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Azusa Pacific University Nursing Requirements

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Gnrs 581 Primary Health Care Of The Older Adult 5 Units

APU Nurse Pinning Spring 2017

GNRS 581 focuses on the role of the adult-gerontology primary care nurse practitioner in the management of the older adult including health promotion, assessment, treatment, and maintenance of common primary care health problems. The clinical practicum emphasizes the application of theory and evidence-based research for the delivery of culturally competent assessment and treatment of the older adult within the context of their families and in a variety of outpatient settings.

Prerequisite: Graduate status in the School of Nursing, completion of Advanced Practice Core courses

Corequisite: Practicum

Gnrs 701 Nursing Knowledge Development 3 Units

This course focuses on analyzing and critiquing the theoretical and methodological processes that are utilized in theory building and knowledge development in nursing. Discussion and critique of the different stages of theory development and students’ experimentation with conceptualizing and developing their theoretical stance go hand in hand. Patterns of knowing, knowledge development, and criteria for evaluating nursing knowledge are examined in relation to the discipline’s domain and the phenomena of concern in nursing.

Gnrs 504 Bioethics And Health Care Policy 3 Units

This course will outline the role of the healthcare leader in ensuring human rights are upheld in healthcare systems. This course focuses on bioethical analysis, decision-making and moral policy analysis, and formulation.Through course discussion, group and individual assignments, and oral and written presentations, students will analyze and apply bioethical principles to decision- and policy- making processes in the workplace and at national levels. Healthcare ethics and policy will be considered from a Christian worldview.

Prerequisite: Graduate standing

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Gnrs 704 Faith Integration And Nursing Scholarship 3 Units

This course begins with an exploration of the nature, role, problems, and possibilities of faith integration in higher education and in the nursing curriculum at all levels of higher education. The special circumstances of faith integration and its implications for teaching in secular college settings are explored. This course further provides a critical explication of theological method and content in three domains: biblical hermeneutics, constructive theology, and ministry praxis for education. The focus of the course is on the appropriation of theological method and knowledge for the purposes of integration into nursing education and practice especially within the context of a Christian or church-affiliated college.

Unrs 382 Community Health Nursing 3 Units

Nursing Continuing Education

This course focuses on the study of principles and practices involved in community health nursing, with emphasis on the role of the nurse in assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating care of clients in a variety of community-based settings. Collaboration with community-based organizations and services that provide health promotion, disease prevention, maintenance during chronic illness, and client education services to individuals, families, and aggregates is an essential component of this course. A review of legal mandates and regulations specific to community-based care, analysis of the healthcare needs within a community, and exploration of issues such as liberty, equality, terrorism, crisis, and disasters are included. Lecture, 1 unit clinical practicum, 2 units . Meets the General Education Requirement: Civic Knowledge and Engagement.

Special Fee Applies

Acceptance into the nursing program corequisite: UNRS 382P.

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Unrs 310 Mental Health Nursing 4 Units

Lecture 2 units, Clinical practicum 2 units This theoretical and clinical course focuses on the dynamics of psychosocial stress within the interpersonal and intrapersonal systems of patients with acute and chronic psychiatric disorders. Short-term evaluation and treatment experiences are offered utilizing milieu, individual, group, and family therapy.

Special Fee Applies

Prerequisite: Co-requisite: UNRS 310P Must be accepted into the Nursing Program.

Gnrs 707 Quantitative Nursing Research Design I 3 Units

This course focuses on advanced multiple research designs and data collection approaches. Emphasis is on experimental and quasi-experimental designs, epidemiological methods, survey research, and evaluation and outcomes research, as well as on planning design and sampling. Inferential statistics and advanced statistical analysis methods including ANOVA and various types of multiple regression analysis are incorporated within the course content.

Prerequisite: Admission to DNP or Ph.D. program

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Unrs 496 Writing : Ethics And Issues In Health Care 4 Units

This course focuses on the integration of Christian faith, ethical concerns, and issues and trends in health care that nurses encounter in their work life. Students develop their abilities as independent thinkers in order to construct bodies of knowledge, and communicate what they are learning through reading, dialogue, debate, peer critique, presentations, and the development and refinement of written pieces. The capstone project for this course is a comprehensive research paper and formal presentation demonstrating scholarship and readiness to contribute to the nursing profession. Meets the General Education Requirement: Writing 3: Writing in the Disciplines.

