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Rh Negative Maternal Blood Indicates:

Columbus School of Practical Nursing Scholarship
  • An incompatibility in the blood between the mother and fetus.
  • That antibodies in the mothers blood are attacking her babys blood.
  • The mother will require a blood transfusion at the time of delivery.
  • The mother does not have a specific marker on her red blood cells.

Correct Response: D

The mothers red blood cells lacking a specific marker indicate that she is Rh negative. However, incompatibility only occurs if the baby is Rh positive and the mother is Rh negative. This is typically not a problem with a first pregnancy, but in a subsequent pregnancy, the incompatibility can cause the antibodies created during the first pregnancy to attack the new fetus red blood cells. A blood transfusion would have no effect on this problem.

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Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura Is:

  • Highly similar to disseminated intravascular coagulation .
  • Caused by the over production of platelets.
  • A bleeding disorder that is characterized with too few platelets.
  • Treated with immune system boosting medications.

Correct Response: C

Idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura is bleeding disorder that is characterized with too few platelets, not the over production of platelets. Disseminated intravascular coagulation is characterized with blood coagulation and not bleeding. The treatments of idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura can include immune system depressants, not stimulants, prednisone, high-dose gamma globulin and anti RhD therapy.

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Select The Method Of Special Precautions That Is Accurately Paired With The Personal Protective Equipment That Is Minimally Required In Order To Prevent The Spread Of Infection

  • Contact precautions: Gowns, gloves and mask
  • Droplet precautions: Face mask

Correct Response: B

The minimal personal protective equipment that is required for droplet precautions is a face mask. Contact precautions minimally require the use of gloves and gowns and airborne transmission precautions minimally require the use of a negative pressure room, a HEPA mask, gowns and gloves.

Lpn Work Orientation Period

Practical Nursing

The first month or so of work in an organization is called your orientation period. The purpose of an orientation period is so the organization can decide if you have the skills needed to do the job and for you to decide if the job is a good fit. Depending upon your role and the setting, your orientation period may last up to 6 weeks. There will be a preceptor, or mentor, assigned to orient you and have you demonstrate competency. At the end of the orientation period there is usually an evaluation process to get performance feedback from your supervisor.

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What Is A Major Difference Between A Problem Oriented Medical Record And A Source Oriented Medical Record

  • The problem oriented medical system has a centralized part of the chart for interdisciplinary progress notes and the source oriented medical record has separate areas for each professions progress notes.
  • The problem oriented medical system consists of narrative progress notes and the source oriented medical record uses SOAP.
  • The source oriented medical system uses charting by exception and the source oriented medical record system does not.
  • The source oriented medical system has a centralized part of the chart for interdisciplinary progress notes and the problem oriented medical record has separate areas for each professions progress notes.

Correct Response: A

The problem oriented medical system has a centralized part of the chart for interdisciplinary SOAP progress notes and the source oriented medical record has separate areas for each professions progress notes. Although source oriented medical records can use SOAP, this is not a defining characteristic and most of these notes are free formed narrative notes. Charting by exception is a distinctly different medical system than source or problem oriented medical systems.

What Intervention Is The Best To Relieve Constipation During Pregnancy

  • Increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables
  • Taking a mild over-the-counter laxative
  • Lying flat on back when sleeping
  • Reduction of iron intake by half or more

Correct Response: A

Dietary roughage with sufficient fluids and exercise may help relieve constipation. Over-the-counter medications should be avoided during pregnancy. The supine position can place additional pressure on the aorta and vena cava, leading to vena cava syndrome. A reduction of iron supplements during pregnancy may reduce hemoglobin production and result in a less than an effective immune system.

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Select All The Possible Opportunistic Infections That Adversely Affect Hiv/aids Infected Patients

  • Visual losses

Correct Response: A

Patient teaching before surgery not only helps to reduce a patients anxiety and postsurgical pain but it also decreases the amount of anesthesia needed and a lack of anxiety additionally speeds up wound healing. Preoperative checklists are a form of nursing documentation that is used to guide and document the care of the patient before surgery. Psychological counseling is typically NOT necessary except under highly unusual circumstances and preoperative medication can decrease the amount of anesthetic needed and respiratory tract secretions but it does not help with postoperative pain.

