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Direct Entry Msn Programs For Non Nurses

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Alternate Entry Master Of Science In Nursing

How to find the best Direct Entry MSN program! | Accelerated Nursing | ELMSN – DEMSN

Application Deadline: October 1Program Start: Summer once a year onlyLength of Program: 2.5 to 3 years full-timeDegree Awarded: Master of Science in NursingPart-Time Study Available? After the foundation yearDistance Learning Available? Not at this time

If you have a bachelor’s degree outside of Nursing, an Associates Degree in Nursing and you are a licensed registered nurse please visit the Masters of Science in Nursing Program.

Is A Direct Entry Masters In Nursing Right For Me

Here are some factors to consider:

  • No prior nursing experience. A direct entry MSN program allows you to enroll without having any previous nursing education or experience.
  • Promising job outlook. Advanced practice nursing careers generally have promising outlooks and higher than average annual salaries.
  • Career advancement. A direct entry masters in nursing can qualify you for advanced positions in the nursing field, allowing you to benefit from faster than average career advancement.

Another key consideration is whether the profession of nursing is in line with your career-related interests and goals.

Top Program That Might Interest You

Contact the university below for info on start dates, cost, transfer requirements, and how to land the financial aid you need.

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Our Master of Science in Nursing is an excellent degree for nursing professionals preparing for management roles within hospitals and other healthcare delivery organizations. The MSN program was designed to closely align with the American Association of Colleges of Nursing MSN Essentials. Finish your online degree in as few as 26 months. Get started today!

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The Best Online Direct

Earning an MSN through an online direct-entry program is a great way to launch your nursing career if you have a bachelors degree in different area, but finding the right school isnt always easy. To help get you started, weve researched direct-entry MSN programs for non-nursing majors offered online by schools throughout the U.S. and evaluated them based on a variety of factors, including accreditation, affordability, and curriculum comprehensiveness. The result is our list for the top online direct-entry MSN programs for 2021. Heres a closer look at three of the very best:

Marquette Universitys full-time, five-semester direct-entry MSN program prepares students to sit for the NCLEX-RN licensure examination and jumpstart their advanced professional nursing careers. The programs curriculum is offered in a blended study format that combines fully-online nursing theory courses with in-person nursing skills and simulation lab work on Marquettes Nursing School campus located in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. Students additionally complete a minimum of 700 clinical practicum hours at healthcare facilities located throughout southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Because of the in-person requirements, all students must currently reside in or relocate to the Pleasant Prairie/Kenosha, Wisconsin area for the programs duration.

University of South Alabama

Ohio State University

Do I Need A Nursing Degree

Online Direct Entry MSN Programs for Non

There is no nursing degree requirement for direct entry MSN programs. In fact, no traditional nursing or healthcare experience is required to enroll. Students enroll in our Direct Entry MSN program from a variety of backgrounds, including teachers, attorneys, and entrepreneurs. Regardless of your background, MSN programs for non-nurses are specifically designed to help students achieve real-world competency with rapid results.

Under an MSN program, any Bachelors holder can achieve the high fulfillment, salary, and job security of a nursing career in as little as 32 months and theres never been a better time to transition to nursing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , the nursing employment rate is expected to grow 12-percent between 2018 and 2028, twice the demand expected of any other industry.

For a non-nursing major, a direct entry MSN program can create life-long opportunities for advancement, and the BLS reports that you can earn up to six figure salaries with additional certifications. Whether youre interested in becoming a nurse anesthetist, midwife, or practitioner, an MSN provides you with the foundation to take your nursing career anywhere you want it to go.

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Direct Entry Nursing Subspecialties

One of the advantages of earning a direct entry Master of Science in Nursing degree is that you have the choice of specializing in types of patients and health conditions that hold the most interest for you. With most regular RN positions, you are required to work as a general clinical nurse. But with a direct entry MSN, you can work exclusively with many different populations. It is common especially for nurse practitioners to specialize in one or more of the following subspecialties:

Can I Get An Msn Without A Bsn

Yes, it is possible to earn a Master of Science in Nursing without a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

There are a number of direct-entry options available that allow you to enroll in MSN programs without BSN credentials. So, you are able to enroll in direct entry MSN programs with a bachelors degree obtained in a field other than nursing.

As part of this direct entry track, you would complete a variety of bachelor-level nursing education prior to moving on to masters-level coursework.

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Faqs About Online Direct

Got questions? Most students ask certain questions when considering an advanced degree, especially one with an online component. Here are six key questions you should ask before applying to online direct-entry MSN programs.

How long will it take to earn my MSN degree in a direct-entry program?

