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Associate Of Science In Nursing Online Program

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Difference Of An Associate Degree Vs Certification Vs Bachelors Degree Programs

Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) program

In BSN programs, you learn similar material to an ADN associate degree in nursing in terms of general education, but it goes into more depth and you’ll receive added leadership training, which can help you beyond you becoming a registered nurse. You also get additional training in management and information technology management than you would receive in an ADN program. An LPN takes the same classes that an ADN graduate takes, but they choose to earn a certificate rather than a BSN degree or an ADN degree in nursing. There are bachelor’s degrees in nursing available 100% online, with only the clinical practice requiring that you participate in hands-on learning in order to gain experience. These online options provide a great deal of flexibility, whether you are just getting into nursing or looking to improve your education.

Your career goals will have a strong influence on the degree/nursing program you select. With a BSN, your nursing education may qualify you for a larger range of registered nurses positions such as nurse practitioner, case manager, or health educator – and you may therefore have an easier time gaining experience.

Employer preferences may also have an impact on your choice. Increasingly, employers are looking for BSN degree holders as candidates and those with higher degrees as well .

Accreditation Approval And What It Means

Within the context of education, accreditation is obtained when a neutral third party reviews a school or program and determines if its curriculum meets a certain threshold of quality. Accreditation is important because it ensures students will receive a level of instruction that makes their degree worth the pursuit.

There are two primary types of accreditation: regional and programmatic. Regional accrediting bodies typically accredit entire schools, while programmatic accrediting bodies will accredit only specific programs. In nursing education, the two main accrediting bodies are the CCNE and the ACEN .

Accreditation is especially important in programs where graduates take on serious responsibilities. Nursing is a prime example, as the work of a nurse can make the difference in the life or death of a patient. Accreditation ensures that when you graduate, you will be ready to move into such an important job.

There are other reasons it matters, too. If you ever want to transfer your credits to a bachelors degree program, it is usually only the credits earned from an accredited institution that transfer. In addition, not only does accreditation make it easier to obtain financial aid from public or private sources, but it conveys to the general public and future employers that youve been properly taught the skills and information you will need to safely practice as a nurse.

Success Indicators For The Nursing Program

Program Completion: The average completion rate for the past three years of the Associate in Science in Nursing degree program is 74% for the Genetic Option and 77% for the Transition Option.

Approximately 50% of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing students who start the program complete within three years. Students commonly stop-out of the program for a few terms for a variety of reasons, but they are easily able to return to the program when they are ready to continue.

National Council Licensure ExaminationRegistered Nurse Pass Rates:

Graduates of the Polk State Associate in Science in Nursing degree program consistently exceed the state and national averages on the NCLEX-RN. The most recent results are shown below.

Note: RN-to-BSN students do not take any additional licensing exams.

NCLEX-RN Pass Rate

Employment and Continuing Education:

All Associate in Science in Nursing degree graduates are eligible for employment in a healthcare setting after passing the licensure exam. There are available positions locally for those desiring immediate employment.

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Advantages Of An Adn Degree

Nursing is one of the most rewarding career choices available. In fact, according to the Medscape Nurse Career Satisfaction Report 2016, practicing nurses enjoy their work so much that they have a hard time singling out one top-most-rewarding aspect of their career. Nurses who have earned their ADN enjoy a sense of fulfillment in helping others. They also appreciate the gratitude expressed by the patients they serve and the solid earnings and job security that their chosen field offers.

The top advantages of an ADN degree include,

  • Quick route to higher earnings potential. If you are anxious to become a registered nurse and start caring for patients while earning a nurses salary, an ADN degree is the fastest way to get there. Once youve earned your ADN you will be eligible to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses. The program, which bypasses general education classes and focuses entirely on the coursework needed for a nursing education, can be completed in four semesters.
  • Lower cost for education. Nurses who pursue an Associates Degree in Nursing are not only able to achieve their goal more quickly, but generally are able to do so at a lower cost.

The education provided by accredited ADN programs is so comprehensive that pass rates for ADN graduates taking the NCLEX is on par with that of students who have earned their BSN degree.

Certification State Board And National Board Exams

Nursing Associate of Science Program

Certain state certification and licensure boards have specific educational requirements for programs to lead to a license or nongovernmental certification that is a precondition for employment in a recognized occupation.

Unless otherwise specified, Purdue Global’s programs are not designed to meet any specific states licensure or certification requirements. If certain licensed occupations, vocations, or professions are not explicitly listed, Purdue Global has not reviewed the licensure or certification requirements of those occupations, vocations, or professions, nor intended the program to meet such requirements. Licensure-track programs may limit enrollment to students in certain states please see Purdue Globals Program Availability Information to determine enrollment eligibility.

