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Best Trade School For Nursing

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How Education Paths Influence Employment And Earning Potential

How to Get Straight A’s in Nursing School (TOP TIPS!)

The nursing school you attend should not influence your employment or earning potential if you are a competent nurse with the right credentials.

“When it comes to RN positions for new graduates, hiring managers and employers put more weight on your competency, maturity, and aptitude for learning as opposed to your academic performance,” Guarniere advises. “Fortunately, the NCLEX-RN exam serves as a great equalizer to determine that job candidates have met the minimum knowledge and competency requirements.” The standardized, computerized exam evaluates all candidates’ entry-level nursing capabilities, regardless of where they were educated.

The primary exceptions are nurses who wish to work at Magnet hospitals, which typically expect nurses to hold a BSN at minimum, and prospective APRNs. These individuals can achieve their goals faster by enrolling in a four-year BSN program.

How To Choose The Best Nursing School For You

While we thought these were the top nursing schools of 2022 the best nursing school for you may not be on this list. Spend time researching various nursing schools to make sure that you’re making the best decision for your personal situation.

Create a list of potential schools and, using factors mentioned on this page, rank your set of schools to find the best option.

If youre looking for a specific career path such as public health or informatics, make sure the schools youre considering can address these needs.

And, of course, find a school that works within the limits of your current life. You may not be able to move across the country to enroll at a Duke, Emory, or Georgetown.

Chances are good you can find a great program with caring faculty and great clinical experiences in your region.

Interview Witha Nursing Student

An interview with Alicia Vaca, who graduated from a nursing program at MedVance Institute in Houston, Texas.

What program did you participate in?

The Bachelors degree in Nursing, specializing in emergency medicine.

What is your current career?

I am an RN in an ICU for Adult Care.

Whats a typical day in your career?

Normally I work a 12-hour shift in the Intensive Care Unit. I am also on the on the 24 hour on call list as a flight nurse. I range from having a patient load of 3-5 at any particular time. My duties include taking vitals, giving meds, and more. I have been on two emergency flights in the last year. Now I am also on the list as a traveling nurse. That was my dream since I first heard about those kinds of opportunities in high school.

How did your training help you get into this career?

Well, I have always known that I wanted to go into nursing, but it wasnt until my experience at college and living away from home that I saw how great it was to see new places and work at different types of medical institutes and hospitals. That is when I really knew I wanted to get into flight and traveling nursing. Any opportunity to save someones life or make a difference is worth the hard work it takes to get there. What I learned at Medvance will stay with me forever, as well as the relationships and friendships I built. Obviously you cannot become a nurse without going to nursing school, and I wouldnt be where I am in my career if it had not been for this school.

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Top 3 Reasons To Consider Attending Nursing School Online

You probably already know that nurses are absolutely vital to our modern healthcare system. It’s why registered nurses outnumber physicians in the U.S. by more than three to one. You might even be one of those RNs. But you might not be aware of just how possibleand beneficialit can be to find a good online program to continue your nursing education. Here are three of the best reasons to look into the available options:

Riggins Urban Barber College

The Best Trade Schools in Georgia

Riggins Urban Barber College provides education for future barbers.

At the Riggins Urban Barber College, students receive the basic training to pass the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology examination.

Students learn the practice of barbering, barbershop management, business concepts and the psychology of personal success.

During the 1500-hour Barbering Course, students learn about Barber/Cosmo Act & Regulations, Barbering Chemistry, Disinfection & Sanitation, Hairstyling, Curling & Blow Drying, Shaving, Facials, and much more.

Riggins Urban Barber College is approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education .

The schools barbering programs are also approved by the California Board of Barbering & Cosmetology .

Enrollment. Prospective students can complete an enrollment form on the schools wesbite.

Applicants need a high school diploma, GED or equivalent, and a photo ID.

Fees. The total cost is $16,000 for the Barber Course and $4,530 for the Barber/Cosmo Crossover.

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What Is Thenursing Process

Caregivers follow five steps, called the Nursing Process, to ensure subjects receive equal care:

  • Assessing the patient During a discussion, the professional evaluates a persons physical status, economic standing, and lifestyle choices.
  • Diagnosis of symptoms The nurse forms an educated conclusion on the subjects potential health issue or issues.
  • Planning action A diagnosis is discussed with the patient. The medical professional plans milestones and recovery timetables.
  • Implementation The plan of action is set into motion and patient recovery is documented. This phase can vary greatly from case to case. In some instances, it may only last a few hours, while for others it can last months or years.
  • Evaluation Patient response to the care strategy is analyzed. The outcome usually falls into one of three categories: condition improved, condition stabilized, or condition worsened. If needed, the nurse will refine future care plans based on conclusions drawn from the Evaluation step.

While earning a nursing degree or certification, recruits become experts in this five-step method. Regardless of their chosen branch of practice, caregivers use this process as a foundation throughout their careers.