Program lengths vary, with most designed to be completed in approximately two to three years of full-time study. There are, however, programs available that can be completed in as little as 18 months of full-time work to four years or more for programs with part-time study options. Total credit requirements also vary, sometimes substantially 70 to 80 total credit hours is common, however, with the bulk earned on undergraduate-level courses.

How much does a direct-entry MSN online program cost?

Total costs can vary significantly from program to program. Generally speaking, programs offered by private institutions tend to be more expensive than those offered by public schools. Below are the current tuition costs for three online direct-entry MSN programs. Keep in mind, however, that total costs will likely include additional fees.

Sentara College of Health Sciences


Will I earn both a BSN and MSN degree as part of this program?

When will I earn my nursing license in a direct-entry MSN program?

Does my bachelors degree need to be in a healthcare related field?

Are there any other prerequisites I need to complete before enrolling in this program?

Best Direct Entry Msn Programs Without Gre

How the Direct Entry MSN Program Works

Home » 2022 Best Direct Entry MSN Programs Without GRE

Direct entry MSN programs without GRE requirements give you the opportunity to enter the nursing profession if you have an undergraduate degree in a different field.

Direct entry nursing programs can help you break into the rewarding field of nursing, even if your previous education and experience have been focused on different professional avenues.

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Whether your background is in business, arts, education, or another field, graduate entry nursing programs can help you redirect your career path. Holding an MSN can also be a qualification for obtaining an advanced practice nursing license, depending on your specialization.

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Womens Health Nurse Practitioner

A womens health nurse practitioner has similar responsibilities to a FNP, but they provide primary care to women. Their youngest patients are usually women who are in adolescence. WHNPs specialize in obstetrics and gynecology. Nurse practitioners in womens health provide reproductive health care, health screenings, menopause care, preventive care and more. They usually work in a doctors office to provide womens health care services throughout the lifespan.

Learn about programs and coursework needed for a career as a womens health nurse practitioner with an online WHNP program.

What Is A Direct

A direct-entry masters in nursing program is for students with a non-nursing degree who would like to pursue a career as a registered nurse or advanced practice nurse . APRNs are nurses that have earned their masters degree. APRNs include nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, nurse anesthetists and clinical nurse specialists.

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Will I Need To Take Any Classes Before Enrolling In The Direct

Many colleges will require students to take a few classes before they can apply and enroll in the direct-entry MSN program. The same is true if you are an online student or a student at a brick and mortar school. The number of classes you will need to cover before enrolling in your MSN program will vary. Typically, it will be between five and ten courses. The courses will cover the basics of many things you will be continuing to learn while in the direct-entry MSN program. If you have a Bachelor of Science, you might have some of the courses covered. That is, if you took classes in a medical-related field as part of your science requirements while working toward your bachelors, you would not need to repeat them. Some courses will require specific math, usually statistics, and an English composition course. That will be in addition to the core science courses you need to take. If you do not already have these classes under your belt, you will need to take them. That is, you can probably take them to the school where you will be enrolling in the direct-entry MSN program. Many community colleges will offer the classes. Make sure they can be transferred into your MSN program, though.

Accelerated Nurse Practitioner Programs

Online Direct Entry MSN Programs for Non

Accelerated NP programs offer students a fast-track option for earning an MSN. Geared toward students with a strong academic record who can manage a larger course load in a shorter period of time, accelerated programs often take around three years to complete.

Some accelerated programs may look specifically for students with a nursing background, and others may accept students with a non-nursing background, much like direct entry options. Each program holds different requirements, although all accelerated NP programs lead directly to certification. Some schools that allow students with non-nursing backgrounds may look for those learners with some nursing prerequisite courses already completed.

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Bridge Programs For Nurse Practitioners

Bridge programs for NPs offer RNs without a BSN, or with a bachelors in a different field, a pathway to earning their MSN. Ideal for RNs or LPNs with an associate degree, bridge programs connect these learners current academic background with the necessary requirements for becoming an NP.

Generally, these programs require some prior nursing education for admission, like a diploma or associate degree in nursing from an accredited institution. Applicants must also hold an active RN license for admission. Each program may hold different cumulative GPA requirements, but programs often seek out applicants with at least a 3.0 average.

Bridge programs typically require between 45 and 52 credit hours, allowing students to complete coursework in about two years of study.

So What Are My Other Options

There are many potential pathways besides direct-entry programs current non-nurses can pursue to become a nurse practitioner. We offer a wide variety of options for students new to nursing who are ready to take big steps down a new career pathand many online nurse practitioner programs to help you choose your unique educational pathway.

