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Direct Hire Nurses To Usa

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Opportunity Beyond The Contract

Agencies recruiting nurses to the USA in 2022 | Best USA Nursing Recruitment agencies +Direct hire

A staffing agency can be the right choice for someone who wants to be more than a tourist nurse. Conexus works with nurses for career development and growth beyond the contract, putting you and our healthcare clients in a position to extend the contract, or move to a different location, facility, or specialty with continued immigration support and guidance as you work toward naturalization.

Where Does It Come From

– We hire foreign and local graduate nurses

– This will be a direct hospital hire. It is not a temporary or traveling agency work

– The visa will be a direct sponsorship from the hospitals

– Guaranteed full-time jobs with full-time benefits

– The bi-weekly salary will be based on number of years of experience and will depend on the prevailing wage in that particular city the hospital is located

– This is a simplified process. All you need to take and pass is the NCLEX-RN exam

– Salary will come directly from the hospital and deposited to your bank account

– Nurses will also receive a minimum of paid 6 weeks training and orientation from the hospital, depending on the specialty and hospital.

– The per hour rate will be commensurated based on years of experience

– Our company will not take a percentage from your salary

– We have a proven track record for over 19 years, with over 17 hospital clients recruiting with us

Read And Watch What Nurses Like You Say About The Nash Group Sponsorship

Nash is the most helpful

Nash is the most helpful, supportive and friendly group we talked to. They helped us throughout every step of the process, and we are working for a great hospital system. I highly recommend all nurses to work with Nash to fulfill your career dreams.

Nash is a company that you can trust

Nash is a company that you can trust. Everything they told us was going to happen came true. I am so grateful that we worked with the right company. They placed us with a great hospital.

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What Are The English Language Proficiency Test Requirements

As an international nurse, depending on the country that you are from, you will need to pass either the Test of English as a Foreign Language, or the Test of English for International Communication or the International English Language Testing System .

The international nursing recruitment agency in USA usually assists the nurse in determining which tests to take. The results of such tests are sent directly to the state nursing board.

Nurses originating from the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada , Ireland, and New Zealand are exempt from passing an English Language Proficiency Test.

Know Where You Will Go

Now You Know

This isn’t necessarily the case with direct hire agencies. A significant consideration to using a Direct Hire company is that the job opportunity potentially can be filled before you have your embassy interview. That means your visa wont be issued, potentially delaying the trajectory for your U.S. career journey. In addition, working with a staffing agency allows you to have options and try a healthcare facility for a contract period to determine if that setting and organization is a good fit for you. If at the end of your contract, you want to make a move, with Conexus, you have other career options.

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Permanent Employee Of Healthcare Facility

If you accept a job offer directly from a healthcare facility, you will become a permanent employee of the facility and receive the same pay and benefits as the regular staff members. You will feel like youre part of the team from day one.

If you receive a job offer from a nurse staffing agency, your pay and benefits may be different from permanent staff members working at the healthcare facility. Your agency is responsible for your salary and benefits rather than the healthcare facility.

Recruiting International Nurses To Address The Critical Nationwide Shortage: What Healthcare Providers Need To Know

The U.S. is facing a critical nursing shortage, which can potentially be alleviated through the recruitment of international talent.

Across the country, hospitals and health systems have been struggling to fill open nursing positions for years as these professionals retire or leave the field at a rate faster than new nurses are being licensed. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, this shortage will continue to widen as the number of open positions in registered nursing is expected to grow by 7% before 2029, representing one of the fastest growing fields in the U.S.

This nursing shortage has been exacerbated by the pandemic, which has overwhelmed hospitals and has placed considerable pressure on front-line nurses tasked with treating surging numbers of seriously ill COVID-19 patients. This has led to significantly higher levels of burnout and turnover compared to prior years.

Registered nurses are of critical importance, and this shortage presents a pressing issue to healthcare facilities across the nation. In response, many health systems are expanding internationally in their recruitment efforts.

Thousands of qualified international nurses are eager to fill these positions, and many healthcare organizations have found success recruiting nurses from overseas. However, recruiting nurses across U.S. borders presents challenges from a legal and immigration standpoint.

Schedule A Permanent Residence Process

Non-Immigrant H-1B Visas

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Meet The Basic Requirements

As a foreign-educated nurse seeking to work in the United States, make sure you follow U.S. federal immigration law and that you meet the basic educational and/or professional requirements:


In order to legally migrate to the United States, you must meet federal requirements listed in full here.

You will need to obtain a Registered Nurse Immigrant Visa or H-1B visa.

  • U.S. law requires nurses to complete a screening program before they can receive an occupational visa.
  • CGFNS is approved by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to validate the credentials of nine foreign healthcare professions for occupational visas, including registered nurses.
  • Completing CGFNS VisaScreen®: Visa Credentials Assessment Service will satisfy the screening program requirement.
  • You will need a U.S.-based employer that will serve as the petitioner for your visa. Your VisaScreen® certificate must be included on every visa or green card petition filed on your behalf.
  • Read more about VisaScreen.