You are responsible for understanding the requirements of optional certification exams. Such requirements may change during the course of your program. You are not automatically certified in any way upon program completion. Although certain programs are designed to prepare you to take various optional certification exams, Purdue Global cannot guarantee you will be eligible to take these exams or become certified. Your eligibility may depend on your work experience, completion of education and/or degree requirements, not having a criminal record, meeting other certification requirements, or the program or the University itself having appropriate accreditation or licensure.

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Associate Of Science In Nursing

The Associate of Science Degree in Nursing program promotes the advancement of nursing knowledge and practice through an innovative, patient-centered program. The registered nursing program is designed as a hybrid program providing both synchronous and asynchronous online learning.

Registered Nurses are prepared to practice as providers and managers of care, participate as members of the healthcare community and assist patients and families in meeting physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs. Registered nurses provide evidence-based, culturally competent care in a variety of settings. They integrate knowledge of general education and the sciences into their practice and use of technology to provide quality professional nursing care. Registered Nurses use concepts of preventative care and community resources to teach patients to become involved in decisions about their own healthcare. The graduate of this program is eligible to take the NCLEX-RN exam.

The associate nursing program at the International College of Health Sciences located in Boynton Beach, FL, is accredited by the:

Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing 3390 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 1400Atlanta, GA 30326 975-5000

The most recent accreditation decision made by the ACEN Board of Commissioners for the associate nursing program is initial accreditation. View the public information disclosed by the ACEN regarding this program at

Best Online Adn Programs 2021

Can I get my associate degree in nursing online? The answer is yes. There are some online ADN nursing programs out there that can help you get your healthcare career started in a way that fits your busy schedule.

This article will help you find the best online associates nursing program for you.

While nursing is consistently included in lists of in-demand, growing professions, getting a degree in nursing can be time-consuming. The solution for this, as with many other majors, is to find a school that offers ADN programs online. The flexibility of online classes allows students to fit required classes around their schedule. On the other hand, the nature of a nursing program, with intensive courses and the clinical requirement, is not a natural fit with online classes. Because of this, programs that offer real online associates degrees in nursing are rare.

The following colleges feature our top online ADN programs. They are ranked according to three factors: the graduation rate, the cost, and first-time score that nursing graduates receive on the National Council Licensure Examination , which is the test that nurses must take before receiving their license.

How can I get my associates degree in nursing online? The top ADN nursing programs online we found are:

1 North Central Missouri College

2 Idaho State University

3 University of Arkansas Community College Batesville

4 Pratt Community College

6 Allegany College of Maryland

7 Northwest Michigan College

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Bluegrass Community And Technical College

Students have the opportunity to make the most of the high tech equipment and teaching methods at Bluegrass Community and Technical College. Students can both enter a bridge program that lets them call upon their training from their LPN work or a straight out ADN program.

  • NCLEX-RN pass rate of 92%
  • Total credit hours vary depending on program
  • ACEN accreditation
  • Requirements are that students must finish the prerequisite courses
  • Tuition is $3,704 per year for in-state students and $12,536 for out-of-state students

Some Clinical Instruction Must Be Completed Offline

Associate of Science In Nursing Degree: Becky And The College Network

Unfortunately, you cant earn your ADN degree entirely online. The fact of the matter is that nursing is a hands-on profession, and that means a certain portion of your education must take place in a classroom, laboratory, or clinical setting, with qualified instructors.

However, you can earn part of your associate degree in nursing online. Some schools offer an LPN to RN bridge program, meaning you must get your hands-on training at another institution and become a licensed LPN before enrolling in the online program to earn your associate nursing degree and become an RN. Other nursing schools offer a hybrid online ADN program, which means your clinical classes must be taken on campus, and the other courses can be completed online.

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Associate Degrees In Nursing

Prepare for the next step in your career with Associate Degrees in Nursing from Excelsior College. You can progress your nursing degree at your own pace using 8-week fully online courses. Excelsior provides associate degree graduates with free preparation for the NCLEX-RN. Get started with your application today!

Prepare for the next step in your career with Associate Degrees in Nursing from Excelsior College. You can progress your nursing degree at your own pace using 8-week fully online courses. Excelsior provides associate degree graduates with free preparation for the NCLEX-RN. Get started with your application today!

Walk A Rewarding Career Path In Nursing

Earning an associate degree in nursing qualifies you to take the NCLEX-RN exam, meet board of nursing requirements and become a registered nurse . The demand for registered nurses with an associate degree is very high and not every employer will require a bachelors degree. Youll have a valuable skillset and qualification in a growing field.

How can I advance my career? Depending on who you are and who you want to be, you may consider many different options:

  • I am new to nursing. You may apply for the ASN program. If you already have non-nursing bachelors degree, you may consider an accelerated BSN program to get your BSN in nursing in as few as 20 months.
  • I am a CNA. Our ASN program is your fastest path to becoming an RN.

