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Advanced Nurse Practitioner Mental Health Course

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Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Certification

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Once you complete your education program, you will have to pass the PMHNP certifying exam, issued by the American Nurses Credentialing Center . According to the ANCC, upon successful completion of the exam, you will be Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner-Board Certified . Once you earn your license, the credential is valid for 5 years.

All The Programmes Listed On This Page Have Been Assessed Against The Combined Rcn Advanced Nurse Practitioner Accreditation And Quality Assurance Standards

This accreditation means that the RCN has deemed these programmes as being up to date, of the highest quality and effective in educating nurses to an Advanced Practice level.

Students who successfully complete an RCN accredited MSc programme automatically qualify for the RCN Credential in Advanced Level Nursing Practice.

Why You Should Study This Course

This course is aimed at experienced healthcare practitioners registered with a relevant professional body who wish to be prepared to fulfil specific Advanced Clinical Practitioner roles, upon successfully completing the course.

Successful completion of the course will prepare you to:

  • Become expert clinicians and clinical leaders – educating, developing and building teams.
  • Enhance the quality and standard of patient care
  • Influence the strategic direction of patient care within your own field of practice
  • Develop into an enquiring and reflective clinician.

The Advanced Clinical Practice MSc is approved and supported through Health Education England, working across the West Midlands, the West Midlands ACP Forum and West Midlands Universities Advanced Practice Group.

You can study this degree via the following pathways:

  • HLST221 Advanced Clinical Practice MSc
  • HLST223 Advanced Clinical Practice MSc
  • HLST226 Advanced Clinical Practice MSc
  • HLST213 Advanced Clinical Practice MSc
  • HLST215 Advanced Clinical Practice MSc
  • HLST217 Advanced Clinical Practice MSc
  • HLST219 Advanced Clinical Practice MSc
  • HLST249 Advanced Clinical Practice MSc
  • HLST277 Advanced Clinical Practice MSc

It is also available as a Level 7 apprenticeship, which some NHS Trusts fund through the apprenticeship levy.

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What Are The Roles And Duties Of A Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

PMHNPs work with a broad spectrum of patients some work with children, some with adults, and some with both, or with families. Responsibilities include:

  • Taking a medical and psychiatric history
  • Interviewing patients about symptoms
  • Working with children with behavioral or emotional disorders
  • Working with patients with mental health disorders, from mild to severe
  • Assisting older patients with cognitive disorders
  • Helping patients cope with chronic disease or disability
  • Counseling and treating patients who have suffered from stress or emotional trauma, victims of abuse, and victims of crime
  • Conducting counseling sessions for individuals, groups, or families
  • Managing the care of patients using education, behavioral modification therapy, and medication
  • Track progress and collaborate with physicians or psychiatrists/psychologists to change the plan of care if needed
  • What’s Covered In This Course

    How to Become a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP)

    Through evolving professional roles, practitioners are increasingly encouraged to develop advanced clinical skills, critical thinking and problem solving which enables them to meet the changing needs of patients through the development of new, accessible approaches to care and service delivery. This innovative course is designed to inform, enhance and develop practitioners advancing clinical roles, incorporating the four pillars of advanced practice clinical practice leadership and management education and research .

    You will be supported within the University setting as well as your own organisation to build on existing professional skills, knowledge and experience in order to develop the advanced skill set required of an autonomous practitioner, whilst meeting the complexity of modern healthcare challenges. Provision of opportunities to investigate, critically appraise and understand the evidence base for practice will develop your critical awareness, in order to further improve and advance practice through strategic development, leadership, education and innovation. You will be required to identify a clinical supervisor who will be able to support you throughout the course.

    Completion of this Masters course and successful integration of the advanced practice capabilities into the workplace provides you with the foundation for further career and academic development and progression, such as the attainment of Consultant Practitioner status and further doctoral studies.

