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Can I Become A Nurse Practitioner Online

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Get Your Nursing License

How to Become a Nurse Practitioner

Upon graduation from our Direct Entry MSN program, the next step is to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination . This step is crucial, as you must pass the NCLEX to receive nursing licensure. To help students prepare for the NCLEX, we administer practice exams each semester. As a result, our students had a 2019 NCLEX pass rate of 98% for first time and repeat testers!

One of the great things about applying for a nursing license in the state of Wisconsin is that the state belongs to the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact . This means that nurses can apply for a mutli-state license, allowing them to practice in 27 states without the need to apply for a new license.

Career Advancement For Nurse Practitioners

Becoming a nurse practitioner can open many doors in the healthcare industry. Thanks to their training in leadership and communication, they often advance to become hospital administrators. Many NPs establish their own independent practice. Those interested in disseminating knowledge to a new batch of nurses can explore an educational path, while others turn to careers as medical researchers utilizing their analytical skills.

Start Your Path To Becoming A Nurse Practitioner

If youre interested in becoming a nurse practitioner without a nursing degree, your first step should be to attain a BSN. And the ABSN program at CSP can get you there in as few as 16 months. Reach out to us today, and well have a dedicated admissions counselor contact you right away. Theyll be able to determine your eligibility for our accelerated nursing program. And theyll work with you to develop a personalized academic plan to meet any outstanding prerequisite requirements. Your counselor will also assist you throughout the admissions process, ensuring that you dont miss any important steps.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Obtain A Graduate Degree In Nursing

There are two graduate degrees you can obtain to become an NP: a Master of Science in Nursing or a Doctor of Nursing Practice .

An MSN usually takes two years of full-time study to complete and deepens student knowledge on such topics as health care informatics and evidence-based practices. A DNP is the terminal degree in the nursing field and expands on the topics covered in an MSN while preparing students for leadership roles. It can take anywhere from 18 months to four years to complete depending on prior experience and credentials.

Ultimately, whether you decide to enter an MSN or DNP program will depend on your own professional goals and life circumstances. Either degree, though, qualifies you to become a nurse practitioner.

Can You Earn A Degree To Become A Nurse Practitioner Online

Primary Care Skills

If youre a registered nurse looking for ways to advance your career, then you may be interested in whether you can earn a degree to become a nurse practitioner online. Distance and online education has become the new normal for many students, especially professionals who dont have time to sit for traditional courses on a college campus. As a nurse, your schedule may be so unpredictable that you cant set aside time for on-campus lectures or lab work. Fortunately, online nursing programs are not only possible but widely available from top-ranking schools throughout the country.

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Online Family Nurse Practitioner Program

Master of Science in Nursing

The demand for nurses to deliver comprehensive advanced nursing care is growing rapidly. Take on more responsibility as a healthcare provider and advance your career in nursing by becoming a nurse practitioner. As a Family Nurse Practitioner , you will further develop the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver nursing care to patients of all ages across primary care settings, making a positive impact on the health of your patients and the health of your communities. We know there are many online nurse practitioner programs for you to choose from learn more about how an online FNP degree from Husson can help you obtain your master’s in nursing education.

Prepare for a career as Family Nurse Practitioner

  • Flexible online classes with 24/7 access
  • 15-week courses
  • 95% passage rate for all nursing programs on national certification exams
  • Become eligible to sit for either the American Nurses Credentialling Center or the American Association of Nurse Practitioners Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Exam

Best Online Np Programs In 2021

Colleges and universities across the U.S. continue to develop online nurse practitioner programs that cater to working professionals and students who just need flexibility. While many arent 100% online, they combine extensive online coursework with the right amount of hands-on elements and patient work. These online NP programs have given thousands of nurses the chance to advance their career in an affordable and convenient learning environment. But which schools have the accreditation, cost structure, and online learning you need to get your degree and advance your career?

Using data from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System , and from the colleges themselves, has researched and analyzed dozens of online nurse practitioner programs to see which ones stand out in 2021. Review and compare the top schools below.

AccreditationSouthern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges

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This Isnt Just Shadowing

In clinicals you will do much more than shadowing or observing your preceptor.

You will be an active participant working closely with your preceptor to assess and treat patients.

The clinical component of the program brings everything together to prepare you to practice on your own as a nurse practitionerand succeed right from the beginning in your first full-time job.

What Are The Requirements For An Msn Degree

Becoming A Nurse Practitioner (online nursing school) -pushing through uncertainty

The admission process for online MSN degree programs varies by college. However, most nursing schools require a BSN, an unencumbered RN license, and clinical experience. Some colleges offer RN-to-MSN programs that allow students to pursue an advanced degree with just a diploma or associate degree in nursing.

Many online MSN programs also require students to submit GRE scores, letters of recommendation, and essays. Applicants may also need to meet a minimum GPA requirement.

