Nurse Blog

Research shows that some states will have nursing shortages in the coming years, while others will have surpluses. Moving to an area that needs nurses could potentially open doors to job opportunities.

The BLS projects 221,900 RN job openings through 2029, though the opportunities wont be evenly distributed across the country. States with the highest number of projected annual job openings during this period include California , Texas , New York , and Florida . States with the lowest number of projected RN job openings per year through 2028 include Wyoming , Vermont , Alaska , and North Dakota .

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Challenges To Consider In Nursing

As much as nursing is a rewarding and beneficial profession, it can take a physical and emotional toll. There are anecdotes about nurses giving up lunch breaks, going without bathroom breaks, and losing sleep. But the physical and emotional cost of nursing can lead to more than an empty stomach or a full bladder.

Signs That It Is Time To Leave Your Nursing Job

It is important to note that you are not the only nurse considering leaving this difficult career.

Many studies have found that nurses are leaving their careers in droves, with one showing that up to 80,000 nurses left the workforce altogether in 2020 compared to the 40,000 that left in 2010.

While there are many reasons given by nurses for leaving the workforce, the study cited poor staffing ratios, high levels of stress, and difficult work environments as being primary issues for many.

Other research published in 2018 found that nearly half of nurses have considered leaving their professions in the past year. Nurses spoke of difficult workloads, nursing shortages and feelings of burnout.

Other studies have looked specifically at new nurses.

Unfortunately, a 2014 study showed that over 17% of graduate nurses leave their first jobs within the first year, and 33% leave within the first two years.

If your job feels more like a burden than a joy, you are not alone. Here are just a few signs that it may be time to move on from nursing.

  • You feel bored with your job.
  • You feel incredibly stressed every time you come into work.
  • You now dread work even on your days off.
  • You constantly daydream about a different line of work.

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Career Advancement Through A Bsn To Msn Pathway

Working as a registered nurse yields multiple opportunities to advance your career. With a predicted shortage of doctors and physicians as the population ages, advanced practice registered nurses have the opportunity to step into roles with more responsibility. In many situations, nurse practitioners can serve as primary care providers for patients. While registered nurses make up the largest percentage of nurses in California at this time, there are also 27,601 nurse practitioners.

Working as a registered nurse yields multiple benefits as nurses have the opportunity to advance their careers.

If you are working as an LPN, LVN, or registered nurse and want to become a nurse practitioner, you can find an ADN to MSN program or a BSN to MSN program. These types of programs help you build upon your foundation in nursing, and allow you to advance your career in the field. With an advanced degree in the field, you not only gain a competitive edge during the hiring process but can also earn a higher salary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nurse practitioners across the U.S. earn an annual salary of $115,800 and nurse practitioners in California earn an annual salary of $138,660.

Would I Make A Good Nurse Take The Quiz

Why I Want to be a Nurse
  • 3. You have a patient who just vomited up thick chunks of clotted blood and had a bowel movement at the same time. Your immediate reaction is to:*
  • You dread having to clean up the patient, so you get the nursing assistant to do it for you while you find something else to do.
  • Immediately get the patient cleaned up and quickly investigate why the patient is throwing up blood.
  • 4. Which statement describes how you handle stress:*
  • I am motivated under pressure and and I work efficiently while keeping a positive attitude.
  • I tend to crack under pressure and become easily agitated. I work best is tranquil environments.
  • 5. How do you tend to view people?*
  • In general, people are selfish and are always out to get what they want, regardless of who they hurt in that quest.
  • In general, everyone has their own story and life experiences that shape who they have become.
  • 6. Describe your motivation for becoming a nurse:*
  • I sincerely love taking care of other people who are sick. The pay, hours, benefits, and job security are just an added bonus.
  • I desperately need a job that pays good, has decent hours, health benefits, and job security.
  • 7. How do others describe you?*
  • I have conflict with people a lot because I see the realistic side of life, and Im not afraid to cut corners or speak my mind.
  • People tend to like me, and they say I am a positive person with a hard work ethic.
  • True–I could deal with that.
  • False–Sounds like a nightmare!
  • 10.Which statement best describes your personality?*
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    Pursue A Nursing Career In San Diego California

