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Best Online Graduate Nursing Programs

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What Is The Best Online Msn Program

Online Graduate Nursing Program Soars to No. 7 in National Rankings

The best online MSN program is the one that can help you reach your personal and professional goals, at an affordable price, on your timeline and is accredited.

At SNHU, that translates to:

  • Career focused: Our MSN program was built by nurses, for nurses. It was designed around recommendations within “The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health” report from the National Academy of Medicine, formerly the Institute of Medicine which outlined how roles should change in our healthcare system. In 2021, the report was updated to reflect new recommendations to meet further meet the needs of today’s nursing workforce.
  • Affordability: Take advantage of some of the lowest online tuition rates in the nation.
  • Convenient: Enroll in 1 or 2 classes per term whichever works best for your busy schedule. Plus, you’ll have 24/7 access to your courses, meaning you can complete your work any time during the week to meet your deadlines.
  • Accredited: The baccalaureate degree program in nursing and the masters degree program in nursing at Southern New Hampshire University are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, 655 K Street NW, Suite 750, Washington, DC 20001, 202.887.6791. CCNE is an accrediting agency that ensures baccalaureate, graduate and residency programs meet quality standards.

What Can You Do With An Msn

Once youve earned your nursing masters, several career paths become available. An RN with a masters in nursing is referred to as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse . They are eligible for many positions such as a nursing consultant, research nurse, clinical nurse specialist, and nurse administrator.

If youre interested in community education, consider public health nursing. These nurses advocate for community-led health education programs. They visit medical centers and work within the community to provide health care. Another job option for MSN graduates may involve research and clinical trials. For example, clinical research nurses aid doctors during studies and trials by finding participants, analyzing data, and synthesizing results into formal reports.

Nurses with an MSN may also pursue administrative and management roles. Nursing directors, for example, run the nursing departments at hospitals, medical centers, and other health care facilities. They lead teams of nurses and coordinate between departments to provide the best care possible for their patients. If youre interested in a specific area of medicine, its also possible to specialize in a field like oncology, pediatrics, or orthopedics.

Types Of Nursing Specialties Graduate Programs In Texas: Online Or On

Keep in mind that since there are several areas of Nursing Specialties Graduate programs to choose from, its important to first narrow down your nursing specialty of choice. If you enjoy working with children, youll want to focus on pediatrics programs. If you like working with the aging population, gerontology will be of greater interest to you. Or if your interests are rooted in mental health, a graduate program for psychiatric nurse practitioners may work best for you. A hot new field would be found with forensic nursing programs including masters in forensic nursing and other forensic nursing degrees & schools.

FUN FACT: Nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives, and nurse practitioners, also referred to as advanced practice registered nurses , must earn at least a masters degree in one of the specialty roles. APRNs must also be licensed registered nurses in their state and pass a national certification exam. has easy to use search tools to help you find the program level and format that aligns with your goals. You have the option of conducting a location search to choose a Nursing Specialties graduate program in a different city, state or country, challenging yourself with a new culture and new knowledge. This is a great way to find Graduate nursing schools in general, and you can request information from that school directly from the site.

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    50 Best Online Masters in Nursing Degree Programs

    We know that you have educational goals that youre itching to pursue, but you may not know where to start. The editors of CollegeRank utilize a unique ranking methodology based on the following three aspects:

    40% Potential Salary After Graduation: Average mid-career salary of school alumni

    30% Institutional Accreditation: Regional and National Accreditation for the 2019-2020 school year

    30% Overall Degree Affordability: Average cost of undergraduate and graduate tuition per school

    At CollegeRank, we strive to do our best to guide you and your family toward a fruitful academic career. The pursuit of knowledge is a noble one, and we want to help you reach your goals. For questions, comments, badge downloads, or data corrections, please feel free to reach out to us at

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    What You Should Know About This Degree

    There are plenty of other degrees in the medical field you can pursue, such as clinical laboratory science, cytotechnology, radiology, pharmacy, and audiology, among others. However, while nursing is a more general degree for overall patient care, these other programs require more specific science courses that often add an extra year of study, requiring a bachelors degree before pursuing further education.

    The majority of BSN programs across the United States receive accreditation from CCNE. Search for online certificates that are accredited by this institution, or by a reputable regional alternative.

    The job outlook for those entering the nursing profession is extremely positive, with a 7% growth rate anticipated in the next decade. While there were 3,096,700 registered nursing positions in 2019, its projected that this number will increase to 3,318,700 by 2029.

    A BSN, which takes four years to complete, gives applicants an edge over those with lesser qualifications. An ASN, or Associate of Science in Nursing degree, takes just two to three years to complete and may be sufficient for work in some hospital settings.

    Courses In An Msn Program

    In an online MSN program, students learn management, patient diagnosis, and pharmacology skills. Some schools offer specialized degrees, like MSNs in health system leadership. Other specializations include nursing education and public health nursing.