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    Psychiatric Mental Health Advanced Practice Nurses

    The burgeoning mental health needs of the population demand access to highly qualified providers. Psychiatric Mental Health Advanced Practice Nurses include both the Clinical Nurse Specialist and Nurse Practitioner. Both are prepared at the graduate level in research, systems, and direct patient care to provide psychiatric evaluations and treatment, including psychopharmacological interventions and individual, family and group therapy, as well as primary, secondary and tertiary levels of prevention across the lifespan. They are a vital part of the workforce required to meet increasing population mental health needs.

    The PMH-CNS certification began in 1974. The introduction of the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner certification examinations in the early 2000s created confusion regarding the scope of practice of the Psychiatric CNS and NP. This further became confounded with variances in state licensure and titles.

    The position of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association is psychiatric advanced practice nurses, whether they practice under the title of CNS or NP, share the same core competencies of clinical and professional practice. While the individual APRN-PMH may actually implement portions of the full scope and practice based on their role, position, description, and practice setting, it is importantly, the full breadth of their knowledge base that informs their practice. .

    The following data lend further support to this position:

    Psychiatric/mental Health Nurse Practitioner Certificate

    The Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Certificate program prepares nurses to diagnose and treat common mental health conditions.

    The 24-credit-hour Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Certificate prepares advanced practice nurses to diagnose and treat common mental health conditions in general medical settings and to deliver more effective psychiatric care in mental health settings. Students are prepared to apply knowledge and skills in interpersonal, psychotherapeutic and psychopharmacologic interventions for individuals, groups and families with psychiatric disorders.

    The PHMNP Certificate program requires that students have completed an advanced practice registered nurse graduate educational program from a nationally accredited school of nursing. Three separate, comprehensive graduate-level courses in advanced pathophysiology, advanced health assessment and advanced pharmacology are required. Applicants will also have completed course content in health promotion and/or maintenance.

    All required certificate courses are web-based and are offered in sequence every other year. Spring 2024 will begin the next available course sequence. The application deadline is Nov. 1, 2023.

    Course Number

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    Msc Advanced Clinical Practitioner

    This degree apprenticeship programme provides health care practitioners with the opportunity to develop the advanced skills necessary to independently manage holistic episodes of physical and mental healthcare in a range of settings including acute, primary and emergency settings .

    The two year programme, delivered by the School of Health Sciences, uses a work-based model of learning with 20% of the learning taking place at university one day per week , and 80% in the workplace. The apprentice will be allocated a university liaison academic tutor who will support them in both environments, and also ensure effective communication occurs between apprentice, university and employer.

    The programme is mapped to the Education and Skills Funding Agency Standards for Advanced Clinical Practitioner, and also aligns with the Multi-Professional Framework for Advanced Clinical Practice so that it includes the four pillars of: clinical practice, leadership and management, education and research, as well as providing opportunities to develop core capabilities and clinical competence related to a specific area of work. Campus delivery has been designed so that the apprentice will have a truly interprofessional educational experience, through modules delivered by Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Diagnostic Radiographers, Therapeutic Radiographers, Psychologists and Orthoptists as well as through learning within a multidisciplinary cohort.

    View programme modules .

    First Choice For Health

    What is a Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner?

    Delivered by professional experts, our programmes are tailored to you and your career. Together, we address today’s most challenging healthcare issues, through research-informed teaching and active, real-world learning.


    This programme is aimed at experienced registered health and social care professionals who are currently working in a mental health setting. It will be of interest to those working in any mental health setting who wish to develop their clinical expertise, research, education and leadership skills to an advanced level of practice and autonomy.

    Graduate equipped with the skills to take on lead roles in management, clinical practice and/or education. Career prospects include advanced practice roles such as consultant roles, advanced specialist practice roles, education, research and audit.

    • Blended learning programme with a mix of online distance learning and on campus days.
    • Develop skills to act autonomously in providing care to people requiring complex mental health assessment and treatment.
    • Develop leadership and management skills to support the wider mental health team.
    • Participate in workplace-based experiential learning opportunities with workplace supervisors and other experienced clinicians.
    • Embed independent and supplementary prescribing into your masters degree .
    • Disseminate evidence-based knowledge to enhance services and person-centred care.