Which Atrioventricular Heart Block Is Also Referred To As Mobitz Ii

Central Venous Catheter Dressing Change – Clinical Nursing Skills @Level Up RN
  • Third-degree atrioventricular heart block

Correct Response: A

Third-degree atrioventricular heart block is also referred to as Mobitz II this type of heart block occurs when the AV node impulses are blocked as they try to reach the ventricles. First degree heart block occurs when the AV node impulse is delayed. Second degree heart block, as referred to as Mobitz I and Wenckebach, occurs when there are progressive conduction delays through the AV node that alters the PR and QRS intervals. Complete heart block blocks all atrial impulses to the ventricle.

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Basic Patient Needs: Hygiene

Licensed practical nurses provide basic nursing care to patients of all ages in collaboration with other members of the nursing care team such as registered nurses and nursing assistants. Some of the components of hygiene are bathing, skin care, oral care, hand, foot and nail care, perineal care, hair care, shaving and cleaning the eyes, ears and nose.

Some of the environmental hygiene measures that will be also included in this course are cleanliness of the immediate patient care environment and bed making.

  • Baths: Therapeutic and nontherapeutic baths
  • The procedures for complete and partial bed baths
  • Showering
  • Special procedures for cleansing the eyes, ears and nose
  • Beds: Medical asepsis, types of beds and procedures for each
  • Environmental hygiene: Cleanliness of the environment and patient care equipment
  • Applying the nursing process to the patients hygiene needs

Which Disease Decreases The Metabolic Rate

  • Cancer

Correct Response: B

The brachial pulse is the most accessible pulse on an infant and, therefore, it is the site of choice. The carotid pulse may be difficult to palpate due to the fatty tissue that typically, and often, surrounds an infants neck. Lastly, the radial and pedal pulses may not be reliable indicators of cardiac function.

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Which Oral Disorder Appears As Yellow Or White Spots On The Oral Mucosa That Are Not Possible To Scrape Off Without Bleeding

  • Herpes simplex

Correct Response: B

Oral candidiasis is characterized with yellow or white spots on the oral mucosa that are not possible to scrape off without bleeding, therefore, no attempts to remove these spots should be done. Herpes simplex is marked with tingling and burning of the lips and mouth areas as well as blisters and a sore throat. Alphthous ulcers, or canker sores, are sore oral lesions and oral leukoplakia leads to thickened, white patches on the cheeks, tongue, lower lip, or on the floor of the mouth.

Your Long Term Care Patient Has Chronic Pain And At This Point In Time The Patient Needs Increasing Dosages To Adequately Control This Pain What Is This Patient Most Likely To Be Affected With

Practical Nursing
  • Drug addiction

Correct Response: D

Patients with chronic pain are often affected with drug tolerance. Drug tolerance occurs when the patient needs increasing dosages of analgesic medications to adequately control their pain in order to produce the same effect that was produced when the drug was originally begun. Drug addiction, on the other hand, is a constant and compulsive need for a drug even when the use of the drug causes harm to the person. Addiction can occur with or without physical dependence. The need for increasing dosages is not the result of medication side effects or food/drug or drug/drug interactions.

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What Do Lpn’s Do

What the LPN does depends on the scope of practice laws in the state where you work. Each state board of nursing regulates what the LPN can and cannot do. In general, LPN’s provide patient care in a variety of settings within a variety of clinical specializations. LPN’s usually:

  • Administer oral and intravenous medications
  • Chart in the medical record
  • Take the patients vital signs
  • Change wound dressings
  • Collect specimens such as blood, urine, sputum, etc
  • Insert and care for urinary catheters
  • Care for patients with tracheostomy tube and ventilators
  • Insert and care for patients that need nasogastric tubes
  • Give feedings through a nasogastric or gastrostomy tube
  • Care for ostomies
  • Monitor patients for a change in clinical condition
  • Perform CPR in emergencies
  • Are supervised by an RN

