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Best Online Accelerated Nursing Programs

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What Does An Accelerated Bsn Program Entail

Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) at GCU

Each school will create its own unique curriculum, but most ABSN programs follow a similar model to ensure the requisite information is being taught. This type of nursing program will typically focus on the following core subjects:

  • Introduction to Nursing
  • Womens healthfocusing on caring for women before during and after pregnancy

Top 5 Accelerated Nursing Programs

Clemson, South Carolina

Accelerated nursing programs arent like starting college all over again. They are more like doing your junior and senior years all over again. Some of the shorter, more intensive accelerated nursing programs cant accept working students. They may even prohibit their students from working. But there are some part-time and online nursing programs that can accommodate students who need to work. These programs may schedule courses for evenings and weekends, taking 18 to 22 months to complete.

Its important to understand what an accelerated nursing program isnt. It isnt an RN-to-BSN program. RN-to-BSN programs are for registered nurses who are currently practiced or at least licensed to practice who need to earn a bachelors degree to meet increasing requirements from their employers or from state licensing boards or who just want to advance their careers. RN-to-BSN programs take about two years to complete.

Accelerated nursing programs do not require any prior experience or education in nursing. They are for students who are new to the field seeking a fresh start.

Nursing Degree Fast Track

Registered nurses improve patient outcomes by maintaining records, administering medication, operating medical equipment, and answering patients’ questions. Some professionals with advanced training specialize in a medical subfield, such as pediatrics or oncology. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that U.S. RNs earn a median $75,330 annual salary.

The BLS projects the need for RNs to grow 7% from 2019-2029. Prospective degree-seekers interested in entering an online nursing program can begin with an accelerated nursing programs online. Accelerated degrees allow motivated students to graduate as soon as possible. Many top colleges and universities offer this degree entirely online, opening higher education to busy professionals unable to attend on-campus courses.

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Unusually Flexible Scheduling: Duquesne University

Its hard to find a more flexibly scheduled accelerated nursing program than the program at Duquesne University. Classroom instruction is entirely online, and sessions start three times a year. This Catholic university finds opportunities for its students to earn money while they are still in school, and offers generous discounts on tuition.

  • Average Net Price to Students: $30,540
  • Graduation Rate: 80%
  • NCLEX Pass Rate: 90%

Requirements For Accelerated Bsn Degree

healthcare certificate programs #nursingschoolsintexas

Requirements for Accelerated BSN courses vary but generally include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in any major from an accredited college or university
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0

In addition, some programs require certain prerequisite courses prior to admission for those schools where prerequisites are not included in the curriculum. For many science majors, these may have been completed already. These are usually:

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Gas or transit costs

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Purdue University West Lafayette

Accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing and approved by the Indiana State Board of Nursing, Purdue Universitys accelerated BSN program provides students with a highly personalized experience that allows them to complete their degree in as little as 18 months.

This bachelor of science in nursing program is designed for applicants who already have an associate degree in nursing and want to advance their education.

The curriculum includes courses such as health promotion and disease prevention, leadership development, community health education, and pharmacology.

Students prepare for careers as nurse practitioners or nurse administrators with specialized training including evidence-based practice methods advanced practice nursing gerontological nursing nurse anesthesia neonatal/critical care pediatric/adult critical care perioperative/operating room environments pain management techniques quality improvement methods research design & implementation strategies within healthcare organizations

What Are The Advantages Of An Accelerated Bsn Program

When you pursue an accelerated BSN program, you will want to understand your careers advantages and goals. The accelerated online programs apparent advantage is the required time for your degree. You finish the degree in 12 to 18 months rather than taking two or more years to finish up an RN to BSN degree program. The classes are accelerated, which means you have an intensive learning environment.

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Can I Get An Accelerated Bsn If I Have A Bachelors In Another Field

Yes. There are many online BSN programs for non-nurses interested in entering the nursing field. Accelerated online BSN programs for non-nurses use credits from another degree. This cuts down on time it takes to earn their RN to BSN degree.

