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Best Nursing Community Colleges In The Us

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Best Colleges For Nursing In America

Best Undergraduate Nursing Schools in USA

In 2020, the World Health Organization declared that it was the year of the nurse. The WHO then spent the year acknowledging and honoring the hard, necessary work that nurses devote their lives to, from bringing babies into the world to providing end-of-life care and everything in between. It also used the honor as a reminder that the world needs 9 million more nurses and midwives to achieve universal health care within the next 10 years.

In the United States alone, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that there will be an additional 175,900 job openings for registered nurses over the next decade, for a total of 7% growth. It also reports that nurses who hold a BSN, or Bachelor of Science in nursing, will have better employment prospects than those who have lesser certifications. Luckily, there are thousands of colleges around the country that have certified nursing programs, giving students plenty of choice.

However, these programs arent all created equal. Among other things, some schools offer more clinical opportunities, have higher NCLEX pass rates, and report better job placement rates than others. So how do you narrow down the best options?

Read on to find which school earns the honor of being the best college for nursing in America. It may not be what you were expecting.

Graduation And Retention Rates

Another technique to assess a colleges suitability is to keep track of its four-year graduation and retention rates. If a large number of students dont graduate in four years, it is usually a clue that something is wrong. And, if retention rates are not higher, you will know that many students at that institution drop out before graduation, indicating that they are unsatisfied with what the college has to offer.

Bsn Program Length In California

The program length for a typical BSN degree is four years. In recent years to meet the need for qualified nurses and to support the state’s push to increase regulation, programs have started to offer RN-to-BSN programs and the Accelerated BSN track. Students are able to gather their qualifications, transcripts, and prior professional experience and apply them to fill gaps in their education and certification while achieving a BSN, a process that usually takes about half the time of a regular 4-year degree.

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George C Wallace State Community College

George C. Wallace State Community College-Dothan has a program thats for those students who want to become an RN and want to do it quickly and efficiently. It is a full-time program that offers both online and in-person content and that challenges the students. They also offer a mobility plan with the in-person program option.

  • NCLEX-RN pass rate 88%
  • Total credit hours vary dependent on what degree you start the program with
  • ACEN Accreditation
  • Requirements vary dependent on what program you choose
  • Tuition is $3,510 per year

Pick Your Nursing Degree Level

Best Nursing Colleges in Massachusetts 2018

The nursing school you choose to invest your time and money in matters. To help you make the decision that is right for you, we’ve developed a number of major-specific rankings, including this list of the Best Nursing Schools.More interested in schools in a specific area of the country? Filter this list by region or state.

To further help you make the college decision, we’ve developed a unique tool called College Combat that allows you to compare schools based on the factors that matter the most to you.Go ahead and give it a try, or bookmark the link so you can check it out later.

Read more about College Factual’s methodology.

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The University Of South Florida

Study what you want to study with the RN to BSN program at the University of South Florida. The program allows students to focus on patient/staff education, leadership/management, or clinical excellence while working toward their degree. Whether you want to take three full-time semesters or five part-time semesters, this program will give you the tools and techniques to shine as a nurse and distinguish yourself in the profession.

This program consists of 30 credit hours of coursework with experiential learning a requirement in at least three of the courses taken. Upon completion of the BSN program, students are prepared to begin work at the graduate level, and can pursue the schools Master of Science in Nursing, Doctor of Nursing Practice, or Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Science.

The Right Choice For You

While the many different options for studying a degree in Nursing in the US may seem overwhelming, it means that each student can choose the course thats right for them. Some students want to gain practical experience as quickly as possible, whereas others want to focus on their education and seek a high-level job when they graduate. Think about your priorities before exploring the different courses available in the many institutions across the US.

Learn more about studying nursing in the USA by reading our growing article collection.

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How Do I Get Started

  • Apply to the College and submit all transcripts ,
  • Indicate nursing as the desired program of interest on your application to the college.
  • Check on your application status if you have not received communication from the Admission Office within one week after submission of application. All transcripts should be on file before proceeding to step #4 to schedule an appointment with a Counselor. Scheduling an appointment without transcripts or students that may need placement testing may lead to additional appointments.
  • College placement and/or an scheduling an appointment with a Counselor in Student Services is required.
  • Complete a Virtual Health Science Information Session.
  • Review and print the admission requirements and checklist to use as a guide for completion of all requirements for the nursing program.
  • The Intent to Apply Form is provided upon completion of the Virtual Information Session.
  • It is important that you adhere to all admission criteria deadlines to be considered for admission to the nursing program.
  • All questions concerning admissions should be referred to the Health Science Student Navigator or the Director of Nursing Education.
  • University Of Wisconsin Madison

    10 Best Nursing Schools In Manhattan 2021

    Critical thinking and leadership skills are the primary focuses of the RN to BSN program at the University of Wisconsin Madison. The BSN from this university will give you the skills to take on new responsibilities in the organization you already are employed in or land that dream job that requires that candidates have at least a bachelors degree.

