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Colorado Technical University Nursing Program

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Welcome To The University Of Colorado College Of Nursing

Begin Your Education at CTU | Colorado Technical University

At the University of Colorado College of Nursing, students learn in an environment that is steeped in history and driven by the future. With 4 programs ,4 nurse-led practices in 9 locations and two major Colorado hospitals on the Rocky Mountain Regions largest academic medical campus, the college offers career paths that fit diverse goals. CU Nursing baccalaureate,masters and doctoral students learn with state-of-the art technology and advanced learning methods on the world-class Anschutz Medical Campus. The offerings include traditional, online and accelerated programs and continuing education. The birthplace of the nurse practitioner program, CU Nursing boasts a reputation as a leader and pioneer in nursing education. Come join us.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion

The College of Nursing has taken a dedicated position in recruiting, developing, and growing a diverse community of students, faculty and staff.

What Is An Rn To Bsn Program

Registered Nurses, or RNs, have strong career prospects but those career prospects could expand further with the acquisition of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, or a BSN. Fortunately, going from an RN to a BSN is a natural progression that is enabled by the online nursing program at Colorado Technical University . What is an RN to BSN program, exactly? It’s a bold professional step that has the potential to take your career to the next level.

Why Should I Attend a BSN Program?

CTUs Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program is designed for registered nurses who are seeking to expand their knowledge and skills. A BSN can offer students more options thanks to training in a more diverse array of clinical situations as well as administrative leadership. A BSN program can also help students care for a wider range of patients as well as prepare them for the rigors of leadership in the nursing profession.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that, while licensed Registered Nurses with an Associate degree or a diploma may qualify for entry-level positions, there are employers that may require RNs to have earned a Bachelors degree.1 Earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing can widen an RN’s career opportunities with a strong education, excellent performance, and a thorough dedication to the field, RNs with a BSN degree may be able to move into management or a business-oriented role within the healthcare industry.

What are Key Skills the BSN Program Aims to Teach?

How To Become A Neonatal Nurse

A degree may open the door to a variety of opportunities and diverse career paths. The degree programs offered at CTU will not necessarily lead to the featured careers. This collection of articles is intended to help inform and guide you through the process of determining which level of degree and types of certifications align with your desired career path.

To become a Neonatal Nurse, either an associate’s degree in nursing or Bachelor of Science in Nursing is required. It’s also required to become licensed. This can be done by passing the Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing exam.

Registered nurses with a particular interest in newborns may consider neonatal nursing as a career option. Neonatal nurses assist with the care of newborns delivered prematurely or considered at risk, but their duties can also encompass care for infants who experience long-term problems related to an early birth or illness after birth. There are approximately 40,000 low-birth-weight infants born annually in the U.S., but survival rates are ten times higher now than they were 15 years ago thanks to these advanced practice nurses, physicians and medical advances.1

While this field may be fulfilling, there are some character traits, educational requirements and certifications a prospective nurse should be aware of before pursuing a career in neonatal nursing.

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Earn A Nursing Degree From Ctu

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program at Colorado Technical University is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education . CTUâs RN-to-BSN program aims to build on a studentâs foundational nursing knowledge and teach real-world nursing education. Learn more about CTUâs nursing degree programs.

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  • Get scholarship and financial aid information
  • Learn about specific degree programs

How To Become A Registered Nurse

Colorado Technical University

A degree may open the door to a variety of opportunities and diverse career paths. The degree programs offered at CTU will not necessarily lead to the featured careers. This collection of articles is intended to help inform and guide you through the process of determining which level of degree and types of certifications align with your desired career path.

To become an RN, either an associate’s degree in nursing or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing is required. It’s also required to become licensed. This can be done by passing the NCLEX-RN exam.

For those who have an affinity for caring for others, nursing may be an ideal profession. Registered nurses can expect to see job growth thats much faster than average through 2024, and in some cases, may need a four-year degree to begin a journey on this career path.1 However, before deciding on a career in nursing, it is important to recognize the qualities and job requirements of being an RN.

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Rn To Bsn Degree Completion Program

Youre ready to earn your BSN degree. And Colorado Technical University has the programmatic accreditation you want along with the flexible schedule designed to fit your needs. There are eight different program start dates and the entire program can be completed in as little as 9 months*. You can even complete your clinical experiences in your community. Its focused, rigorous and designed by nurses just like you. CTU’s RN to BSN program: Starting at $12,480.**

Classes Start September 20 2022

Learn more below

At CTU, we understand that licensed practicing nurses return to school with varying degrees of nursing knowledge and experience. Our nursing students can expect:

  • Skip what you know.. CTUs adaptive learning technology, known as intellipath®, is similar to the computerized adaptive testing that all nurses use to enter the profession. Intellipath® allows nursing students to skip content they know and focus on developing new knowledge.
  • A mix of assignments and simulations. Students will find faculty-led nursing courses infused with intellipath® assignments, writing assignments, discussion boards, virtual simulations, clinical experiences and journaling, among others.
  • No assigned group work. There are no group project assignments in any of the courses since students experience interdisciplinary collaboration in their clinical courses.
  • Clinical experience is required. All nursing students must complete clinical experiences, along with the mix of traditional assignments.

