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Accredited Nursing Schools In Alabama

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Msn Program Length In Alabama

Alabama Association of School Nurses offers alternative plan for reopening schools

After completion of a baccalaureate in nursing , the graduate portion of study can take an additional three to five years, depending on the level of experience the candidate has as well as the career path they wish to pursue like like a Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, a Nurse Anesthetist, or a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner.

List Of Accredited Nursing Schools In Alabama

The path to a lucrative career in nursing in the state of Alabama begins with obtaining the proper education and training at an accredited nursing school. The state, which is home to an impressive population of more than 80,000 nursing professionals, also requires licensing, registration and/or certification, plus continuing education for every nursing career path. Some of the most common nursing career paths include certified nursing assistant , licensed practical nurse , and registered nurse .

Certified nursing assistants make up the second-largest healthcare occupation, with a population of more than 1.5 million nationwide and a population of 21,030 in the state of Alabama. The average salary for Alabama certified nursing assistants is $21,180 per year. Expected employment growth for CNAs is 21% for the coming decade.

Licensed practical nurses belong to a group of more than 730,000 professionals. The state of Alabama is home to 14,720 LPNs, who average a salary of $35,170 per year. Expected employment growth for LPNs is 25% for the coming decade.

Registered nurses make up the nations largest healthcare occupation, with a growing population of more than 2.7 million nationwide and a total population of 43,600 in the state of Alabama alone. Alabama-based RNs earn an average of $54,490 per year. Expected employment growth for RNs is 19% for the coming decade.

Birmingham Asn Program Highlights:

  • Direct acceptance – no waiting lists or petitioning
  • Learn from experienced and highly accessible faculty
  • Prepare for the NCLEX-RN examination to become a licensed registered nurse

Our accredited ASN program in Birmingham equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to pass the NCLEX-RN, meet board of nursing requirements and become an RN.

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University Of Alabama At Birmingham

Compared with the other schools on this list, the University of Alabama at Birmingham is younger. However, despite being new, its considered as one of the best young schools in the country.

Its traditional BSN program is designed not just for freshmen but also for transfer students and those who already have a Bachelors degree in a different field.

The annual in-state tuition is around $8,000. You have the option to ask for financial assistance here.

How Long Does The Birmingham Asn Program Take

Private &  Public Accredited Nursing Schools in Michigan ...

The Herzing University Birmingham Associates of Science in Nursing degree program requires a minimum of 72 credit hours in order to graduate, which takes students 2 years or less, usually 20-24 months. If you have any credits to transfer from prior college education you may be able to reduce the time needed to complete the program.

Classes Start January 10th

Courtney Wright’s Dream Became Possible

“I love Herzing because they’ve given me the experience and the possibilities I wouldn’t have had anywhere else.”

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Tuition And Costs Of Msn Programs In Alabama

Tuition costs for MSN programs vary between Alabama’s few universities that offer an advanced degree. For example, at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, tuition costs are approximately $656 per credit hour plus fees. Depending on the number of courses in the program and the career pathway, there may be 10 – 15 courses that candidates wish to take, leading to program costs upward of $20,000.

For NP programs visit:

List Of Nursing Schools In Alabama

Below is our complete list of accredited nursing schools in Alabama. In general, these schools offer campus based CNA, LPN, ASN, BSN, MSN, DNP, PhD, and more nursing programs approved by the Alabama Board Of Nursing.

2800 South Alabama Avenue,Monroeville,AL36460251-575-3156

Alabama Southern Community College is a Public institution with a campus in Monroeville, Alabama. The institution is approved to offer nursing programs by the Alabama Board of Nursing. The Monroeville, Alabama campus for Alabama Southern Community College is located in a Rural setting. Total enrollment for all degrees including nursing programs is 1,362. In-state tuition and fees were $4,380 for the most recent reporting period.â¦

Nursing Programs:LPN, ASN, LPN-to-RN

  • Tuition Cost$4,380

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Start Your Nursing Career In Birmingham With An Associate Degree

One of the quickest paths to becoming a registered nurse is pursuing an Associate of Science Degree in Nursing . Herzing Universitys ASN program in Birmingham, Alabama provides the education you need to pass the NCLEX-RN, become a licensed registered nurse and begin your new career.