    Students who have their general education requirements met can expect to take anywhere from 24 to 30 credit hours of coursework, which can be completed in 1.5 to 2.5 years. Students can complete classes in a traditional 14-week format or choose an accelerated seven-week session. The school also offers its students the ability to pursue a school nursing certificate for those interested in working as a nurse in the educational system. This certificate is 18-credit hours and enables students to become licensed through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

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    California State University San Bernardino

    California State University, San Bernardino is home to a robust nursing department that offers multiple nursing programs. The school’s BSN program admits two cohorts annually – one in the Fall semester and one in the Spring semester. Enrolled students complete 121 total units to complete the degree.

    Henderson Community College Henderson Ky

    Henderson Community College offers a straight entrance program that does not allow for bridge students. It offers an associate degree for students that want a fresh start and an education that is from the ground up.

    • NCLEX-RN pass rate of 95%
    • Total credit hours vary
    • ACEN accreditation
    • Requirements are that students have completed prerequisite courses and meet other admission requirements for the college
    • Tuition is $3,624 per year for in-state students and $12,456 for out-of-state students

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    Nursing Programs At Three Of Maines Community Colleges Hold Top Rankings As Best Rn Programs In Maine

    For the third year in a row, Eastern Maine Community Colleges nursing program is ranked #1 in Maine by The ranking of the states 13 nursing programs is based on program completion rates, the pass rate for the national licensing exam, and job placement rates.

    The nursing program at Kennebec Valley Community College is ranked #4, and the program at Southern Maine Community College is ranked #5. Nursing programs at Central Maine Community College and Northern Maine Community College are ranked #7 and #8, respectively.

    Graduates of all two-year or four-year nursing programs must pass the same national licensing exam, known as the NCLEX-RN exam, to be a registered nurse. The average salary for registered nurses in Maine ranges from $56,000 to $78,000, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    At a time when there is a critical need for skilled nurses in Maine, more than 200 students from Maine community college nursing programs passed the most recent licensing exam, and each community college had a higher pass rate than the state average of 89.1 percent.

    KVCC had the second highest pass rate in the state, at 97.4 percent EMCC was 94 percent NMCC was 92.6 percent SMCC was 92.45 percent and CMCC was 91.7 percent.

    Health care is the largest program area for Maines community colleges, with about 2,100 students currently studying in the allied health professions.

    What To Look For In A Bsn Program In California

    Accredited Colleges In Johannesburg

    Offered at more than 35 locations throughout the state, BSN programs are geographically accessible to most students, and several offer online courses to aid distance and part-time students as well. In choosing a BSN program that meets your needs, students should create a list of criteria to help them evaluate important factors in their education. Some considerations are the size of classes and size of clinical rotations, the cost of tuition, and whether the school has a large enough population to engage experienced professors, excellent clinical experiences for teaching purposes, and adequate facilities.

    With a few campuses including the Sacramento location, California State University, Sacramento offers a well-regarded nursing program. The university’s College of Nursing is poised to capitalize on the massive changes that are occurring in healthcare delivery at this time. The school is accredited by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing and offers several programs and pathways for those who are exploring a career in nursing. Nurses who want to build their skill set by expanding on the theoretical and evidence-based practice of nursing are able to take advantage of the programs offered therein. Clinical experiences that focus on community health, as well as that of the individual, are valued and reflected in the programs numerous semesters. Accelerated and online options are available to flexibly meet the demands of today’s students.

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    Choosing A Great Nursing School

    Your choice of nursing school matters, so we have put together these rankings to help you make your decision. We derive our Best Overall Nursing School rankings by rolling up our degree-level rankings after weighting them by the number of degrees awarded at each school.

    You may want to choose one of the degree levels below to find the schools of most interest to you.

    Nursing Jobs And Salaries

    Depending on your certification, nursing careers may include fields like:

    • Acute care
    • Long-term care institutions
    • Hospitals

    Licensed nurses may also serve as practitioners, educators and managers in the health field. Nurses also have options in the travel & tourism industry, as travel nurses are often in high demand.

    Salaries in the field increase with experience. Registered nurses can expect starting salaries from $45,000 to $50,000 per year, and those that have a specialty like critical care, could start at $60,000 or more. Practical nurses have lower starting salaries, at around $43,000 per year.

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    Top 10 Most Affordable Traditional Nursing Degree Programs

    If you turn to Google in search of the best nursing degree programs available, chances are youre likely to find a link to the U.S. News and World Report rankings of the best nursing colleges and universities throughout the country. These rankings are quite popular because they take into account a variety of important factors, such as student engagement and student-to-faculty ratio. However, these rankings often do not account for costs and affordability. With tuition rates rising across the country, affordability is one of the most important factors taken into consideration by todays nursing students.

