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Can I Use My Nursing Degree In Another Country

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Benefits Of International Travel Nursing


Not only does international travel nursing allow you to experience other cultures in new parts of the world, it can expand your own skills as a nurse as well. Youll likely be exposed to different types of medical procedures and learn how to better communicate with a variety of patients. Youll get to expand your own abilities while also lending your talents to a likely underserved area.

After completing an assignment, you also have the option to take time off. Some agencies allow you to take as much time off between assignments as you choose, while others put a cap on the number of days you can take in a row. However, taking an extended amount of time off could affect any benefits you might have, so make sure you fully understand the way your agency works.

The nonprofit National Association of Travel Healthcare Organizations touts international travel nursings flexibility and potential for cultural enrichment as invaluable benefits. A travel healthcare professional gets to see many different places around the world while earning a significant income. Plus, the travel nurse gets to decide the distance and time frame of each assignment.

Perks of Working as an International Travel Nurse

  • Housing stipends
  • Stipends for food and other living expenses
  • The opportunity to experience life in a new country
  • Exposure to new medical technique and ideas
  • The chance to expand your communication and language skills
  • The opportunity to experience diverse cultures

How Long Does The Process Take

If youre starting the process to work in the U.S. from abroad, it can take several years, depending on the country in which you live, because the U.S. limits the number of Green Cards issued from any single birthplace. However, if you live in the U.S., you can usually begin working much faster than if you live abroad.

S To Transfer Rn License

If you have to transfer your RN license it will occur via a process referred to as endorsement. Of course, the endorsement process is only able to be carried out once you have passed the NCLEX-RN and hold an active license in good standing with your particular state board of nursing. The process includes:

  • Choosing the state in which you would like to endorse your license with to access their board of nursing and rules to fill out an application for endorsement.
  • Visiting the Nursys licensure verification site to obtain online verification for endorsement to practice in another state.
  • The board of nursing in the state to which you are applying for endorsement will then have to accept your application, perform new background checks and ensure all your information is correct.
  • Payment of predetermined fees for your RN endorsement in the state you have chosen.
  • Within 1 or 2 months you will be notified whether or not your information has been approved to hold a license in your chosen state.

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How Much Does Nursing School Cost In The Us

There are a number of options for nursing school depending on your goals and current education level. Lets look at schools in Pennsylvania. University of Pennsylvania is one of the top nursing schools in the country . Each program below is 4 years in duration.

Tuition at Temple University: $19,130-$31,610

What Is The Difference Between The Overseas Aptitude Test And The Nmbi Adaptation And Assessment Test

Psychologist Education Requirements Is So Famous But Why ...

The Overseas Aptitude Test is coordinated and managed by the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery in the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland . This test doesnt require an employer to sponsor you , whereas the Adaptation and Assessment Test does.

The Adaptation and Assessment Test state that you must find an employer to sponsor you to work as a nurse in Ireland. They will apply for your test placement on your behalf, pay for it, and often help you to find accommodation. However, you will be responsible for obtaining your own work visa, as with an Overseas Aptitude Test.

The Overseas Aptitude Test only takes around 10-14 days to complete, but the Adaptation and Assessment Test process can take 6-24months.

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Equivalency Evaluation Via Us College

Running your bachelors degree or foreign degree via an accredited tertiary institution is one way to validate your bachelors degree from a foreign country is garnering an assessment from an accredited U.S. college or university. Here, you will be receiving an assessment from an officer or personnel within the institution who has the power to offer you university-level credit for practice or training within your field of specialization. Of course, this assessment should come from a prominent university or college, if not for anything, for the sake of accountability if anything goes wrong. Well recognized schools have better success rates so, no worries there. This evaluation or validation is carried out based on your training and/or work experience.

Where Are Travel Nurses Needed Overseas

You can find opportunities for travel nursing abroad in destinations across the world. Some of the areas with the highest need for nurses include Australia, New Zealand, China, and the Middle East. Areas prone to high rates of disease and natural disasters may also have a demand for rapid response nurses who can provide critical care in the aftermath of these events.

Its important to note, however, that its not common to find an agency that will send you to a country where you dont speak the language. Youll be expected to have at least a working knowledge of the local language before youll be considered for a nursing role in a foreign country.

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Who Handles Travel Arrangements And Expenses

Within the U.S., travel arrangements and expenses for travel nurses are typically handled by your agency. However, every agency works differently, so its important to ask questions to understand exactly how they operate. Like in the U.S., an international travel nurse agency may handle setting up your travel and housing, or it may provide you with stipends to do so on your own.