If you are considering a change to your career and want to start working as a nurse, you may consider taking an accelerated BSN program. While the exact standards a school sets depend on its program and options, many second-degree programs are designed for students who have a bachelors degree in another field and want to change their focus to nursing.

Northeast Alabama Community College

Elmhurst University Online Accelerated BSN Student Experience | Elysa Katz

Average Net Price: $3,314Graduation Rate: 35%NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 100%

If you possess a degree in any field from a previous university, NACC can help you get your nursing degree within a shorter period through their accelerated RN program. They can prepare you for your second career and prepare you to take the NCLEX exam that allows you to practice nursing in your state. If nursing is your goal, Northeast Alabama Community College has what you need to achieve your dreams. Accelerated RN programs are one way to offer your services to people and work in the wellness and health professions, even if you started in something else. gave them a B rating and ranked them #4 in Best Community Colleges in Alabama.

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Cheapest Accelerated Nursing Program: Northeast Alabama Community College

If you already have a bachelors degree in any field from any other university, Northeast Alabama Community College can help you add an RN to your professional credentials. The accelerated nursing program is academically demanding, but Northeast Alabama Community College has a passing rate of 100% on the NCLEX.

  • Average Net Price to Students: $3,144
  • Graduation Rate: 32%
  • NCLEX Pass Rate: 100%

Indiana Universitypurdue University Indianapolis

Average Net Price: $11,285Graduation Rate: 50%NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 86.90%

Indiana University is a well-known prestigious university that has long been known for its medical, psychology, and education programs. They also offer an accelerated BSN program that you can apply for, providing you meet the requirements and you have taken the appropriate pre-requisites. The program is a 59-hour program and combines the best academic research-based coursework with clinical practice. The program moves at a high speed16 months of full-time study. The curriculum is rigorous and provides a combination of practical & theoretical knowledge to equip you for a career in medicine. They have a B grade on for academics, diversity, and value. The U.S. News and World Report ranked the university #58 in Best Undergraduate Teaching, #46 in Most Innovative Schools, #99 in Top Public Schools, and #31 in Nursing.

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Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

  • Lubbock, Texas
  • Graduation Rate: 93%

Texas Tech University Health Sciences center offers one of the leading BSN programs in the state. Students must complete 60 credit hours of general education coursework to be admitted to the BSN program. They can complete this requirement in an accelerated time of a year and a half if they take 15 credits per semester.

School Overview

  • Stony Brook, New York
  • Graduation Rate: 72%

Stony Brook University is another member of the SUNY system. Its accelerated BSN program is open to students who have completed a non-nursing bachelors degree. These students can complete their BSN degrees in only one year.

School Overview

  • Seattle, Washington
  • Graduation Rate: 84%

The University of Washington offers the top accelerated nursing program in the Pacific Northwest. This program is very rigorous, requiring 151 credits of coursework and over 1,000 hours of clinical experience. Students can graduate at an accelerated rate by taking a heavier class load.

School Overview

  • Bloomington, Indiana
  • Graduation Rate: 76%

Indiana University is known as one of the top public universities in the world, and its nursing program certainly contributes to its excellent reputation. Its nursing programs include a traditional BSN, an accelerated BSN for students who already have a non-nursing degree, and an RN-to-BSN program. The accelerated program can be completed in four semesters.

School Overview

  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Graduation Rate: 66%

School Overview

School Overview

Mgh Institute Of Health Professions

accelerated nursing programs in california #nursingprograms

The Massachusetts General Hospital established the MGH Institute of Health Professions as a graduate school.

Thirty-four credits are needed across four semesters/16 months. Each semester includes ten live online courses and seminars and two quick weekend intensives.

An organized program that comprises one 9-credit course every semester that is wholly integrated.

