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Colleges That Offer Nursing Degrees

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Wgu Graduates Loved Their Experience Earning A Healthcare Degree

Dallas College Announces Four-Year Bachelor’s Degree Program In Nursing

Hear from WGU Health College graduates and see how they feel about their education experience.

1. CCNE is located at 655 K Street, NW, Suite 750, Washington, DC 20001, 202-887-6791.

2. Results from a 2020 Harris Poll survey of 1,400 new college graduates nationwide with a survey of 1,340 WGU graduates.

General Nursing Bridging Program Requirements

For Registered Practical Nurses, nursing bridging programs at Ontario colleges require proof of certification in Ontario, as well as transcripts from your college program.

Some bridging programs are used by RNs, including those wanting to brush up on their medical knowledge and those who are internationally educated. Requirements for these cases vary, so check program details carefully.

Benefits Of Nursing At King’s

Nursing at King’s consists of foundational level and advanced nursing courses. Nursing students must meet general core educational requirements in addition to nursing-specific requirements to qualify for the baccalaureate degree.

The program provides learning experiences in a variety of clinical settings, including community health agencies, clinics, hospitals and homes. Students have the opportunity to analyze a variety of issues in professional nursing practice and health care. Students are also introduced to a basic understanding of how evidence is developed, including the research process and clinical judgment in nursing.

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What Courses Will I Take As A Nursing Major

Once youve declared your major in nursing, you will likely be required to complete a set of core courses in a number of healthcare-related subject areas. While your concentration will give you a chance to choose from a wide range of highly-specialized nursing electives, there are several common courses that most nursing majors will be required to take, including:

  • Physiology

Additional Online Student Fees

Colleges That Offer Rn Degrees

Online students spend the most money on tuition. However, they should also budget for extra expenses. Students may need to buy books, supplies, and scrubs. Some online programs charge a technology or distance learning fee. Nurses should also save money for the NCLEX-RN exam and state licensure.

Some online nursing schools include in-person requirements such as clinical rotations. Travel and lodging costs add to learners’ expenses. Prospective students can ask schools for an estimate of the total cost of attendance.

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Considering Nursing Program Cost

Another factor students need to consider is the cost of their degree. Tuition rates vary by school size, the type of institution, and the degree program. For example, public schools offer in-state tuition to residents, and ADN programs cost less than BSN programs.

Aside from tuition, nursing students need to consider other costs, including:

  • School and lab fees
  • Other course materials such as uniforms and clinical supplies
  • Cost of living expenses which may include on-campus room and board

Is A Liberal Arts College Right For Me

Often referred to as teaching collegesliberal arts colleges put a premium on undergraduate studies and offers a broad range of subjects for students to study. A college of liberal arts typically provides smaller class sizes, more direct engagement with professors, and, most importantly, the opportunity to sample a wide range of subject areas on the way to a bachelors degree.

  • Do you want your professors to know you? Liberal arts colleges strive to cultivate campus cultures that encourage tight bonds between professors and students. Professors at these schools will typically conduct original research. Yet the best of these schools offer their faculty reduced teaching loads so that they can both be productive researchers and still have plenty of time for students .
  • Do you want to feel like you know everybody? One of the most enticing features of a liberal arts college is that in very little time, you can feel like you know whos who, which can create strong friendships, but also more pleasurable walks across campus. While your sports teams may never be on ESPN, its more likely that youll know the athletes as your peers. Beyond student and faculty relationships, its not unusual for the school president and other administrators to learn who you are. When faced with problems with your student account or the need to switch classes, this can be comforting during a stressful moment.

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Related Programs That Might Interest You

Learn about start dates, transferring credits, availability of financial aid, and more by contacting the universities below.

While professionals can acquire an RN license at the associate level, students who earn a bachelor’s in nursing gain access to better pay, exclusive job opportunities, and programs that develop students’ knowledge and skills in depth.

Most nursing graduates work in hospitals, about 60% in fact. However, RNs also work for ambulatory services and within elderly care facilities, schools, and correctional centers. Individuals who enjoy traveling may even consider becoming a traveling nurse.

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Our rankings are grounded in a few guiding principles and use the latest statistical data available from trusted sources. Read our Ranking Methodology. We hope our approach helps you find the school that is best for you.

New Advanced Na And Medication Assistant Courses

Debate Over Community Colleges Offering Bachelor of Science Nursing Degrees

If you have had one year of full-time employment or two-years of part-time employment in direct patient care within the last five years and want to obtain your CNA or LNA, GateWay has the course for you. The new Advanced Placement Nurse Assistant course will have starts in Fall 2021. This is a two-credit class that will prepare those with experience to sit for the Certified Nurse Assistant examination.

For information, contact Kristen Woods, Nursing Assistant Coordinator, at or PK Felix, Nursing Advisor, at , .

