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How To Care For Your Babys Skin In Cold Weather

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When the weather gets chilly or your babys skin becomes dry, take some extra measures to preserve moisture. Shorter bath times, a fragrance-free cleanser and then lotion or cream application when their skin is still damp will help lock in moisture. If you see rough patches on your babys lips or cheeks, use a hypoallergenic moisturizer or ointment to soothe them. You may also apply a cream or balm before going out to protect your newborns skin from the cold air and wind. Using a humidifier during naps and at night is another method that can help your babies dry skin.

Consistency Is Key For Your Child

Your approach to time change adjustments is all about what will work best for your family. It is important that while the clocks are physically changing you keep as much consistency in your childs sleep routine as possible. In doing so, it makes it much easier for him to adjust to the change in time and return to his normal sleep patterns. Keep his nap and bedtime routines the same, remember to expose your infant to light during awake times and keep the room dark for sleep. Give yourself and your child grace, and ask for help if you need it.

A common sleep disturbance that can be a result of the end of daylight savings time is early morning wake ups. If this starts creeping into your childs morning, refer to this earlier blog for some tips and tricks to help return morning wake ups to their normal time.

The Sleep Coaching Team at Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny is also here for you as a resource to problem solve any prolonged sleep disturbances resulting from the time change. Please inquire to schedule a personalized sleep consultation!

How To Introduce Your Cat To Your Newborn

Many cats do not go out in the yard and thats okay because they are not pack animals. Whichever parent the cat has a stronger relationship with, should go inside without baby in their hands. They can pet and play with the cat for the first few minutes home and then carry him closely over to smell and inspect the newborn. Cats are known to jump up on counters and all sorts of places, be sure that your cat does not jump in the crib or bassinet. You may feel your cat is plenty friendly, but snuggling up next to baby does pose a suffocation risk.

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Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny Is Now A Certified Autism Center

Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny has earned the Certified Autism Center designation, which is granted by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards to organizations who have completed autism-specific training and certification.

Every family deserves the best in childcare. At Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny, it is important to us that all of our clients feel they have the support that fits their familys unique needs. By partnering with IBCCES to provide our nannies with autism training is our way of ensuring that our services are inclusive of all children and families, said Carole Kramer-Arsenault, the owner and founder of BBN& N.

The mission of BBN& N is to provide families with the absolute best in newborn support, overnight care, sleep coaching and childcare services, and was founded to provide qualified support services for new parents.

About Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny

BBN& N is known for our high standards, unparalleled integrity, and our dedication to the families we serve. This commitment to excellence makes us Bostons most trusted and sought-after childcare resource year after year. Serving families in MA, CT, & RI.

At Night: Newborn Sleep & Wakings

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Most newborns generally wake up multiple times each night for feedings in the first few months. Between one and three months, your babys sleep duration may improve and he or she may begin waking less frequently. Your baby may be sleeping for more than four hours at a time by the time they are three months old. However, you can anticipate that your infant will wake at least once each night. If your baby is premature or small for their gestational age, your pediatrician or a child and family health nurse may suggest that you limit the amount of time they sleep at night before waking them up for a feeding.

If you have any questions or want more information reach out to our Newborn Care Team today and ask about sleep coaching or overnight newborn care.

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How To Treat Postpartum Insomnia

There are a variety of lifestyle adjustments you might make to cure postpartum insomnia before seeking medical treatment. While some of these may be difficult to do with a newborn, your health is worth the effort.

Nap When Baby Naps

This is a tried-and-true piece of advice, and it works for sleeplessness as well. Make the greatest effort possible to obtain sleep where you can. While it may be difficult to get a few winks at the same time as your youngster, make sure youre in the proper setting. Find a dark, cozy place to rest for a few minutes and catch up on your rest.

Keep a Schedule

This is more difficult than it appears with a baby, but if you make an effort to fall asleep at the same time every night, even if your babys wake-ups are unpredictable, your body will benefit. Its important to follow good sleep hygiene and create a pleasant sleeping environment as well as keep to the same sleep pattern each night.

Make Sure You Have Support

If you can, get someone to help with the baby. If youre having trouble sleeping and your baby is waking up frequently, you may be suffering from persistent insomnia.

Talk to your spouse about sharing nighttime duties. Consider hiring a nanny to help you with part of your burden, even if its only for a short time until youre feeling better. Overnight Newborn Care Experts can also help so that you can fall into a better sleep pattern.

Ease Off the Caffeine

How Long Does Postpartum Insomnia Last?

