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Application For Nurse Practitioner Certification

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Pass The Necessary Examinations

AANPCB how-to video: Applying for the ENP exam

Before you may register as an NP in Ontario, you must pass an examination approved by the College of Nurses of Ontario Council. When you file your application for NP registration, information on applying for the necessary examination will be provided as well.

You may choose to register to practice in more than one specialty, which will entail passing more than one examination. However, you must meet the registration requirements for that specialty, including graduating from an approved program for that specialty.

These exams are Council-approved and listed by specialty certificate you will receive when you pass:

Primary Health Care Specialty Certificate

  • Canadian Nurses Association Canadian Nurse Practitioner Examination
  • Offered in May and October
  • Examination centers in Ontario:
  • Preparation materials available from ANCC
  • National Certification Corporation: Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Certification
  • Exam not offered in Ontario
  • Contact NCC to schedule exam dates/locations
  • Pediatric Nursing Certification Board: Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Primary Care Certification Examination
  • Exam not offered in Ontario
  • Contact the College of Nurses of Ontario at 416-928-0900 for more information
  • Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québecs Certification Examination for Nurse Practitioners Specializing in Neonatology
  • Contact the College of Nurses of Ontario at 416-928-0900 for more information
  • Adult Np And Gerontological Np Certification Renewal Options

    Q: What options are available for the Adult NP or Gerontological NP to renew certification?

    A: There is only 1 option available for renewal of the ANP and GNP certifications.

    • Meet minimum 1,000 clinical practice hours in the NP role and population area.
    • Complete a total of 100 advanced practice continuing education contact hours.
      • 25 CEs need to be advanced pharmacology .
      • Up to 25 non-pharmacology CE credits may be replaced with Preceptor hours .
    • Meet minimum requirements within the current 5-year period of certification.

    Note: Since the ANP and GNP examinations have been retired, you may wish to determine if you meet eligibility requirements to take the AGNP or FNP certification examination. Your NP graduate education will need to align with area of certification. For example, some ANPs may have completed an Adult-Gerontological NP program.

    Q: The Adult NP and Gerontological NP certification examinations were retired. What does that mean for my current ANP or GNP certification?

    A: Certification as an ANP or GNP with AANPCB will not be affected as long the certification is not allowed to expire and the current minimum continuing education and clinical practice hour requirements for recertification are met. ANPs and GNPs should check with the state board of nursing in which they are licensed to practice for additional information.

    Q: I completed an Adult NP program. Can I take the Adult-Gerontology NP certification examination?

    Admission Review And Assessment

    Admission to graduate study at Oakland University is selective. In making admission recommendations to Graduate Study and Lifelong Learning, each department assesses the potential of applicants for success in the program by examining their undergraduate records, goal statement, letters of recommendation, prerequisite courses and any other admission requirements established by the academic department.

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    Verification Form For Organizations Issuing Aprn National Certification

    Each year national organizations that administer APRN examinations and issue APRN national certifications must verify to the Board that the organization meets the statutory requirements for approval by the Board. of the Ohio Revised Code.)

    Emergency Care Procedural Skills

    Nurse Practitioner Form 2 Download Fillable PDF or Fill ...

    Q: What types of emergency care procedural skills or procedures are appropriate for Option 1 – CE and Practice requirement?

    A: Education course content that includes, but is not limited to suturing, lumbar puncture, thoracentesis, chest tube placement/management, paracentesis, advanced vascular access, fracture/joint reduction, nail removal/repair, local/regional anesthesia techniques, wound management/incision and drainage, diagnostic/procedural ultrasound, among others will be accepted.

    Note: A list of Emergency Care Skills and Procedures may be found under the Resources tab.

    Q: Can I count procedures performed during my past work hours in the ED as part of my 30 CE contact hours of emergency procedural skills?

    A: No. The skills performed must meet accredited CE requirements. 30 CE credits of emergency-related procedural skills within the past 5 years as an NP is required for the initial ENP certification application.