Special Fee Applies

Unrs 314 Nursing Management And Restorative Care Of Adults 6 Units

APU’s Nurse Pinning August 2018

This course builds on prior knowledge of biological, psychosocial, and spiritual concepts to help adult and aging clients experiencing the stress of an acute or chronic alteration in physical health. Emphasis is on the application of concepts of pathophysiology and pharmacology to the nursing management of acute and chronically ill patients in medical-surgical and rehabilitative or restorative settings.

Corequisite:UNRS 314

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Unrs 384 Urban/rural Health Nursing 3

This course focuses on clinical observation of and participation in urban/rural healthcare settings, using a cross-cultural educational experience to give students a broader perspective of healthcare issues. Students develop intercultural competence as they engage with people from diverse cultures with compassion and respect, and foster a commitment to service, scholarship, and boundary-crossing community in vulnerable urban/rural populations. Lecture, 1 unit clinical practicum, 2-4 units. Meets the General Education Requirement: Intercultural Competence.

Prerequisite: Acceptance into the Nursing Program

Corequisite:UNRS 384P

Unrs 412 Clinical Residency Nursing 2 Units

This clinical residency is an experiential internship program comprising a collaborative partnership between the School of Nursing and selected community in-patient healthcare organizations. This intensive program helps student nurses, under the supervision of preceptors, transition to beginning professional nurses in acute-care settings. It also enhances the skills and practice knowledge of students in preparation for the RN examination. Clinical practicum, 90 hours/semester. Meets the General Education Requirement: Integrative and Applied Learning.

Corequisites:UNRS 411 and UNRS 411P

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Unrs 402 Nursing Care In Maternal Newborn And Women’s Health 4 Units

Lecture, 2 units Clinical practicum, 2 units : This course focuses on the theoretical and clinical concepts of the childbearing patient, her infant, and her family. The students study both normal and complicated obstetrics. Birth preparation, prenatal care, intrapartal, normal neonatal, and postpartum care with concurrent clinical experiences are introduced.

Special Fee Applies

Corequisite:UNRS 402P Must be accepted into the Nursing Program

Rnrs 396 Professional Practice: Ethics Issues And Spirituality In Health Care 6 Units

PhD in Nursing

This course focuses on the examination and application of the religious, theological, philosophical, and cultural foundations of ethics in professional nursing practice. Participants develop knowledge and skills in ethical decision making that are theoretically sound, evidence based, holistic, and applicable to current healthcare issues. The course also addresses the expanding roles and responsibilities of professional nurses in meeting the healthcare needs of a dynamic society, with attention to the spiritual formation of nurses. Meets the General Education Requirement: UP Bible Requirement.

Prerequisite: The RN-BSN program is designed with a specific course sequence determined by the School of Nursing. A progression schedule is reviewed by the student and advisor after program acceptance. Courses must be taken in the assigned sequence.

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Gnrs 515 Advanced Pathophysiology 3 Units

This course builds on basic anatomy and physiology and undergraduate study of pathophysiology. It focuses on development of an advanced understanding of the pathophysiologic mechanisms of human health disorders. Diagnostic reasoning that facilitates the clustering of signs and symptoms leading to diagnosis is a key process undergirding the course. This course requires the integration of signs and symptoms, clinical testing , and pathophysiologic mechanisms with diagnoses.

Prerequisite: Graduate standing and undergraduate pathophysiology

Unrs 367 Pathophysiology 3 Units

Lecture, 3 hours: This course presents an introduction to human pathophysiology. Mechanisms causing alterations in cellular activity, maintenance of cellular tissue oxygenation, fluid and electrolyte balance, and neuroendocrine control of the body are included. Common pathophysiologic disorders are emphasized.

Prerequisite: Acceptance into the nursing program

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Unrs 271 Theories And Concepts In Professional Nursing 2 Units

This course provides an introduction to the theories and concepts of professional nursing. The nursing process is presented and utilized as the basis for planning care as applied to patients. The content also includes discussion of current issues and trends in nursing and compilation of a professional portfolio.

Prerequisite: Acceptance into the nursing program

Online Growth Rankings Of Azusa Pacific

APU Nurse Pinning Ceremony – August 2019

The average growth rate over the last four years of online students at Azusa Pacific University was 256.7%. This is the #126 largest growth rate of all schools that are mostly online. This refers to all students at Azusa Pacific regardless of major.

