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Best Nursing Associations To Join

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How Else Can I Help My Nursing Career

Should You Join a Professional Nursing Organization? | Nursemas Day 9

If youre looking to advance your nursing career, you should consider enrolling in an online nursing degree program. Even if you are already an RN, there are a number of degrees that can help you advance your career. Through an online university, you can earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing , Master of Science in Nursing , PhD in Nursing, or Doctor of Nursing Practice . By earning one of these nursing degrees online, you can save yourself both time and money while remaining in your current job.

When combined with membership in a nursing professional group, the right online nursing degree can help you meet your career goals.

Walden University is an accredited institution offering online nursing degree programs. Expand your career options and earn your degree in a convenient, flexible format that fits your busy life.

Walden University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission,

American Association Of Nurse Anesthetics

Depending on the exact field that a nurse works in, it could also be a good idea to join an organization that focuses on a specialty in the field. The American Association of Nurse Anesthetics is an organization that is designed for nurses that work in anesthetics. This organization provides employees with plenty of educational opportunities and networking sessions, which can help to bolster one’s career.

The Best Professional Organizations For Nurses

Posted by Erica Houskeeper on August 21, 2014

Nurses make up the largest group of health care professionals in the United States with more than 2.7 million nurses nationwide, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Employment of registered nurses is projected to grow 19 percent by 2022, faster than the average rate for all occupations.

With so many nurses in the workforce during this complex era of health care, its important to recognize why networking and collaboration are key. Professional nursing organizations can be a valuable resource for nurses in terms of networking, professional development, advocacy, and education.

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A Professional Group Can Give You Support Throughout Your Nursing Career

If nurses spend their days looking out for the welfare of their patients, who looks out for the welfare of nurses? The answer for many nurses is a nursing professional group. Whether youre an RN, a nurse practitioner, a nurse educator, or a nurse working in any of the many medical specialties, there is likely to be an organization committed to helping you with all facets of your career. By joining the right nursing professional organization, you can gain the assistance you need to be your best, whether youve been a nurse for years or are currently earning a nursing degree.

Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society Of Nursing

Join the American Nurses Association

This organization has 135,000 members and 700 chapters in institutions of higher learning around the world. Sigma was the first organization in the United States to fund nursing research and continues to offer continuing education opportunities, career advice, and leadership development programs to its members.

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Whether You Are A New Grad Or Seasoned Practitioner You Know Nurses Who Have Joined A Professional Nursing Association

So what are nursing associations all about? Why should you join one and who has memberships in them?

The nurses in these organizations come from all work settings and specialties in nursing. You all work in different ways, but with the same goal in mind to continually improve the nursing profession.

Your memberships help you become more proficient in your specialties and help you grow your careers.

Nursing associations offer you opportunities to learn from other nurses who are experts in their fields at their regular education events, such as:

  • Seminars
  • Meetings
  • Conventions

Two important hallmarks of nursing associations are upholding and sharing organizational values and helping members advance professionally. In large measure these two hallmarks are at the heart of nursings professional organizations and have been since they began.

In one of her famous quotes Florence Nightingale said, Let us never consider ourselves finished nurses. We must be learning all of our lives.

In the countless educational opportunities professional nursing association memberships provide, you will find you embrace lifelong learning like our founder envisioned.

Professional Organizations Give Nurses A Voice

With so many competing interests between industries, professions, and so on, representation is important. As the old saying goes, Theres power in numbers. Many nursing organizations allocate some amount of membership dues to lobbying on behalf of nurses and healthcare, at the local, state and federal levels.

From advocating new standards that benefit nurses and patients to calling for increased research into treatments and practices, nursing organizations play a pivotal role in furthering the profession. Additionally, some organizations such as the American Nurses Association and Sigma Theta Tau International even fund research studies of their own.

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National Student Nurses’ Association

Founded in 1952, the National Student Nurses’ Association was established to assist students enrolled in nursing programs at a variety of levels. The organization boasts more than 60,000 members in the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Along with offering career assistance and mentoring, the NSNA provides a variety of scholarships to members more than $330,000 in scholarships is awarded each year through the General Scholarship and Promise of Nursing programs.

National Association Of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

Nursing School | Why Join A Nursing Association?

NAPNAP is dedicated to serving pediatric nurse practitioners by sponsoring networking opportunities and working with organizations conducting research and promoting education in pediatrics. The organization distributes publications for families that keep parents updated on the newest developments in childrens health care. NAPNAP is the only organization in the U.S. that is centered solely around pediatric nurse practitioners.