Although each state sets the scope of practice for the LPN, each organization can narrow the scope. It is important, therefore, to know what the specific organization does not allow the LPN to do. In some organizations, but not all, the RN is expected to carry out the following tasks:

  • Start, monitor, and/or discontinue intravenous catheters or the intravenous fluids
  • Start, monitor, or change critical intravenous medications that stabilize the heart or blood pressure
  • Take phone or verbal orders from the MD
  • Administer intravenous medication that are given push or very quickly
  • Care of central intravenous lines

Which Preventive Measure Can Be Employed To Decrease The Risk Of Compartment Syndrome

  • The administration of a potassium sparing diuretic for heart failure
  • A bivalve cast for a skeletal fracture
  • A cerebral diuretic to decease intracranial pressure after a head injury
  • A chest tube to restore normal intrathoracic pressure after a pneumothorax

Correct Response: B

A bivalve cast, rather than a solid fiberglass or plaster of Paris cast, for a skeletal fracture can prevent limb threatening compartment syndrome. Compartment syndrome results from increased pressure and circulatory constriction because a solid cast does not accommodate post fracture swelling like a bivalve cast does. Compartment syndrome is not related to heart failure, head injuries or pneumothoraxes.

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You Are Caring For A Four Year Old Female Patient Who Was Severely Burned In A House Fire How Would You Determine The Extent Of This Childs Burns

Correct Response: A

The Lund & Browder burn chart is used to determine the extent of burns among the members of the pediatric population. Adults are assessed by using the Rule of Nines and not the Rule of Tens. Lastly the Parkland Formula is used to determine the fluid needs of burn patients and not to determine the extent of their burns.

You Are Working In A Pediatric Unit Of The Hospital And Caring For A Six Year Old Boy Who Is Hospitalized With Cystic Fibrosis And Respiratory Compromise Which Developmental Task Is The Challenge For This Boy At His Age

Cathy shares our tip of the day about fat embolisms: Medical-Surgical | @Level Up RN
  • To cough, deep breathe and improve respiratory status
  • To establish industry and self confidence
  • To develop autonomy and self control
  • To develop initiative and a sense of purpose

Correct Response: D

An infectious fly is an example of a vector that can transmit infection. Other vectors, or nonhuman living beings that can transmit infections to humans, include mice, vermin and mosquitoes. Inanimate items that can spread infection by contact are referred to as fomites. Examples of fomites include a contaminated thermometer, balls and door knobs. An infected human being is a host according to the chain of infection and not a vector.

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Which Legal Document Will Most Likely Contain The Patients Decision To Not Get Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

  • Healthcare surrogacy

Correct Response: C

Advance medical care directives, also referred to as living wills, contain the wishes of the client in terms of treatments and interventions that they do and do not want carried out when they are no longer able to competently provide these consents and rejections of treatment. These legal documents typically include choices relating to cardiopulmonary resuscitation , mechanical ventilation, intravenous solution administration, life support measures and tube feedings.

A durable power of attorney for health care, also referred to as a healthcare surrogate or healthcare proxy, is a legally appointed person who will make decisions relating to healthcare when the client is no longer competent and able to give legal, informed consent.

Your Patient Has Been Diagnosed With Orchititis What Information About This Disorder Should You Inform The Patient About

  • This disorder often occurs as the result of a streptococcus.
  • This disorder can be symptomatically treated with ice.
  • This disorder can be symptomatically treated with heat.
  • This disorder is typically treated with surgery.

Correct Response: B

The pain associated with orchiditis, an inflammation of the testicles, is symptomatically treated with the application of ice, not heat, to the groin area. It is not treated with surgery. This infection most often occurs as the result of mumps, the paramyxovirus and some sexually transmitted diseases, not streptococcus.