When to See a Healthcare Provider

Essential Tips For Returning To Work After Maternity Leave

The transition between maternity leave and returning to work can be challenging. You have been out of your workflow for a while and are coming back with new priorities. Perspectives have shifted and the way you used to work might not be best for you now. You can overcome this life adjustment with the right plan. However, you may have some questions about how to go about this. This article will cover six tips for helping you return to work after maternity leave.

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Option #: Be Proactive The Week Before The Time Change Occurs

Starting the Tuesday or Wednesday before the weekend daylight savings time ends, make an effort to start your morning routine 10 minutes later each day. In doing this, it should result in bedtime shifting a bit later by 10-15 minutes each day as well. With this small daily adjustment, you are slowly preparing your infant/child for the full hour daylight savings change, in small increments each day.

If it isnt feasible for your morning routine to start 10 minutes later each day due to work/school commitments, thats okay! You can still be proactive in introducing the hour fall back in your home by bumping only your evening routine later by 10 minutes each night leading up to the time change.

Get Into A Routine And Practice It

Overnight Newborn Care Testimonial – Boston Baby Nurse and Nanny

If you havent already, try to get into a routine you can maintain every morning. Experts know babies thrive on patterns to give them a sense of security and stability. When you and your family get into a regular rhythm, it helps keep your days organized and predictable.

The routine doesnt have to be anything extreme. You can keep it simple, like cuddling your baby during feeding first thing in the morning and then passing him off to Dad so you can shower. Also, remember things may start rocky, but practice makes perfect and life happens, so take it easy while perfecting your schedule.

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How To Protect Your Babys Skin From Bug Bites

Mosquitoes may enjoy your babys skin, so keep in mind that the same clothing that protects newborn skin from the sun also protects it from bugs. Its perfectly safe to use DEET-based insect repellents on babies over the age of two months. The AAP advises using products that contain no more than 30 percent DEET. If you are wary of using DEET, attach a mosquito net around the stroller or put a natural citronella bug sticker on the back of their shirt.

Begin by spraying the repellent on your hands and then rubbing it into exposed skin and clothing, avoiding the mouth and eyes . When you return inside, wash it off. However, avoid using DEET with sunscreen to avoid exposing your baby to too much DEET.

Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny

Carole Kramer Arsenault, our founder, is an experienced childbirth educator, labor & delivery nurse, sleep coach, lactation consultant, and award-winning author of Newborn 101 . The vision of Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny started when Carole realized there was a lack of qualified support services available for new parents after being discharged from the hospital. Her mission is to provide families with the absolute best in newborn support, overnight care, sleep coaching and childcare services. This commitment to excellence has made Boston Baby Nurse and Nanny a sought-after childcare resource, gaining us the trust of Bostons best doctors and birthing hospitals.

Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny is the only full-service childcare provider you cannot outgrow.

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Featured 2022 Family Favorite Nanny Services

Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny935 Great Plain Ave, Unit 194Needham, MA 02492Facebook:

Finding You the Perfect Nanny

The team at Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny knows that welcoming a new caregiver into the home is a big decision for parents. Thats why we are committed to providing families with the absolute best in nanny placements, special needs caregivers, household managers, educators, and tutors. Your family deserves the best!

Connecting families with warm, responsible, and trustworthy caregivers is what we do. Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny has been serving families for nearly two decades to provide superb infant care and nanny placement.

We are a boutique nanny agency serving families in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Southern New Hampshire. We focus on understanding the needs of parents and place the best childcare professionals in their homes.

Our elite placement team offers a specialized nanny placement service, providing parents with high quality childcare candidates. Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny works with families to find the perfect nanny.

About the Top 5 Nanny Services in the 2022 Boston Parents Paper Family Favorites

The final winners are posted in the August issue of Boston Parents Paper

We hope you enjoy! And we hope you make your nominations and follow up with voting in the final round!

Proactive Day Light Savings Schedule

Our Team Of Specialists

The Sunday after the time change, clocks will have changed to return you to your usual morning and bedtime schedules. Below is a chart of how this might look if you are adjusting for a child with a 7am wake up and 7pm bedtime.

TUESDAY: start the day at 7:10am / bedtime at 7:10pm

WEDNESDAY: start the day at 7:20am / bedtime at 7:20pm

THURSDAY: start the day at 7:30am / bedtime at 7:30pm

FRIDAY: start the day at 7:40am / bedtime at 7:40pm

SATURDAY: start the day at 7:50am / bedtime at 7:50pm

** Daylight Savings Time Change Occurs **

SUNDAY: start the day at 7am / bedtime at 7pm back to normal routine!

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Finding You The Perfect Nanny

The team at Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny knows that welcoming a new caregiver into the home is a big decision for parents. Thats why we are committed to providing families with the absolute best in nanny placements, special needs caregivers, household managers, educators, and tutors. We will find you the perfect match for a live out or live in nanny. Your family deserves the best!