    Some students take specialized nursing classes. Courses cover managerial topics like organizational leadership and fiscal management. Others explore more ethics-related topics, such as the legal healthcare system and quality improvement.

    The class descriptions below provide an overview of courses offered by MSN programs online. Note that these courses only represent a sample curriculum. Not all schools offer these specific options.

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    University Of Texas At El Paso Score 78

    NCLEX pass rate: 97.64%

    Tuition per year: $8,300

    The University of Texas at El Paso is one of the premier Hispanic serving institutions with over 80 percent Hispanic population. With over 25,000 students enrolled, it is a sizable campus. Given its high NCLEX pass rate and low tuition, its a great bargain and value for students. The school offers a fully online R.N. to BSN program for students to complete within 2.5 semesters. Additionally, their MSN program is offered online as well.

    The school offers the following degree programs for nursing students:

    NCLEX pass rate: 94.86%

    Tuition per year: $7,200

    The University of Texas at Tyler is one of the premier nursing programs in Texas. It ranks as the second most affordable school on our list and provides students with a chance to develop practical skills within nursing. Their BSN program is offered year-round and can be completed within 18 months once a student finishes their prerequisites. Their graduate nursing programs allow students to meet online, hybrid, and in-person courses.

    The school offers the following degree programs for nursing students:

    NCLEX pass rate: 97.87%

    Tuition per year: $31,800

    The University of the Incarnate Word is a private, Catholic university in San Antonio, Texas. It is the largest Catholic university in Texas. The school has over 5,000 undergraduate students in attendance for the Fall 2021 semester. This makes for smaller class sizes for nursing students, which some prefer.

    Johns Hopkins University: Msn Online Degree Programs

    Online Master of Nursing programs

    Executive Summary: Johns Hopkins University, one of the top medical schools in the world, now offers an online Master of Science in Nursing degree. This is a significant sign of the increasing relevance of the online education market. A respected institution such as Johns Hopkins offering an MSN online is good not only for nursing students studying in that program, but for all nurses pursuing an online MSN because it further validates the online medium of education in the field. Johns Hopkins offers a quality, comprehensive education for nurses seeking to take their career to the next level.

    Tuition: Tuition for the online Master of Science in Nursing program at Johns Hopkins University is $47,264 per year full-time.

    Unique Features: Ranked 1st among nursing graduate programs, 5th in Nursing Service Administration and 7th in Family Nurse Practitioner programs by U.S. News and World Report, JHU is a pillar of the medical education community. Anybody fortunate enough to enroll in this program will enjoy the benefits, both personal and professional, that accompany a world class education.

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    Scholarships For Online Nursing School Students

    Who Can Apply: Offered by the Emergency Nurses Association, these five annual scholarships support current emergency nurses with an RN license who enroll in a BSN program or accredited online nursing schools.

    Amount: $3,000

    Who Can Apply: Students currently enrolled in an accredited nursing program at any level qualify. Applicants receive special consideration if they plan to complete a graduate degree to become a nurse educator, earn an RN-to-BSN or RN-to-MSN degree, or enroll in an accelerated program.

    Amount: $2,500

    Who Can Apply: The award funds current nursing students, including those attending an online nursing school. Applicants should create and upload a 30-45 second video explaining their ideas to improve mental health awareness.

    Amount: $2,500

    Who Can Apply: Undergraduate and graduate nursing students with a record of volunteering for the American Red Cross or current employees of American Red Cross Units can apply for the scholarship. Nursing students can use the funds for tuition, books, and academic fees.

    Amount: $3,000

    Who Can Apply: The scholarship funds current and incoming nursing students at all levels, including students in online programs. Applicants write a 600-1,000 word essay on their career goals in nursing and how the scholarship would help fulfill their goals. Students must also show a minimum 3.0 GPA.

    Amount: $1,000

    Amount: $1,000-$6,000

    Amount: $5,000

    Loyola University New Orleans: Online Master Of Science In Nursing

    Executive Summary: With a 30 year history of providing advanced education for RNs, Loyola knows what RNs need from a MSN degree to advance in their career through further study of their specialty or making the transition into another aspect of nursing. Loyola isnt just in the business of pumping out degrees, they are in the business of making leaders.

    Tuition: Tuition for the Online Master of Science in Nursing program is $818 per credit hour.

    Unique Features: According to U.S. News and World Report, their online Master of Science in Nursing program is ranked #7 in Student Engagement and Accreditation, #2 in Faculty Credentials and Training, and #1 in Student Services and Technology, making it the all around highest rated program on the honor roll. Loyola University New Orleans is also ranked the #9 university in the southern region by U.S. News and World Report.

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    What Is A Graduate Certificate In Nursing

    There are two types of graduate certificate programs in nursing: postbaccalaureate and post-master’s. These give nurses who hold bachelor’s or master’s degrees another way to pursue a specialty or expertise.

    Many nursing certificate programs focus on advanced practice areas and prepare RNs to become APRNs. Students who are already ARPNs can gain experience in an additional practice area, which opens up more career options. Other postgraduate certificate programs in nursing focus more on administration. Graduate nursing certificate programs are offered both online and on campus.

