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Best Nursing Programs In Houston

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Important Considerations When Comparing Schools:

Nursing Schools in Houston Texas | Top RN & LVN Programs Revealed

Super low tuition is tempting, but picking the cheapest school isnt necessarily the best thing to do. That being said, you should always keep factors like tuition into account.

Factors you should look at when comparing schools include:

  • Annual tuition and total program cost
  • Acceptance rate
  • Length of the program
  • Benefits of each specific nursing program
  • Distance from home
  • Distance from hospitals
  • Scholarships or grants offered by the school
  • Accreditation

University Of St Thomas

Rated among the top colleges by US News and World Report, the University of St. Thomas is a private Catholic, liberal arts college that has graduated successful students for over 70 years. UST has a student body as diverse as Houston itself, all reaching for the same goal of excellence. UST welcomes students of all faiths or no faith to join their quest for excellence. The nursing program reflects the values of UST, students learn to focus on the whole person and holistic healing along with nursing theory and critical thinking. Students receive hands-on training and use of state of the art labs to practice their skills learned in the classroom.

At A Glance

  • Student to Teacher Ratio: 19:1
  • NCLEX Pass Rate: 84%

How Much Do Nurse Practitioners Make In Texas

For those thinking about a masters degree, a common concern is how much do nurse practitioners make in Texas. The answer to how much do nurse practitioners make in Texas is $108,660.

The nurse practitioner salary in Texas is slightly higher than the national average. The national average is $107,030, which means, the nurse practitioner salary in Texas is an average of $1,000 more per year. The nurse practitioner salary in Texas is usually higher in hospitals and outpatient care centers rather than in doctors offices. Some areas have a higher nurse practitioner salary in Texas, such as in the Big Thicket region of Texas where NP earn an average of $143,480.

Specializing can mean more money for a nurse practitioner. The neonatal nurse salary in Texas is higher than average. Besides the neonatal nurse salary in Texas being higher so is the pay for general nurse practitioners and various other specialties.

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How To Become An Rn In Houston: Licensing Requirements

You must pass the Texas Nursing Jurisprudence Exam, successfully answering 75% of the 50 questions, and pass the NCLEX-RN licensing exam. Your Texas nursing license is good for two years and requires 20 hours of continuing education to renew. The Texas Board of Nursing oversees all licensing requirements in the state. Visit our guide to nursing programs in Texas for detailed information on licensing.

Chamberlain College Of Nursing

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Chamberlain College of Nursing has an impressive on-site Simcare Center. This facility allows students to gain clinical skills under the supervision of highly experienced and trained educators and nurses. It also has accelerated programs so you can join the workforce as early as possible.

The school has relatively low tuition fees and there are financial aids available to make them even more affordable for you. To know more about that, you can check out the details here.

Heres a glimpse of what you can expect from the school:

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San Jacinto College Central

San Jacinto College is one of the top 100 community colleges in the country, with state-of-the-art training facilities in automotive, science, allied health, music and fine arts. It offers several nursing programs, including routes for earning your Vocational Nursing certificate or Associate Degree in Nursing . The central campus has a track record of preparing students to pass the NCLEX-RN test, and has a network of local hospitals and healthcare facilities where students get real-world experience, including at the Texas Medical Center.

A Nursing Program with Flexibility

Like the other community colleges that offer nursing programs in Houston, the benefit of attending San Jacinto College is the low tuition and flexibility. If you decide to earn your BSN degree at some point in the future, you can transfer your credits from your ADN degree at Jacinto College to a four-year college. On the other hand, if you decide you need to begin working as a nurse early on in your education, you can first earn your LVN at San Jacinto. With your LVN, you then have the option to be working and receive your ADN in San Jacintos LVN to ADN transition program at the South campus. The South campus has an even better pass rate for the NCLEX-RN test at 89.7%.

  • NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 82.5%
  • Accreditation: Yes

Top 5 Lpn Programs In Houston Texas

The Vocational Nursing Institute Harris County, Texas

LVN or LPN programs in Houston Texas will prepare students to sit for the national NCLEX PN exam. For simplicity, the narrative that follows refers to Licensed Practical Nurses however, this information is valid for Licensed Vocational Nurses as well.

Nursing students interested in enrolling in LPN programs in Houston Texas will find a variety of LPN diploma, certificate, or associates degree programs that open up entry-level job opportunities. These LPN programs in Houston Texas will also provide a great springboard to future opportunities that may lead to more job responsibilities and higher salaries.

For students aspiring to become a Licensed Practical Nurse in Texas, the first step is completing a Texas Board of Nursing -approved training degree/diploma or certificate program. Classes for these LPN programs in Houston Texas include the following a combination of classroom work, labs & simulations, and formal, onsite clinical practicum

  • The Fundamentals of Nursing.
  • Mental Health for LVNs.
  • Maternity, Pediatrics, & Supervision

Once a student completes one of the state-approved LPN programs in Houston Texas, they then must obtain a CPR card and pass the NCLEX-PN exam.

