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Can You Transfer Nursing Programs

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Applying To Nursing As A Transfer Student

Transferring Credits to Nursing School from a Community College

Transfer students are subject to the same admission criteria and deadlines as current TU students. In addition to applying to the program, students must apply to the university and adhere to the transfer admissions policies. Admission to the university is not a guarantee of admission to the major.

You may apply the nursing major before you apply to the university, but admission to the university is required for admission to the major. The Department of Nursing encourages transfer students to take advantage of the transfer resources listed on this page to ensure a seamless transfer and a strong understanding of your transfer courses will apply to admission requirements.

Am I A Transfer Student

Yes: You are considered a transfer student to the School of Nursing if you have registered or enrolled at a college, university , or any other school after graduating from high school.

No: If you are a high school student and are enrolled in PSEO, College in the Schools, International Baccalaureate programs or have earned AP credit and have not enrolled in college, you are not considered a transfer student. You will want to pursue the Freshman Admissions path.

Switching Nursing Schools Halfway Through A Program

The longer you study in one nursing school, the tougher it will be to transfer all the credits youve earned to another nursing program. Thats partly because courses, even courses with the same name, can vary a lot from one school to another. Because of this, if youre not happy with a nursing program youre in, it maybe a better idea to get out of it sooner rather than later so you can make a fresh start.

How many credits a nursing school will accept can be difficult to determine without talking to the school youre looking to move to. Many school dont make it clear on their websites exactly what the maximum number of credit transfers they will accept is. The type of courses you want to transfer makes a big different. BSN programs often dont accept any clinical coursework, and some dont accept transfer credit for any advanced level courses. BSN schools may insist that you have at least a B grade in any course at another school in order to transfer credit from it, but will allow credits for non nursing courses in the introductory phase of a BSN if you only earned a C. Additionally, many BSN programs will only accept you as a transfer student if you completed at least one year of study, or about 60 credits, at another school. On both nursing bachelors and masters degrees, transfer credits are generally more complex than with humanities type degrees.

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College Of Nursing Transfer Admissions

The University of Iowa College of Nursing is consistently ranked as one of the best nursing programs in the nation. Our graduates are sought after as highly skilled professionals who have received a rigorous education of the highest quality.

Transfer students may be admitted to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program after satisfactory completion of pre-nursing courses in the UI College of Liberal Arts and Sciences or another college. The College of Nursing also offers an RN-BSN Program for RNs who want to earn a BSN.

Admission Requirements For International Students


If you are a prospective student who maintains permanent residence outside the U.S., you must also meet a series of international admissions requirements and submit additional materials before you can apply to our ABSN programs. Upon completion of the online portion of your application, an ABSN admissions representative can help you gather and complete the following documents:

  • Official school transcripts of all secondary and post-secondary academic work, along with an explanation of the grading system
  • Tests of English language proficiency, if English is not your first language. Utica University requires one of the following:
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language score of 550 written, 213 computer-based, 79-80 internet-based
  • International English Language Testing System score of 6.0 or
  • Duolingo English Test score of 100
  • One letter of recommendation
  • Official exam results for school finishing or leaving examinations
  • Copy of passport
  • Additionally, Utica University cannot issue you the immigration documents necessary to obtain your visa until we receive the following additional completed documents:

    • International Student Data Sheet
    • International Student Certification of Finances form
    • A signed letter from a bank official stating enough funds exist to cover the total cost of attendance

    Although not required, for faster processing we suggest submitting these documents with your completed application.

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    How To Transfer In Nursing Schools


    Nursing students sometimes transfer because of personal reasons such as an illness in the family that may require them to relocate, funding problems or any other reason that may reasonably construed as plausible rationale for transferring credits from one school to another. Nursing programs that have similar course-work requirements make it easiest for current nursing students to transfer between schools.

    Explore this article

    Prerequisite Coursework Minimum Content Requirements

    English Composition/LiteratureSix semester hours of course work that emphasizes expository and critical writing, and utilizes selected works of literature for analysis and composition topics.

    Human Growth and DevelopmentA three semester hour survey course of theory and research concerned with human growth and development from conception/birth through senescence and death. A course in child development will not fulfill this requirement. CLEP and Excelsior College exams taken after 2001 are acceptable.

    Human AnatomyA four semester hour survey course of the physical structure of human cells, tissues, and organs. This may be a stand-alone human anatomy course or it may be a combined human anatomy and physiology course. If it is a stand-alone human anatomy course, a stand-alone human physiology course is also required. If it is a combined course, a second human anatomy and physiology course will be required to meet the minimum course content requirements. It must include a lab component. Comparative anatomy and physiology courses do not meet the minimum course content requirements.