The total tuition at MGH institute of health professions for the online DNP is $59,325.


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Align Your Knowledge And Skills To A More Fulfilling Career

The post-baccalaureate accelerated BSN program at Baylor Universitys Louise Herrington School of Nursing is an intensive full-time program with a combination of teaching methodologies including online courses, clinical and lab experiences, and hybrid interactive learning courses.

Students with a completed bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing discipline will complete 62 hours of nursing course work and stand out as a Baylor nurse:

  • Program completion in 1 year
  • Gain clinical experience working with underserved communities
  • Benefit from strong academics and a well-earned reputation
  • Learn nursing through a Christian worldview
  • Change your life and the lives of others

% Placement Rate For Graduates: Montana Tech

Montana Tech has a rigorous accelerated nursing program. Less than half of students graduate. But if you do, it is highly likely that you will pass the NCLEX on your first try and you are essentially guaranteed a job.

  • Average Net Price to Students: $12,104
  • Graduation Rate: 41%
  • Financial Aid: 87%
  • NCLEX Pass Rate: 100%

Have you attended one of these accelerated nursing programs? Please keep in mind that tuition, graduation rates, financial aid percentages and NCLEX pass rates are subject to change. We always welcome updated information.

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Best Online Accelerated Bsn Programs By State

Before you enroll in an Accelerated BSN make sure you can get a license in the state where you live. The majority of states are now members of the Nurse Licensure Compact . However, check to make sure you can earn a license in your state before you spend any money. Additionally, the NCL will also show you all the states that have reciprocity with each other so you can think about moving or becoming a travel nurse!


California State Universitychannel Islands

iROC and the Accelerated Nursing Program

Average Net Price: $13,558Graduation Rate: 72%NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 92.68%

If you have completed one Bachelors degree, but you have decided you want to go for your nurses license instead, youve come to the right place. California State University at the Channel Islands offers a rigorous program that will help you get ready for your licensure exam and prepare you for the world of work as a nurse. They got a B- overall grade by for outstanding achievements in their approach to learning. The U.S. News and World Report ranked CSU-Channel Islands #41 in Regional Universities West, #17 in Top Performers on Social Mobility, and #20 in Top Public Schools.

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Ist College Unity Point Health

Methodist College is a four-year school connected to Unity Point Health in Peoria, IL. This distinguished institution is known for its excellence in nursing education, health sciences, and human services. All programs include all of which are administered with significant clinical practice. Methodist College develops and updates its programming to meet the demands of the local nursing field. So, they make sure graduates are prepared for post-graduation employment in the area and beyond.

Methodist Colleges online Accelerated BSN program features an evening and weekend schedule for second-degree students who have earned a previous degree in a separate field, and are seeking a competitive education to transition into the world of nursing. Students are supported in taking the NCLEX-RN to achieve their nursing license upon completing the program. Five consecutive semesters, including one in the summer, are required. There is a hybrid of classroom, online, and in-person clinical learning, providing the necessary flexibility for adults with life commitments. There is a required hands-on internship section that is offered on-site. This CCNE accredited program admits no more than 30 students per session.

Accreditation: CCNE

Top Accelerated Nursing Programs In Ontario For International Students

Below are the available2 year nursing programs in Canada for international students

  • Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner
  • Advance Neonatal Nursing program
  • Master of Applied Science Advanced Clinical Practice
  • Master of Applied Science Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
  • Master of Applied Science Neonatology Nurse Practitioner
  • Master of Applied Science Nursing Services Administration

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How Do Accelerated Online Programs Work

Degree-seekers in accelerated online programs take 1-2 extra courses each semester. Learners must be able to balance work, school, and personal responsibilities. Accelerated programs benefit degree-seekers who need to graduate quickly. Although these programs feature online coursework, students complete in-person practica in hospitals and other healthcare settings.

