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Adn Nursing Programs In Florida

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Tallahassee Community College Tallahassee

Stanbridge University ADN (RN) Career Fair

The goal of the RN program at Tallahassee Community College, located in Floridas state capital, is to prepare you to pass the NCLEX-RN licensure exam and work effectively and safely as an RN in a variety of entry-level positions. The program consists of 72 credit hours that you can complete within two years. General education courses make up 21 of these credit hours and nursing program courses make up the other 51.

You will first need to apply to Tallahassee Community College to complete your general education courses, and once you have obtained them, you will need to apply to the colleges nursing program. To be accepted, you must pass the HESI A2 Test, which is an admissions examination that determines your preparedness to enter into the program.

Tallahassee Community College takes its students futures very seriously, and faculty will work with you throughout your education to help you build your career. Advisors are readily available to ensure you are on track with your courses and grades, and after you have completed 44 credit hours of study, you can meet with a Career Placement Coordinator who will help you secure an entry-level job after passing the licensure exam.

Important Considerations When Comparing Schools:

Your dream school just accepted you! But youve found out that the nursing program has a low admissions rate, and you might not be eligible to join the program.

Scenarios like this are more common than youd think. Thats why taking multiple factors into account is the best way to ensure youre going to the right school.

Factors you should look at when comparing schools include:

  • Annual tuition and total program cost
  • Cost of living at or near the school
  • Acceptance rate
  • Length of the program
  • Nursing program outcomes
  • Distance from hospitals
  • Scholarships or grants offered by the school

What Do I Do If I Have A Complaint About A Nursing Education Program In Florida

You may consider forwarding your concerns to the Commission for Independent Education for further evaluation. CIE receives and processes complaints filed against nursing education programs.

Students may file concerns with the Florida Department of Education, Commission for Independent Education . Please visit for information regarding that process. CIE will investigate your concern and assist you if possible. Be advised that they cannot give legal advice or take legal action on your behalf so you may also want to seek legal guidance from an attorney.

The Commission for Independent Education has statutory responsibilities in matters relating to nonpublic, postsecondary, educational institutions. In keeping with the Florida Department of Educations goal of producing a seamless educational system, some of these functions include consumer protection, program improvement, institutional policies and administration, data management, and the licensure of independent schools, colleges and universities.

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How To Earn An Adn In Florida

Earning an ADN degree at an accredited school is the best thing for your career. To successfully apply for an Associate Degree in Nursing, you need :

  • a grade point average that is 2.5 or higher,
  • a completed application form with the application fee,
  • a completed health form,
  • to send your transcripts, ACT, SAT or TOEFL scores,
  • and pass the criminal background check.

The curriculum for ADN students is similar from state to state. The 2-year degree will teach you about the fundamentals and technical aspects of nursing, anatomy, physiology, chemistry, nutrition, psychology, sociology, microbiology, and health concepts. You will also have to pass the hands-on clinical training. Once you complete your studies and earn your associate degree, you will have to acquire a nursing license by taking the National Council Licensure Examination , which is offered throughout the United States and Canada.

About Nursing Schools In Florida

NEWS RELEASE: Suncoast Scholarships Address Shortage of Nursing Faculty ...

Florida ranks among the top states for the highest employment of nursing professions. Currently, there are more than 183,000 nurses working in various healthcare settings including hospitals, home care centres, community healthcare settings, research facilities, and so on. On average, nurses in Florida earn $70,230 annually with the most experienced professionals earning $93,500 annually. While this figure falls below the national average for the profession, the cost of living in Florida is also below the national average. With average annual job openings of 14,000, the number of nurses working in this state is expected to rise from 189,820 to 220,350 from the year 2018 to 2019.

In addition to RNs this Sunshine State is also a great work destination for Nurse Practitioners. More than 13,000 NPs are working in Florida with those with more than 20 years of experience earning $134,230. According to the US department of labor, the number of NPs working in this warm and sunny state is projected to rise from 11,100 to 15,200 from 2018 to 2028. With the annual job opening of 1,110 NPs, it can be safe to predict that Florida needs NPs to match its needs which makes it an ideal state to work as an NP.

Despite this, Florida is an ideal destination for RNs and NPs alike because of the plethora of opportunities that the state gives them. If you love the outdoors and sunny weather while also enjoying the benefits of low cost of living then Florida is the best place to work as a nurse.

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Rankings: The Best Associate Degree In Nursing Programs In Maryland

For our 2022 rankings of ADN programs, the research team at Nursing Schools Almanac compiled an extensive database of student performance on the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses . Aspiring registered nurses in the United States must pass this examination before they may commence practice. Thus, student performance on the NCLEX-RN exam provides an excellent benchmark for comparing the relative quality of associate degree programs.