NAPNAP members can participate in one of 50 local chapters or join the groups online chapter. In addition, the association sponsors special interest groups that focus on specific issues in pediatrics. The organization has been advocating for pediatric care since 1973 and now has more than 9,000 members.

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Gerontological Advanced Practice Nurses Association

GAPNAs 3,700-plus members are advocates for improving heath care for the elderly. The groups goals are to connect individuals active in the gerontological nursing community and to educate the public about health issues related to aging. GAPNA provides continuing education and conferences to promote its objective of improving the quality of health care the elderly receive. The association hosts an annual conference and publishes its official journal, Geriatric Nursing.

GAPNA is a small but mighty community that serves as a central resource and support forum for its advanced practice nurse members.

In addition to these national associations, state-based nursing organizations are tailored to the nursing requirements of each state. Note that some national associations also have state chapters that are distinct from the state-specific professional nursing organizations. Nurses interested in developing their skills in accordance with their states requirements may find membership in a state-specific organization a good choice for their professional development and continuing education needs.

Nurses at every stage of their careers can look to these organizations to help them reach the pinnacles of the profession. Engaging with one or more professional nursing organizations is the ideal way for nurses to realize all of their career goals and to help promote the future of the nursing field.

Are There Any Nurses Associations I Should Join

As you begin your nursing career, you may be wondering about the benefits of joining a nurses association. Are there advantages to joining such groups, and if so, which groups should you join? These are all good questions to be asking as you seek to develop your knowledge and skills and grow in professionalism.

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Professional And Student Nursing Organizations: Are There Benefits To Joining

Participation in professional organizations is not tied to the licensure process. However, there can be considerable advantages to joining one . You often find resources just by browsing the websites of national organizations. You can get additional benefits by paying membership dues. Depending on the organization and locale, perks can include everything from access to online professional literature to real-world mentoring and transition to practice.

As a member, you can expect discounted rates for conferences and continuing education. You dont generally have to belong to an organization to take classes. However, the more active you are professionally, the more likely it is that youll end up saving money. You may also receive newsletters or professional journals just receiving periodic correspondences can be a reminder to network with other professionals and share in the larger nursing conversation.

You may find it beneficial to join a nursing organization even before you earn your degree.

International Council Of Nurses: Key Global Health Care Group

5 Reasons You Should Join a Professional Nursing ...

The International Council of Nurses was the first organization to advocate for nurses around the world. Stated on the ICN website, this association is actually made up of more than 130 national nurses associations, which speak for more than 16 million nurses globally. RN Central notes the wide range of internationally important issues that the association deals with, including advocating for nurses in developing nations to receive more HIV and tuberculosis education, and teaching nursing students in disaster zones how to deal with the crises they face.

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Are There State And Local Groups

Nursing can be a very local profession. Thats why most states and localities have nursing professional groups focused on nurses living in those specific locations. Some of these groups are chapters of national or international organizations and some are unaffiliated. If you are interested in getting involved in a nursing professional group, you should consider participating in one or more of the associations operating in your state or metropolitan area.

American Assembly For Men In Nursing: Representing Male Nurses

Men are an underrepresented group in nursing, making up only 7 percent of all RNs, according to The Journal of the American Medical Association. However, male nurses can find solidarity in the American Assembly for Men in Nursing , a specialized nursing association for male nurses. The association seeks to encourage more males to pursue nursing and support existing male nurses in their professional growth. The AAMN also takes a special interest in male health issues. Male RNs, LPNs, and nursing students enjoy membership benefits, including an invitation to an annual conference, a mentorship program, and access to scholarships. Whether youre a nursing student or established in your career, research these five key nursing associations and consider the way that your relations with them, through membership or other participation, can enhance your professional life.

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Society Of Pediatric Cardiovascular Nurses

The SPCN is an international organization devoted to spreading knowledge on child health care and providing pediatric nurses with the tools they need to grow in the field. Besides an annual meeting, SPCN members are given easy access to information on important tools like conference schedules, links to similar organizations, online publications and job postings.


Take These Courses Related To Advancing Your Nursing Career:

Why Join ANA? Listen here

Empowering Your Nursing CareerDo you feel empowered to navigate your career? Are you trying to decide which specialty to pursue, how to begin your professional nursing career, or how to make a change to an existing career? Learn about how you can make your personality characteristics work for you by considering correlated nursing specialties and environments you might enjoy more than others. Learn about leadership and lifestyle choices to create balance and motivation for your nursing calling!