How To Become An Rn

1. Enroll in a registered nursing program

A number of options exist for your education, including hospital-based diploma programs and post-secondary school programs that award associate and bachelor’s degrees.

Hospital-based diploma programs are typically offered at hospitals in partnership with local vocational schools and are designed to cover basic areas of nursing care and theory while preparing students to take the appropriate licensing examination. This is considered the minimum level of education necessary to enter the profession.

Associate degree programs provide more instruction than hospital-based diploma programs but still offer a quicker route than a bachelor’s degree program. Such programs generally consist of comprehensive clinical and theoretical training, but they usually include only a small amount of general education components.

A bachelor’s degree program is the most in-depth educational option and covers more clinical and general education topics than diploma or associate degree programs. That’s why successful nursing students at this level of education tend to know a lot of good life and study hacks. By earning a bachelor’s degree in the nursing field, you can build a strong foundation in areas such as nursing care and theory as well as behavioral sciences, humanities, health care delivery systems, health policy, and leadership.

2. Take the NCLEX-RN examination

3. Start applying for positions

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Ready To Start Your Journey

  • Trade school careers present about 1.3 million job opportunities each year.
  • Trade schools offer hands-on learning with a career-focused curriculum.
  • Trade school students can graduate in less than one year.
  • Financial aid for trade schools includes scholarships and grants.

Trade schools allow students to gain industry-specific skills and enter the workforce in high-wage and high-demand occupations. More than 11 million Americans work in a skilled trade, with about 1.3 million job openings each year.

Trade school careers include construction, automotive repair, cosmetology, computer technology, and culinary arts. Unlike schools offering associate or bachelors degrees, students can often graduate with recognized industry certification in less than two years. Many programs require a year or less. Many classes feature hands-on instruction, allowing students to practice and master the skills they need in the workforce.

Students considering trade school vs. college can find rewarding opportunities. Below, learn more about the best trade schools, what career tracks trade schools offer, and financial aid for trade schools.

Should You Considerbecoming A Midwife

What Will I Learn | Vocational Nursing

Students interested in providing comfort to pregnant women should consider a career in midwifery. While medical doctors are trained to manage high-risk pregnancies, midwives specialize in less complicated, low-risk pregnancies. In addition to assisting during childbirth, the tasks of a midwife include:

  • Giving advice about reproductive health
  • Answering questions and assisting with needs during pregnancy
  • Looking for signs of complication from mothers and babies
  • Caring for newborns
  • Providing emotional and physical support during the postpartum period

Midwives practice in a number of locations, including clinics, hospitals, homes, and community centers.

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Arizona Contractor License Center

The Arizona Contractor License Center is Arizonas leading contractors exam school.

The school hosts events for all types of contractors. The classes are taught by industry professionals.

Arizona Contractor License Center is serving Arizona contractors since 1972.

The school is training Arizona Contractors to pass the Arizona State Contractors licensing exams through their exam preparation services.

The center guarantees that students will pass the exam. Students who fail the exam will receive their money back.

The Contractor License Center offers exam preparation in several locations in Arizona and Utah.

As of 2018, the Arizona and Utah centers have collectively helped to license over 60,000 contractors.

The Arizona Contractor License Center is also offering state application filling services.

Fees. The fee for Trade Test preparation is $250. The fee for Business Management test preparation is $150.

Welding And Joining Technology

The Welding and Joining Technology program is designed to prepare students for careers in the welding industry. Program learning opportunities develop academic, technical, professional knowledge and skills required for job acquisition, retention, and advancement. The program emphasizes welding theory and practical application necessary for successful employment. Program graduates receive a Welding and Joining Technology credential, have the qualifications of a welding and joining technician, and are prepared to take qualification tests.

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Georgia Northwestern Technical College

The Northwestern Technical College of Georgia fully demonstrates the flexibility of distance education for nursing students.

Not only was 54 percent online enrollment, the highest rate among the schools on our list, but LPN students also have access to a bachelors degree program that makes half or more of its credits available online.

The online LPN to A.S.N. transition program here consists of at least 62 credit hours and includes courses in lifelong care, dosing calculation and care for foster families. Standard A.S.N plan and practical diploma are also available.


The 20 Best Trade School Jobs: Highest Paying Trades That Are Growing Fast With Thousands Of Openings

Vote Now! ACCâs Nursing Program named finalist for Best of the Best ...

Want to make over $20 or $25 an hour? Going to a trade school is a great way to learn in-demand skills for reliable, satisfying, high-paying jobs. You can get streamlined training for a trade that pays well in a sector like construction, repair and maintenance, health care, information technology, business, or the legal field. And the best trade school jobs are in fast-growing fields in which 5,000 or more positions could open up each year.

Here’s why it can pay to pursue trade school jobs: They often provide good incomes, a large number of opportunities, and enhanced career stability. Many of the highest paying trades in America can be entered after completing a short, skills-based program from a trade school .