Educational / Professional

In order to seek work as a foreign-educated nurse, you must demonstrate at least some of the following:

Benefits Of Direct Hire Nursing Jobs

Nurses to USA Part 1 | Agency or Direct Hire? Current Bedside?

Here at WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions, we only offer direct hire nursing jobs.

If you are an international nurse, this model benefits you by giving you the highest level of control over your professional and personal future. You get to pick where you live and work instead of being told where to go, and your future is more stable because your contract lasts longer than a year or two.

If you are a healthcare employer, direct hire is beneficial because it delivers the fastest return on your international recruitment investment. This method is typically a more affordable way of counteracting staffing shortages than relying on per-diem, contract or travel nurses. Indeed, many of our clients see a full return on investment within six months or less.

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Find A Registered Nursing Position

After you meet all federal immigration requirements, have had your credentials evaluated by CGFNS, you meet your State Board of Nursing requirements, and you have passed a licensure exam, you are ready to begin working as a registered nurse in the United States!

While its not required, you may choose to work with a nursing recruiter to help you find a registered nurse job. These recruiters can also act as your U.S.-based employer for your immigrant visa.

Check to see if your recruiter uses ethical recruiting standards by looking for the Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment Practices Certified Ethical Recruiter seal on their website:

Pass A Licensure Exam

In order to practice nursing in the United States, you will need to have a professional license from the state where you plan to work. Registered Nurse licenses are regulated by State Boards of Nursing with varying requirements.

You will likely need to pass a licensure exam to be registered as a nurse by your state board. Before taking the licensure exam, first-level, general nurses educated outside the U.S. may choose to apply to the CGFNS Certification Program®, which consists of:

  • a credentials evaluation
  • the CGFNS Qualifying Exam®, and
  • an English language proficiency component.

The CGFNS Qualifying Exam® is a requirement by some state boards before you can sit for the NCLEX-RN, but it serves as an excellent predictor for how any nurse will do on that exam. Taking the Qualifying Exam may help gauge your readiness before committing to the licensure exam.

The Qualifying Exam also fulfils the U.S. federal governments screening requirement for an occupational visa.

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What Is Direct Hire

Whether you are an international nurse, healthcare professional or healthcare employer, you will find there are two primary nursing recruitment options: direct hire and contract hire.

Direct hire, also known as permanent placement, is beneficial for nurses and employers alike. With this model, new hires become direct, permanent members of the staff upon arriving at their new position. They receive the same pay and benefits as regular staff members.

Contract hire, also known as temporary hire or temporary-to-permanent hire, is when a staffing agency employs international nurses and contracts their services to medical facilities. With this middleman situation, nurses have less control over their job placement options, and healthcare employers are left paying additional fees and markups to the staffing agency.

Christine Paris Enterprises Usa Inc

SKYPE Interview for Nurses in Riyadh

This is a licensed International Recruitment and Immigration Assistance Services, with their sister company, SAMPAGA IMMIGRATION CONSULTANCY, licensed and based in the Philippines.

They provide services in helping you recruit highly qualified Nurses, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists and other professional staff from foreign countries.

They have vast experience in international recruitment, job placement, immigration, and overseas education.

CPEUSAI has a strong alliance with prestigious hospitals in the U.S.A., educational institutions in the United Kingdom and NCLEX-RN and IELTS coaching centre in India which makes them exceptional from other international nursing recruitment agencies in USA.

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Staffing Firms Have A Lot Of Knowledge And Experience

Recruiters search the job market all day, so they know what is available. Whether you are an entry-level employee or a VP candidate, they know the market for your skillset and experience level and how it is changing. They can tell you what to expect so you have less chance of running into challenges or surprises. Recruiters can also give you advice about your career goals and decisions.

Achieve Your Dream Of Living & Working In The United States

WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions has been helping registered nurses and other healthcare professionals from around the world work in the United States. We strive to help you obtain permanent residency status as quickly as possible. The immigration process takes about 18 months to 2 years, regardless of your specialty or medical background, so the sooner you begin the process, the better!

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List Of Nurse Recruitment Agencies For Us Based Employment

As the demand for nurses rapidly increases in the United States, due to the bulk of the population aging, a substantial portion of nurses reaching retirement age, and now a global pandemic, nurses from outside the U.S. may consider working here temporarily or permanently. It is common for nursing recruitment agencies to steadily hire foreign-trained nurses to mitigate the nursing shortage.

Do Nurses Get Green Card In Usa


Registered nurses may enter the U.S. directly as a lawful permanent resident or Green Card status.

