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Bachelor’s In Nursing Requirements

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Why Study Nursing At Ubcs Okanagan Campus

Already have a Bachelors Degree but Want to go to Nursing School

Career Opportunities

Our graduates are in high demand. Registered nurses find opportunities in private enterprise, public health care, and government fields.

State of the Art FACILITIES

Get hands-on experience with cutting-edge simulation technology, skill-building labs, and side-by-side interprofessional training. Combined classroom sessions and practical experiences ensure youre fully prepared for your career.

Community Partnerships

The School of Nursing works in partnership with the health region and communities to stimulate change and develop collaborative health-care solutions.

Choosing The Right Online Bsn Program

There are a number of factors for you to consider when choosing a program that is right for you. In addition to the programs reputation and cost, you need to determine whether a program will work for your individual needs and convenience.

An online RN-to-BSN program that requires you to attend a percentage of classes in person may not make sense: likewise, a program that is not in your immediate area and that requires you to participate in clinical hours at a specific facility may also pose a challenge.

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I Need To Get Cegep Or University Level Courses Such As Functions Calculus General Biology Chemistry And Physics Where Can I Take These And How Do I Know They Are What Mcgill University Wants

Mature students need to take a minimum of three science courses including one in functions , and at least two semesters of general biology, chemistry or physics all taken within the last 5 7 years. Students with previous university studies need a minimum of four science courses: two of calculus plus two of biology, chemistry and/or physics. These courses, which are equivalent to U0 science courses at McGill or the CEGEP health sciences courses , can be taken at CEGEP or at universities that offer ‘freshman’ science courses. Note that the minimum number of courses must be completed to apply however, all the science courses listed below must be completed with the exception for those who already have a degree in that one or more of the courses may be exempted if credit and exemption is awarded for courses which are part of the 103-credit B.Sc. program. This exception applies particularly to the Physiology and Pharmacology courses.

The complete list of CEGEP science courses includes:Biology – NYA, General Biology II Chemistry – NYA, NYB, Organic Chemistry I Mathematics – NYA, NYB Physics – NYA, NYB, NYC

The complete list of U0 sciences includes:Biology – BIOL 111 and 112Chemistry – CHEM 110, 120 Organic Chemistry 212Calculus – Math 139 or 140, 141Physics – PHYS 101 and 102

University course equivalencies are found in alphabetical order at

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Nurs 113 Professional Practice Ii: Introduction To The Discipline Of Nursing

A continuation of the philosophy and concepts examined in NURS 103, exploring the discipline of nursing. Topics include nursing knowledge, nursing theory, teaching and learning, and inquiry approaches. Emphasis is on standards for practice and the role of the nurse as educator and advocate.

Prerequisite: Semester 1 of BSN Program.

Bachelor Of Nursing Science

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

UVA accepts academically motivated students into the program leading to the BSN degree.

All traditional BSN students at the School of Nursing take courses in anatomy and physiology, growth and development, pharmacology, pathophysiology, leadership, and nursing practice. All students conduct research independently, or as part of teams. Graduates of the program are eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination .The RN to BSN program offers licensed nurses who have associate’s degrees or nursing diplomas a pathway to earning a BSN degree. The program is for licensed RNs who seek to take on greater responsibility and a broader role in health care, who wish to achieve leadership roles, greater professional mobility and for those who are considering graduate study in nursing.

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Bachelor Of Science Degree In Nursing

From medical regulation and insurance to disease trends, the U.S. healthcare system is evolving. Registered nurses are taking on expanded roles in order to address the complexities and changes within the system. If youre embarking on a career in nursing, it is important to keep in mind that you may be expected to do the same. The degree you choose to earn will not only prepare you to provide optimal care to patients, but it can also determine your pay, path of specialization and the overall impact you want to make in the field.

Who Are The Ideal Students For The Bachelor Of Science In Nursing Program

A nursing career can be physically and emotionally demanding. Anyone considering a nursing education should be able to cope with stress and have the resilience to contend with the emotional labour of nursing.

Nurses are role models whom the public holds in high esteem. As such, nurses must adhere to best practices based on scientific evidence and be willing to follow guidelines and recommendations to protect the public.

Nurses are at the front line of protection of public health, even when there is a personal risk in doing so, as is evident in the current pandemic. Furthermore, nurses must be comfortable with physical contact and possess excellent communication and relationship building skills.

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Online Rn To Bsn Program:

Ohio Universitys Online RN to BSN program offers individuals who are currently licensed RNs a path to obtain the higher degree they need to advance their careers. The Online RN to BSN program is a degree completion program for those with an associate degree or diploma in nursing wishing to complete a baccalaureate degree . As a Best College Reviews national top five online nursing program, we offer a convenient, affordable, high-quality experience designed to fit the lives of working professionals. The program offers eight start dates per year. Learn more by visiting the RN to BSN Online page.

