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Clinical Learning Experience Of Nursing Students

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How Clinical Experience Prepares You For Nursing Success

Reflecting On My Clinical Nursing Placement Experiences As a Nursing Student

As an Accelerated BSN student at CTX, youll complete seven clinical rotations. These rotations can range anywhere from six to eight to twelve hours per day. As the ABSN curriculum advances, so do the skills you perform in clinical, which means youll have to adapt to a rigorous schedule and learn how to maximize your time to keep up with online coursework and hands-on labs.

Network For Your Future

Without a doubt, gaining quality clinical experience is beneficial to your future as a nurse. The same goes for the healthcare facility where you gain this valuable real-world experience. Thats why Concordia University Texas partners with some of the best healthcare facilities in Austin and Dallas, Texas.

Ive gained really good experience practicing at multiple hospitals.

Carlee Dodge, Concordia University ABSN graduate

Within these exclusive partnerships, youll gain real-world experience collaborating, communicating, and working alongside elite physicians, registered nurses, and fellow staff members.

When you have the opportunity to rub elbows with different types of healthcare professionals, it gives you a different perspective, a different philosophy and way of doing things, explains Kera.

While landing a job within one of your clinical environments is never guaranteed, you should treat every nursing clinical like it is a job interview. Of course you may be anxious at first, thats all part of the process, but its your best bet to put yourself out there and learn from everyone you can. At the end of the day, you never know who may be watching from afar.

Nursing Clinical Experience Examples

Taking place at the clinical facility in which you will be performing your hands-on nursing skills, clinical orientation is designed to give you a detailed lay of the land and answer any questions you may have about your upcoming nursing clinical. The importance of clinical experience emerges when you consider that during orientation, you will:

  • tour the hospital
  • receive information on safety, security, HIPAA regulations, patient privacy, etc.
  • meet fellow staff members, nurses, and doctors
  • gain computer and badge access

You will also participate in a scavenger hunt, led by your instructor and assistant clinical instructor. This will require you to pair up with another student and locate items such as:

  • IV polls and pumps
  • Syringes and needles

We want the students to initiate everything and take charge in knowing where everything is. The nurses on staff really appreciate the students who can bring them the supplies they need without being told.


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Experience In The Clinical Learning Environment

Nursing Students Experiences during Clinical Learning

Several key themes have been identified to present the students experience in clinical learning, such as emotional attachment in the workplace . The clinical practice gradually opens the door to learning about nursing and starting feeling confident in applying theoretical knowledge, gratitude, blessing, emotional attachment with the patients after cure, and anxiety with the first exposure .

Fig. 2.

Main domain of experiences of nursing students.

Clinical Practice Opens the Door to Learning about Nursing Gradually

Five out of 14 interviewees admit that they got the best, most accurate knowledge about the nursing profession when they started clinical practice in the first year. An interviewee narrated, when we got the opportunity to implement the theories and work in clinical practice, we get the whole view of nursing.

They learn and gain experiences about nursing systematically and gradually. Every academic year, they learn new things, which keeps them active and interested in every class, as expressed by 6 interviewees during 14 interviews.

Start Feeling Confident in Applying Theoretical Knowledge

The Gratitude, Blessing, and Emotional Attachment with the Patients after the Cure

Emotional Attachment in the Workplace

Contributory Factors for Positive Learning

Fig. 3.

Contributory factors for positive learning.

Studying Theory Supports Clinical Practice

Practice in the Skill lab Supports Clinical Practice

They Help You Decide Which Area Of Nursing To Pursue

â 20 Nursing Student Resume Clinical Experience in 2020

One benefit of clinical rotations is they allow you to experience firsthand the varied settings where nurses can work. Clinical rotations expose you to many areas of clinical practice, including:

  • Womens health and obstetric care
  • Community health

These are just a few of the areas you may expect in clinical rotations at a program like Misericordias ABSN. With experience in so many settings, youll be able to see what broad area of nursing most suits your interests and personality. Misericordias ABSN prepares our nursing students to graduate as generalist nurses. Some niche nursing specialties, such as intensive care, may require more training or work experience after graduation. Diverse clinicals will help you narrow down your decision when it comes time to start applying for nursing jobs.

Want to know what nursing career options are available after you earn your BSN? Learn more about the many clinical and non-clinical fields nurses can pursue.

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Students With Internships Have Higher Satisfaction In Their Positions

Clinical experience can facilitate the transition between student and professional, working nurse. Students will get to experience what its actually like on the job and see if it aligns with their interests before committing to a specific nursing focus or clinical setting.

A number of health care institutions are offering programs to make up for regional and national nurse shortages while enabling a smooth transition into the clinical practice. Seton Healthcare Family in Texas, for example, established a residency program in 2007 to help recruit nurse practitioners and retain them more effectively.