    MicrobiologyA four semester hour survey course of the morphology, structure, metabolism, and growth of microorganisms, including viruses, bacteria, protozoan, and parasites. Basic concepts of virology, epidemiology, and pathogenicity should be included. Must include a laboratory component.

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    University Of California San Francisco

    Annual In-State Tuition: $60,482 | NCLEX Pass Rate: 95.83%

    Traditional: Yes

    Start your path to career success with strategic, career-focused Bachelor, Master, and MBA degrees program reccomendations. Apply in 5 minutes.

    Online: Yes

    Accelerated: Yes

    Bridge: No

    Yes, the in-state tuition at the University of California, San Francisco is incredibly high considering out-of-state students will be required to pay a higher rate. However, thats the cost of studying at one of the nations best nursing schools. UCSFs most interesting nursing track is the accelerated MSN. This three-year program is for current bachelors degree holders, and the bachelors degree can be in any field. Keep in mind that the tuition rate can change depending on which nursing option you choose.

    Transfer Students For Nursing Programs

    SBAR Nursing Example: Nurse-to-Physician Communication Report NCLEX

    Shasta College Health Sciences does accept students transferring from other programs for both the Associate Degree Nursing and Vocational Nursing programs on an individual basis. Transfer students will be admitted only when space is available. A student requesting transfer will be required to submit the following documents to the Dean of Health Sciences for review:

    • Cover letter requesting transfer to either the ADN or the VN program explaining the reason for the request and standing in previous program.
    • Official transcripts of ALL colleges attended. These will be used to document the successful completion of all prerequisite courses.
    • Transcripted grades or grade sheet of last term attended.
    • Official high school transcripts showing date of graduation, completion of California High School Proficiency Examination, or verified copy of G.E.D. test results .
    • Course outlines and content from nursing program courses. These will be evaluated for equivalency to the courses offered through the Health Sciences nursing programs at Shasta College
    • A letter from the nursing program director of the previous school, regarding applicants standing in the program.
    • Copies of all clinical evaluations from previous program.
    • Letter from previous clinical instructor.

    Students may be accepted to the ADN Nursing Program in either Second or Third Semester or to the Vocational Nursing Program in the Second semester only if they transfer in good standing from another nursing program.

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    What Are Nursing School Transfer Requirements

    Transfer requirements vary by school. Spots are often very competitive. Schools seek students with strong academic and volunteer records. Most two- and four-year institutions also require proof of your previous school’s program accreditation. Check your school’s accreditation status on the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing website .

    Questions About Our Ast Program Contact Our Undergraduate Office

    General Overview

    Our philosophy is that exemplary nursing practice is built upon the foundational blocks of the sciences and arts. This professional degree program qualifies graduates to apply to the regulatory body of the province which they plan to work in order to secure registration to practice with the title Registered Nurse

    • Two years in length including two summer terms .
    • Hands-on program with practice nursing skills taught each year in the School of Nursing Simulation Lab and Glaxo Wellcome Clinical Education Centre.
    • Complete clinical placements starting in the winter term of your first year. You will have a placement in childrens health, maternity, mental health and with acute and chronic care adults. You will have clinical placements caring for patients of all ages and stages in life in areas such as hospitals, public health, clinics and community agencies.
    • Support is provided for student success: a full-time academic advisor is available throughout your program along with numerous Queens services such as Student Wellness Services, Student Academic Success Center, Student Affairs and Peer Support
    • Smaller class sizes mean that you will get to know the faculty well over the course of your time in the program
    • Students may tailor their program by applying for research assistant or simulation lab assistant positions, choosing to take the Certificate in Business, Certificate in Law, Arts and Science certificates, or by completing a dual degree in Arts and Sciences.

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    National University San Diego

    About the School of Health and Human Services: National University was founded in 1971 to meet the needs of adult learners who may be juggling employment, families and other obligations with their desire to learn. Nearly 9 percent of the universitys students are in active duty with the military. The universitys nursing classeslike all its other classescan be taken as four-week modules, and students can enroll in nursing degree programs at any point throughout the year.

    The School of Health and Human Services campus is located in Kearney Mesa. The 12-classroom Technology and Health Sciences Center includes a sophisticated computer lab. The curriculum stresses the vital role nurses play as part of an interdisciplinary team who strive to implement patient-centric care that results in positive health outcomes. Students participate in clinical rotations overseen by preceptors in clinical settings throughout the San Diego area.

    How To Apply For Transfer Credit

    BSN Guide

    We make it easy to apply for transfer credit. Youll need to request two things from your previous institution:

    • An official transcript
    • A copy of the course catalog

    Keep in mind these materials must be received before starting your first term to be considered for transfer credit, so the sooner you can provide them, the better.