Already a licensed practical nurse ? Our Birmingham campus also offers an LPN to RN bridge program to help you earn an associates degree and become a registered nurse more quickly.

The University Of Alabama

Accelerated Nursing Programs In Alabama

The universitys program is made up of two courses. The lower-division courses consist of four semesters while the upper-division consists of 5 semesters of nursing school.

If you are thinking of enrolling in the program, you have to take note of the additional expenses youll be required to pay. Apart from the tuition fee, youll need to pay for your health insurance, CPR certification, clinical laboratory fees, vaccines, review materials, and standard assessment tests. You can find the full list here.

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Tuition And Costs Of Bsn Programs In Alabama

Depending on the schooling environment, length of time you are at school and whether or not you choose to accelerate, BSN tuition costs may vary considerably. For example, the BSN program at the University of Southern Alabama costs around $378 per credit hour for in-state students . Expenses for nursing students including scrubs, shoes, nursing equipment, and NCLEX materials are extra costs that students should research carefully.

Rn License By Endorsement

Applicants who hold a license in one of the other 50 states can apply for an Alabama license by endorsement. With the application and fee, the applicant must also provide:

  • Proof of license from another state.
  • Official school transcripts in a sealed envelope from a state-approved school.
  • Proof of completion of 24 contact hours of continued education.
  • Proof of US citizenship or lawful presence.

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Career & Salary Information For Alabama Nurses

Like nurses in many states, Alabama nurses can experience some variation in salary depending on where they choose to work. An RN in Tuscaloosa can expect to earn a median annual salary of $58,960. An RN in Birmingham can anticipate bringing in around $61,000. In Dothan, an RN will earn around $57,000. These are just examples of the median salaries in a range that spans all the way from the mid-$40,000s to the low $70,000s. All figures are from the BLS.

Medical Assisting & Healthcare College In Montgomery Al

Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) Guide

FORTIS CollegeSchoolsFORTIS CollegeAlabamaAlabamaprograms


  • Chattahoochee Valley Community College. Type of Course : Certificate. NCLEX-PN Pass Rate:
  • Herzing University. Type of Course : Diploma. Herzing University is one of the best nursing
  • Wallace State Community College. Type of Course : Certificate. Wallace State Community College
  • George C. Wallace Community College. Type of Course : Certificate. George C. Wallace Community
  • 326PeopleLearned

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    University Of South Alabama

    The University of Alabama has an interesting accelerated BSN/MSN program. With it, youll be able to finish your BSN or MSN program with your current bachelors degree in 2 years.

    Its traditional BSN program is equally interesting. About 90% of its graduates are able to find professional employment right away. This is probably the result of the universitys focus on helping students attain excellent outcomes through team-based learning, advanced skill and simulation labs, and similar resources.

    Alabama Nurse Salaries And Employment Trends

    The employment outlook for nursing in Alabama remains strong. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an almost 13% growth for RN jobs in Alabama from 2016-2026, slightly higher than the national average. NPs can expect a projected 30% increase in the same period. The state anticipates a significant shortfall in the supply of LPNs by 2030.

    While nurse salaries in Alabama fall below the national mean at all levels, the cost of living remains among the most affordable in the U.S. Employment prospects continue to expand for nurses just entering the field. APNs can expect the most opportunities and highest salaries.

    While earning a degree does not guarantee employment, educational credentials in nursing fields play an important role in professional advancement and salary potential.

