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Colleges In Miami Florida For Nursing

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Florida Nursing Job Outlook And Salaries

Tour the Nursing Program at Miami University

Florida hospitals experienced a small upswing in the number of vacant registered nurse positions and in turnover, according to the 2005 FHA Nurse Staffing Survey. The agency released its latest findings in a recently issued report: 109 Florida hospitals reported 2,824 open RN positions, reflecting a nursing shortage or vacancy rate of 8.5 percent, up from 8.2 percent one year earlier. Turnover rates climbed to an average 12.2 percent in 2005, from 10.8 percent in 2004.

The job outlook is obviously great for nurses in Florida and since the nursing shortage is anticipated to grow through 2020 the job security is fantastic. Hospitals and other health care agencies in Florida are offering amazing benefit packages, high wages and great sign-on bonuses.

If you are looking into a masters program in nursing, consider what you could give back to your profession by earning your Masters and becoming an instructor at one of the nursing schools in Florida. Youd be able to share your experiences with a new class of nurses and help them succeed in their career. Worth a mention is also the positive impact youd have on decreasing the Florida nursing shortage. found the median hourly pay for registered in Florida is $23.78 or around $47,000 annually. At Munroe Regional Hospital nursing salaries start at $18.25 per hour and top off at $26.50 per hour, but nurses can increase that 35% by working nights and weekends.

The Bachelor Of Science In Nursing

The BSN program will give students the knowledge and training to become an RN by preparing students to become professionals in the field of nursing. You might not think that obtaining a BSN is necessary for the nursing field since the pay between an ADN and BSN may be the same but having a BSN may qualify you for administrative positions that an ADN wouldnt. Getting your BSN is more of an investment than an ADN, both finically and timewise, but you increase your chances of a better return on your investment.

The main courses offered in the BSN program at FNU dive deeper into the fundamentals of nursing, which helps students qualify for more jobs in the healthcare industry. Courses required for the BSN program include nursing theories and concepts, research, health assessment, leadership and health promotion across the healthcare industry. The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education accredits the BSN program and FNU awards a Bachelor of Science degree upon completion when a minimum of 120 credits has been met.

Miami Dade College Miami Fl

Miami Dade College offers a range of programs including an RN, BSN and more. They have state of the art equipment so that students can be sure they are getting the most out of their education. This is a wonderful program for those that want a degree from a big name university that is well known.

  • NCELX-RN pass rate of 78%
  • Program length varies depending on what program is chosen.
  • Admission requirements vary depending on what program is chosen but all students must complete their prerequisite courses
  • Tuition is $1,418 for in-state students per semester or $4,830 for out-of-state students per semester
  • Accreditation ACEN

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Fnus Nursing Programs: Which Is Right For Me

The Associate of Science in Nursing is an applicant for accreditation by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing , and FNU awards an ADN upon graduation after a minimum of 72 credits have been met. Though the ADN program takes the least amount of time of the three nursing paths to complete, it might limit you from obtaining higher level nursing jobs.

The purpose of the ADN program is to prepare you for employment as an entry-level registered nursing position. Curriculum for the ADN program includes prerequisite science courses, such as Microbiology, Physiology, Psychology, and Anatomy, followed by core nursing classes. These classes include Health Assessment, Fundamentals of Nursing, and Nursing Pharmacology. Next, students will take courses that provide an in-depth look at specialties, like Pediatric Nursing, Psychiatric, Medical-Surgical Nursing, and Maternal and Infant Nursing.

Key Factors That Affect Nursing School Tuition

Get A Nursing Degree Fast: Fiu Nursing Program

Keep in mind that colleges and universities reserve the right to change tuition rates at any time. The yearly tuition rates listed here will vary for each individual student depending on various factors including,

  • Transfer credits
  • Amount of credits taken per year
  • Financial aid awards

Check with the specific school for current tuition rates.

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Admission Requirements For The Bsn Program

Selection of students for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is based on a number of criteria, including but not limited to, cumulative grade point average, prerequisite course grade point average, references, resumes, interviews, and an essay . The BSN program is highly competitive and the number of spaces in the BSN program is limited. Students not admitted, or those students who do not accept an admission slot must reapply. There is no ongoing waiting list.

The BSN program is designed to ensure success based on the level of a students preparation at the time of application. There are two avenues for admission into the BSN program: Pathway to Nursing and the online-only RN-to-BSN.

Pathway to BSN Program

Minimum Requirements

The following are the minimum requirements for all Pre-Nursing students applying to the BSN program:

  • Completion of BSN prerequisite courses.
  • A minimum overall GPA of 3.0 or higher for all prerequisite course work is required to qualify for consideration within the applicant pool. The cumulative GPA will be used as one of the criteria for competitive ranking.
  • Applicants currently enrolled at STU will need to submit a Change of Major Form once the prerequisites have been met to be considered for the BSN program.

BSN Prerequisite Courses

The following are prerequisite courses that must be completed prior to being considered for acceptance into the BSN program.