    Earning your BSN, ADN to MSN, or BSN to MSN in California can prepare you to find a nursing job in the highest-paying state in the country. A nursing program in San Diego, such as Point Loma Nazarene Universitys School of Nursing, can prepare you for your nursing career in California, as you take classes with experts in the field, gain practical experience with patients, and use cutting-edge technology. If you would like more information about how you become a nurse and devote your career to caring for patients, you can contact PLNU. If you are ready to take the next step toward earning your BSN, you can apply here.

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    Making A Major Switch

    However, if you are feeling a complete lack of passion about your job or simply feel too stressed to consider working in a similar field any longer, you may need a major career change.

    You could choose a job that builds on the education, skills, and experience that you already have, or you might consider switching to a completely different career, which could require you to return to school.

    Jobs That Build on Your Nursing Knowledge

    You may be able to use your bachelors degree in nursing to work in non-patient care environments.

    Many of these jobs require the leadership and management skills that you have built on during your nursing career.

    Some of the best options include the following:

    • Legal nurse consultant

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    Bachelor Of Science In Nursing

    Whether you’re new to nursing or are already a registered nurse , a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree is increasingly becoming the new standard. Hospitals seeking Magnet Status are looking to hire and encourage their current nursing staff to earn their BSN degree. This degree usually takes students around three to four years to complete, depending on your prior learning experience.

    Herzing University offers many different paths to earning your BSN :

    • I am new to nursing. Consider our Bachelor of Science in Nursing program to earn your degree in 3 years or less. Choose an on-campus program or elect our online BSN program, available for enrollment in select U.S. states.
    • I am new to nursing and have a bachelors degree in another field. You may be eligible for our accelerated BSN nursing program to earn your bachelors degree in as few as 20 months.
    • I am an LPN or Paramedic. You can bridge to a bachelors degree in nursing by enrolling in Herzings LPN to BSN program option.
    • I am an RN with an associates degree. Go from RN to BSN by completing our online RN to BSN option to earn your degree in 1 year or less and open doors to a greater variety of career options in nursing.

    Become A Healthcare Volunteer

    Why Become A Nurse? A Nurse

    Volunteering is another networking opportunity. Youll not only get experience working with patients, youll also meet other healthcare professionals.

    If you plan to choose a nursing specialty, look for volunteer opportunities in that area. While you wont be paid for your time, treat the experience as you would a job. Making a good impression could mean a career connection in the future.

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    Nancy Brook Rn Msn Cfnp

    ‘One of the most rewarding aspects of a career in nursing is the ability to connect with our patients on such an intimate level. While we often meet under very difficult circumstancesbeing present as people face serious health challenges or injuries, witnessing the moment of birth or the end of lifewe get to know our patients very quickly and have the opportunity to play an important role in their lives.

    “I became a nurse so that I could have an impact on the lives of others and have a career that felt very meaningful. After 25 years of helping patients and their families navigate cancer and mentoring new nurses, I believe that at the end of the day, no matter how challenging, I have impacted someones life for the better.”

    What I Wish Someone Told Me Before Becoming A Registered Nurse

    By Brianna Flavin on 05/18/2020

    Jumping into something new is scary when you dont have all of the facts. Thats exactly why choosing a career is so challenging. Its not like you can just spend a few years in school, try out a job for a bit and jump to another if you dont like itwell, at least not without more education and training.

    Becoming a registered nurse is no different. We all think we know what an RN does, based on TV shows or our real-life interactions at hospitals or doctors offices. But what goes on behind the scenes? Is nursing school worth it once youre on the other side?

    What is it like to be a nurse? Its not easy to get a clear picture of this career without speaking to those whove walked the walk. So to help, we rounded up nursing experts to tell you what they wish theyd known BEFORE becoming an RN.

    Read their advice and find out a few lessons they learned along the way.