What Courses Would I Study At Mcgill

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Degree at LSC

Students take a variety of courses within the biological, social, and nursing sciences – the McGill University calendar lists the various courses in our program as well at their descriptions. Most students tell us our program is difficult but manageable – our most recent graduates have written comments like I had to work really hard and at times wondered if I could do it – now that I am finished, I am so proud of what I have done! I didn’t come to McGill University because I thought it would be easy – I came because I wanted a challenge and I knew I could do it. As with any program, some students find certain things easier or more difficulty – the Ingram School of Nursing and the University offer students as much support as possible to help with any difficulties.

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What Lab Facilities Are Available For Nursing Students

Our brand new Ingram School of Nursing Learning Laboratories built in 2017 provide students with a wide range of learning resources to develop clinical assessment and technical skills. Lifelike mannequins and standardized patients help students and graduates learn about critical health care issues in an environment where mistakes can happen without harming anyone. Students taking freshman sciences such as chemistry and physics have access to our state-of-the-art labs.

Hap Courses Which Are Not Listed On The Approved List Must Meet The Following Criteria For Plar Assessment:

  • The coursework must show at least 6 post-secondary/university level credits of HAP
  • The course work must be at least 75-78 hours of contact time:
  • 3 contact hours per week x 13 weeks over two terms, or
  • 6 contact hours per week x 13 weeks over one term
  • The course must cover the anatomy and physiology of the following human body systems:
  • Cardiovascular
  • Integumentary
  • Urinary
  • The course must cover HUMAN, Not Cell or Animal Anatomy/Physiology content, and include both the STRUCTURE and FUNCTION of all body systems listed above.
  • The course outlines submitted with the PLAR application must be from the year when the courses were completed.
  • Course must be completed within the last 4 years at the time of application.
  • Applicants for September 2022 intake must present HAP course completed within the last 4 years at time of application .
  • Applicants who have current and active work experience or registration as an allied health professional completed HAP courses outside the 4-year time limit:
  • Must provide supporting documentation to show current knowledge of ALL human body systems.
  • Must submit a current resume
  • Must submit a letter of explanation addressed to the PLAR committee
  • Must submit proof of your professional designation/Licence/Registration
  • Must submit transcripts/outlines for additional HAP courses taken since the course was/were completed
  • Other documentation they consider appropriate to support the application
  • Please Note: The committee does not grant transfer credit.
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    Types Of Nursing Bachelors Programs

    Nursing is a career-centric field and as such the avenues for achieving the Bachelors are multi-pronged. Here are the common degree programs that offer nearly everyone interested in nursing an opportunity to get in on this career:

    • BSN is the straightforward Bachelors degree you can start from beginning to end. Plan on four-years to completion when you attend full-time. Youll have to pass all classes according to your state board of nursing in order to take the NCLEXlicensure exam.
    • RN-to-BSN is extremely popular. Use this when you already have an Associates degree, have been working in the field and want to finish the final two years of study necessary to be a BSN degreed nurse. Many programs are now offered online so working nurses with busy schedules may also earn their degree.
    • Accelerated BSN is designed for nursing students that already have a Bachelors degree but in another field of study. Youll have to shop around for this programits not offered everywhere. Expect to devote 1 to 2 years. The curriculum expands on the foundation you already poured with your first degree and provides you with an intensive immersion in nursing theory and practice so you are up to speed and on the job quickly, with your full BSN degree.

    Nurs 275 Consolidated Practice Experience Ii

    Nursing Bachelor

    A consolidation of learning from the first and second year of the nursing program in a variety of practice settings. Opportunities are provided for the development of caring relationships for the purpose of health promotion with individuals experiencing increasingly complex chronic and episodic health challenges.

    Prerequisite: NURS 210, NURS 211, NURS 214, and NURS 218.

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    Nurs 207 Transition To Bsn Program For Pn Bridge

    This course is required for Option C students with the intent to support successful transition/bridge into semester 4/year 2 of the BSN program. Offered via blended format , this course is tailored to address self-identified gaps in students’ knowledge and skills.

    Prerequisite: Admission into Option C .

    Co-requisites: NURS 170 and NURS 173.

    Nurs 170 Health And Healing Bridge

    An introduction to the meaning of health including personal, family, community and societal health. Participants examine significant theoretical and conceptual frameworks of health including health promotion, primary health care, prevention, and determinants of health and have the opportunity to identify personal resources and/or challenges that impact health.

    Prerequisite: Admission to Option C .

    Co-requisites: NURS 173.

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    Online Rn To Bsn Post

    Begin this process only after meeting the application requirements listed above.

    Step 1:Apply to UCF

    New UCF students must apply to Undergraduate Admissions by the deadline. Former UCF students who have been out for more than two semesters must complete the Readmission Application.

    Select RN NURSPND Nursing Pending, RN to BSN as your major.

    You do notneed to also submit a UCF College of Nursing application.

    Step 2: Sendcopy of RN license

    A copy ofyour current and valid RN license must be scanned and emailed to by the application deadline.


    RN to BSN applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis each semester. Admission decisions are typically made a few months prior to the semester start date. You can expect to receive an email confirming or denying your acceptance into the program.