What To Look For In An Adn Program In Florida

There are many factors to consider when researching ADN programs. A few indicators of a good program are listed below:


The Florida State Board of Nursing helps ADN programs complete regulatory requirements with the assistance of Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing . Colleges in the state are accredited through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. Students are encouraged to make sure that these accreditation standards are in place before making a financial commitment to their school of choice.


Whichever ADN program you choose should enable you to take the NCLEX-RN exam for licensure once you graduate. With a satisfactory score on your exam, you will receive your Florida RN license and be eligible to practice as a nurse this means you can apply for jobs! Last year about 85% of candidates at the college level were successful in their examination for licensure.

Program Outcomes

Its important to ensure that your chosen schools academics are on par with your other possible selections. Here are a few criteria you may want to check out before making a final decision:

  • How many students graduate each year of total enrolled
  • How many students successfully pass the NCLEX on their first attempt
  • How satisfied are students with courses and student services
  • How many students obtain jobs in the field during the first year post-licensure

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North Central Missouri College

Students can choose between the Trenton and Maryville campuses to complete the nine-month Associate of Science in Nursing program at North Central Missouri College Online.

The institution considers each students academic and personal preferences. Students may complete all of their assignments and assessments at their convenience and comfort.

As a virtual classroom, the course is taught by well-established and highly-experienced nurses from various specialties, including mental health and pediatrics.

The accrediting commission and the state of Missouri have both given this program its seal of approval.

Why You Should Care About The Nursing Programs Accreditation

Florida A& M University’s School of Nursing

Accreditation is how schools can prove that their programs are high-quality. If a school is unaccredited, you may not be eligible for forms of financial aid. Nurses also might be turned away from potential employers if their degree is from an unaccredited school.

The two nursing accreditation organizations to look for are

If a school is accredited by one of these institutions, then their nursing program adheres to strict national standards.

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Adn Program Admission Requirements In Florida

Its important to remember that each of your school choices likely has slightly different admissions criteria, however, the following is a general list that will help give you an idea of what they may be looking for:

  • Be of good standing in the college of your choice
  • Have a GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Complete the online application
  • Have up to date vaccinations and health forms completed
  • Satisfactorily pass all background inquiries

How To Become A Certified Nursing Assistant In Florida

Certification for CNAs in Florida can be obtained through a partnership with the Florida Board of Nursing and Prometric, which administers Florida’s CNA exam. To be eligible for CNA certification, candidates must meet the requirements listed below.

CNA Certification Requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Submit an application for CNA certification along with a $155 exam fee.
  • Transfer fingerprints electronically through a Livescan Service Provider.
  • Achieve a passing score on the CNA exam.

Individuals must pass both the written and skills portions of the CNA exam within three attempts, or they will have to complete another board-approved training program.

CNA licenses must be renewed every two years in Florida. Renewal requires that the CNA licensee has performed and been paid for duties related to nursing within the last two years. Those with an active license can renew before their license expires for $55 and after for $105.

Once licensed, CNAs often work in hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, helping patients with everyday tasks and providing basic care. It can be a physically demanding job that may require lifting and moving patients, and helping them bathe, dress, and eat. Nursing assistants in Florida earn a mean annual wage of $28,660, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment to grow 8% nationwide between 2020-2030.

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St Petersburg College St Petersburg

St. Petersburg College offers a nursing A.S. degree program that takes two years to complete. It offers flexible schedules, which means you can take your classes and participate in your clinicals during the day or evening hours whichever best suits your needs. The goal of the program is to help you prepare for the NCLEX-RN licensure examination and prepare you for an entry-level RN position in a variety of healthcare settings. Should you choose to pursue a BSN at St. Petersburg College at a later time, your credits will transfer.

Like many of the other nursing colleges in Florida, St. Petersburg College strongly advises you to take your general education and support courses prior to applying to the nursing program. You will need a total of 11 general education credits before you will be considered for admission into the A.S. degree program. You may apply to St. Petersburg College, take your prerequisite courses in the first year, and then apply to the nursing program thereafter.

St. Petersburg College is also home to the SCENE, or the Simulation Center for Excellence in Nursing Education. This multi-million-dollar project provides a realistic clinical setting that gives you the opportunity to put the skills and information you learn to the test. SCENE includes four rooms, and each is set up with different equipment and different scenarios designed to help you learn to apply your knowledge in a safe, but effective and non-threatening environment.

Degree Requirements And Program Length

Central Florida Community College ADN pin

The ASN degree consists of 72 credit hours. These hours include General Education , Program Specific Courses , and Nursing Core Courses . The Nursing Core Courses will be completed after acceptance into the ASN program over four fall/spring semesters.

Prior to graduation of the Nursing Program, students must complete all General Education and Program Specific Courses outlined in the program of study.

The Traditional and Evening/Weekend schedules for the AS Nursing Program will both require discipline and commitment. Nursing education is rigorous and must be top priority from first semester through graduation to be successful on the NCLEX-RN licensing exam and to become a professional Nurse.