Apply For A Position With A Travel Nurse Staffing Agency

Entry Routes to Nursing Degree Course in Ireland

After becoming a registered nurse, find an agency with which to work. There are many ways to do this, including:

  • Lead generating websites: Lead websites allow you to present your contact information and other data to nursing agencies. Nursing agencies can contact you through this method after looking at your credentials and experience.

  • Ratings: Many online websites have rating services where nurses can give feedback about traveling nurses rate agencies with which they’ve worked. From there, you can apply to ones that appeal to you.

  • Networking sites: Professional networking sites allow you to contact agencies directly. Through these sites, you can get referrals and contact recruiters for agencies.

  • Peer referral: If you’ve networked and know colleagues that have worked with a particular travel nursing agency before, consider asking them for a recommendation.

Please note that none of the companies mentioned are affiliated with Indeed.

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S To Working As A Foreign Nurse In The Us

Youll need strong language skills and experience working as an RN.

If youre a registered nurse in another country, there are several steps you need to take if you want to pursue a career as a nurse in the U.S. While exact requirements vary depending on the state in which youll live, there are five main steps that youll need to take before you can legally work.

In this Article

Before you begin this process, youll need to meet basic criteria that apply to all foreign-educated nurses. You must have:

  • A degree from an accredited registered nursing program
  • A current RN license in your country
  • Two years of full-time work experience as an RN
  • Step 1:

What Kind Of Jobs Are Available

Jobs for travel nurses are available in a wide variety of areas. Youll find patient populations ranging from the very young to the very old, and any number of conditions or diseases. You may find yourself working in a range of medical settings, from low-income clinics to state-of-the-art facilities.

International travel nursing is common. The World Health Organization reports that, one in every eight nurses practices in a country other than the one where they were born or trained. This is largely due to nursing shortages around the world. While you might have a heard a lot about the nursing shortage in the United States, there are areas around the globe facing even greater shortages.

A recent report by the WHO and the International Council of Nurses found that despite recent increases in trained nurses there is still a large need: There are just under 28 million nurses worldwide, the report states. Between 2013 and 2018, nursing numbers increased by 4.7 million, but this still leaves a global shortfall of 5.9 million. The greatest gaps are found in countries in Africa Southeast Asia and Eastern Mediterranean regions and some parts of Latin America, according to the report.

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Consider A Career In Pharmaceuticals

Nurses with extensive experience in a certain specialty are a great asset for companies who manufacture pharmaceuticals. For example, a nurse who specializes in pediatrics can play a crucial role in the development of medicine for children as a consultant, researcher or educator.

Working as a pharmaceutical sales representative can also be a smooth career transition for a nurse, given their medical expertise and their exceptional communication skills.

Working Overseas For The Us Government

Finding Joy, Hope, and Faith  Janelle

You can travel independently to work overseas, provided you have the right licensure and visa, but the US Government also offers opportunities for nursing abroad. This could be through the CDC, or through the Department of Defense. The CDC, in particular, hires people for several different subtypes of employment.

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How Do I Become A Nurse In Germany As A Non

If you already have finished a nurse training abroad there might be the option to start as a nurse or nurse helper in Germany . In order to get a recognition you must have studied nursing or you must have finished an apprenticeship in nursing abroad. If you only have work experience but no degree in nursing then you must go through an apprenticeship in nursing in Germany or start to work as a nurse helper.

During your work time as a nurse helper in Germany our clients will help you through a process for recognition of your foreign nurse training in Germany, often including additional training to reach the German standards. Be aware that a command of German on level B1/B2 is mandatory. If you do not speak German we cannot offer you any position!

  • A German clinic guides you through the recognition and qualification period
  • A German B1 is sufficient when applying
  • You get a salary from the first day
  • You improve your German on the spot
  • You improve your qualifications step by step under a mentoring system

Critiquing Mental Health Nursing

This literature review has enhanced my knowledge on research articles, how to identify what is a strong or weak study, how to research properly and also, it enhanced my critiquing skill. It is identified that recruiting mental health nurses and mental health is one of the undesirable nursing field of new graduates is a significant contemporary issue in nursing because of the ageing nursing working and the increasing numbers of clients with mental illness . Personally

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Transfer Rn License From Non

  • You must apply for licensure by endorsement in the new state of residency.
  • Your individual state license issued by the non-compact state will not be affected and remain active if you continue to maintain it, meaning you will have to resume your continuing education hours, practice within the laws of that state, and renew it by the deadline.