Adn Programs Miami Fl

A strong desire to help people should be the main reason for your decision to become a nurse. As a vocation, nursing is an opportunity to transform the lives of patients. The responsibilities are challenging, but the rewards are plentiful.

With the current demands for nurses to boost the workforce, it is a great time to enroll in a nursing program and enter the profession. Apart from the employment opportunities, job stability, and competitive pay, youll have the opportunity to work with patients on a personal level and collaborate with other professionals in the restoration of health. Theres never a dull moment in nursing. The responsibilities will keep you active both physically and mentally. Nurses can also change up the scenery by working in various health care institutions or continuing their education to prepare for specialized roles.

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Life And Career Options In Miami

Miamis Licensed Practical Nurses make up 19 percent of of the nursing workforce, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , with the need for LPNs expected to grow by 22 percent by the year 2022. If you believe that you could help strengthen the LPN workforce in Miami, there are affordable places to get your education. Mercy Hospital School of Practical Nursing is the largest school in Miami for LPNs. Some of the other colleges for LPNs are Miami Dade College, Medvance Institute-Miami and Health Opportunity Technical Center.

Miami has a number of excellent hospitals, and the American Nurses Credentialing Center has awarded the Magnet Award to those hospitals that provide quality patient care and excellent nursing services. Magnet hospitals in Miami include:

  • Baptist Hospital of Miami
  • Mercy Hospital, A Campus of Plantation General Hospital
  • Miami Childrens Hospital
  • South Miami Hospital

City College Of Miami

University of Miami – School of Nursing

City College of Miami offers students the chance to work in state of the art labs and with seasoned professionals to prepare them for a life in the role of a registered nurse. The program is varied and allows students the chance to be either an RN, a BSN and more. You can also specialize your degree by choosing a variety of different concentrations and specialty courses.

  • NCLEX-RN pass rate of 69%
  • Program length varies depending on the program chosen
  • Admission requirements vary depending on the program chosen but all students must complete their prerequisite courses
  • Tuition is $12,782 per year
  • Accreditation by the ABHES

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Job Opportunities For Rns In Miami

The Miami area is among the countrys ten biggest employers of registered nurses. Across Florida, the job market for RNs is anticipated to increase by over 30,500 jobs by 2028. Since RNs in Miami account for nearly 30% of all RNs working in the state of Florida, Miami-based nurses are likely to see a significant increase in job opportunities if those numbers hold true.

Another factor that adds jobs for Miami nurses is the fact that Miami is home to Floridas largest healthcare provider. The Jackson Health System is an expansive network of hospitals and medical centers that includes Jackson Memorial Hospital, Holtz Childrens Hospital, and the Miami Burn Center.

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Cape Coral / Fort Myers Area

Cape Coral Technical College

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice
  • MSN: Nurse Anesthesia

Horizon Healthcare Institute – Fort Myers

  • Certificate in Practical Nursing
  • Master of Science in Nursing
  • RN-to-BSN Degree Completion

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Premiere International College

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Diploma in Practical Nursing
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice
  • MSN: Nurse Anesthesia

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Bachelor Of Science In Nursing

Get ahead with a Bachelor’s degree in nursing. The College’s BSN program for Florida-licensed registered nurses who have already earned an Associate in Science degree in Nursing opens doors to career advancement and post-baccalaureate education through a focus on nursing practice, cultural awareness, leadership training, and management skills.

Nursing Bridge Programs In Miami For Current Nurses


LPN to RN and LPN to BSN Programs

If you started your career as a licensed vocational nurse and now want to go to the next level, these bridge programs at nursing schools in Miami can help. The LPN to RN leads to an ADN and takes about a year to complete, while the LPN to BSN leads to a bachelors degree and takes approximately two years to complete. Youll find these programs at many community colleges and four-year nursing schools in Miami.

Examples of Miami Nursing Schools with This Program

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Nursing Schools In Miami Florida

There are several other options for accredited nursing schools in Miami, whether you are looking for an entry level program or an advanced degree.

Miami Dade College has the largest nursing program in Miami, offering an Associates of Science in nursing program and an RNtoBSN program. Florida International University offers several undergraduate, graduate and doctoral nursing programs, plus a program for the nurse anesthetist.

The University of Miami has facilities for nursing students that include a two bed intensive care simulation suite, a dedicated operating room theater suite, a seven bed pediatric laboratory and a micro-simulation computer lab. These are excellent learning tools as you become a nurse, they allow you to improve your clinical and critical thinking skills prior to any interaction with patients. This makes it a safe and effective way to educate beginning nurses without the risk of harm to patients.

Your Nursing Career In Miami

Nursing schools in Miami, Florida are abundant. With a highly diverse population, including many retirees and senior citizens, Miami presents a huge opportunity for nurses and nursing students. So whether you are beginning a nursing career, changing careers to become a nurse, or increasing your credentials to advance in your nursing career, TopRN wants to point you to the best nursing schools in Miami.