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    Funding Your Master Of Nursing

    There are a number of funding packages internal and external available to Master of Nursing students. Internal funding can include graduate scholarships, graduate awards, and teaching assistant positions. External funding can include funding from nursing organizations, as well as from the provincial and federal governments.

    Returning full-time students who did not receive an entry Scholarship or Award, but who perform at the level required will be eligible for consideration for an RGF and/or a Graduate Departmental Award after their first year in the Master of Nursing program. Such awards will be dependent on availability of funding.

    Returning full-time students who did receive an entry Scholarship or Award must refer to their Terms and Conditions document for information related to the terms of renewal. Note that typically an internal scholarship, fellowship or award is tenable for the term set out in the award letter, usually two terms or three terms they are not renewable. Eligible students will automatically be considered for scholarships, fellowships and awards in subsequent years.

    How To Upload And Store Ce Documents

    Q: How do I submit my required documents?

    A: Upload your documents when you apply online. You can also fax, email, or mail the documentation at no additional cost. See FAQ – Contact Us. Incomplete applications are not stored for more than 30 days.

    Q: After I submit my application can I edit or upload documents to my application?

    A: No. Once an application is submitted, you will not be able to edit the information or upload documents in the application. Email your information to or fax to 512-637-0540.

    Q: Can I upload and store CE documents after I complete them for later use?

    A: Yes. Log in, then under My AANPCB select My Continuing Education to upload CE documents and enter CE information. Long-term CE storage must be uploaded to your account. Log in to your Online Profile and choose My Continuing Education under the My AANPCB menu box.

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    Fnp And Agnp Certification Exam Eligibility Requirements

    Q: What are the eligibility requirements to take the AGNP or FNP certification examination?

    A: Requirements for the AANPCB certification exam include:

    • Completion of a nationally accredited graduate, postgraduate, or doctoral Family or Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner educational program that is accredited by a nursing accrediting organization recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and/or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. Canadian NP educational programs must be approved by the Canadian Council of Registered Nurse Regulators .
    • Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing or
    • Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education .
    • Canadian province NP educational programs must be approved by the Canadian Council of Registered Nurse Regulators .

    Q: I am getting ready to apply to take the certification exam. What is needed to begin my application?

    A: Requirements to process an application include:

    • Successful completion of the three APRN Core courses .
    • At least one NP population of specialization course.
    • Current active professional nursing license in a state/territory of the United States or Canadian province.
    • An official or unofficial interim transcript showing academic “coursework-to-date” or final official transcript showing program completion with degree awarded and date conferred to begin an application.

    Q: Am I required to have a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree to certify or recertify?

    A: No. Membership is not required.

    What Are Nurse Application Forms

    ANCC: Completing your initial certification application

    A nurse application form is a document that details all of a prospective student nurseâs or a professional nurseâs basic personal information, scholastic records, and skills list in order to assess the personâs worthiness for nursing school or for the workplace.

    Just like regular job application forms, nurse application forms may also act as the introductory document that prospective employers see if they want to hire nurses. Schools may also use these application forms for students who wish to study nursing in college.

    These forms may be obtained from hospitals, health care agencies, and other companies who wish to hire a nurse. Different companies and institutions will have different formats for their nurse application forms so double-check if you are filling out the correct form or not.

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    Clinical Practice Hour Requirements

    Q: How many clinical practice hours do I need to recertify?

    A: A minimum of 1,000 hours of clinical practice providing direct patient care in the NP role and specialty during the current 5-year period of certification is required.

    Q: Do volunteer service hours as an NP count towards my recertification?

    A: Yes. Clinical practice hours worked as an NP in a volunteer capacity, such as for a domestic health-care clinic or medical mission abroad for a state, national, or international service organization, are accepted. An official detailed description of the duties may be requested. Email if you have questions about your volunteer service clinical practice meeting renewal requirements.