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About The Nursing Program

Students in the nursing and practical nursing programs at Ivy Tech gain valuable skills and experiences by caring for real patients in a variety of clinical settings including lab simulations. The growing use of simulations in nursing schools allow students to assume roles that are typically unavailable in a clinical setting, allowing students to make critical choices and see the results of those decisions. We use a variety of teaching methods and learning strategies in the classroom, clinical settings, and online to appeal to every learning style. Students can even take some nursing and practical nursing required general education courses online.

Associate of Science in Nursing Program

Once admitted to the program, an Associate of Science in Nursing degree can be achieved in less than two years. The nursing faculty at Ivy Tech provide individualized tutoring and mentoring to help students succeed. Our statewide aggregate pass rates are consistently high, and our nursing graduates are in high demand throughout Indiana. Learn how to apply to Ivy Tech Community College.

The nursing program at Ivy Tech has a selective admissions process. There is a separate application process for nursing and health sciences limited enrollment programs and the programs only accept a limited number of students each year. After applying to Ivy Tech, you will be enrolled in the Pre-Nursing certification program while completing prerequisite course requirements.

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Grief Loss And The End Of Life

Practical Nursing

All patients and other people, such as family members, experience grief and loss as the result of many different circumstances including the loss of independence, the loss or alteration of a bodily part such as a breast or leg and when the patient is diagnosed with a life altering or terminal disease.

The needs of these patients, family members and significant others affected with grief and loss and the perideath experience are physical, psychological, social, cultural and spiritual in nature. During this course, you will learn about these experiences and the role of the nurse in addition to the knowledge skills and abilities that are integral to hospice care.

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Lpn Areas Of Practice

There are some very exciting areas of nursing practice from which the LPN can chose to work. Each area is very unique as is every LPN! It is a great idea to work in many areas of nursing over time to increase your marketability. Read about 8 roles of the LPN and the various LPN careers.

  • Pediatrics This area of nursing care specializes in sick patients ages newborn to age 18.
  • Labor and Delivery – Nursing in this specialization cares for pregnant woman just prior to delivery of a baby, during the delivery, after delivery, and care of the well newborn.
  • Neonatal Neonatal unit nurses care for sick newborns and premature infants just after delivery.
  • Oncology Patient needing an oncology nurse usually have one of the many forms of cancer. Oncology nurses administer chemotherapy, help treat pain and nausea, and assist with procedures.
  • Neuro ICU The nurse in Neuro ICU cares for patients after brain surgery or severe head injury. They specialize in neurological assessment of patients and know how to monitor the patient for improvement or deterioration.
  • Trauma ICU The Trauma ICU nurse cares for patients after an accident of some type. This can be a car accident, motorcycle accident, building collapse anytime there are multiple systems involved with injury.
  • Cardiac ICU Patients receive nursing care in a Cardiac ICU after heart surgery.
  • Gerontology Nurse Nurses that specialize in gerontology care for the unique needs of elderly patients.

Infection Control And Prevention

Healthcare associated infections are a major and costly problem that potentially affects virtually all patients in all settings where healthcare services are provided by nurses and other members of the healthcare team. This course will provide the learner with information about the chain of infection, microbiology, risk factors relating to infection, the signs and symptoms of infection, standard precautions, special isolation precautions, medical asepsis, surgical asepsis, cleaning, disinfection, sterilization and the management and disposal of biohazardous waste.

  • The chain of infection: The infectious agent, the reservoir, the portal of exit, the mode of transmission, the portal of entry and the host
  • Microbiology: Bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and protozoa
  • Patient related risk factors associated with infections
  • Treatment related risk factors associated with infections such as urinary catheters and intravenous fluid lines
  • The local and systemic signs and symptoms of infection and inflammation
  • Immunity: Active, passive, natural and artificial
  • Standard precautions, handwashing and personal protective equipment
  • Special mode of transmission isolation procedures: Contact, airborne and droplet contact precautions
  • Medical asepsis: Purpose and procedures
  • Surgical asepsis: Purpose and procedures
  • Cleaning: Purpose and techniques
  • Managing and disposing of biohazards wastes including sharps
  • Applying the nursing process to infections and infection control

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