    The Bsn Degree Curriculum

    Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

    Nursing school curriculum includes a variety of course work that extends from the humanities to the sciences. While students are required to complete a series of general education courses, their main focus revolves around science-related class work.

    The specific courses students are required to take to earn a BSN will vary depending upon the academic institution, yet most programs cover the following classes:

    • Assessment of Health and Illness
    • Human Anatomy
    • Nursing Informatics

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    I’m A Good Student And There Are Many Opportunities

    If you are a good student then we hope you join us in any of our health professional programs at McGill University. The health care team works together to provide the best care for our patients. Nurses are key members of this team. Because we have a 24 hour presence in the hospital, we play a major role in assessing and monitoring patients during critical times. We help people learn to live with their illness or illnesses so that they achieve as high a quality of life as possible. People come to see nurses to help them cope with day-to-day demands in life such as childrearing, learning about the body, and dealing with relationships. People trust nurses and tell us things they may not tell others. Because nurses look at strengths as well as problems, we are generally quite effective in helping people achieve their health goals.

    The Situational Judgement Test

    The College of Nursing requires applicants to complete an online situational judgement test. This test, called Casper assesses non-academic attributes and inter-personal skills essential for success in nursing.

    The situational judgement test involves a series of video-or text-based scenarios and asks test-takers what they would do and why they would do it. The test assesses for communication, collaboration, equity, professionalism, problem solving, empathy, motivation and ethics. There are no wrong answers.

    To take the test, applicants must create an account and reserve a test date. Government-issued photo identification is required.

    This test must be completed by applicants in the year for which they are applying. Applicants who do not complete the test by the document deadline will be ineligible for admission.

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    Nurs 204 Nursing Practice Iii: Promoting Health And Healing

    An integration of learning from all courses in semester III to support students in the development of caring relationships with individuals and groups across the lifespan. Various nursing practice contexts of family, agency, and community provide opportunities to practice relational skills, organizational skills, decision-making skills, inquiry skills, and psychomotor skills.

    Prerequisite: NURS 175.

    Nurs 442 Integrative Healing

    Study a Bachelor Degree of Nursing Science in Queensland

    Focuses on the history of complementary therapies, the relationship between allopathic and complementary healing modalities, the role of relationships in complementary healing and the mind / body connection.

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of second year of the BSN program, or permission of instructor.

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    Nurs 375 Consolidated Practice Experience Iii

    An experiential course focused on integrating theory and practice of previous learning, designed to provide opportunities for participants to integrate, and expand concepts from prior courses. Participants have opportunities to consolidate learning from the first, second, and third years of the program in a variety of settings and with various ages of clients.

    Prerequisite: NURS 310, NURS 313, NURS 314, and NURS 318.

    Associate Degree In Nursing

    A two-year ADN program includes courses in anatomy, nursing, nutrition, chemistry, and microbiology, among others. Youll also be required to take general liberal arts classes. Earning an ADN is a popular option for registered nurses. It can open the door to entry-level staff nurse positions which will provide you with hands-on experience in the medical field.

    Earning an ADN is the fastest path to becoming a registered nurse: most associate degree programs take two years to complete.

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    English Is Not My First Language

    The language of instruction for most courses at McGill University is English however, if French is your first language, you may make arrangements to write term papers and examinations in French. Being bilingual is particularly beneficial during clinical studies. Some applicants must demonstrate proof of proficiency in English – TOEFL scores for nursing admission and more specific details are found here.

    Any student who has been admitted to our programs and who feels language barriers may pose a challenge – particularly in the first year of studies – should ask to meet with an advisor to discuss their situation.

    Note: New Curriculum Starting Fall 2022

    Bachelor of Nursing Graduate Entry at Flinders University, Adelaide, South Australia

    UMSON is leading nursing schools nationwide to reconceptualize its BSN curriculum to meet the new American Association of Colleges of Nursings The Essentials: Core Competencies for Professional Nursing Education Essentials.

    Learn more about the restructured curriculum and program outcomesfor students entering in fall 2022 and beyond.

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    Bsn Level Nurse Salaries

    How much you earn as a BSN nurse is dependent on factors such as where you live, your employer, number of years of experience, your specialty track, and more. The median annual wage for RNs in May of 2020 was $75,330, according to the BLS. The median annual salary for those working in government was $84,490, while the highest 10% of RNs earned more than $116,230.

    As of 2020, BLS statistics show that registered nurses employed in the business support service industry earn more than nurses in any other industry, with a mean annual wage of $106,670.

    Eligibility For Licensure As A Registered Nurse

    Upon admission to upper-division courses in the College of Nursing, each student is required to review specific rules and regulations of the Texas Board of Nursing. Every student is responsible for reading information regarding application for licensure in the state of Texas. The Texas Board of Nursing determines criteria for eligibility for licensure. Students should access the Board of Nursing website to examine the Nurse Practice Act and its regulations. Detailed information about critical issues in a students background may affect eligibility, and the student should contact the Board for information regarding submission of a Declaratory Order. Board approval is required of candidates who apply for the NCLEX-RN examination to be licensed in the state of Texas.

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