The residency program included:

Fluctuation Of Escape And Promotion

Nursing students used two sets of strategies based on their conditions in the clinical environment as an inadequate educational context. Some of these strategies made it possible for them to escape from unpleasant situations. These strategies did not help students solve their problems and prevented them from accepting their professional roles and responsibilities. On the contrary, some other strategies promoted students professional development and helped them embrace their clinical environment and professional responsibilities and reduce negative emotional responses. In this study, fluctuation of escape and promotion was recognised as the core variable.


Sometimes, the students tried to deal with unpleasant behaviours by neglecting or staying silent in order to reduce tension and stress and to avoid the increase of such behaviours.

Whenever we enter the department, nurses say the clumsy are there again,We said nothing, kept silent, and just stopped and looked

Some students tried to avoid the nurses unpleasant, destructive behaviours. They also tried not to get stuck in situations that required knowledge and skills to prevent stress and irritation.

I cant perform electrocardiography and get stressed when I need to do itI dont select a patient for whom I have to do so I avoid these opportunities in order not to get stressed

I never admit that I dont know somethingeither to a teacher or to a patientneverI dont know, in fact, and Im also stressed

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Online Nursing Theory Coursework

Delivered through an e-Learning platform, online coursework lets you choose when and where you participate in class. Through the platform, you can listen to and read lecture material, participate in simulated learning activities, join scheduled chat sessions with instructors, gain insight through discussion boards, and more.

Perception Of Clinical Learning Environment

JSU Nursing Program Provides Students with Real Hospital Experience

Nursing Students Perceptions during Clinical Learning

This study has identified several key themes to present the students perception of clinical knowledge, such as nursing as a noble and systematic profession, reluctance to the nursing profession, nursing as the last option, misconception about nursing as a profession, and lack of privileges and activities and respect .

Fig. 1.

Nursing students perceptions during clinical learning.

Nursing as a Noble and Systematic Profession

Among the interviewees, 13 out of 14 perceived nursing as a noble profession because nurses always remain close to the patients. Four out of 14 recognized nursing as a systematic and wonderful human-helping profession. An interviewee narrated as, nursing is a wonderful and systematic profession. Now I have no desire to quit this profession for no other option. Of 14 interviewees, 2 said that they could serve people through this profession, which is a blessing from the Almighty.

Reluctance to the Nursing Profession

Though many people have gradually changed their attitude toward nursing, many students are still less interested in choosing nursing . During 14 interviews, only one interviewee said, from my childhood, it was my great desire to be a nurse because my mom is a nurse. From my childhood, I saw she can help in every sector of health, and for that, I want to be a nurse.

Nursing as the Last Option

Misconception about Nursing as a Profession

Lack of Privileges, Activities, and Respect

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Nursing Students Are Undergoing Clinical Learning Placement Nursing Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay

The terms clinical reasoning, theory, practice and learning are widely used in our everyday lifestyle. Sometimes there is use of these words interchangeably without one realizing the difference between one and another. However, this sometimes does not matter to the common citizen as they just seek for the service and look forward to results. Nevertheless, for a medical practitioner or medical student these terms are quite important to take note of and fully understand. It is for this reason that this essay tries to go deeper into previous research work by various scholars to bring out a reasonable understanding of the relationship between these terms.

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Clinical Experiences Of Nursing Students: A Qualitative Study

by 6ISC Web Administrator | Oct 18, 2018 | Allied Health |

Vivien Louise Estapon, Rosy Lalawmpuii, Jahziel Manzano

Susy A. Jael

Adventist University of the Philippines

Susy A. Jael PhD, RN is the Dean of the College of Nursing at Adventist University of the Philippines since 2008 and a nurse educator for 23 years. She is an appointed member of the accrediting team of the Association of Christian Schools, Colleges, Universities Accrediting Agency, Inc., and served as appointed member of the Commission on Higher Education Regional Quality Assessment Team. Both her BSN and MSN were completed at the Adventist University of the Philippines, and her PhD in Nursing at Loma Linda University, California, USA.

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Learning And Development Of Professional Competence In Medication Calculation Skills

Professional competence is considered as an essential ingredient to provide effective nursing care and to ensure patient safety . Professional competence is defined as the ability to use a set of knowledge, skills, attitudes, clinical reasoning, and behaviors to successfully perform jobs, roles, or responsibilities . Medication calculation skills are in great demand among registered nurses . To provide high-quality and safe care to patients, registered nurses need to be competent in medication calculations . However, miscalculations are a common medication error performed by registered nurses in the clinical setting . Medication calculation errors are common causes of unintended harm, such as injury and death, to patients of all ages . Miscalculations also affect patients length of stay and the financial cost of healthcare services . Miscalculations have to be avoided to protect patients against undesirable consequences such as injury and death .

1.1.1 Web-based learning

1.1.2 Adaptive web-based learning

How Clinicals Fit In The Accelerated Bsn Curriculum

The Accelerated Nursing Learning Experience at Marian University

As mentioned earlier, clinical placements inside top healthcare facilities make up just one part of Concordias ABSN track. In addition, you will participate in online nursing theory coursework and hands-on skills labs. All three components take place at the same time, helping you put the skills youve learned in one area of practice into another.