    University Of Michigan Flint

    10 Best Nursing Schools in Chicago 2021

    If youre a registered nurse and have a bachelors degree in a subject other than nursing, then the University of Michigan Flint has a Doctor of Nursing Practice that you can apply to. Many DNP programs require that their applicants have a Master of Science in Nursing Practice, or at least a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, but this university has created an alternative pathway for those that took an alternative route to their nursing careers. To be accepted into this unique program students must have maintained at least a 3.50 cumulative GPA in the last sixty hours of coursework.

    The DNP online degree from the University of Michigan will take students anywhere from three to six years to complete. This program allows students to concentrate their studies in adult-gerontology acute care nurse practitioner, adult-gerontology primary care nurse practitioner, family nurse practitioner, or psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner.

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    Mesa Community College Mesa Az

    Mesa Community College offers a range of different options when it comes to their program list. They offer both an associate of nursing along with several certificate options like the nurse assistant, nursing refresher course, and the registered nurse certification.

    • NCLEX-RN pass rate of 90%
    • Total credit hours vary depending on the program chosen
    • Accreditation through the ACEN
    • Admission requirements vary from program to program
    • Tuition is $2,046 for in-state students and $7,830 for out-of-state students

    Why Get A Degree In Nursing

    RNs make a difference in their patients’ lives and significantly impact the healthcare field. They give medication, develop care plans, and work with families. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects jobs for RNs to increase by 9% from 2020-2030. This amounts to about 194,500 job openings annually during this time.

    Many California nursing programs run asynchronously fully online. Enrollees do not commute to campus and can complete coursework around their schedules. This benefit allows them to continue their careers while furthering their education.

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    Kauai Community College Lihue Hi

    This program at Kauai Community College is built around the career ladder form that allows students to move from one degree to another to advance their career.

    • NCLEX-RN pass rate 83%
    • Total Credit Hours depend on where you are when you are admitted to the program
    • Accreditation by the ACEN
    • Admission requirements vary but students must have a c average or higher, complete the admission test, and take the time to fill out the application and go through the interview process
    • Tuition is $2,988 per year for in-state students and $7,980 for out-of-state students

    Top Ten Nursing Programs In The Us

    Best Nursing Schools in the US

    International students are flocking to the US in record numbers. Are you wondering where internationalstudents are attending nursing schools in the United States? Well, we have compiled a list of the top ten nursingschools for international students just like you

    Do you want to study nursing in the USA and fulfill a life-long educational dream? Are you looking for personal andprofessional growth? Whatever your personal reasons may be, international students are coming to the United Statesin record numbers. According to the Institute of International Education the number of international studentsstudying in the USA is rising. During the last 20102011 academic year, universities across the United Statesexperienced a five percent increase in foreign enrollment. Those numbers equate to approximately 700,000 additionalinternational students on US campuses. We have compiled a list of the best nursing schools for internationalstudents wanting to study nursing in the US.

    Listed are the top ten nursing programs for international students in the USA according to the World HealthOrganization:

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    Owens Community College Perrysburg Oh

    This is a two-year program that is on the Owens Community College campus and thats great for students just out of high school that want their nursing certification.

    • NCLEX-RN pass rate of 93%
    • Total credit hours vary
    • Requirements are that students must finish prerequisite courses
    • Tuition is $4,233 for in-state students for a year and $8,236 for out-of-state students

    Fayetteville Technical Community College Fayetteville Nc

    FTCC offers an associate nursing degree program that allows students the chance to either start fresh or to bring in their current nursing classes. This is an ADN program.

    • NCLEX-RN pass rate of %100
    • Total credit hours depend on how many credits you bring to the program upon admission
    • Accreditation by the ACEN
    • Admission requirements are that students must complete all prerequisite courses before they can be accepted into the program
    • Tuition is $8,142 per year

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    About The Nursing Program

    Students in the nursing and practical nursing programs at Ivy Tech gain valuable skills and experiences by caring for real patients in a variety of clinical settings including lab simulations. The growing use of simulations in nursing schools allow students to assume roles that are typically unavailable in a clinical setting, allowing students to make critical choices and see the results of those decisions. We use a variety of teaching methods and learning strategies in the classroom, clinical settings, and online to appeal to every learning style. Students can even take some nursing and practical nursing required general education courses online.

    Associate of Science in Nursing Program

    Once admitted to the program, an Associate of Science in Nursing degree can be achieved in less than two years. The nursing faculty at Ivy Tech provide individualized tutoring and mentoring to help students succeed. Our statewide aggregate pass rates are consistently high, and our nursing graduates are in high demand throughout Indiana. Learn how to apply to Ivy Tech Community College.

    The nursing program at Ivy Tech has a selective admissions process. There is a separate application process for nursing and health sciences limited enrollment programs and the programs only accept a limited number of students each year. After applying to Ivy Tech, you will be enrolled in the Pre-Nursing certification program while completing prerequisite course requirements.

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