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    Become A Registered Nurse And Launch Your New Career In 14 Months

    Georgian Court University is the smart choice for those serious about transitioning to nursing. Our decade-long partnership with Hackensack Meridian Health, New Jerseys largest health provider, offers a tremendous advantage for our nursing students.

    Our 14-month, accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is an intensive, hands-on experience that prepares students to achieve RN licensure and launch their careers soon after completion. Founded by the Sisters of Mercy, we train our nurses to have successful and purposeful careers.

    We will be opening our application for our June 2022 start date later this Summer. The Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program enrolls students for starts in June and November of every year. Seats are limited, so those interested are encouraged to complete their applications as soon as possible.

    Bsn Pathway For Transfer Students

    Transfer students with 24 or more college credits who do not submit qualifying TEAS results as part of their application but have a cumulative college GPA of at least 3.0 with As and Bs in math and science courses will be admitted to the Universitys Health Studies program for their first semester. During your first semester, you will work with an advisor to prepare to take the TEAS test.

    Students who achieve a score of Proficient on the TEAS will be granted entry to the Nursing program.

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    How Do I Find Out If My Credits Will Transfer

    Each school has a different policy for credit transfer based on the course equivalency, level, grades, and curriculum requirements. Therefore, before applying for transfer, read the university guidelines or talk with the admission counselor at your prospective schools to determine which credits will transfer.

    Meet Nursing Transfer Requirements

    Reasons as to WHY I chose an associate degree nursing program| community college nursing

    Next, youll need to meet a series of requirements to be eligible to transfer into the nursing program. As we mentioned above, transfer students need to have 60 credits with a cumulative GPA of 3.0.

    Is it possible to transfer into a nursing program if you dont meet those requirements? Well, if your GPA does not meet that requirement, dont take yourself out of the race just yet. Even if you dont hold a 3.0, there may be steps you can take to raise your GPA and be considered for the program.

    Just make sure to talk to your admissions representative about it, and theyll work with you to see if there is a reasonable solution. Youll receive advice on how to boost other areas of your application to balance out your grades.

    When youre ready to apply to the program, youll need to submit all official transcripts of coursework with your application to the university. Along with that, youll need to submit a letter of intent to the College of Nursing and Health.

    Once you have all of your necessary documents gathered, youll also need to complete a criminal background check.

    As a transfer student, you will also need to obtain an ATI TEAS exam composite score of 65% or greater and you may need to take the Madonna Writing Assignment.

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    Benefits Of Transferring From A Community College To A Four

    As tuition costs climb at four-year institutions nationwide, many students are turning to community colleges to receive an affordable education. On average, an associate degree takes two to three years to complete, and tuition prices at community colleges can be a fraction of their four-year counterparts. Having completed your two-year associate degree, you can then continue on to a four-year institution and complete a bachelor’s degree in as little as two years.

    Transferring from a community college to an affiliated four-year program will also ensure that the majority of your coursework will transfer, allowing you to complete your degree quickly.

    In the following chart, you can see the difference in average costs between two-year and four-year institutions over the past two academic years. Consider these numbers while exploring potential college programs.

    Where Can I Study Nursing To Become An Rn

    There are 14 Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs in Ontario, which lead to registration as an RN. Several universities offer the second entry/compressed/accelerated option for students who started degrees in other subjects and want to transfer to nursing:

    • Lakehead University

    There are typically specific course requirements to be earned in advance .

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    Transfer Students From Universities And Colleges External To Sdsu

    Students attending a regionally accredited college or university external to San Diego State University in pursuit of obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Nursing are Transfer Students. Additionally, graduates of regionally accredited colleges and universities in the United States, and alumni of SDSU who are seeking a second bachelors degree in Nursing, are also considered Transfer Students.

    Admission to the pre-licensed BSN program is highly competitive due to the high volume of applications received and the limited number of seats available. Transfer applicants must meet admissions criteria for both the University and the School of Nursing in order to be eligible for admission consideration to the School of Nursing. This program is not an Accelerated BSN program. Due to the sequencing of clinical courses, the duration of the program is 6 semesters

    The Madonna Writing Assessment

    Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Career Guide

    If you do not hold a bachelors degree and cannot transfer over composition credits, youll need to complete the Madonna Writing Assessment.

    While we understand meeting another requirement could feel overwhelming, we try to make it as painless as possible. Theres no cost for the assessment, and it can be taken online at any time that works for you. Following the test, admissions will review the assessment and determine if additional writing support is required.

    One of the most important requirements on that list is completing your prerequisite courses. These courses prepare you for your ABSN education. Your previous college experience will then determine the number of ABSN prerequisites you may need to complete.

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