Once enrolled in an online MSN degree program, students typically complete 30-50 credits, including course, clinical hour, and research requirements.

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How Do I Become A Nurse Practitioner

To become a nurse practitioner individuals complete additional education and training beyond that of a registered nurse. This training allows them to independently perform some medical functions and procedures that otherwise would need to be done under the supervision of a doctor. Nurse practitioners can work in tandem with physicians at a health care facility, but also have the option of establishing their own private practice and becoming a primary care provider.

Job Outlook And Salary

The job outlook for NPs is very positive. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics , career opportunities for nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives, and nurse practitioners are expected to grow by 45-percent between 2020 and 2030 . By comparison, the BLS projects that the overall job growth in the U.S. will be 7.7-percent between 2020 and 2030 .

With such high demand comes a high earning potential. In 2020, NPs earned a median annual salary of $120,680, several times higher than that of the national individual median salary of $35,805 for the same year .

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How Long Do You Have To Be In School To Be A Nurse Practitioner

Becoming a nurse practitioner can be a grueling process as the length of time spent on mandatory education is nearly as long as that of physicians. It requires long-term commitment and a genuine love of the work, another reason why testing the waters in employment as a vocational or registered nurse is a wise idea before committing to long-term education plans.

What You Should Know About This Degree


Although students may be able to complete all of their coursework online in a given program, accredited nurse practitioner programs also have in-person requirements for clinical learning. Since healthcare is a human services field, this hands-on learning is key in preparing nurse practitioners to treat and interact with patients. The number of clinical hours and the settings in which students complete them vary based on the program and state regulations. When researching programs, find out the specifics of their clinical requirements, including what kind of placement assistance students receive from the program.

In order to provide services as a nurse practitioner, individuals must obtain a certification and licensure. National certification boards like the American Nurses Credentialing Center or the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners certify nurse practitioners. The certification process usually entails paying a fee and passing an examination. There is also a recertification process for maintaining credentials.

Nurse practitioners receive their licenses from the state in which they are practicing. State regulations can affect where a student receives their degree. If you are considering an online degree from a school in a different state, its important to confirm that the school is authorized to grant degrees to students in your home state and that your states licensing board will recognize the degree.

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Five Nurse Practitioner Salary

Nurse practitioners earn an average annual salary of $117,670 in the United States according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics as of May 2021, which places their income at more than double the average annual salary for all other occupations.

Nurse Practitioners make, on average, around $30,000 more than Registered Nurses each year. And compared to an LPNs annual wages of $46,240, becoming an NP will more than DOUBLE your earnings.

Online Nurse Practitioner Programs

Graduate online NP programs offer live web-based classes. When its time to complete clinical hours, online programs typically set you up at a partnered health care facility.

Requirements vary depending on the institution, but nurse practitioner prerequisites will typically include a BSN along with some professional nursing experience in order to be successfully admitted to an online NP program. Other requirements include:

  • Resume
  • Proof of U.S. registered nurse licensure
  • Graduate Record Examination or Miller Analogies Test scores, particularly for MSN program applicants
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language or International English Language Testing System scores for non-native speakers of English
  • Application fee

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Are There Online Rn To Np Programs

With today’s busy schedules, many RNs who would like to advance to a nurse practitioner role feel that they can’t swing a full load of classes on campus. Enter the online RN to NP program. This option is perfectly suited to the time-crunched RN who may wish to continue working, has family or other commitments, or who doesn’t live close enough to a university to make going back to school feasible. With flexible online classes and access to staff and faculty, RNs can complete the RN to NP coursework on their own time. As a bonus, any clinical requirements can usually be arranged in the student’s hometown.

Earn Your Advanced Practice Nursing Licensure In Practical Nursing

How To Become A Nurse

The specifics for NP licensure are set by the individual states, which means that you will have to search the requirements to become an NP in the state that you plan to work in. There is also talk of a national model for NP licensure, but currently, it does vary from state-to-state. You can view complete state-by-state requirements to become an NP here and be sure to check with the school you plan on attending.

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What Are The Education Requirements

An RN has a few different options when considering an NP career, but the main thing to remember is that either an MSN Nurse Practitioner or a DNP Nurse Practitioner degree will need to be obtained. The following programs are offered specifically with the registered nurse in mind:

ADN to MSN Nurse Practitioner

This program, sometimes referred to as an RN-BSN to MSN, is for the ADN-educated RN who wants to become a nurse practitioner. The advantage of this type of program is that most of them allow the student to receive both a BSN and an MSN degree so that they don’t have to take each program separately. Once the BSN portion of the program has been completed, some schools require students to declare which specialty niche they’d like to enter for the MSN Nurse Practitioner section of the degree. Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner, Emergency Nurse Practitioner, Family Nurse Practitioner, and Neonatal Nurse Practitioner are just a few of the specialties available. Depending on whether the student opts for part-time or full-time study, this program can be completed in 2-4 years.