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Why Seminole State Nursing

  • Affordable tuition: Seminole State offers a quality education at significantly lower costs than Florida’s state universities.
  • Convenience: Students have the option of a full-time day program or a part-time evening/weekend program designed for working professionals.
  • Industry-experienced faculty: Our dedicated professors are licensed healthcare professionals.
  • Seamless transition: A.S., Nursing graduates can easily transfer into our RN-to-BSN program.
  • Job placement: Seminole State’s nursing program is consistently ranked as one of the best in the nation and boasts a near-perfect job-placement rate for its graduates.
  • Industry-driven curriculum: Our program was developed with direct input from Central Florida healthcare partners.
  • Web-enhanced courses: All nursing courses are web-enhanced and use the internet as a means of communication. Students are required to view videos, submit assignments and review important notices using the online portal.

Rankings: The Best Associate Degree In Nursing Programs In Illinois

For our 2022 rankings of ADN programs, the research team at Nursing Schools Almanac compiled an extensive database of student performance on the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses . Aspiring registered nurses in the United States must pass this examination before they may commence practice. Thus, student performance on the NCLEX-RN exam provides an excellent benchmark for comparing the relative quality of associate degree programs.

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Tuition And Costs Of Bsn Programs In Florida

The total cost of attendance for a BSN degree in Florida can vary significantly depending on whether you attend a public state college or have another option in mind. Additionally, tuition credits are given regularly to in-state residents. Consider that beyond tuition, youll be responsible for housing, food, equipment, and books. To provide an estimate, the Jacksonville University annual tuition is around $43,520 not including housing, food, and additional fees.

Bsn Program Admission Requirements In Florida

Keiser University College of Nursing Student, Solange Mondesir

BSN programs do vary in their admission requirements however, what follows is an average sampling of what your university may require in order to admit you:

  • School application, completed and submitted ahead of deadlines
  • Fee waiver application with attached ACT, SAT or NACAC
  • Submit ACT or SAT scores with a minimum of 19 or 500 respectively
  • Submit high school or GED transcript
  • Submit TOEFL score if applicable

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Rankings: The Best Associate Degree In Nursing Programs In Pennsylvania

For our 2022 rankings of ADN programs, the research team at Nursing Schools Almanac compiled an extensive database of student performance on the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses . Aspiring registered nurses in the United States must pass this examination before they may commence practice. Thus, student performance on the NCLEX-RN exam provides an excellent benchmark for comparing the relative quality of associate degree programs.

South Florida State College Avon Park

South Florida State College, located in Avon Park, will provide you with all the information and experience you need to become an RN in two years. This school prides itself on its unique combination of classroom instruction, labs, simulations, and clinical experiences in a variety of healthcare settings as this can help better prepare you for your career.

The A.S. degree in nursing program offered by South Florida State College has several unique focuses, which include mental healthcare, obstetrics, pediatrics, patient care management, advanced physical assessment, and the legal, ethical, and professional responsibilities you will take on as a registered nurse. Corequisite courses are provided during your program, and you will complete these during the summer term of your first year. Nursing practicums take place during the summer term in the second year rather than concurrently.

Upon completion of the A.S. degree program at South Florida State College, which is comprised of 72 credit hours, you will be prepared to sit for and pass the NCLEX-RN examination. You must pass this examination to receive your licensure and legally work as an RN in the state of Florida.

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Advantages Of Adn Programs

There are a number of advantages to getting your ADN degree. Foremost, the costs associated with an ADN are much lower than the equivalent BSN and the starting wage is roughly the same. Second, smaller class sizes make for a more personal learning environment a great way to learn and share empathetic tactics for nursing care.

How To Get A Registered Nurse License In Florida

Events for August 2021 â College Of Central Florida

Students hoping to obtain their Florida RN license must graduate from an accredited nursing program and meet the requirements listed below. Individuals who already have an RN license in another state may apply for licensure by endorsement.

RN Licensure Requirements:

  • Submit an application and $110 fee to the Florida Board of Nursing.
  • Register for the NCLEX-PN exam and pay the $200 exam fee.
  • Send fingerprints electronically through a Livescan Service Provider.
  • Receive an Authorization to Test.
  • Schedule a test date and pass the NCLEX-RN exam.

Those who fail the exam can apply to retake it, but failing three times requires the student to complete another educational program before trying again.

Florida RN licenses expire every two years. Nurses hoping to renew their licenses must complete continuing education courses, send in their completed renewal application, and pay a $75 fee.

Licensed RNs work in various medical settings, including hospitals, schools, and care facilities, collaborating as integral parts of medical teams. RNs assess medical conditions, administer treatment, observe and record health information, operate medical equipment, and teach patients and families how to treat illnesses and injuries. RNs in Florida earn an annual mean wage of $69,510, and job opportunities across the country are expected to increase by 9% between 2020-2030.

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