In NRSG312: Population Based Nursing, students work with a community agency to deliver an in-person educational intervention to an at-risk population. In NRSG410: Health and Wellness Assessment, students work with a family in their community to complete an assessment and create a health & wellness plan for the family members.


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Tuition And Financial Aid

CTU makes it easy for students to find out how it costs to earn a degree because it often charges a flat rate for its programs. Students in the RN to BSN program can finish their degrees for around $13,000, while those who want to earn an MSN degree will pay this amount and then spend around $18,000 to finish the graduate program. All of the universitys bachelors degree programs cost $325 per credit hour, but students must also pay some university fees. CTU charges $585 per credit hour for most of its graduate programs and $370 per credit hour for its graduate nursing programs.

One benefit of taking online classes from the university is that students can save on some fees and costs. Online students of all ages can apply for financial aid too. Aid packages for undergrads usually include grants and loans from the government. The university offers institutional grants for doctoral students and will accept military benefits too. More than $30 million of the money that the university receives each year comes from students using the GI Bill. Graduate students can apply for federal loans and use alternative student loans to pay for the cost of attending Colorado Technical University.

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Job Market For Neonatal Nurses

#CTUgrad Nicole Komenda | Colorado Technical University

Neonatal nursing careers can also encompass a variety of positions, each requiring a different amount of education or certification. Some of these careers include staff nurses caring for acutely ill infants, nurse managers in NICUs, and developmental care specialists who have studied the progressive care of sick and preterm infants. Clinical nurse specialists can provide education programs, direct patient care, and support to nursing staff at the bedside.1

In general, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the job market for advanced practice nurses of all types will grow by 31%, or faster than average, through 2024. Health care legislation, demand for health care services for a large, aging population, and a greater emphasis on preventive care are factors cited as stimulating this growth.6

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Online Nursing Programs In Colorado

Colorado Mesa University offers an RN to BSN program with a high NCLEX pass rate of 84.21%. Aspen University offers an online RN to MSN Bridge program which allows students who have earned an associate degree in nursing to graduate directly with a master’s degree without having to attain a bachelors degree. Licenses must be renewed every two years.

How To Get Certified Nursing Assistant Certification In Colorado

Under the direct supervision of an RN or an LPN, a CNA assists patients with necessary daily activities. Their tasks include bathing, transferring and repositioning patients, tending to wounds, and many other essential tasks.

The first step to earning a Colorado CNA license is to complete a state-approved training program that includes at least 80 hours of instruction. Various community colleges in the area offer training programs.

Upon completion of training, an individual must pass an exam known as the Certified Nursing Assistant/Aide competency examination. The test consists of two parts: a knowledge test and a skills test. Individuals can register and schedule their exam online at Pearson Vue.

After passing the test, an individual may apply for certification. Colorado’s CNAs are credentialed by the State Board of Nursing. Applications can be found on Colorado’s Department of Regulatory Agencies website.

CNA certifications are valid for two years. All certifications expire on Jan. 31 of odd-numbered years. Renewal is available online by visiting the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies website and clicking on “Renew Your License.”

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Important Considerations When Comparing Schools

If choosing the right nursing school came down to one factor, then nobody would care about the rest. With that in mind, you shouldnt choose a nursing school just because it has a high NCLEX pass rate or a high acceptance rate. Consider multiple factors prior to choosing your school, including:

  • The schools accreditation
  • Tuition cost
  • The acceptance rate to the university
  • The acceptance rate to the nursing program
  • NCLEX pass rate
  • You should also check to see that schools are offering exactly what youre looking for. Remember, the program you choose could alter the trajectory of your future nursing career.

    Studying For A Healthcare Career At Ctu

    Colorado Technical University

    Colorado Technical University appears in our ranking of the Top 10 Best Colleges for a Bachelors Degree in Health Informatics.

    Colorado Technical University offers a large number of health degree programs for students who want to work in this rapidly growing field. Its Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is actually an RN to BSN program that makes it easy for students to continue their studies and work on a BSN degree while still working as a nurse. Students can start classes at the beginning or in the middle of each month, which allows them to start as soon as possible. Depending on the number of credits that they bring with them, students can complete this program in only nine months.

    Those who want to spend less time in school may find the universitys online nursing program appealing. This program allows students to make the transition from an RN program to a BSN program and then get a Master of Science in Nursing too. Once students complete the online BSN program, theyll enroll in the MSN program, which takes around 18 months to complete. Though nursing students must do practicums, the university will let them do that work in their current positions. The university also offers an online Doctor of Nursing Practice.