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Six Ways To Find Success In Nursing Clinicals

Kera will be among the first to tell you that while nursing clinicals can get intense, this component of nursing education becomes easier to manage when you know how to prepare for them.

The challenges you overcome will help you become accustomed to high-stress moments. This is invaluable because it proves to others, including potential employers, that you can do anything.

Per Kera, here are six ways you can find success in your nursing clinicals:

Take Time For Yourself

While eating, sleeping, and breathing the accelerated BSN track may seem like a good idea, it can also be a recipe for disaster. To prevent this from happening, be sure to take time for yourself whether this involves taking a walk, attending an exercise class, or meeting up with friends, taking little amounts of time away from nursing school will benefit you in the long run.

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You Can Form Professional Connections

Through rotations at local health care facilities, youll be able to network with various nursing professionals within your community. The nurses you encounter may be able to connect you with future jobs or provide references or recommendations after you graduate with a BSN.

At Misericordia University, our ABSN students complete their rotations with leading health care organizations in Pittsburgh. Therefore, remember to make the most of your clinical experiences. Doing so helps you stand out and make lasting professional connections with some of the top nurses in the region.

Reflections And Expectations Of The Adaptive Web

Educating nursing students with intense clinical experiences

To ensure that nursing students are competent in medication calculation skills, nursing education must bear the responsibility for the development and implementation of pedagogical strategies for teaching, learning, and assessing medication calculations . Including any web-based learning resources does not necessarily guarantee better learning outcomes in medication calculation skills . Students may fail to effectively grasp important information and learning opportunities due to having total freedom in browsing the web-based learning objectives/tasks. Self-directed learning can be challenging even in higher education, even for the brightest and most motivated students . The fact that students can decide which tasks they want to learn and what tasks to solve by quizzes is not to be understood as being adaptive but only an interactive non-adaptive function that stimulates an active approach to learning .

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Your Last Few Days Of Clinicals

In your last clinical placement, youll be caring for multiple patients with varying ailments. By now, you should be able to handle several things at once. From hanging an IV while communicating with your patients family members to listening to your patients heart sounds while reciting their chart to a doctor, your critical thinking skills will be at an all-time high.

Under the mentorship of a registered nurse, youll gain concentrated clinical experience in a specific area of practice. Youll work the same shifts as this registered nurse, and as you hone your skills, youll take an active, if not primary, role inpatient care. Once youre finished with your in-depth clinical experience, you should feel confident in:

  • Providing competent, compassionate care to various patient populations.
  • Delivering care that meets the faith and cultural needs of patients.
  • Demonstrating clinical judgment within the evidence-based practice.

Best of all, youll be ready to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination .

Reliability And Validity Of The Questionnaire

The results showed that CVI=0.916, the range of CVI of each item was 0.866~1.00, CVR=0.858. The Pearson correlation coefficient between each factor was 0.437-0.485, and the correlation coefficient between each factor and the total score of the scale was 0.662- 0.791.

The total Cronbachs coefficient of the questionnaire was 0.931. Cronbachs instrument coefficients of each factor were 0.916, 0.893, 0.908, 0.887 and 0.869, respectively. The MIIC value of the questionnaire was 0.295, and the MIIC value of each factor was 0.653, 0.618, 0.667, 0.659 and 0.638.

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Clinical Experience Is A Requirement For Higher Education

While an internship for a non-healthcare position is highly recommended, clinical experience for nurses is compulsory. Accredited nursing programs across the U.S. include clinical experience as a requirement for graduation, both at the bachelors and masters levels.

According to a white paper published by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing , hands-on job experience prepares nursing students for a diverse patient-care environment in a variety of settings. This is due to the broad field of nursing as a whole there are many specialties, care settings, positions, and more and no two days are alike. Clinical experience before entering the professional world in full provides a vast wealth of knowledge to nursing students.

A separate paper from the AACN highlighted a number of the goals of clinical experience for masters nursing students. At this level, students are expected to:

  • Partake in quality care initiatives
  • Participate in or lead inter-professional care teams
  • Collaborate in care services across multiple healthcare departments
  • Implement learned knowledge and behaviors into real-world scenarios

In supervised learning environments, nursing students can practice their skills and hone key traitswith real patients but under the watchful eye of tenured professionals. This safety net helps them develop a mastery of their skills faster than would be possible on their own, without sacrificing quality patient outcomes.

The First Few Days Of Clinicals

Utah Valley University Nursing Student Learning and Simulation Center ...

Your first clinical placement will focus on the basics of nursing practice, which includes patient safety and head-to-toe assessments. As you begin caring for your patient, youll start applying the nursing fundamentals youve already learned in your online coursework and labs. At any given time, you can expect to:

  • perform health assessments
  • administer medication
  • help patients shower and/or use the restroom, and more.

Keep in mind that all these skills will be performed under the watchful eye of your clinical instructor.

While these basic nursing skills may seem routine, its best you stay prepared for anything. Why? According to Kera, some ABSN students have been lucky enough to follow their patients into surgery.

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