    Q: Can I include my faculty clinical site visits as clinical practice hours?

    A: Yes. Faculty time spent with NP students and patients during clinical practicum hours can be counted as clinical practice hours. Credit is for actual time in the clinical agency and telehealth sites. Faculty may use a maximum of 500 clinical visit hours toward the 1,000 required clinical hours for recertification in the five-year certification period. Travel time to and from the site cannot be included in the clinical visit hours. No faculty clinical hours will be accepted for simulation, standardized patient evaluations, conference time, or clinical agency site evaluations.

    Validation Of Educational Requirements

    • Request an application from Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools International to obtain one of the following:
    • CES Professional Report.
    • Verification of CGFNS Certification .
    • Request or download an application from Educational Records Evaluation Services to complete an Education Equivalency Report.
    • Request or download an application from Josef Silny & Associates, Inc. to complete an education equivalency report, specifically a licensing for nursing, basic report.
    • If educated in Canada, have the Canadian licensure board submit a passing score on the English language version of the CNATS or CRNE AND verification of an ACTIVE Canadian licensure status directly to AZBN.

    Contact Information for agencies listed above

    Commission on Graduates of ForeignNursing Schools International

    3600 Market Street, Suite 400Philadelphia, PA 19104-2651

    601 University Avenue, Suite 127Sacramento, CA 95825-6738

    Josef Silny and Associates, Inc.International Education Consultants

    7101 S W 102nd AvenueMiami, FL 33173Website:

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    Emergency Np Certification Renewal Options

    Q: What options are available to renew the Emergency Nurse Practitioner certification?

    A: ENP’s have two options for renewal:

    Option One:

    • Meet minimum 1,000 clinical practice hours in the ENP role and population.
    • Complete a total of 100 advanced practice continuing education contact hours.
      • 25 CEs need to be advanced pharmacology .
      • Up to 25 non-pharmacology CE credits may be replaced with Preceptor hours .
    • Procedural skills CEs may be used but are not required for ENP certification renewal .
    • Meet minimum requirements within the current 5-year period of certification.

    Option Two:

    • Take and pass the ENP certification examination before expiration of the current certification.

    Q: How long is the ENP certification valid?

    A: Like the FNP certification, ENP certification is time-limited and will need to be renewed every five years. Current Family Nurse Practitioner certification is required for renewal.

    Q: I am certified as an Emergency Nurse Practitioner. Do I have to renew my Family Nurse Practitioner certification?

    A: Yes. The ENP certification is a subspecialty certification built upon the FNP scope. Therefore, ENPs must maintain current FNP certification.

    Q: I am working as an ENP. What happens if I do not renew my Family NP certification?

    Q: I am due to renew my ENP certification in 2022. How early can I start the recertification application?

    Q: How do you define emergency-related continuing education?

    Q: Are advanced life support courses accepted for ENP renewal?

    A: No.

    Reinstate Approval To Practice

    Form HLTH2998 Download Fillable PDF or Fill Online ...

    Fee Information:$100.00 or, $20.00


    This application is for the Nurse Practitioner applying for reinstatement of approval to practice.

    “Approval to Practice” means authorization by the Medical Board and the Board of Nursing for a Nurse Practitioner to perform medical acts within her or his area of educational preparation and certification under a Collaborative Practice Agreement with a licensed Physician.

    The Nurse Practitioner shall not practice until notification of approval to practice has been received from the Board of Nursing. The approval letter and certificate will be emailed to you upon final approval to practice.

    You will need the following to apply:

    • An active permanent North Carolina Registered Nurse license or another Compact State Registered Nurse license valid for practice in North Carolina
    • Physician Name or Physician License Number and Physician Email Address
    • Practice Information
    • Disclosure of any malpractice claims to be reported and submitted to the Board of Nursing on the Claims Information Form , if applicable.

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    Application And Approval Processes

    Q: How soon can I begin the application process before I graduate from my nurse practitioner program?