Networking for Career AdvancementNetworking is one of the most important career-building tools available to any professional, including nurses. So whether a nurse is hunting for a job, seeking a promotion, running for office, starting a business, seeking consultative work, pursuing higher education, entering public service or writing for publication, networking is an effective sales and marketing strategy for building a positive power base to attain long- and short-term career goals. This educational activity will provide guidance on networking for career advancement.


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Benefits Of Joining A Nursing Organization

From growing your professional network to furthering your career, there are a lot of industry benefits to joining a nursing organization, including:

  • Continuing education
  • Discounts on certifications and CE hours
  • Resume and career assistance
  • Access to exclusive newsletters and emails
  • Private online communities
  • Private job boards
  • References for grad school, jobs, or other professional opportunities

Expanding your knowledge through networking is a big membership perk. Youll meet nurses from across the country with different backgrounds and experiences. Additionally, you will gain the opportunity to seek mentorship from nurses who have experience in fields or careers that pique your interest. Some organizations also focus on influencing and improving health policy, if thats something youre interested in.

Health Occupations Students Association

Annual membership fee: $30

Federally recognized, HOSA is one of the earliest organizations aspiring nurses can join. The group aims to enhance the understanding and education of quality healthcare throughout the country. Students can join as early as high school to participate in leadership conferences, national scholarship competitions and receive alumni support into their careers. HOSA and its curriculum aim to develop the whole student not just their technical training to encourage quality healthcare and nursing wellbeing.

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Hospice And Palliative Nurses Association

Since most nurses work in facilities where they deal with death often, this is a good association to join. In addition to looking good on a resume, it affords nurses access to professional journals and information about hospice and end-of-life care. Members also have the ability to vote on issues related to this focus. Nurses often join to mentor others or be mentored. Since it is difficult to work with terminal patients, it helps to have a support network. Members gain leadership skills and learn how to work better with patients and colleagues.

How Do Nursing Organizations Support The Field Of Nursing

Getting Involved with Student Nursing Associations

Nursing associations contribute to the education and development of NPs and other APRNs. They enable nursing professionals to maintain high standards throughout their various specialties and fields. They may also offer APRNs who work in stressful circumstances a place to seek professional support. Nurses must prioritize self-care along with their professional development. Connecting with colleagues and mentors offers a way to obtain emotional and spiritual support.

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The National League For Nursing

The NLN was founded in 1893 and is the oldest of the professional nurse organizations in the United States. The NLN represents nursing education in healthcare organizations and institutions of higher learning.

The NLN offers extensive opportunities for networking, continuous education, and professional development.

Benefits Of Joining Professional Nursing Organizations And Associations

There are many nursing organizations available to join that represent nursing as a whole, as well as some that are specifically for nursing students. Participation in professional organizations, whether as a nurse or a nursing student comes with many considerable advantages. I would like to share my thoughts and experiences on such organizations, as well as outline the advantage that joining a nursing organization holds.

When I was a nursing student, I choose to join the National Student Nurses Association as the name implies, its a national organization of student nurses. As an NSNA member on the local college level, I went to monthly meetings, participated in community service projects, attended state conventions, and obtained quality leadership skills.

Attending student nursing conventions with my SNA organization was one of the best experiences I had as a student! During convention, I was able to network with potential employers, chat with other nursing students throughout the state, and attend leadership/skill building workshops.

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American Nurses Association: Representing Local Nurses

The American Nurses Associations website states that since 1896, it is recognized as the only full-service professional organization representing the interest of its American nurses. The group lobbies for workplace rights and better health care, as well as supporting several key subsidiary organizations. These include the American Nurses Credentialing Center, which certifies nurses in specialty practice areas and promotes educational opportunities, and the American Nurses Foundation, the ANAs charitable sector. According to, ANA makes free resources, including its podcast, available to nonmembers. This ensures that all nurses, regardless of their budget, can benefit from the ANA. Registered members can access educational initiatives, professional networking opportunities, and liability insurance.

American Association Of Critical Care Nurses

Visiting Nurse Association Health Group to Join BAYADA Home Health Care

With over 200 chapters, AACN is a premier nursing organization for critical-care nurses. Members have access to over 300 free online courses as part of AACNs continuing education program, as well as an online collection of resources like journals, conference schedules and printable, pocket-sized reference cards. Members can take advantage of provided study materials to prepare for AACNs exams to earn and maintain valuable professional certifications.

Certifications include:

  • Progressive critical care nursing knowledge ]

  • Cardiac medicine care

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