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    Developing Advanced Nursing Practice In Mental Health

    Nurses are expected to deliver consistently high levels of clinically effective, safe, quality-assured, cost-efficient and person-focused services, against a backdrop of economic and workforce constraints. Contemporary mental health nurses need to continually extend their practice knowledge, skills and aptitudes in a process of reflective learning throughout their career. This goes even further for ANPs, who need to ensure care delivery approaches meet competing requirements of policy initiatives, technological and treatment advancements in psychiatry, and increasingly complex, comorbid patient presentations across the lifespan.

    There is a dearth of literature on ANP roles in mental health because, historically, advanced nursing practice in mental health has involved undertaking physical health-focused advanced practice training. However, in response to an ever-changing health economy, in 2015 an MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice with a mental health route was created at London South Bank University to develop ANPs who can facilitate new models of mental healthcare as innovators in complex workplace settings. Although a mental health course, one aim specified at the outset was that it should include advanced-level physical health skills and non-medical prescribing. This is to allow ANPs to holistically meet the needs of a diverse and complex patient group, which ranges from children and young people to people at the end of life.

    Box 1. Advanced practice course content

    Studying With Us During The Covid

    The University has put in place measures in response to Covid-19 to allow us to safely deliver our courses. Should the impact of the pandemic continue in future years, any additional or alternative arrangements put in place by the University will be in accordance with the latest government public health advice, health and safety legislation, and the terms and conditions of the student contract.

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    Ms In Nursing With Emphasis In Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

    Students who pursue the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner MS will be prepared to deliver evidence based advanced primary mental health care to individuals of all ages and their families in a variety of healthcare settings, including in rural and under-served populations. The student will engage in independent and interdependent decision-making, managing psychotropic medications, and delivering psycho therapeutic, and psycho education interventions. In addition, graduates will be prepared to manage clinical efforts in the primary care setting, provide visionary leadership, and implement evidence-based practice.

    University Of California San Francisco

    Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Career Overview

    Tuition: $60,482 per year in-state, $72,727 per year non-resident

    While the focus of the psychiatric nurse practitioner program at UCSF is on all demographics, students have the option to complete their residency while focusing on a specific age group. This program is ideal for nurses who want to work exclusively with adults or children.

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    What Will You Study On Msc/pgdip Advanced Clinical Practice

    Youll work alongside your clinical supervisor and personal tutor to follow an initial self- assessment of capabilities and design a unique programme of university study and workplace learning. This personalised approach to learning will enable you to demonstrate the capabilities within the ACP domains of advanced practice, education, research and management and leadership.

    We have four different specialisms for this course depending on your area of interest:

    • MSC/PGDip Advanced Clinical Practice
    • MSc/PGDip Advanced Clinical Practice
    • MSc/PGDip Advanced Clinical Practice
    • MSc/PGDip Advanced Clinical Practice

    ACP capabilities within each domain will be demonstrated in the workplace or university and then documented through a series of reflective narrative accounts supplemented with appropriate evidence in a portfolio. Youll do this as part of the module entitled Capabilities of Advanced Clinical Practice which is one of two core modules in the programme. The second is Advanced Practitioner Enquiry this aligns with the capabilities within the research domain.

    What will you gain?

    Youll have developed skills required to share your advanced knowledge and expertise across the local, national and international arena and to act as supervisors of other advance practitioners.

    You will also build a reputation for yourself, act as a role model and be known as an expert within your field of nursing/midwifery.

    Are Any Certifications Or Credentials Needed

    Upon completion of the MSN or DNP program, nurse practitioners can obtain certification in psychiatric-mental health. The American Nurses Credentialing Center offers certification for graduates. Requirements include:

    • Hold a current RN license
    • Hold a master’s, postgraduate, or doctoral degree from an accredited program
    • Have worked a minimum of 500 supervised clinical hours within the PMHNP program
    • Have completed courses in advanced pathophysiology, advanced health assessment, and advanced pharmacology
    • Have studied content in health promotion/maintenance, differential diagnosis, and disease management including prescribing medications, and clinical training in at least two areas of psychotherapy

    Certification is by exam and is valid for five years.