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Inside Look At Online Nursing Schools In Miami

Online nursing programs are traditionally designed for the working professional, with built-in flexibility to ensure that you can keep up with personal and job-related obligations. While most four-year, traditional BSN programs require in-person attendance, RN to BSN bridge programs are often available online and schools such as Florida International University offer multiple programs 100% online. That said, practice-based nursing programs typically have in-person clinical requirements even if academic classes are online.

When considering the online nursing schools in Miami that best fit your needs, its worth inquiring about each programs working relationship with hospitals and community health centers. Thats important because youll want to ensure that you get the clinical experience you need while potentially building lasting professional relationships. Keep reading to discover online nursing programs in Miami that are standouts.

About Fnus Bachelor Of Science In Nursing

Learn and become a Licensed Practical Nurse at Miami-Dade County Public Schools Technical College

The overall purpose of the FNUs BSN program is to develop students comprehension and professional experience so that they can successfully function in a variety of roles expected in the nursing industry. FNU students will have a better understanding of health assessment, nursing theories and concepts, research, and leadership skills. Furthermore, students who successfully complete this program will be fully prepared to take the NCLEX.

Programmatic Accreditation is also very important at the time when choose a Nursing Program. The baccalaureate nursing program at Florida National University is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, One Dupont Circle, NW, Suite 530, Washington DC 20036, .

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Hospitals In Miami Florida

LPN/LVNs earn a median salary in Miami of $44,890 annually, which can be higher once you have experience or if you are bilingual. The median salary for Registered Nurses in Miami is $68,050. Specialty hospitals, outpatient care centers and medical/surgical hospitals tend to common places of employment for RNs in the area.

Finding A Nursing Program From An Accredited University

FNU is an accredited educational institution by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges .

SACSCOCs goal is to assure the educational quality and improve the effectiveness of its member institutions. FNU mirrors SACSCOCs core values of integrity, accountability, continuous quality improvement, transparency, peer review, and most importantly, student learning.

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Open House And Galen Day

Discover the Pure Nursing difference at Galen! Join us for an on-campus Open House and Galen Day, where you can tour our state-of-the-art facility, meet faculty, and learn more about our nursing degree programs. Current students and alumni, bring in your friends and family to show them the campus and ask any questions.

Palm Beach Atlantic University

ADD Inc Brings Modern Design and Amenities To New University Plaza ...

Palm Beach Atlantic University offers nursing programs from the bachelors level to the doctoral. The programs include the Bachelor of Science in Nursing, an accelerated masters that combines the BSN with the MSN, an RN to BSN, and an RN to MSN. There is also a Master of Science in Nursing with a concentration in health systems leadership. Students pursuing their Doctor of Nursing Practice degree can choose from four concentrations: executive leadership, adult-gerontology, psychiatric mental health, and family nurse practitioner. The nursing programs at Palm Beach Atlantic University are among the best in the state.

The School of Nursing at Palm Beach Atlantic University has exceptional facilities and labs and offers opportunities for students to apply their nursing skills in real-life settings. The school believes that healthcare should incorporate spiritual encouragement and sociocultural understanding.

HIGHLIGHT: Palm Beach Atlantic University is the only Christian nursing program in Florida that is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education .

Programs: BSN DNP

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Do You Have To Start All Over Academically To Become A Nurse

Its going to take more time and money to take the courses that are relevant to the certain higher-level courses. This is because prerequisites are needed to enroll in most classes. As a result, students might think that they have to start all over again academically. This all depends on what your transcript looks like.

Florida National University located in Miami, Florida understands that students can change their minds during the course of their college career. That is why our Nursing programs are strategically designed for entry-level students, and offer high quality education in a variety of settings.

Rn To Bsn/msn Programs In Miami Fl

If you begin your nursing career at a city or community college, it is easy to transition to a bachelors or even a masters degree thanks to nursing bridge programs at Miami-area colleges. Such transition programs make the most of previously earned credit hours so students can complete their degree in a short period of time.

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Associate In Science In Nursing

No college in the nation prepares more students for the registered nursing exam than Miami Dade College. With a unique focus on the practical skills employers demand, our distinguished faculty members prepare students for success in the real world. Our community health activities, clinical partnerships, and state-of-the-art simulation labs ensure that our graduates are ready to practice in a variety of healthcare environments.

Miami Regional University Nursing Programs

Benjamin Leon, Jr. School of Nursing at Miami Dade College

The nursing school at Miami Regional University is a private for-profit institution located in Miami Springs, Florida. Its nursing programs are accredited by .

Degree types you can earn at Miami Regional University include Registered Nursing, and the school provides its offerings to students via campus formats. The level of nursing programs offered to nursing students include Associate Degree and Bachelor Degree level degrees.

For nursing students in Florida, the state average NCLEX-RN passing rate for ADN programs is 76.95% and for BSN programs is 86.76%. The average national NCLEX-RN passing rate for ADN programs is 85.48% and for BSN programs is 87.22%.

Out of 80 nursing schools in Florida, the nursing program at Miami Regional University ranks #21 in the state, and out of more than 1,700 nursing programs nationally, it ranks #512. Itâs 3-year average NCLEX-RN passing rate is 72.10%, giving the Miami Regional University an overall grade of C.

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