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    Rn To Bsn Completion Program Goals:

    • Care for complex needs of patients across the healthcare continuum and/or a variety of settings
    • Be a leader in the profession of nursing

    CTU’s online bachelor’s degree programs are ranked among the Best Online Bachelors Programs by U.S. News & World Report for the eighth year in a row. *

    At this time, Colorado Technical University cannot accept inquiries for the RN-BSN program from residents of the states of Alabama, Delaware, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

    * CTU programs are ranked among U.S. News & World Reports 2022 Best Online Programs.

    **Tuition cost and program length assumes a student will be awarded the maximum credit for transfer, licensure, prior experiential learning, and professional certifications, will be continuously enrolled, and satisfactorily completes all program requirements for graduation. Tuition and timing reflects an accelerated pace for the nursing component of the program. Additional courses, such as general education requirements, may be necessary dependent on credits transferred to CTU. The total tuition cost will increase and program length may change due to academic failure of courses and or withdrawals and drops. CTU cannot guarantee transfer or other credit will be accepted please see University Transfer Credit policy.

    Program details are provided lower on the page.

    Colorado Technical University Reviews

    • Degree:Healthcare Management
    • Graduation Year:2022

    Iris Thomas

    • Degree:Healthcare Administration
    • Graduation Year:2022

    Charlie Kuharski

    • Degree:Electrical Engineering
    • Graduation Year:1995

    valerie Gil

    • Degree:Nursing
    • Graduation Year:2019


    • Degree:Healthcare Management
    • Graduation Year:2021

    frankie austin

    • Degree:Healthcare Management
    • Graduation Year:2021

    Dr. Thakore

    • Degree:Data Analytics
    • Graduation Year:2021

    Kateri N McMillion

    • Degree:Management
    • Graduation Year:2020

    Brandon Johnson

    • Degree:Criminal Justice
    • Graduation Year:2020

    Hazel Collins Muhammad

    • Degree:Criminal Justice
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    Natalie Corban

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    • Degree:Management
    • Graduation Year:2020

    Vincent Shepherd

    • Degree:Criminal Justice
    • Graduation Year:2019

    Leonardo Paz

    • Degree:Information Technology
    • Graduation Year:2019

    Sharon Stone

    • Degree:Healthcare Management
    • Graduation Year:2018

    The Original Vince Carter

    • Degree:MBA in Accounting
    • Graduation Year:2019

    Patrick A

    • Degree:Network Security
    • Graduation Year:2019

    Dr. John Adeghe

    • Degree:Computer Science
    • Graduation Year:2019


    • Degree:Psychology
    • Graduation Year:2019

    Donna Snow

    • Degree:Criminal Justice
    • Graduation Year:2019

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    Colorado Technical University Application Requirements

    Unlike other schools, CTU does not have an application deadline. Classes start regularly and usually start each month. Students can apply and then start classes at the beginning of the next session. The university encourages students to speak with one of its admissions counselors. Those counselors can collect all the necessary information from students, which lets students skip filling out the online application. Students who use the online system will find that they can complete the application in 15 minutes or less. CTU accepts undergrads who have high school diplomas, those who completed a homeschool program and those with a GED.

    Some programs have other admissions requirements. Students enrolling in the RN to BSN program must have a nursing degree from an accredited school. The university does not require that they have their nursing licenses though. Students can actually enroll in the program and take classes before passing the national licensing exam. Those living in nine states, including Louisiana and Virginia, cannot enroll in this program. Students can check with the university to see if they can take online classes while living in a different state.

    What To Expect On A Day

    CTU Success Story: Teresa Duran | Colorado Technical University

    Daily tasks for RNs may vary depending on the work environment and the type of patients for which they provide care. However, in general, nurses provide and coordinate patient care, educate patients about health conditions, and provide advice and emotional support to patients and family members.5 Some settings where RNs might work include:

    • Hospitals
    • Schools
    • Community centers6

    Though specific tasks and specialties vary, a nurse’s core responsibilities remain the same no matter the setting. RNs are often responsible for recording a patients medical history and symptoms, administering medicine and treatments, developing plans for patient care, teaching patients and families how to manage an illness or injury. They also consult and collaborate with physicians and other healthcare professionals.5

    The types of patients a nurse treats can also differ. For example, an oncology nurse may work with cancer patients or a geriatric nurse may work with the elderly. Some RNs can combine more than one specialty, such as a pediatric oncology nurse, working with children and teens who have cancer.5

    The list of responsibilities for a nurse may be lengthy, but for those that have the strength and compassion to meet these challenges, a career in nursing may be rewarding.

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    Becoming A Nurse In Colorado

    There’s a growing demand for nurses in every state across the country, but the shortage in Colorado is estimated to be twice the national average. Students considering this field can help fill the vital need for skilled nurses while finding job stability in a rewarding career. Entering the Colorado nursing field gives students the opportunity to work in many types of health environments and in different roles. Whether they want to work as a certified nursing assistant , licensed practical nurse , registered nurse or advanced practice nurse , there’s a range of specialties and subspecialties to choose from. Accredited nursing schools in Colorado provide students with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to excel in their careers working in hospitals, doctors offices, schools, clinics, and private homes.

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