Once youve earned an undergraduate nursing degree, you can potentially begin working towards an online masters degree in an NP specialty, including:

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Are There Required Prerequisites

Admission requirements will vary by school for a Master of Science in Nursing degree. Some institutions may call for proficiency in conventional coursework such as Microbiology, Psychology, Statistics, Human Anatomy, and Physiology.

At Ameritech, all required coursework is built in to our curriculum, which means there are no direct entry MSN prerequisites for enrollment. Its just that direct. Your prior Bachelors degree in a non-nursing field is all you need to get started in a public health degree. Our MSN programs focused curriculum offers industry-leading clinical skills training, simulation, and real-world clinical experiences required to enter the nursing profession. Even if you arrive with no background in healthcare, accelerated coursework will prepare you for endless opportunities in specialization and leadership. At the end of your program of study, youll be able to launch your nursing career with confidence.

Advanced Practice Nursing Certifications

Direct Entry Master’s in Nursing | FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

After graduating from a direct entry MSN program, you may decide to pursue a career as a registered nurse or an advanced practice registered nurse . APRNs require a masters degree and special certification. APRN roles include nurse practitioner, nurse midwife, nurse anesthetist, and clinical nurse specialist.

Here are some examples of APRN certifications that you may go on to earn, depending on your MSN specialization:

  • Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
  • Certified Nurse Midwife

The advanced practice nursing certification thats right for you can depend on your educational background and professional goals.

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Master’s Entry In Nursing For Non

Our Clinical Nurse Leader program is designed for Generalist Entry Masters students who already have a bachelors degree in another field, and want to pursue a career in nursing. Our program focuses on clinical leadership and prepares students to successfully sit for the NCLEX and Clinical Nurse Leader certification.

Critical elements in the role of a Clinical Nurse Leader are promoting health, reducing risk, and improving point-of-care outcomes. In addition to being prepared to function at a high level as a nurse in an inpatient, outpatient or community setting, you will also be poised to pursue an advanced practice DNP or PhD in nursing degree.

At Rush, a top-tier academic medical center, you will learn from practitioner-teachers who actually practice what they teach. You will have a different clinical experience every term providing a broad overview of all of the major specialties in which nurses work, as well as a variety of settings across the health care continuum and it starts in the first two weeks. Youll also have volunteer opportunities to expand your education beyond Rush University Medical Center.

Whats The Difference Between An Accelerated Bsn Vs Direct Entry Msn

Both accelerated BSN and direct entry MSN programs are centered around the field of nursing. They have a number of differences, though, in terms of education type, degree earned, and level of expertise and qualification.

Accelerated BSN
  • Work toward a masters degree
  • Qualifies you for advanced practice nursing certifications
  • Takes less time than it would to earn a BSN and MSN separately

An accelerated BSN may be followed by a standard MSN program. If youre interested in accelerated MSN programs, a number of schools also offer accelerated BSN to MSN programs.

If you need a program that may better fit with your work schedule, it may be worth looking into the online accelerated nursing degree programs that some universities offer.

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Will This Program Give Me A Bsn In Addition To The Msn

This also depends on the program. In general, a BSN is broader than an MSN, which provides more specific areas of study. Some programs allow you to earn a BSN simply by completing the pre-licensure components of the curriculum. Some examples are the MSN programs offered by Ameritech College of Healthcare and the University of South Alabama. However, other programs provide an MSN only, such as those offered by Ohio State University and the University of Illinois, Chicago.

What Is A Direct Entry Msn Program

7 Reasons to Choose Our Direct Entry MSN Program

A direct entry masters in nursing program is for students with a non nursing degree who would like to pursue a career as a registered nurse or advanced practice nurse . A direct entry MSN program may be available for non-nursing majors online. These people may wish to work as a registered nurse . Some may want to work as an advanced practice nurse . APRNs are those who earned their masters degree. There may be a lot of options in this program. See which ones may work for you.

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Masters In Nursing Salary

An MSN salary depends on your specialty and a variety of other factors, including the location and job outlook for your particular position. The good news is that nurses will always be needed, so you wont need to fear your career becoming obsolete. Rather, healthcare jobs will only continue to grow as the population increases especially in light of unexpected health crises such as the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

Here is a breakdown of what you can expect to earn from MSN jobs.

Will I Have My Nursing License Upon Completing A Direct

Most direct-entry MSN programs will not provide the student with a nursing license. Many of them will allow students to sit for a standardized exam upon completing the pre-license credit hours of the MSN program. The test, called the NCLEX-RN examination, will allow students to apply for an RN license.

Many schools do not provide students with the accreditation needed to take the nurse practitioner exam and become a licensed NP. Some schools will qualify students for completing the NP license exam. The school you choose might not offer the type of credits you need to take the NP licensure exam. You might still tailor your courses, so you qualify upon graduation.

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