A benefit afforded to the nursing profession is that presently, the Petition for Alien Worker and U.S. Department of Labor classifies nursing as what is referred to as a Schedule A occupation.

The advantage is that the oftentimes lengthy and expensive Labor Certification Process can be circumvented.

LPR status also allows a nurse and his or her family to permanently reside in the U.S. through a sponsor after meeting certain requirements.

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There Are Various International Nursing Recruitment Agencies Out There Here Is What Sets Us Apart:

  • Choose from a large number of career locations across the United States and GCC with top-rated healthcare employers.
  • Gain access to excellent salary and benefit packages from employers that are eager to add you to their team.
  • Get assistance from our experienced team who will help you with credentialing and licensure requirements to work in the United States and GCC.
  • Receive a professional sponsorship for your permanent resident visa or green card.
  • Work with an Onboarding Specialist who will help you settle into a new home or secure temporary housing, enroll your children in school and finance a car without any local credit history.
  • Enjoy a permanent employment situation without the need to look for a new job in a year or two.
  • Work with an experienced international nurse recruitment company that is a member of the American Association of International Healthcare Recruitment and the Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment Practices.

What Is Direct Hiring

Direct hiring is a process in which a company offers you a job and employs you without using a third party. This structure is different from temporary or contract positions in which a staffing agency supplies and employs the talent.

Direct hire jobs are usually permanent or long-term positions with salaries, paid time off and benefits such as retirement accounts and health insurance. While a staffing firm might handle the recruiting process, you will report directly to the hiring company when you accept the job offer. The direct hire process can take more time than a rapidly filled temp position because your potential employer is committing to a long-term relationship and wants to do a thorough job finding and interviewing strong candidates.

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You Might Receive Useful Feedback

Most recruiting agencies check on the status of your application with a company. They might receive information about what the employer liked about your application or why they did not select you for the position. You can learn from this feedback and apply it to your job search, resume-building and interviews.

Who Pays For Placement Fees

Nurses to the UK

Although some staffing agencies impose placement fees, Universal Staffing has not, does not and will not ever require any placement fees or salary deductions to successfully hired nurses. We also do not charge any application fees to anyone who submits their resumes or CVs to us. We work hard to help talented nurses who have applied to us match with our clients at no cost to candidates. Over decades of operation in the industry, Universal Staffing receives agency fees from their US counterparts, never from candidates. Universal Staffing is extremely happy to have helped thousands of nurses to fulfill their dreams of working in the USA.

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Careerknacks International Nursing Recruiters

This agency is one of the international nursing recruitment agencies in USA that specializes in placing international nurses in the United States.

They are a no placement fee agency which means that they are always on your side throughout the entire recruitment process.

With more than 25 years of experience, you can rest assured that they know what they are doing and can answer any and all questions you might have throughout the entire process.

They love helping nurses further their careers and recognize their own American dream.

List Of International Nursing Recruitment Agencies In Usa

Below is the list of the top international nursing recruitment agencies in USA:

  • ADEX Medical Staffing
  • eligibility
  • and all immigration processing including embassy interviews.

After arrival, their clients were interested in Green Card laws, license renewals, fiancé visas, family-based petitions, adjustment of status, reentry permits, citizenship/tests, travel, and student visas. They assist with NCLEX, IELTS or TOEFL prep, no agency fees.

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Nership Through The Sponsorship Process

A quality staffing agency like Conexus MedStaff is a cut above in this industry because we are with you for every step of the way.

Our in-house expert Immigration team will guide you through and process your visa application. We realize that visa processes are lengthy, always changing and often confusing. Through our in-house team’s knowledge and contacts, Conexus MedStaff makes the process more manageable and straight-forward for an international registered nurse.

A Nursing Career In The United States


The Nash Group is passionate about finding excellent internationally educated nurses interested in pursuing their professional career in the United States. We offer nurses individualized support to obtain their U.S. license, free permanent U.S. residency, relocation, and a full-time job with some of the best U.S. hospitals.

With guidance from The Nash Group, you can make your career dreams come true and build a life that you love!


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The Benefits Of Direct Hire Jobs

Depending on your lifestyle, preferences and long-term professional goals, you may want a permanent, secure position with guaranteed insurance and other benefits. In growing job markets with low unemployment rates, you have the advantage when it comes to finding the best job for your talents.

If you accept a direct-hire position, your employer is often more likely to be invested in your development and long-term success. You may also have a better opportunity to change positions, level-up and take other steps to meet your career goals in a permanent position that you may not be able to in a part-time or temporary role.

Direct hire positions can also be appealing and beneficial to recent graduates just entering the job market. Staffing agencies and company representatives often attend job fairs at colleges to find new talent.

Applying for one of these direct-hire positions can save you the time and effort of searching for employment upon graduating. It allows you to enter an industry that interests you when you may have little experience. These companies will likely invest the resources and effort into giving you the training you need to be successful in that position and career.

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