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Detailed Explanation Of The Top 7 Online Associates Degree In Nursing

1. John A. Logan College

John A. Logan College is a community college in Carterville, Illinois that was founded in 1967. It offers affordable tuition, online learning, and has easily transferable credits in case you ever decide to transfer to a 4-year college and earn your bachelor degree. In fact, the college has partnerships with several universities that make transferring easy. Also, John A. Logan College provides job placement assistance to graduates, which means your transition into becoming a working RN will go smoothly.

A Hybrid Online ADN Program

John A. Logan College offers an Associate of Applied Science degree in nursing through a hybrid online program, meaning clinical courses are taken on campus, and other courses are taken online. It is designed to be a two-year program once youve completed your prerequisite courses and offers career mobility. Most importantly, John A. Logan College has a proven track record of preparing graduates to pass the NCLEX-RN exam and become an RN.

  • NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 93.0%
  • Admission Requirements: prerequisites with minimum of C grade in all courses, entrance exam
  • Tuition: $97 per credit hour , $315 per credit hour
  • Accreditation: Yes

2. Allegany College of Maryland

Fully Online LPN to RN Bridge Program

  • NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 90.3%
  • Admission Requirements: LPN license, 2 years work experience as LPN, minimum 2.5 GPA, entrance exam
  • Tuition: $114 per credit hour , $257 per credit hour
  • Accreditation: Yes

3. Hutchinson Community College

Why You Should Earn Your Associate Of Science Degree In Nursing At Ichs

Pin on Medical Careers I am Interested In
  • Approved for veterans training.
  • Friday and Saturday schedules are available.
  • Affordable tuition payment plans.

This program prepares the student to respond to the needs of society which include the prevention of illness the promotion, maintenance and restoration of health throughout the lifespan the alleviation of suffering and the support of the individual and family experiencing the grieving/dying process. The main objective of the Associate of Science Degree in Nursing is to provide excellent educational background so that its graduates are able to successfully and proficiently:

  • Communicate effectively.
  • Practice in accordance with the legislation affecting nursing practice and healthcare.
  • Practice within a professional and ethical nursing framework.
  • Provide comprehensive, safe, and effective nursing care to achieve identified health outcomes.
  • Evaluate progress towards expected health outcomes in consultation with the health care team.
  • Establish, maintain and appropriately conclude therapeutic relationships.
  • Assume leadership roles within the profession.

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The Benefits Of Online Nursing Programs

Working as an RN and helping people with their medical concerns can be a rewarding career path. Nursing, as a profession and all of the associated education, however, can be very demanding. If you have a job and/or a family, this can be an even tougher challenge. Online nursing programs can give you the flexibility and convenience to take classes around your own schedule. You dont need to commute or spend hours attending physical classes on campus.

When you attend in-person classes, youre restricted to the programs offered in your area. With online classes, you can choose a program that fits your needs and dont need to worry about where you live or where the school is located. Online nursing programs are also traditionally more affordable than on-campus options since you pay per credit and generally incur fewer expenses and added fees.

The disadvantage of completing your nursing degree online is you will still need to find a physical location to complete your required clinical hours. This may be a drawback in that you will need to do your research to find an applicable program, but with the flexible class schedule, you may be able to complete some of your clinical hours while youre working toward your degree.

Coastal Alabama Community College

Coastal Alabama Community College has a bridge program that allows students the chance to get their RN after they have already attained their LPN. You can either enter the program with an LPN or you can enter the LPN program and seamlessly transition to the AND program.

  • NCLEX-RN pass rate of 86%
  • Total credit hours vary depending on what training you enter the program with
  • CCNE Accreditation
  • Requirements are that students are already LPNs
  • Tuition is $3,510 for in-state students per year and $7,020 per year for out-of-state students

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White Mountains Community College

This is a program with an exceptionally high NCLEX-RN pass rate. The program at White Mountains Community College prepares students to take the licensure test and prepares them for life as a registered nurse.

  • NCLEX-RN pass rate of 96%
  • Total credit hours vary
  • Requirements are that students must complete prerequisite courses
  • Tuition is $7,344 for in-state students for a year and $15,504 for out-of-state students

Associate Of Science Degree

Nursing Programs at UALR

The Associate of Science degree is a provincial credential offered by many institutions in the BC Transfer System. The associate degree provides an educational experience that prepares students for life as an educated person, and lays a solid foundation for further study.

The associate degree curriculum consists of two years of university-level study in a variety of academic areas. Students are required to complete a broad range of course offerings balanced with in-depth study in specific disciplines. Since many students will continue their studies, the requirements are sufficiently flexible to enable students to complete the required prerequisites for upper-level course work in their intended major. Students will be exposed to a program of study that seeks to develop:

  • an interest in and curiosity about the world around them
  • an understanding of the global context in which they live and work
  • an appreciation of intellectual thought and human creativity
  • an openness to a variety of viewpoints
  • a capacity for and interest in self-directed life-long learning
  • an acceptance of the social responsibilities that come with the benefits of advanced learning.

In addition, the program of study should develop and improve those skills essential for academic success at an advanced intellectual level. They include but are not limited to:

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