When we speak of partially online, we are referring to schools whose online population is less than 50% of its total student body. Mostly online refers to those with online populations greater than or equal to 50%.

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Gnrs 706 Methods Of Inquiry 3 Units

Exploration of various methods of inquiry focuses on the difference between scientific thinking, wisdom, and alternative concepts of knowledge. Existential dilemmas intrinsic to the pursuit of truth, the exploration of the meaning of actions, the process of interpretation, the perception of reality, and empirical generalizations are discussed and their influence on the definition of research problems and designs explored. The nature of the problem and assumptions and their relationship within the physical and social order are addressed with an emphasis on understanding the complexity and interrelatedness of events and the concept of ecology in research. Research designs and methods are introduced as they relate to problem definition and theory and includes an overview of the principles of basic and applied experimental research, evaluation research, and the traditions and foundation of qualitative and historical research. The role of triangulation as a methodological choice in research design and analysis is addressed to provide a more insightful approach to the exploration of complex phenomena.

Gnrs 783 Doctoral Seminar Iv: Developing Professional Presentations 3 Units

This seminar course identifies approaches to developing an effective and successful presentation, helping students find their voice and showcase their areas of expertise. Discussions focus on planning as essential to deciding on the content and the order in which the information is presented. Emphasis is on developing a logical sequence, one that flows naturally and is accompanied by audiovisuals that facilitate understanding of the material.

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Gnrs 544 Clinical Specialization Residency 2

This elective residency program, formed through a partnership between the School of Nursing and selected community healthcare organizations, is an intensive, precepted clinical experience that helps students transition to beginning professional nurses in a specialized setting. It enhances students’ skill and practice knowledge in preparation for the RN licensing examination, and increases their ability to perform clinical reasoning with the assigned patient population and evaluate the QSEN competencies of patient-centered care, safety, evidence-based practice, informatics, and teamwork and collaboration.

Prerequisite: ELM students must complete GNRS 573 , but GNRS 573 is not required for nurses in community partnerships who are taking GNRS 544 for continuing education credit.

Gnrs 730 Comparative Health Care Systems 3 Units


This course focuses on exploring/analyzing environmental, social, cultural, political and economic determinants of health across the globe. Comparative analysis of international health care systems including governmental, nongovernmental, traditional, and faith-based organizations are emphasized. Epidemiological analysis of morbidity and mortality, analysis of health and illness responses, and health-seeking behavior across the age span and gender/ethnic variables are discussed with the intent to identify areas of research relevant to students’ interest. Presented from a Christian perspective, this course investigates research and practice opportunities and responsibilities for advanced practice nurses in global arenas.

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Gnrs 536 Psychiatric Mental Health Care With Adults And Older Adults 6 Units

In this course students increase their knowledge and competence in the assessment of psychiatric mental health illnesses, differential diagnoses and disease management, implementation of psychotherapy , evidence-based practice, medication management, health promotion and disease prevention interventions, integration and coordination of support services, with adults and older adults.

Corequisite: Practicum

Unrs 445 Applied Pharmacology 2 Units

This course enhances students’ ability to apply knowledge acquired in the basic pharmacology course by helping them utilize critical thinking skills at a more advanced level. Emphasis is on the application of pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and pharmacotherapeutics of major drug categories used to manage common patient disorders across the life span in clinical nursing practice.

Prerequisite: Acceptance into the nursing program

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Gnrs 650 History Of Professional Nursing: From Origins To Nursing In Transition 3 Units

Students in this course explore conceptual and methodological issues in historical nursing research, including the use of biographic methods in nursing history and working with primary sources/archival materials/artifacts and material culture. Focus is on the origins of professional nursing up to the period of nursing in transition in the United States. Students examine ethics guidelines and standards for historical research in nursing, and critically analyze the origins of nursing and early nursing contributions to the evolution of modern health systems and interventions. Class discussion and composition facilitate critical thinking about the history of nursing as a scholarly inquiry, focusing on issues and methods of nursing historical research.

Gnrs 711 Advanced Research Methods In The Humanities 3 Units

APU Nurse Pinning August 2017

This seminar and consultation course introduces PhD students to nonscientific research methodologies as used in the arts, letters, humanities and aspects of the social sciences for the conduct of original dissertation research on one of the disciplines of arts, letters, humanities, or nonscientific aspects of one of the social sciences, conduct humanities-based research to widen and deepen a scientific dissertation topic, or to enlarge the student’s methodological repertoire, knowledge, and skill. The course is intended for those whose primary research education and experience has been in scientific methods and disciplines.