Explore Your Other Patient Care Options

THE AFTER DEGREE NURSING PROGRAM IN CANADA all that you need to know #degree #nursing #lpn #RN

If none of these options sound appealing, you may want to re-evaluate whats really giving you doubts about life as an RN. There are many types of registered nurses with unique roles in patient care, and you may find less stress in an alternative.

For example, if working as a trauma nurse proves to be too taxing, becoming a school nurse or clinic nurse might be the change of pace that you need.

As you evaluate your options, keep these related nursing specialties in mind:

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How Does Travel Nursing Work

Traveling nurse agencies in the United States help nurses find employment outside of their home country. To apply with an agency, aspiring traveling nurses first must have experience as a registered nurse and have a valid nursing license within the United States. Nurses must also meet requirements established by the country where they want to work. Guidelines differ, and it is the individual nurse’s responsibility to research specific country guidelines. Traveling nurses treat patients of all ages, and assignments can vary from eight to 26 weeks.

Some travel nurses further customize their experiences by receiving specialty certifications. Specialties include surgical nursing, emergency room nursing, pediatric nursing, anesthesia and intensive care. You may have to wait a specified period of time o nce you’re employed at a travel nursing agency before you receive an assignment. After working abroad, many nurses can transition back to careers in the United States easily using the experience they’ve gained. Skills used in the field that are like those used in hospitals and clinics in the U.S. include:

  • Working with other nurses and doctors

  • Diagnosing patients

  • Teaching the general community about health and wellness

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Important Words To Know

Here are some useful words to understand when you are talking about foreign transcripts:

  • Transcript a paper that lists what classes you took in high school or college. Most people get them after they graduate. You can usually order more transcripts from the schools you attended.
  • Academic evaluation an evaluation done by a company which translates and researches the information on your transcript. They decide if the education you got in your country is the same or similar to the United States.
  • School credits American schools and universities use a credit system. Credits are numbers assigned to each class or course. Classes may receive 1, 2, 3 or 4 credits. Before you graduate, you need to earn a certain amount of credits.
  • Degree a diploma from a university or college.

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Licensing And Certification Requirements

Following successful completion of your program, youll need to pass the National Council Licensure Examination in order to apply for a nursing license in the U.S. The NCLEX has different exam versions for different nurse license levels. Both RNs and LPNs need to take and pass NCLEX in order to be licensed. APRNs will need to take the certification exam for their specific specialty. Your program can guide you to the exam you need.

After that, youll also need to secure any additional credentials that your travel country requires if youre planning to pursue travel nursing positions abroad. This could mean simply taking a test, gaining certification, or completing an entirely new program. You might also need to take a test proving you can speak in the primary language of that country. Keep in mind that this also applies to English-speaking countries like Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Even if English is your native language, youll need to take the English language tests required of all international work visa applications.

Paid Nursing Abroad Programs Requirements

How to Introduce Yourself Confidently! Self

As with many professions, there are recruiters who help hospitals find nursing staff. And believe it or not, there are also recruiters for hospitals located overseas. If you look around, youll find ways that you can get into contact with them. Youll need to prove that youre licensed as well. Some countries might actually have a separate registration authority which youll need to get into contact. This is more common in countries like Canada and the United Kingdom than in developing nations. Some examples include:

  • The Nursing and Midwifery Council of the UK
  • The Australian Nursing Council
  • The Nursing Council of New Zealand
  • The South African Nursing Council

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Equivalency Evaluation Via Examination

Sitting through special assessment examinations is another way to acquire U.S. degree equivalency for your foreign bachelors degree. There are a ton of recognized university-level equivalency examinations out there, two of the most popular ones include the College Level Examination Program and the Program on Non-Collegiate Sponsored Instruction . At the end of these exams, you gain points or credits which can be utilized in validating a foreign bachelors degree or any degree at all for use within the US.

Explore Careers In Information Technology And Informatics

Information technology is an excellent path if you are looking to get away from high-stress jobs in patient care, but still want to have a measurable impact on the delivery of healthcare. Nursing IT careers are increasingly important as technology continues to redefine the healthcare industry.

For example, nurse informatics specialists function as a technology liaison for hospital staff, while still performing select nursing duties. They might be involved in designing and testing new information solutions, or implementing new processes to improve patient care.

A career in nursing informatics also offers diverse career pathways with many opportunities for career advancement. Often, informatics specialists will pursue more advanced roles, such as nurse manager or Chief Nursing Informatics Officer.

You can expand your education in health informatics by enrolling in an online health information management bachelors degree program . Classes are designed to potentially prepare you for jobs including medical records technician, patient information coordinator, HIM consultant, HIM director, or other managerial roles in health information.

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