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    Advantages Of Adn Programs

    With a shortage of licensed RNs throughout the state of Alabama, government and postsecondary initiatives ensure that those who want to start their career in nursing can do so in a relatively short span of time. With the potential for course flexibility and clinical placement in area hospitals and doctor’s offices, successful graduates are already well accustomed to the types of working environment and patients they may encounter on the job.

    Key Factors That Affect Nursing School Tuition

    RN Bridge Program

    Keep in mind that colleges and universities reserve the right to change tuition rates at any time. The yearly tuition rates listed here will vary for each student depending on various factors including,

    • Transfer credits
    • Amount of credits taken per year
    • Financial aid awards

    Check with the specific school for current tuition rates.

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    Rn License For Nurses Educated Abroad

    Applicants educated abroad can apply for a license in Alabama and must not only have passed the NCLEX, but he or she must also submit his or her official school transcripts for the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools to perform a full course-by-course review and evaluate credentials. The applicant must also be a graduate from an approved nursing program that is equivalent to the state of Alabama, the applicate must have a social security number.

    Personal And Professional Development Courses

    2.00 semester credit hours are required.


    Compare ADN vs. BSN and discover the difference between the two undergraduate degree paths for nurses.

    Are hospitals hiring nurses with associate degrees?

    Yes. Demand remains extremely high for all registered nurses, and if you earn an associate degree, pass the NCLEX and meet the board of nursing requirements in your state, youre one of them.

    Nurses with bachelors degrees may have an advantage in earning a nursing position at a hospital , but nurses are currently in such high demand many healthcare organizations are eager to hire ASN nurses.

    Do BSN nurses make more than ASN nurses?

    Because nurses with a BSN have earned that next degree level and generally have the edge on the job market, they will on average earn a slightly higher salary than nurses with an ASN. However, there are always exceptions an ASN with several years of an experience may earn a higher salary than an RN with a BSN who is just starting their career.

    Registered nurses on average earn $80,010 per year nationwide, according to the Bureau of Labor Statisticsalthough estimates will vary based on your state of employment.* Find the average BSN nurse salary in your state.

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    Msn Programs In Alabama

    Those RNs who wish to become advanced practice registered nurses are encouraged to pursue their Master of Science in Nursing degree. Earning a Master of Science in Nursing consists of graduate-level coursework and clinical practice for those nurses who wish to pursue teaching or leadership roles, or become involved in policy, state-wide health initiatives, or community engagement. There are also several clinical avenues that an RN with MSN can pursue such as nursing specialists and nurse practitioners. At this time, there are only a couple of in-state universities that offer a CCNE-accredited MSN nursing program.

    Cities In Alabama Offering Accredited Nursing Programs

    Best Online BSN Programs 2021

    If you are not finding the right nursing program in Birmingham or want to compare nursing schools from other cities in Alabama? Compare average NCLEX scores, in-state and out-of-state tuition costs as well as schools with strong alumni networks. The following is a list of cities in with accredited nursing programs in Alabama:

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    What To Look For In An Adn Program In Alabama

    There are a number of criteria that future nurses should consider as they research ADN programs throughout Alabama and a great first step is ensuring that your school of choice is is approved by the Alabama Board of Nursing is a great first step. Some other considerations are:


    In recent years, there have been steps to legitimize nursing programs through the nationwide evaluation system of ADN programs, called the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing . As part of their best practices and continual improvement plan, Alabama has a state regulatory agency for educational institutions known as the Alabama Commission on Higher Education that helps students ascertain which schools and institutions are accredited and which may require further investigation.


    Since this license is what allows nurses to use the title ‘Registered Nurse’ it is very important to ensure that the Alabama Board of Nursing supports your school of choice for ADN programming.