    The Pediatric Nursing Certification Board offers certification for nurse practitioners and prepares them to work as pediatric primary care mental health specialists . Eligibility for testing includes:

    • Current APRN license
    • Child/Adolescent Psychiatric & Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist
    • Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
  • Graduate from an accredited MSN, DNP, or post-master’s certificate college or university with one of the following concentrations:
  • Primary Care PNP
  • Child/Adolescent Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Child/Adolescent Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • A minimum of 2,000 hours of APRN pediatric developmental, behavioral, and mental health clinical experience within the last three years
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    Advanced Clinical Practice Msc

    Learn essential strategies and prepare for leadership roles in advanced clinical practice with this engaging Masters in Advanced Clinical Practice.

    Develop your skills and deepen your knowledge of advanced health clinical practice with this tailored Master’s course. Our MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice is designed for current practitioners who are registered with a professional body and who would like to become advanced clinical practitioners.

    Your studies are based around four pillars: clinical practice, leadership and management, education, and research. This will help you develop specialist knowledge and work autonomously to make decisions in complex situations.

    * 2023 starters pay the 2022/23 fees.

    2022/23 fees

    Whats The Difference Between A Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner And A Psychiatrist

    HEE Advanced Practice in Mental Health – The Dorset Healthcare Story

    The American Psychiatric Nurse Association provides helpful details about what exactly a PMHNP does, and how the role may differ from a traditional physician role as a psychiatric or psychologist. Although many of the duties of a PMHNP and psychiatrists may be very similar , the primary differences will be in the educational pathway and some of the state limitations that a PMHNP may have.

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    How Will I Be Supported

    This programme gives you the opportunity to share ideas with health professionals. As well as developing your own intellectual abilities, this sharing of ideas enables you to learn and benefit from the experiences of others. Opportunity is given for discussion and exchange of ideas through seminars and tutorials.

    You will have academic support and be assigned a designated personal tutor throughout your studies.

    We offer you the opportunity to become a student representative and shape future educational provision and advise on key elements of your learning.

    All modules within the programme make extensive use of Cardiff Universitys Virtual Learning Environment Learning Central, on which you will find course materials, links to related materials and assessment exemplars. All lectures are recorded via Panopto and are available for you to view throughout your programme.

    The University offers a wide range of services and activities designed to support you. These include a student counselling service, a student advisory service, day care facilities, sport and exercise facilities, as well as campus information, library and IT services.

    Further information about what the University can offer you ca be found in the following link:

    Our student app also allows you to access Cardiff University services and personalised information in one place in a simple and convenient way from a smartphone via the app store.

    Features include:

    What Skills Will I Practise And Develop

    On successful completion of the MSc Advanced Clinical Practice programme, you will be able to:

    Knowledge & Understanding:

    • Critically appraise and synthesise advanced clinical practice theory within your specific area of practice.
    • Critically evaluate approaches to the systematic and holistic assessment of patient needs and the interpretation of diagnostic indicators to achieve a differential diagnosis.
    • Critically explore current available clinical pharmacological and pharmaceutical knowledge relevant to your own area of practice.
    • Critically evaluate the dimensions of quality improvement theory and practice and be able to critically apply your advanced knowledge and skills to your area of practice.

    Intellectual Skills:

    • Demonstrate a critical and systematic approach to the appraisal of evidence and routes of enquiry.
    • Critically appraise and apply evidence of new techniques to professional judgment and decision making within the field of advanced clinical practice.
    • Demonstrate critical understanding of the complexities associated with advanced clinical practice and problem-solving skills.
    • Demonstrate the appropriate application of critical knowledge of drug actions in prescribing practice and the effective use of evidence-based decision support tools.
    • Demonstrate a critical and independent reflective approach to practice, analysing situations resulting in a coherent and sustained argument to enable service and practice improvement and professional development.

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