Proudly Serving Massachusetts!

Welcome To Bostons Premier Overnight Newborn Care Provider

Night Owl Nurses provide Boston, and its suburbs, with private, in-home newborn care throughout the night. Our goal is to relieve sleep-deprived parents and establish healthy sleep practices for your newborn. We are dedicated to providing the most trusted and reliable overnight newborn care, so you can sleep soundly & wake rested.

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Enjoy The Moments You Have

Although work will shorten your time with your baby throughout the day, enjoy the time you do have. Allow yourself to feel a sense of pride from doing work you love and knowing your baby is fine when youre apart. Dont feel guilty about going back to work as a mom. Everyone has different reasons for choosing to work or stay home. Whatever your reasons may be, try staying present and enjoy your time split between motherhood and work life.

If you are looking for at home childcare, reach out to Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny to help you find the perfect match. Their award winning nanny placement team will connect your family with a warm, responsible, and trustworthy caregiver.

Returning To Work Mid

What to Expect: Overnight Newborn Care Can Be a Huge Help

When you plan to start going back to work, try to schedule your first day in the middle of the week. Doing so will initially minimize the time away from your baby and make your first week back a short one to help ease you into everything again. It is a simple tactic but will help make those first days more manageable.

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Understanding Scope And Role Of An Overnight Newborn Care Expert

An Overnight Newborn Care Expert can assist with feedings, soothing, and comforting a newborn to help them fall asleep change wet and soiled diapers and keep an eye on your babys safety and care. Therefore, it is crucial to inquire the specific duties and what they are willing and capable of doing to assist you.

Here is checklist of duties you can discuss with your night nurse. It is essential that the lines of communications are open so there is a clear understanding what is required for the position:

  • Bathe/assist in bathing baby
  • Provide soothing and sleep support overnight
  • Wash and sanitize bottles, pump parts, etc.
  • Offer to assist with tidying up the nursery and keeping up with babys laundry to make life easier during the waking hours
  • An Advanced Newborn Care Specialist can assist a postpartum parent with their recovery and monitor for mental health disorders and struggles

When Should You Hire an Overnight Registered Nurse?

While the birth of a child is a joyous occasion, there are times when a mother experiences a difficult birth or suffers from postpartum depression. This might be the time to consider an Overnight Registered Nurse to help with the transition. An overnight registered nurse can provide you with the peace of mind that you have a medically trained professional to support all your needs and your babys. Some duties include:

Carole Kramer Arsenault Rn & Author

As a labor and delivery nurse and parent educator working in Boston, I interacted with many families and saw that there was a need for top-notch newborn care. I founded Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny over a decade ago to support new and expecting parents. Soon after I wrote the award winning parenting book, Newborn 101. Over the years families have trusted and relied on BBN& N for high-end newborn care. In the last few years we have received many inquires for additional childcare options so we expanded our services to include nanny placements. Given the new demands brought on by Covid-19 and remote learning, we recently added Nanny Educator and Tutor Services so parents can feel confident that their children are getting the education they deserve. BBN& N prides itself in educating and providing in-home consultations to families and on-going trainings to their childcare providers. We are excited to serve families in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Reach out to our leadership team today for an individual consultation to determine which service will best meet the needs of your family.

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What Type Of Credentialing And Education Does An Overnight Newborn Care Expert Need

The term night nurse is ambiguous at best and while many Registered Nurse do take employment as an Overnight Newborn Care Specialist or Expert, they are not always one in the same.

An Overnight Newborn Care Expert is equipped with a wide array of skills and can assist with lactation support, creating healthy sleeping habits, logging feeding times, and helping develop sleeping and feeding routines that make it easier to manage once they leave your home. Training is key, and Overnight Newborn Care Experts go through at least 40 hours of training structured in accordance with the standards and recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics .

Separately, Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny offers RN Services provided by qualified RNs with newborn experience. They can offer at-home medical support for both baby and Mom. Read more about how an RN can assist your family, here.

How To Clean Your Babys Clothes

Boston Baby Nurse &  Nanny on LinkedIn: As infants grow, their sleep ...

A good rule of thumb is to wash new clothing before your baby wears them since you wont know who handled them previously and washing before wearing lessen the chance of exposure to any dyes in the clothing. However, dont be concerned about using baby detergents. In most cases, dye and scent free laundry soap works perfectly fine, and its much easier to use the same detergent for everyone in the family. Some pediatricians recommend doing the babys laundry by itself so that your deodorant, lotions, or perfume dont get on babys clothes.

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