Plus, the fastest-growing, most in-demand, and highest paying trade jobs are frequently some of the most satisfying. They often involve hands-on, mentally engaging tasks, leading to a real sense of pride, achievement, and confidence. By pursuing vocational education, you get the opportunity to gain more financial prosperity, job security, and day-to-day enjoyment.

Simply put, you don’t need to spend four years in higher education to become a skilled worker with good opportunities. As you’ll learn from the trade school jobs list below, you can achieve vocational success with a shorter, more career-oriented education.

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Real Estate Agent Or Broker


$51,220 ANNUALLY / HOURLY RATE $24.63


Are you looking to buy or sell your home? If you are, you should enlist the help of a Real Estate Agent. These are specially trained personnel who know how to market your home to sell or help you buy one yourself and get the best deal! To become a Real Estate Agent, you will need to complete a real estate program. Community colleges typically offer real estate classes at their facilities however, you may also choose to earn an associate or bachelors degree on the topic.

Fast Facts:

  • An agents salary may depend on the state of the economy,
  • Often works on commission,
  • Potential for much higher earnings with experience, good reputation, and an established presence within the community in which you sell.


Real Estate Brokers are licensed to own their own real estate company however, Real Estate Agents must work for a Broker. They both buy and sell real estate. Also, properties may include residential, industrial, commercial, or land only. Some Real Estate Agents choose to specialize in a particular market.

Basic Responsibilities of a Real Estate Agent:

Are you ready to get started?

Associates Degree In Nursing

Todays nurses play a crucial role in the healthcare system. People in need of medical attention rely on nurses not only for their extensive nursing knowledge, but also for their support and caring nature. If you have a natural inclination to help others and a desire to work in the healthcare field, our Associates degree in Nursing is for you.

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The Studio Academy Of Beauty

The Studio Academy of Beauty offers its students a multi-faceted and dynamic education in the beauty industry.

The school has three locations in Arizona: one in Phoenix, one in Chandler and one in Tolleson.

Students have an opportunity to practice their acquired skills in fashion shows, charitable events such, high school presentations, wedding events, local and national competitions but also movie sets and TV shows.

Enrollment. Candidates must have a high school diploma or GED. Must be a US Citizen or Registered Alien.

Fees. Tuition fees vary depending on the program.

The school offers various financial aid options for students who qualify.

The Studio is certified by the Department of Veterans Affairs to offer GI educational benefits.

After signing up for classes students receive: the kit, textbooks, makeup pro card and a makeup kit with professional makeup.

American School Of Dental Assisting

Top 5 Nursing Schools in Australia 2022 | cheapest nursing schools in Australia

The American Institute of Dental Assisting is offering a 13-week dental assisting training program in a real clinic.

The institutes Mesa and Phoenix dental assistant schools provide students with hands-on experience with real doctors treating real patients in a real dental facility.

The American Institute of Dental Assisting has received the Best Teacher, Best Retention and Completion, Best Recruiting Practice and Best Student Services recognitions from the Arizona Private Schools Association.

Students can choose between convenient day, evening and weekend schedules.

School staff assists students in finding employment after graduation. Many of the graduates find employment with the dental practice where they spend their externship.

Fees. American School of Dental Assisting is offering training at a significantly lower price than other area programs.

County grants, private funding, and even flexible payment plan options are also available to eligible students.

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West Kentucky Community And Technical College

The West Kentucky Community and Technical College can be a great choice for those who enjoy the sociability of learning with a large group of nursing students.

The more than 400 nurses and certificates awarded here in 2017 about one-sixth of all graduates make up the largest cohort of nurses of all the schools on our list.

WKCTC Nursing Programs: The WKCTC Nursing Assistant Program includes three certificate options: Advanced Nursing Assistant , Kentucky Medication Aide , and Medicaid Nurse Aide .

The LPN-RN Accelerated Course allows nursing students with LPN experience to complete their programs in one year.


City College Of San Francisco

The San Francisco City College of San Francisco offers a three-semester professional nurse program that requires 44.5 units to complete. The program is open to high school graduates who are in good health and eligible for admission.

Each applicant must attend an orientation program and take prerequisite courses for the past five years. Students take courses in childrens growth and development, nutrition and pharmacology.

They learn about different areas of nursing, such as mental health, pediatrics, motherhood and medical / surgical. Upon completion, students can take NCLEX.


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What Is Trade School

What is trade school? Trade schools offer career-specific training. Students focus on the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in their industry without many general education courses.

Trade schools go by various names, including career colleges, technical colleges, and vocational schools. Students may find trade programs offered by community colleges, especially in areas of healthcare or manufacturing. Some trade schools offer industry certifications, while others may offer associate degrees in applied science.

What Is Offered At Trade School


Trade school careers include construction, manufacturing, personal services, healthcare support, or administrative training. The best trade schools may offer a variety of career-focused programs or focus on a specific industry, such as aviation technology or beauty schools.

Often, the local industry impacts what career tracks trade schools offer. The schools work closely with area employers to determine the need for new programs. Industry advisors and partners to ensure their curriculum reflects current practices.

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