Vanderbilt University offers an ASN/ADN to MSN program where students can choose from the following NP specialties: Adult-Gerontology Acute Care NP, Adult-Gerontology Primary Care NP, Emergency NP, Neonatal NP, Family NP, Pediatric NP, Psychiatric Mental Health NP, and Women’s Health NP.

BSN to MSN Nurse Practitioner

BSN to DNP Nurse Practitioner

Program Levels For Nurse Practitioners

Because nurse practitioners must perform many advanced medical services, its important they possess the knowledge and skills to discern how to handle a wide range of medical issues. Most registered nurses begin their careers by completing either an associate or bachelors degree. Because online NP programs require applicants to possess a bachelors degree when applying, those who pursued an associate degree may need to complete a bridge program before enrolling. The following section takes a look at the different levels of nursing degrees and how each contributes to becoming a nurse practitioner.

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What Does A Nurse Practitioner Actually Do

A nurse practitioner is a versatile role with varying degrees of practice autonomy according to the state in which the nurse practitioner is licensed to practice. Lets take a look at the role of a nurse practitioner, different nurse practitioner specialties, and different nurse practitioner practice areas.

Fulfill Safe Nursing Practice Requirements

How to Become a Nurse Practitioner in Florida

One of the requirements to become registered as a NP in Ontario is to demonstrate safe nursing practice. This entails proving that you have been practicing nursing safely for at least two years of the past five years. At least one of those years must have consisted of you practicing in an advanced practice nursing role.

Your advanced practice nursing experience must include demonstration of the following advanced practice clinical competencies:

  • Health assessment and diagnosis
  • Health promotion
  • Prevention of injury, illness and complications

Additionally, you must be able to provide an employer reference attesting to your fulfillment of the safe nursing practice hours requirement. This reference must include numeration of hours practiced, the safety of your practice, your role, a copy of your job description, and must meet the advanced practice competencies above.

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Tackling The Tuition Of Your Online Np Program

The costs of online nurse practitioner programs vary. While some tuitions may seem initially prohibitive, its important to remember that there are plenty of highly affordable online nurse practitioner programs as well as other funding options to help offset costs and help learners avoid student loan debt. Check out the options below, but also speak with admissions personnel at potential schools to learn if any other options exist, such as fellowships or teaching assistantships. Our can help get you on the right path, too.

  • ScholarshipsScholarships have the broadest appeal as this type of funding does not need repayment so long as students meet all requirements. Learners should research scholarships originating from schools, academic departments, private foundations, nonprofits, and all levels of government. Explore over 15 of the top scholarships for nurse practitioner students and see if you qualify.
  • LoansThese can be both subsidized and unsubsidized. The federal government offers a number of subsidized and unsubsidized loans at the graduate level. Students should exhaust all other funding options before taking out loans, and only take exactly what they need to pay for tuition and fees.
  • Veterans benefitsStudents previously enrolled in a branch of the military can take advantage of educational assistance programs to cut costs. The Post-9/11 GI Bill, the Montgomery GI Bill, and the Yellow Ribbon Program all provide financial support to qualified veterans.
  • Earning The Msn Degree

    To become a nurse practitioner, you need a masters degree, which is typically a Master of Science in Nursing. Many schools offer a traditional MSN program, but colleges and universities today also offer an online program leading to the masters degree. Youre more likely to find a completion program. These programs assume that applicants already have a bachelors degree in nursing and that theyre working in the field as registered nurses. Coursework is streamlined for maximum efficiency and time. Some programs take just one to two years to complete, but some may be more comprehensive and time-consuming. There are also bridge programs available that accept nurses with associates degrees, but its more common for an MSN program to accept someone who holds a bachelors degree. In addition to the educational requirement, nurse practitioners need to be licensed and certified by the state where they intend to practice. Some nurse practitioners also earn a doctorate.

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    What Courses Are Required

    Required courses will vary depending on the school and the licensing requirements of your state. You may also see differences in courses based on whether you’re going for a Master of Science in Nursing or another type of nurse practitioner education. Courses will be heavily focused on the specialty nursing practice that you choose, as well as other advanced nursing topics.

    We Pledge Your Clinical Placement

    Becoming A Nurse Practitioner Worth It? Other Things You Can Do With Your Nursing Degree

    No matter the NP specialty you choose, clinicals are vitally important to your education and career success. Choose a nursing school dedicated to your success in securing clinicals.

    Enroll in any of our nurse practitioner program options and we pledge your clinical placement through following our Clinical Guidance Process.

    While we encourage you to find your own preceptor and clinical sites, we provide extensive support through our Clinical Guidance Process should you find difficulty.i With Herzing, you are never on your own.

    i. Subject to terms and conditions outlined in the enrollment agreement.

    Classes Start May 9th

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