The time needed to complete an online accelerated nursing program depends on the degree. The learner’s education and professional background also impacts degree-completion time. Incoming students work with an academic advisor to create a graduation timeline. Institutional resources such as tutors can help learners stay on track.

How Long Do Accelerated Msn Programs Take To Complete

Accelerated Nursing Programs Guide

The Accelerated MSN program may take up to 3 years to complete and clinical hours or a preceptorship are required. Usually, these programs are structured as an accelerated BSN followed immediately by two years of graduate school.

Admission criteria for the Accelerated MSN program generally include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing major from an accredited college or university
  • GPA of at least 3.0
  • Letters of reference, usually 2 academic and 1 professional
  • Graduate Record Examination within 5 years of application
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language if English is not the student’s primary language

The AACN has developed The Essentials of Master’s Education in Nursing which outlines 9 areas of core curriculum which must be covered in Master’s level education. These core curricula are:

  • Background for Practice from Sciences and Humanities
  • Organizational and Systems Leadership
    • Nursing Ethics

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    Why Get A Degree In Nursing

    A nursing degree confers many potential benefits, such as improving patients’ lives and attaining a fulfilling career. RNs with a bachelor’s degree can specialize in a nursing subfield and earn more than their coworkers with only an associate degree. A bachelor’s degree’s other advantages include an emphasis on nursing leadership and management.

    Accelerated nursing programs online provide learners with the academic flexibility to continue working while in school. This feature benefits RN-to-BSN students significantly, as they apply new knowledge and skills on the job. Working may also reduce degree-seekers’ reliance on government and private student loans.

    Best Accelerated Nursing Programs In 2020

    Are you looking for accelerated BSN programs or other types of programs? Youre in luck. Accelerated nursing programs allow students to complete accredited nursing programs in a shorter time than traditional on-campus programs. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing refers to accelerated baccalaureate degrees, master degrees and higher levels of nursing programs an innovative approach to nursing education that is gaining momentum. Whether youre looking for an accelerated nursing program in New York or another state, youll be sure to find an option below.

    Acquire your nursing degree in an accelerated nursing program and begin a career in a rapidly growing career field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the outlook for registered nurses includes a 15 percent job growth through 2026, which is considered much faster than average compared to other career fields. The BLS reveals that the job outlook for Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Midwives is 31 percent, also much faster than average.

    These accelerated nursing programs prepare students for careers in a variety of healthcare settings, working with diverse populations. American Nurse Today explains that most states offer accelerated nursing programs, which take less time to complete than regular nursing programs.

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    Mount Sinai Beth Israel

    The Phillips School of Nursing at Mount Sinai Beth Israel offers accelerated nursing students an interesting perspective into the world of nursing. Most programs associated with a hospital do not allow students to earn a BSN however, this one does.

    One of the few programs in the country directly affiliated with a top-tier hospital, this program is regarded as one of the best in the country. Students are consistently given hands-on experiences that

    • Location: New York, New York
    • Tuition: $56,755
    • Length of Program: 15 months, hybrid
    • Acceptance Rate: Not reported
    • NCLEX Pass Rate: Not reported

    Are There Online Accelerated Nursing Programs

    Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) at GCU
  • While most BSN accelerated programs are brick and mortar, more online options have become available. Hybrid programs will combine online coursework with in-person clinicals.
  • *Indicates an affiliate link. At no additional cost to you, will earn a commission if you click through and use this service.

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    How Much Do Nurses With A Bsn Earn

    Having your BSN will give you a lot of flexibility in the type of salary you can earn. This, along with being an overall fulfilling career will makes nursing a desirable path. Your salary will change depend on where you work. Urban locations will pay more, but your cost of living will also likely be higher. Community health centers may not pay as much as private ones, but you will also be more likely to be eligible for the loan forgiveness programs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows RNs earning a median of $66,640 annually. You can earn the most in California, Hawaii, Alaska, Massachusetts, and Oregon at a salary between $80,000 to $96,000.

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