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Houston Nurses: Average Salary

Nursing salaries are affected by both specialty area and geographical area. In Texas, nursing salaries are higher than the annual median salary for nurses nationwide. Furthermore, nurses in Houston earn higher annual median salaries than the state of Texas and the nation. The following chart allows users to compare annual median salaries for various nursing professions in Houston, Texas, and the country.

Texas A& m Hsc School Of Nursing

10 Best Nursing Schools in Houston 2021

Texas A& M is one of the states largest schools, yet it consistently turns out some of the highest NCLEX pass rates in the state. A student-to-faculty ratio of 1:10, a relatively small program size, and beautifully equipped, recently updated state-of-the-art facilities mean youre learning from dedicated teachers in the best possible environment. The Texas A& M HSC School of Nursing is located about an hour and a half from Houstonnot a bad drive.

  • NCLEX Pass Rate: 99%

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University Of Texas Health Science Center

As part of the University of Texas System, the University of Texas Health Science Center is located in the largest Medical Center in the world. The Cizik School of Nursing recently invested over $8 million to renovate, expand and enhance the Clinical Performance Laboratory to allow for twice as many students to have opportunities to learn and practice their nursing skills. UTHSC offers various paths for students seeking a BSN program in Houston, whether it be an RN to BSN or a student with no prior nursing education seeking to earn the BSN. Apply today to be part of one of the worlds best nursing cohorts.

At A Glance

  • Student to Teacher Ratio: 5:1
  • NCLEX Pass Rate: 91%

University Of Texas At El Paso Score 78

NCLEX pass rate: 97.64%

Tuition per year: $8,300

The University of Texas at El Paso is one of the premier Hispanic serving institutions with over 80 percent Hispanic population. With over 25,000 students enrolled, it is a sizable campus. Given its high NCLEX pass rate and low tuition, its a great bargain and value for students. The school offers a fully online R.N. to BSN program for students to complete within 2.5 semesters. Additionally, their MSN program is offered online as well.

The school offers the following degree programs for nursing students:

  • RN-BSN

NCLEX pass rate: 94.86%

Tuition per year: $7,200

The University of Texas at Tyler is one of the premier nursing programs in Texas. It ranks as the second most affordable school on our list and provides students with a chance to develop practical skills within nursing. Their BSN program is offered year-round and can be completed within 18 months once a student finishes their prerequisites. Their graduate nursing programs allow students to meet online, hybrid, and in-person courses.

The school offers the following degree programs for nursing students:

  • BSN

NCLEX pass rate: 97.87%

Tuition per year: $31,800

The University of the Incarnate Word is a private, Catholic university in San Antonio, Texas. It is the largest Catholic university in Texas. The school has over 5,000 undergraduate students in attendance for the Fall 2021 semester. This makes for smaller class sizes for nursing students, which some prefer.

  • BSN
  • DNP

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How Is The Job Market For Nurses In Houston

The Texas Center for Nursing Workforce Studies estimates the demand for nursing jobs in Houston to grow by 54% between 2016 and 2026. Its also estimated that this growth will leave a deficit of almost 60,000 RNs by 2030. The outlook for nurse jobs in Houston is very good in terms of job security and income. Larger healthcare facilities have hundreds of open nursing jobs in Houston. A nurse with a bachelors of science in nursing has the best chance of finding a Houston, TX nursing job as someone with a BSN has a broader range of career opportunities available to them. In summary, a freshly graduated RN or BSN is looking at an excellent career path with the available nursing jobs in Houston, Texas, and a future outlook for the industry.

Nurse practitioner jobs in Houston are also in high demand due to the fact the nurse practitioner fulfills a role thats inbetween that of a nurse and M.D. It takes longer to earn a degree as a nurse practitioner, but the educational effort is worth undertaking as nurse practitioner jobs in Houston are increasing in number. Being a nurse practitioner offers career flexibility in the form of working in areas that are underserved by traditional healthcare professionals. Nurse practitioner jobs in Houston can offer a lucrative career, but its also possible to find more challenges in the career in and around the Houston area.

Top Nursing Schools In Texas For 2022

Top Ten Nursing Schools in Texas

Texas is one of the largest states in the nation and it boasts the second-highest population of registered nurses with over 219,330 in the state. Given that, there are many different nursing programs to choose from for a nurse who wants to advance their career or for a prospective nurse.

Some of the more common degree types are:

However, accelerated degree programs and bridge programs are offered to nursing students that can significantly reduce the amount of time spent in school.

Choosing a nursing program may feel stressful and confusing. To help, weve created a list of the best nursing programs in the state of Texas.

In this post, we will explore the following:

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University Of Houston School Of Nursing

The University of Houston School of Nursing consistently boasts extremely high NCLEX pass rates100% for each of the last three years, which puts them among the top 5% in the nation. They offer both an RN to BSN and a first degree BSN program, they have a beautiful state-of-the-art simulation center, and their staff and professors are known for going above and beyond for their students. The UH School of Nursing is just down the road from Houston in Sugar Land.

  • NCLEX Pass Rate: 100%

Faqs About Online Nursing Schools In Houston

Can I earn my nursing degree in Houston completely online?