    A: Students are NOT eligible to test until they have completed all didactic and clinical course requirements for the NP program.

    • Students enrolled in MSN and post-graduate AGNP and FNP certificate programs may begin the application process as early as 6 months prior to completion of their NP program .
    • DNP students may begin the application process as early as 1 year prior to completion of the NP program requirements of their degree plan.

    Q: What is the difference between “Program Completion” and “Degree Conferred” dates?

    A: The Program Completion date is the date all courses and clinical hours in the NP Track are completed. Degree Conferred date is the date you will be awarded your graduate degree or post-graduate certificate.

    Note: Some students may have the ability to complete their NP program’s didactic courses and clinical hours before their scheduled graduation and degree conferral date .

    Q: Is a letter from the NP Program Director verifying the program completion date required?

    A: A letter from the NP Program Director or Academic Dean is required if the candidate is requesting to test prior to their program completion date or the program completion and degree conferred dates are more than 30 days apart. Email the letter to .

    Q: Where can I find information about how to complete my certification application?

    • Certify tab
    • How To Videos

    Q: How do I create an account?

    Important Testing Site Information

    Q: What is considered an “acceptable form of identification” that I should take to the testing center?

    A: Names must match on the AANPCB application, PSI Test Registration, and the forms of identification presented at the testing center for an eligible candidate to sit for their scheduled examination.

    • The name used to schedule your appointment must exactly match the name shown on your identification.
    • Refer to the AANPCB Candidate Information Bulletin at for information regarding required, acceptable, and valid forms of identification at PSI Testing Centers.

    Q: What are examples of identification for the test site?

    A: You must provide 2 forms of identification.

    • One ID must be a VALID form of government-issued identification which bears your signature and has your photograph.
    • The second ID must have your signature and preprinted legal name. Acceptable forms of identification include a credit card, ATM card, social security card, employee ID card, or voter registration card.
    • A candidate’s first and last names on identifications presented must match the names on the AANPCB application/Approval to Test and the eligibility notice sent by PSI.
    • The middle name on the ID documents do not have to match .

    Q: Where can I find more information about the PSI scheduling and test center regulations?

    A: Visit for the following information:

    • Schedule an Exam
    • Find Testing Center Sites near You

    Q: How do I contact PSI?

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    Aanpcb Examination Security Policy

    Q: What is the AANPCB Examination Security Policy?

    A: Federal copyright law protects AANPCB examinations and the items contained therein. The certification examinations and all items on the examinations are the exclusive property of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners National Certification Board, Inc. Candidates who apply for the certification examination must acknowledge that they understand the following prior to taking the examination:

    Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Requirements In Michigan

    How to STUDY for ANCC/AANP Certification Exam .. and PASS! | New Graduate Nurse Practitioner

    Michigans graduate level clinical nurses are licensed as RNs. They receive specialty certification from the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs .

    Although Michigan recognizes only three categories of nursing specialty, nurses can be state-certified based on training and examination in any of four advanced nursing roles: as nurse midwife, nurse anesthetist, nurse practitioner, or clinical nurse specialist. The state does not distinguish between nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists both are certified as nurse practitioners.

    State certification is based on national certification standards. Other assessments of qualification, such as criminal background checks and screenings of out-of-state credentials, are carried out when the nurse applies for an RN license. A nurse who is not licensed as an RN in Michigan will need to apply to the Board. Michigan is not party to the nurse license compact but does license out-of-state nurses by endorsement.

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    Temporary Permits Prescriptive Authority And Controlled Substance Registration Information

    • As part of the new online licensing portal application process, you will automatically get prescriptive authority for non-controlled substances with your APRN license.

    If you hold a Delaware RN license, your APRN license will have the same expiration date and come up for renewal at the same time as your Delaware RN license. However, if you hold an RN license in another compact state, your APRN license will expire on 9/30 of odd years.

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