    Program Outcomes

    Data regarding your community college ADN program are obtainable from a variety of objective sources. Ensure that you are satisfied with these outcomes from your chosen school:

    • How many nursing students graduate successfully
    • NCLEX pass rates
    • Graduate job market statistics
    • Student and graduate satisfaction metrics

    Nursing Licensing In Alabama

    All nurses must be licensed in order to practice however, each state has its own requirements and regulations for registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and nurse midwives. The Alabama Board of Nursing is the government agency that regulates the states nursing education and nursing practice. ABN also oversees all licensing requirements, from application to verification to renewal and reinstatement. Below is an overview of first-time licensure requirements for registered nurses who wish to work in Alabama:

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    Where To Find Evening Cna Schools Near Me Jasper Al



  • Samford University. Birmingham, AL. 730 reviews. #1 Best Colleges for Nursing in Alabama.
  • Auburn University. Auburn, AL. 2,326 reviews. #2 Best Colleges for Nursing in Alabama. Junior:
  • The University of Alabama in Huntsville. Huntsville, AL. 780 reviews. #3 Best Colleges for Nursing in
  • The University of Alabama. Tuscaloosa, AL. 4,445 reviews. #4 Best Colleges for Nursing in Alabama.
  • 398PeopleLearned

    A Tradition Of Possibilities

    10 Best Nursing School In Alabama 2021

    At Herzing University’s Birmingham campus, were here for our students. For more than 50 years, weve helped Alabamians connect to new career opportunities in Healthcare and Nursing. We are also a recognized local leader in emergency services education.

    Based at our modern facility in Homewood, we offer professional course content with personal attention from instructors who care. With our deep partnerships to local healthcare facilities and other employers, we can help you earn the degree you need for the career you want right here in the Magic City.

    NOW ENROLLING for our new Associate of Science in Nursing Birmingham, Alabama degree program. Discover your possibilities today by calling to schedule a personal campus tour or speak with an admissions advisor.

    1Herzing University is approved to offer programs in an online learning modality through association with the main campus in Madison, Wisconsin.

    Are you ready to get started?

    The possibilities are endless.

    That’s what our Birmingham grads will tell you. You can reach your goals and shift to a path that leads you to success. Don’t stop until your proud! #HUPossible

    Herzing University

    I was not disappointed by Herzing! All my instructors were amazing and showed that they genuinely cared and wanted me to succeed.

    Update your Zip code, preferred campus, and preferred program

    Contact us to request more information

    Herzing University

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    Licensing For Advanced Practice Nurses In Al

    RNs and LPNs make up a majority of the nursing field. However, a variety of advanced and specialty nurses also work in Alabama, including nurse practitioners , certified midwives, neonatal nurses, and forensic nurses. And, like RNs and LPNs, specific licensing requirements exist to ensure those who work within these niches have the right training and experience. In addition to the licensure requirements discussed in the previous section, advanced practice nurses must also complete a few a more steps:

    • Must have an active Alabama RN license
    • Must meet all requirements for clinical experience in the specialty beyond basic educational preparation as a registered nurse
    • Must hold at least a masters degree in advanced practice nursing from an accredited program

    For more detailed information on advanced and specialty nursing licensing and licensure renewal in Alabama, please visit the Alabama Board of Nursing.

    Alabama State Board Of Nursing

    The Alabama Board of Nursing maintains a website where you may find information on the following:

    • Alabama LPN and RN licensure
    • Advanced practice guidelines
    • Current industry news and issues relevant to AL LPNs and RNs
    • Continuing Education requirements and approved providers
    • Student nurse temporary licenses and guidelines
    • Approved RN and LPN schools in the state and much more.

    Alabama does not participate in the Nurse Licensure Compact . For travel nurses seeking employment from outside the state you will need to apply for a standalone Alabama nursing license and conversely, for RNs with Alabama RN licenses looking to work outside the state, you must contact that particular states board of nursing for licensure. For immediate questions you can access a real-time online chat.

    Scholarships for Nurse Educators are available through the Alabama Board of Nursing and are made possible in partnership with the Alabama Education Trust Fund. Eligible applicants must be willing to teach at a college of nursing within the state to qualify.

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