Prerequisite: successful completion of GNRS 701 and GNRS 706, permission of the instructor

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Gnrs 520 Theory And Practice Of The Clinical Nurse Specialist In Nursing Care Of Adult

Critical concepts in advanced collaborative management of adult-gerontology client populations by Clinical Nurse Specialists are studied. Differential diagnosis, pharmacologic management, cultural sensitivity, adult-gerontology continuum of health and illness , teaching-learning theory, and evidence-based best practices for clinical decision-making for the Adult and Geriatric population are highlighted. CNS roles, competencies, and professional issues and integrated clinical rotations will be chosen from critical care or medical-surgical adult-gerontology populations. Clinical seminar times allow students to discuss and analyze current professional issues and clinical problems in a collegial atmosphere.

Prerequisite: Academic Core and Advanced Practice Core courses, current RN license, CPR certificate, and meets health screening requirements

Corequisite: Practicum

Unrs 444 Clinical Specialization Elective 1

This is a clinical specialty course involving a collaborative partnership with selected community healthcare organizations, an intensive preceptored experience that eases the role transition from student nurse to beginning professional nurse in a specialized setting. This course also enhances the skill and practice knowledge of students in preparation for the RN licensing examination.

Prerequisite: One of the following: UNRS 310 , UNRS 382 , UNRS 402 , or UNRS 404 . If taken for two units, instructor consent is required.

Corequisite:UNRS 411

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Unrs 270 Professional Concepts In Nursing 3 Units

Theory, 3 hours/Week: This “bridge” course is designed for transfer students who are not required to take UNRS 105 . It provides an introduction to the theories and concepts of professional nursing. The nursing process is presented and utilized as the basis for planning care as applied to patients. The content also includes discussion of current issues and trends in nursing and compilation of a professional portfolio.

Prerequisite: Acceptance into the nursing program

Gnrs 703 Spirituality And Health 3 Units

West Campus

This course provides an introduction to spirituality, including spiritual experience, as it relates to individual health and illness. Communal spirituality is also considered. Differentiation is made between and among generic religious and Christian spiritualities. While the course covers theoretical aspects of spirituality and their interaction with health and illness, concentration is on the movement from theory to praxis. This lecture/seminar course is oriented toward nursing educators who seek to develop a foundation in spirituality for spiritual integration as well as for its development in nursing practice.

Prerequisite: Admission to DNP or Ph.D. program

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Gnrs 588 Advanced Nursing Care Of Adults

This course involves the application of pathophysiological, psychosocial, and spiritual concepts to adult and geriatric clients experiencing the stress of illness in acute settings. The primary focus of the course is to care for critically ill clients and their families with complex health care needs in a critical-care setting. A second area of focus is on the utilization of leadership and management concepts/skills in providing comprehensive care to groups of clients and families. Emphasis is placed on preparing the student to practice in a beginning leadership role in managing client care. Legal and ethical issues related to acute care are included.

Prerequisite: Admission to the ELM program

Corequisite: Practicum

Azusa Pacific University Nursing School Review

Azusa Pacific University is a Christian university that is located in California. The history of the school dates back to 1899 when it was mounted as the first Bible College in the West Coast. Today, it still holds steadfast to its religious views, but has also adapted its curriculum to include various courses to meet the demand from students within and outside of the United States of America. The school prides itself with its 53 undergraduate majors, 37 masters degrees, 21 credentials, 7 doctoral and 5 certificate programs. The university is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges .

Azusa Pacific Universitys School of Nursing offers a list of undergraduate and graduate programs that enable students to better embrace the changing responsibilities in the health care sector. The school of nursing is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and the California Board of Registered Nursing. The programs at the school include:

Bachelor of Science in Nursing – Generic Option

Bachelor of Science in Nursing – Generic Option Two-Plus-Two

This is a six consecutive semester course that is open to students that have completed all the necessary pre-requisites prior to sending in their applications to the school of nursing.

Traditional RN to BSN: LVN to BSN and LVN to RN Programs

Accelerated Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Registered Nurse to Nursing, B.S.

Master of Science in Nursing

  • Adult NP
  • Psychiatric Mental Health NP

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