    Postbaccalaureate nursing certificates require students to possess a bachelor’s degree in nursing. These certificates are usually administrative in nature. For example, you can get a postbaccalaureate nursing certificate in nursing administration, health information management, or nursing education.

    Post-master’s nursing certificates require a master’s degree in nursing. These certificates often focus on APRN practice areas. For example, you can get a post-master’s nursing certificate while preparing to become a family nurse practitioner , adult-gerontology acute care nurse practitioner , pediatric nurse practitioner , or psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner .

    Practicums And Campus Visits

    Best Online Master

    Some, but not all, online graduate nursing programs are fully online. Why? Well, many nursing graduate degrees blend clinical practicums with classroom education. To address this, you may have to find a preceptor-mentor in your local community with whom you partner while you go through your supervised practice.

    Also, since many traditional universities offer online nursing programs, you might be required to take some courses in brief residencies. These campus visits could provide hands-on training in how to use equipment, and workshops where you could learn about patient care through role-play exercises or be supervised and assessed by faculty.

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    Attain The Clinical Skills And Knowledge Needed To Lead Health Systems

    Due to an increasing emphasis on preventive care, an aging population and a focus on addressing chronic conditions, nursing is one of the fastest growing fields today. With the many challenges that healthcare practitioners face, nursing leaders must step forward to offer innovative solutions.

    When you earn your MSN degree online, youll be prepared to develop leadership, management and teaching strategies to improve the quality of healthcare within your institution. Youll become a greater advocate for patient safety as you increase your sensitivity to the many factors that influence nursing across the globe and within your community. Through research, evidence-based practices and critical thinking skills, you will influence health and public policy to impact even more lives.

    Are you an RN with a Non-Nursing Bachelors Degree?Licensed RNs who have completed an AS in Nursing or diploma nursing program and have earned a non-nursing bachelors degree may apply to a MSN program with prerequisite courses.

    Ready to get started?

    Online Graduate Nursing Programs Ranked Top 15 In Nation

    Tuesday, January 25, 2022

    For the third year in a row, Seton Hall’s College of Nursing online graduate nursing program is ranked the top in New Jersey and third among all Catholic universities in the country.

    U.S. News and World Report has once again recognized Seton Hall University as having one of the top online graduate nursing programs in the nation, ranking 15th in 2022, up from 27 last year. Placing 15th out of 194 schools chosen for inclusion by U.S. News this year puts the Seton Hall program in the Top 8 percent nationally. For the past three years, Seton Hall’s College of Nursing has had the top-ranked online graduate nursing programs in New Jersey and ranked third among all Catholic universities in the country.

    In the 2022 edition of the Best Online Graduate Nursing Programs rankings, U.S. News notes that “programs that score the highest are those applying educational best practices specific for distance learners” and ranked schools using their specific formula, which prioritizes engagement between students and faculty as well as faculty credentials.

    The College of Nursing itself is on an upward trajectory, with its Bachelor of Science in Nursing program having recently placed 76th among 694 ranked throughout the United States in the first-ever U.S. News ranking of undergraduate nursing programs. This puts Seton Hall in the Top 11 percent of all schools nationally.

    The College of Nursing offers the following master’s and doctoral programs:

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    What Students Are Saying About Wgu

    Our students say it best. See why their WGU experience means so much to them, and what makes us different.

    “Great experienceallowed me a career as a nursing professor, which in turn helped me discover that I’m happiest when I’m taking care of patients and mentoring new nurses. I wouldn’t have figured that out had it not been for WGU.”

    Mary CoxM.S. Nursing Education

    “At WGU there is no busy work. Everything is related to your degree and related to the work you’ll be doing in your job.”

    Natalie HillM.S. Nursing Education grad

    “Not only did my degree at WGU help me advance my careerit also helped save a rural hospital and the community’s access to local, quality healthcare.”

    Sarah Aronack

    Criminal Background Check And Drug Screen

    We answer your questions about nursing graduate degrees

    MSN students must successfully pass a criminal background check as well as a drug screen prior to admission. A valid social security number is required by the St. Davids School of Nursings clinical partners for the background check administered through a third-party vendor. All graduate nursing students are subject to random or for cause drug screens.

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    The Tuition Rate For The Academic Year 2022

    • This program is eligible for Financial Aid.
    • Special tuition rates available for Drexel University Alumni, Military members, and members of our Partner Organizations.
    • These rates apply only to new online students and students being readmitted.
    • These rates apply only to fully online courses. Hybrid or on-campus courses may have different rates.
    • Tuition rates are subject to increase with the start of each academic year in the fall term.
    • All students must contact within the first two weeks of the term to request tuition savings for which they qualify.
    • Special rates cannot be combined. If you qualify for more than one special rate, you’ll be given the one with the largest savings.
    • When receiving special tuition plans with Drexel University Online, you may not combine them with other tuition benefits that may be available from Drexel University.

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