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    When Did You Decide You Wanted To Be A Nurse Practitioner

    Ive been away from bedside nursing for about 10 years and am in more of an education and administrator role at a hospital. The reason I wanted to become a nurse practitioner is I really miss the patient interaction… I have been looking for a flexible program where I could fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a nurse practitioner.

    Why I Want To Be A Nurse: Example A

    Do You Have What it Takes to be a Nurse?

    Ive researched several dictionaries for the word nurse, and I must admit that they disappoint me. They believe its a professional who takes care of sick people. However, that sounds impersonal and simple and does not fully describe the work a nurse does. I believe there is more to being a nurse than just taking care of sick people. As the adage goes nurses are people whose need to understand supersedes the need to be understood. I believe its the nursing profession that holds the world, literally. People who have saved lives on given circumstances are regarded as heroes. However, only nurses save lives every day. I believe it takes determination, self-will, and passion to achieve this status, and in summary, thats why I want to be a nurse.

    So, am I possibly motivated by the money? Well, sometimes, it is easy to be attracted to the salaries that those who work in the medical field get. But again, as we may all know, nurses dont get much. Its a decision that Ive made that Id rather have a fulfilling career than have money without one. A good nurse is a person who meets penniless people who need medical attention and helps them without much regard to what they have in their accounts. Saving lives comes first especially because money can be quantified and made, but life cannot.

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    How Do I Know If Nursing Is Right For Me

    Having certain qualities can help you be a successful nurse. These include compassion, a sense of advocacy, and the ability to anticipate issues. If you are curious to learn more about health and wellness and have a desire to help others, consider speaking with an admission counselor at your local college or university. You may also want to consider volunteering in a hospital or shadowing a nurse for a shift.

    How Busy Your Shifts Will Get

    Nurses have so many different responsibilities and tasks that they are continually prioritizing, Dockins says. Nursing is one of the most demanding professions, but the rewards are indescribable.

    Though you might have shifts where even wolfing down a granola bar feels like a luxury, the intrinsic value in caring for people makes the chaos worth it. Over the years, I have collected thousands of vignettes of love, kindness and compassion. These memories are forever etched in the memories of my heart. The rewards of being a nurse are priceless.

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    Reflect The Employer’s Interests

    Tailor your response to the specific employer and pediatric nurse position you’re seeking. You can demonstrate your shared characteristics with the kind of employee that the leaders of the health care facility prefer. Consult the job description to identify attributes that best describe you and incorporate them into your answer. For example, if the employer aims to hire a professional with patience and integrity, then you can explain that you want to be a pediatric nurse because you’re honest, patient and fair. Consider reviewing the employer’s website or asking acquaintances for insight into the qualifications the employer prioritizes.

    Explain Why I Want To Go To School For Nursing

    Why Would I Want to be a Nurse?

    It will influence my academic work and goals at CCU a lot because she is my motivation. Every since I experienced this with my mother as a little girl this has always been my dream to help and take care of others. This has played a big role in my life because I love helping and taking care of others. My goals is to further my education in the nursing department and starting to plan my career in this academic field. This opportunity will help me focus

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    That Nurses Really Do Eat Their Young

    This expression refers to a type of bullying in the nursing world where older, more established nurses treat their new recruits poorly, just for being new recruits. While you certainly hope it doesnt happen to you, Wilson has experienced this trend and advises new nurses to be ready, just in case.

    There are skills you can learn to prevent being a victim, Wilson says.

    Make sure you understand your rights as a professional, and dont put up with workplace abuse. New nurses naturally want to make a good impression and get along in their first jobs, but certain behaviors are never okay. Wilson offers a great article on resources and strategies for how to stand up for yourself.

    Sweeney encourages nurses to be ready, but also not to expect bullying behavior from their colleagues. Theres often a feeling of more experienced nurses eating their young, so to speak. While that does happen, more often than not, experienced nurses are willing and able to help guide new nurses when they are struggling.

    New nurses may often need support from more experienced nurses, and Sweeney emphasizes that they should feel free to ask for help. Everyone has been the brand new nurse at some point.

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