Separately, if you are interested in expanding your skills as a Certified Nursing Assistant, the new Medication Assistant program is for you! During this fast-paced four credit course, you will learn how to administer select medications in addition to the role and scope of the medication assistant. Learn about requirements for the Medication Assistant course here.

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Online Bachelor’s In Nursing Program Overview

BSN programs do not require prerequisites or experience outside of a high school diploma or GED. Therefore, the program begins with general education requirements and builds up to fundamental nursing knowledge and skills. Core subjects include physiology and anatomy, microbiology, statistics, psychology, nutrition, nursing theory, and nursing research. Students also learn about healthcare systems and special needs nursing.

In addition to coursework, this degree requires hands-on clinical experiences at patient care facilities. Universities often allow students to choose advanced clinical settings based on their career interests.

These programs develop ethical, accountable, and socially responsible practitioners. BSN programs emphasize evidence-based nursing practices, critical thinking, application of nurse theory, and effective communication.

A bachelor’s degree in nursing allows graduates to enter the workforce after passing their license exam. Practitioners may go on to earn an advanced nursing degree, which provides more employment opportunities and higher salary potential.

Explore Bridging Programs To Gain A Bachelor Of Science In Nursing

Nurses are in high demand, and are expected to remain so for quite some time. If youre in the nursing field, Ontario college nursing bridging programs may be the right option for you programs provide the education needed for Registered Practical Nurses to get BScNs and become Registered Nurses , for internationally trained nurses to get certified for work in Ontario and for RNs to improve their current skills.

If youre interested in furthering your nursing education, heres what you need to know.

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Your Path To An Exceptional Future

Kings College is excited to offer both the RN to Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing Program AND the Dual Degrees in Nursing through a unique partnership with Luzerne County Community College .

According to the Institute of Medicine, the expectation within the health care industry is for nurses to have at least a bachelors-level degree by the year 2020. At the national level, professional nursing organizations, as well as private foundations involved in health care workforce issues, support the BS in nursing as the appropriate level of education for nurses . The American Association of the Colleges of Nursing recognizes the BS in nursing as the minimum educational requirement for professional nursing practice.

University Of Wisconsin Madison

Georgian College hopes to offer nursing degree program in Barrie ...

University of Wisconsins traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing , Accelerated BSN, and Online RN to BSN, are some of the strongest nursing programs in the Midwest. The traditional BSN allows students to learn skills in combination with clinical experience and interactive simulations to transition into employment. Students are able to take the exam for RN license upon graduation. The Accelerated BSN allows students who have a Bachelors Degree to earn a BSN in about one year. The Online RN to BSN program allows students who are currently RNs to get a BSN by completing a program that is mostly online. This works well for students who arent able to move to UW Madison campus.

The University of Wisconsin located in Madison, one of the most beloved college towns in America is central to professional life and work in Wisconsin. The School of Nursing has been part of the community since 1924. University of Wisconsin is a leading research institution and part of the states health care system. The school grounds their research in practical application, which immediately has a positive influence on the communitys hospitals and schools.

  • Degree:BSN, Accelerated BSN, Online RN to BSN
  • Annual Tuition:$$$$$


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Choosing The Best Rn Program For You

Where you complete your RN program can help shape your future career in nursing and other health sciences. Your undergraduate degree can also influence which advanced practice degrees you choose to pursue later.

First you have to choose between a bachelor of science in nursing or an associate degree in nursing program. More and more employers require new nurses to have a BSN, though many will also hire ADNs who agree to complete their BSNs over the next couple years.

Youll also need to consider the economic side of each degreein some cases, it may be more affordable to get your ADN so you can start working as a nurse, then enroll to get your BSN online and qualify for employer tuition assistance but in other cases, it may actually be faster and more affordable to go straight for your BSN if thats your ultimate goal

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Then youll have to decide whether to enroll in a large or small nursing school, an accelerated or four-year degree, and much more. Each factor can influence your career.

Any given program might not work for some students but could be perfect for you. Nursing schools are intentionally different to best educate specific students.

The demands of your current life will also influence your choices. More and more leading universities offer online RN programs, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Paying For Nursing School

While costs may seem steep, most nursing students end up paying much less thanks to financial aid.

Some forms of financial aid for nursing students include:

Students worried about the cost of programs can always begin by getting their ADN. ADNs can be completed at community colleges, which typically charge much lower tuition rates than four-year colleges and universities. Doing this can save students thousands of dollars.

BSN programs, on the other hand, typically cost more than ADN programs and take twice as long to complete. However, BSN programs help nurses find higher-paying positions. Students with enough financial aid would have a hard time justifying an ADN program over a BSN program.

Which choice is a better financial decision? That depends on the student. Talk with a financial advisor to decide the best choice, and let each school’s financial aid office know you’re looking for help with the cost of your nursing degree.

If you couldnt possibly afford to stay in school for four years, you could go for an ADN and then complete your BSN after starting your career in patient care.

A lot of employers offer tuition assistance for ADN nurses working toward their BSN degrees. In exchange for helping pay tuition, the employer may require you to commit to staying on the job for a few years.