You can complete your theoretical training entirely online. Community college ADN programs typically do not require on-site internships, but they often hold campus clinicals. BSN and MSN degree programs sometimes require in-person clinical placements as do many bridge programs.

Will my online Houston nursing degree be considered less valuable by employers?

Online nursing degrees require the same curriculum and practical experience as their campus equivalents and are offered by fully accredited, award-winning universities. Nursing employers evaluate candidates based on their degree, experience level, and specializations and wont care if you completed coursework online.

Are online nursing programs in Houston more affordable than campus programs?

When you tally the cost of tuition along with commuting/parking cost and student activity fees, online nursing schools in Houston often cost less overall than campus-based programs. This is especially true for accelerated nursing degrees completed more quickly than traditional programs.

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Hen F Austin State University

About two hours up the road in the heart of the hill country, youll find a picturesque little town called Nacogdoches. Nacogdoches is home to Stephen F. Austin State University, a hidden jewel of a state school. The nursing program at Stephen F. Austin is small but mighty, turning out well-prepared nurses every year. A remarkably strong NCLEX pass rate and a high level of support for nursing students at every level of their education set Stephen F. Austin apart from the crowd.

  • NCLEX Pass Rate: 96%

Getting A License In Texas

Nursing Degree at SHSU

Texas is part of the Enhanced Nursing Licensure Compact , so becoming an RN in Texas means youre also eligible to work as a nurse in 24 other states.

To become an RN, youll need to:

  • Take and pass the NCLEX-RN
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Apply to become a nurse in Texas

The NCLEX and application both cost money , but other than that there isnt much more to the application process. Earning your degree is the hard part, so its fitting that the rest isnt so bad!

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How Much Do Nurses Make In Texas

Before becoming a nurse, a person may wonder how much is the average RN in Texas salary. On average, the Texas nurses salary for an RN is $72,000. The RN salary in Texas per hour is equivalent to about $34.62 per hour. In comparison to the national average, an RN in Texas salary is slightly lower by a few thousand. The RN salary in Texas per hour is an average of $2 less than the national average.

However, the top RN in Texas salary can be higher since the top earners make over $90,000 in the U.S. A Texas nurses salary is higher for those who have a BSN. The BSN salary in Texas is higher since a person has additional schooling and training. In fact, if a person is asking how much do BSN nurses make in Texas, its several thousand more per year than a person with an associates. Those who are questioning how much do BSN nurses make in Texas will be surprised to know that the BSN salary in Texas is $9,000 higher than that of a nurse without a BSN.

A way to earn more is to become a nurse practitioner. The average NP salary in Texas is more than $100,000 per year. The NP salary in Texas in Houston is over $120,000 per year.

Texas Womans University Houston Center

Texas Womans University Houston Center, on the other hand, is a great option for its facilities. It has this campus in one building that gives students access to its simulation centers, labs, lecture halls, and more.

Apart from that, this school is also a good option if you are looking for affordable programs. The school also offers an RN-BS program which is completely online. This gives you the opportunity to continue working full time as you advance your nursing career.

Now, the requirements for the online program will depend on your previous education. You can know more about that here.

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Prairie View A& m University

The value of earning a degree at a four-year university is that you give yourself more career opportunities and flexibility, and that is certainly the case at Prairie View A& M University. CollegeNet recently ranked Prairie View A& M University as the #2 college in the country when it comes to social mobility, meaning that graduates not only have ample career opportunities but also have less student loan debt compared to students who go to more expensive universities.

The College of Nursing at Prairie View A& M University offers several tracks for earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, as well as advanced degrees, including a Master of Science in Nursing and a Doctor of Nursing Practice . To apply to the BSN program, you must first complete the prerequisites of a pre-nursing program and maintain a 2.75 GPA. These pre-requisites can be completed at Prairie View A& M University or at any other accredited college, including community colleges.

95 Years of Success Teaching Nurses

  • NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 89.8%
  • Accreditation: Yes

How Much Do Nurses Make In Houston

The 5 Best Nursing Schools in Houston

The average nurses salary in Houston for a registered nurse is anywhere between $47,000 and $81,000. Someone who holds a BSN can get a higher nursing salary in Houston and earn anywhere between $53,000 and $120,000 per year. The nurse practitioner salary in Houston is anywhere between $100,000 and $140,000 per year.

What these salaries show is that the nursing salary in Houston for an RN is generous in comparison to the amount of education an RN requires, but a BSN and nurse practitioner salary in Houston is comparable to that of physicians on the higher end. Someone who is starting out as an RN can earn a reasonable registered nurse salary in Houston and advance their career earnings while remaining an RN. Salaries for advanced degrees demonstrate that its beneficial to continue education and earn more than the average nursing salary in Houston.

It is worth noting that a nurses salary in Houston will increase with time and experience. Someone who is starting out as a nurse in Houston today is going to start at the low end of the pay scale. The more education a nurse earns, the better their nurse salary in Houston will be as their career advances. A nurse can maximize their earning potential by becoming a nurse practitioner and enjoy a nurse practitioner salary in Houston while helping patients have good outcomes with their health.


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