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My Journey In Mcmaster University

I got to know about this university, when I was in 11th grade, from one of my teachers in school. At that time, her daughter was pursuing her graduation from here. When I showed my interest in pursuing my higher education in Canada, she told me about the preparation and process of getting admission. In order to improve my language aspects, I joined coaching in Delhi. Apart from that, I started participating in several group discussion activities in my school and online social media platforms. In a matter of one year, I bolstered my language aspects to meet the eligibility criteria. When it comes to the admission process, It started with my online application. I applied through the OUAC 105 portal and it cost me worth $190. Along with my application, I had to submit all the required official transcripts, i.e. 2 letters of recommendation from my teachers, an essay on my profile, my official academic transcripts, and an updated resume, via mail. I got further updates regarding my application after five weeks. Thereafter, I received a mail mentioning my offer letter and got intimations of further events in the same. Soon I applied for my study VISA and the application cost me worth $110. The documents asked for during my VISA process were my acceptance letter, study plan, passport, and financial evidence. Apart from these, I had to provide my health insurance fee and my accommodation fee of one semester in advance before entering college.

After Acceptance/admission To The Mane Nursing Program

Bellarmine University to offer accelerated nursing degree program

Evidence of having completed the following criteria will be required prior to the start of MANE nursing courses and must remain current throughout the program. Requirements include, but may not be limited to:

  • Documentation of current American Heart Association CPR Healthcare Provider.2.Completed health and immunization record, including proof of current immunizations and tuberculosis testing, and/or other requirements as defined by the clinical agency.3.Completion of current Minnesota Human Services Net Study 2.0
  • Minnesota Department of Health requires any individual having contact with patients to complete a background study prior to starting the clinical experience. An individual may be disqualified or have restrictions placed on patient contact and would not be permitted to participate in the clinical experience if a clearance is not issued. A background study with no restrictions is required to successfully complete the requirements of the nursing program. Call MN Department of Human Services with specific questions, 651-431-2000.
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    University Of California San Francisco

    The School of Nursing at University of California, San Francisco, earned more research funding from the National Institutes of Health in 2013 than any other public college in the country. The school, which offers masters, post-masters, doctoral and post-doctoral degrees, has the best family nurse practitioner program in the country according to U.S. News and World Report.

    San Diego State University

    San Diego State Universitys Bachelor of Science in Nursing traditional degree program comes from the School of Nursing, as does their RN to BSN degree program. SDSUs traditional BSN program prepares nursing graduates to become critical thinkers with adept decision-making skills. It is available for first-year college students or for transfer students from community colleges or four-year universities. The 12-15 month RN to BSN degree program is available to those who currently possess an Associate Degree in Nursing or a Nursing Diploma from another nursing program.

    San Diego State University was founded in 1897 as a teacher training school. One of the most diverse universities in the nation, SDSU is a leader in helping minority students graduate and enter professional careers, especially in healthcare. The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education accredits San Diego State Universitys undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. SDSUs NCLEX-RN exam passing rates exceeded 98% for in 2017-18.

    • Degree:BSN, RN to BSN
    • Annual Tuition:$$$$$


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    Oregon Health And Science University

    Oregon Health and Science University, which is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, acts as Oregons only public academic health center. The School of Nursing, which offers bachelors, masters, post-masters and doctoral degrees, is especially known for conducting important cancer survivorship research.

    Bachelor’s Degree To Bsn Bridge Program

    UF to offer new accelerated bachelorâs degree in nursing at ...

    Students who hold a Bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing area are able to earn a BSN through this bridge program. This track is often offered as an accelerated and/or partially online program or traditional in-classroom program. Clinical hours will be required to become licensed as an RN. This degree track often has a shorter waiting list than traditional BSN programs and is available through many universities.

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    What Can You Do With A Registered Nursing Degree

    A nursing degree prepares graduates for careers within the healthcare field. The specific role depends upon the nurse’s educational background and the nursing program.

    ADN jobs can be found in hospitals, physicians’ offices, nursing care facilities, and outpatient care centers. Within these settings, nurses work as generalists, recording health histories, ordering and analyzing tests, educating patients on their condition and treatment, and collaborating with healthcare teams.

    Nurses with a BSN can focus on nursing specialties not available to those with an ADN. Roles include nursing administrator, health educator, pediatric nurse, public health nurse, and critical care nurse.

    The work settings and role responsibilities are similar between those with a BSN nursing job and those with an ADN. However, nurses with a bachelor’s degree have more opportunities for career growth and leadership positions.

    Nurses with an MSN have received advanced specialized clinical and administrative training. With an MSN, nurses can become licensed advanced practice nurses, which can lead to roles as a pediatric nurse practitioner, certified nurse midwife, nurse anesthetist, and family nurse practitioner, among others.

    Some of the most popular careers for nursing program graduates include:

    Pediatric nurse

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